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    Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith, Kickstarter

    Oh neat. I've been sitting on the Batman Miniatures Game rulebook for a couple years now, but never purchased any of the minis due to the cost. So I could definitely go for this.
  2. Jeneki

    GW to re-release Necromunda!

    The old boxset terrain always gave me a vibe of "industrial complex, built on top of and re-purposed as another industrial complex, repeat until eventually abandoned", so any mix of platform types could work. I'd agree that square terrain is easiest to find and use.
  3. Jeneki

    Infantry in Cav?

    Oh yea a Dirtside style force will work fine in CAV. A balanced approach with combined arms is really fun to play, especially if you plan out both sides of the table that way. Even against CAVs, all it takes is (as an example) a couple Naginatas rolling around the corner and slagging one, and your opponent will learn to respect vehicles fast. Some transports as well, check out the Kraken or Vindicator, they both have Wizzos and can punch respectably hard after air dropping their infantry. Mortars may be worth a look if you want to try long range infantry that doesn't need a transport.
  4. Jeneki

    Infantry in Cav?

    I like fielding one mechanized infantry group with my force. Not too much, but one group can be enough to force your opponent to deal with them once deployed. I usually go for a central terrain piece / objective, or apply pressure units that are less equipped to fight infantry such as MAC or missile heavy units.
  5. Now I'm imaging Maredudd having the ship tracking globe from Superman III, and watching all the boats move to the center of the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. Jeneki

    Confrontation: Classic

    Nice to see this come back. I used to follow the line back in the Rackham days, but I have to admit I lost track after it switched to prepainted plastic. I have no idea about the current company.
  7. I got some pictures of the prototype game at Con of the North yesterday: I think the models would benefit from basing on something heavier like a metal washer, as small table bumps can topple trees / fire hydrants / lamps. For the game itself, it has all the standard superhero stuff I'd expect. Running up the side of a building and pushing another dude off the top, throwing trucks at people, big dude bowling over the top of several smaller dudes, etc. And some silly stuff like getting soda from a vending machine to get caffeined up for extra actions. The game moves really quickly. Characters get 4-6 actions per turn all of which can be used for movement or attacks, so you can all out run 15+ squares in a turn, or unleash a multiple attacks, or line up knockback chain reactions, etc, all pretty easily. Special powers unique to each character are listed on their card. Tokens for damage or status effects can go on the character card to keep the play area less cluttered.
  8. Jeneki

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    Self control level up! I checked out with just my original rulebook pledge.
  9. Oh my god, chibi modern terrain. That's such a niche within a niche. Level of want is quite high.
  10. This is sweet. I kind of want to mod this into some kind of CAV dropship, as the design style is would fit in next to Malvernis aircraft (Ghast and Vindicator).
  11. I just now realized how much I need a giant exclamation point miniature. Because reasons. Edit: in the comments, it looks like they are running demos in my area this weekend. I can stop by and report back how it looks/plays.
  12. Jeneki

    Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    I'd back for the 30mm models. Thankfully this business model made it easy to say no.
  13. Jeneki

    Tesla in Space!

    Ok how about this: Since nu trek is so hip on sports cars and stuff, now they can remake Star Trek The Motion Picture. This time the alien race finds the Tesla, fixes it up and returns it to earth. In the climax Kirk has to "merge" and drive it through re-entry while blasting Beastie Boys music.
  14. Jeneki

    Tesla in Space!

    If you're an alien race running arcross some random earth tech, what would you rather have: some random gold record, or a Tesla? Heck yeah! Next up for launch, the Winnebago from Spaceballs.
  15. Jeneki

    Solo Teaser/Trailer

    How about we start in Empire Strikes Back? *record scratch sound and screen pauses* "Yeah, that's me getting encased in carbonite. I suppose you're wondering who I am, and how I got into this mess."
  16. Wow I'm impressed this one funded. It was looking dire towards the end of January. Is the Gilgamesh render a work in progress? Considering the size I'd expect a bit more detail on the model.
  17. Templar and Malvernis have the least bones I believe, then several holes elsewhere. Lots of gunships and vehicles. Definitely enough left for another kickstarter if the interest is there. Would love to see the Adon crawlers return, for example a Recluse model is impossible to find and it's the only Adon ECM unit.
  18. Jeneki

    GW to re-release Necromunda!

    ooh nice. I can get excited for space dwarves.
  19. Jeneki

    Solo Teaser/Trailer

    So this movie isn't about red drink cups?
  20. Jeneki

    Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain

    Lots of great stuff in here. I wish my work office had awesome chairs like that though. Also love the 80s-tastic TV cabinet.
  21. Jeneki

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    I'm trying to stick to my original rulebook pledge. Maybe if I close my eyes in the pledge manager it will help?
  22. Having tiles from multiple manufacturers is nice at times. You can set up rooms that immediately look different from the hallways, etc. Hex tiles are something I'm picky about though. The games I use hexes in make extensive use of hills, so I need them designed to stack easily.
  23. Unit composition and sizes are perfect for Saga, I wonder if they're fans.
  24. Jeneki

    Aversion to returning to 40K?

    These days my wargame ruleset preferences have gone in other directions. As a few examples, alternating unit activations and attacks that resolve in a maximum of two dice rolls. The only way 40k would bring me back would be to change the core game engine, but then it wouldn't be 40k anymore.
  25. Jeneki


    Pretty tempting. I already used a "needs more skulls" pun in the Hate kickstarter. Be careful what you wish for?