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  1. Will the tanks be similar sized as the metal versions, or a bit larger? I seem to remember Sabers in particular being really small.
  2. Jeneki

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/kings-of-war-vanguard-the-fantasy-skirmish-wargame Skirmish game in the Kings of War setting. There's a rules preview link in the kickstarter description. For new models there are two forces to choose from initially. Big images in the Hidden Contents below.
  3. Is the Shade's missile launcher intentionally shaped like a coffin? I remember reading something similar about Robocop's gun which is why I noticed.
  4. Thanks for the terrain set addon. Really happy this made it in. Now that I think about it, CAV:SO does let you take the stuff like bunkers with turrets on top. This will be fun.
  5. Jeneki

    Black Crab Miniatures

    That dude is totally stroking his bone.
  6. The d36 made me laugh (all results of 2d6 on one die).
  7. Jeneki

    Basing your models in CAV

    40mm basing is the sweet spot I found. All of my bones CAVs are on 40mm circular metal fender washers, for magnetic storage and extra weight on the battlefield. As for hexes: In first edition CAV there were (optional) rules for playing on hex maps and they were sold this way. This packaging carried on over the years.
  8. Holy hell the Pillager is one mean looking machine.
  9. Jeneki

    Unofficial CAV:Strike Operations Force Builder

    This is really cool. I can see this being very useful for a newer player, who needs to know what is available to buy, and pictures to match up with what they have.
  10. Received. Got the rulebook and the generic cultists. The book is full color and larger than I was expecting (most of it is for the various cults) and definitely gets style points for all the artwork. The cultists are pretty basic sculpts, but have a lot of character. Really cool product overall.
  11. Jeneki

    Dragon-Slayer: RPG and Cosplay Wands

    Cool project! Looks fantastic. I have to admit I got unnecessarily excited when I read the topic title, as I thought it would be related to Falcom's Dragon Slayer RPG series.
  12. You can get the quick start rules, faction lists, data cards, and useful construction programs here: https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/ CAV: Strike Operations is the 3rd edition of the game. If you're searching the web for information about the current version, you may need to check the date or look for "Strike Operations" as only the 3rd edition is named that. CAV:SO is open table top. Arcs of fire are done in 90 degree increments, as are facing changes. I've found infantry useful in several ways: "hard chargin" (via a transport vehicle) something that is not well equipped to deal with infantry, capturing an objective and digging in (also recommended using a transport to get there), or giving them mortars and staying at a distance. Vehicles can be used in the same roles as CAVs (attack, fire support, recon, etc). Light vehicles can hide behind small hills and be sneaky. Or if you want, tanks can be just as big and mean as CAVs. Every unit gets a data card. CAVs, vehicles, aircraft, infantry. They all use the damage track and get weaker as they take damage. The initiative deck is for determining turn order. One player gets red, the other black, with one card per unit. When your card flips over you get to activate a unit. Otherwise it's just a regular deck of cards so you can sub any deck in. There are seven factions currently, plus an "independent" option if you want to play something like mercenaries or pirates. You can find a list of models for every faction on the same webpage as the one with the quick start rules.
  13. Jeneki

    Fantasy Egyptian Scarab-men

    I like these a lot. You know a project is old school when they reference Hordes of the Things.
  14. The Charger is a really intriguing design. Sort of like the weaponized hover police cars in The Fifth Element.
  15. I'm always in favor of goblins riding those, uh, pac-man things. I think I still have a bunch of those painted green and flocked, to look like creeping plants.
  16. I was thinking of Wizardry 1 (Vorpal Bunnies), but I'd be willing to bet those are based on Monty Python as well.
  17. The Gladiator II has a cool redesign. It looks more like a Butcher now. I like it when units from the same faction have a similar style, as it looks more like a cohesive fighting force instead of randoms. Also happy to see Ghasts and Vindicators. I always take those when I play Malvernis as they are fantastic air units.
  18. I just picked up the second edition rulebook. My local gaming group is converting to second edition after being hooked on the original for years (a number of them were at the Adepticon Grand Melee tournament). I've often referred to Saga as "The Historical Wargame for Fantasy Players". Even though it has historical armies, it has plenty of fantasy elements and over-the-top stuff going on. At least that's the hook I use to pull in fantasy players who normally won't give anything historical a chance. :) The new rulebook is smaller than I expected, but with enough detail to cover the situations I've run into so far. I like how combat abilities interact with resolution steps; everything is clearly defined where and when it takes place, making it easier to resolve abilities in the correct order. As an example: Lets say I play an ability that adds 4 combat dice, but another ability reduces my dice to 0. The order this happens is very important (I either have 4 or 0 dice depending on the order you do those in), but thankfully the steps are cleanly laid out so I can avoid a rules dispute. The initial army list has 12 factions including several supplements from the original. I'll need to wait a bit for my crusade lists to get released, but otherwise it has everything I need right off the bat. The tournament players in my group seem to be happy about some army changes intended to even out some of the extreme matchups (certain abilities could be a bit too game-defining in specific scenarios or against specific enemies). Although i will say I was very pleased with the overall balance in first edition, most notably that armies from the original book were still competitive against newer factions, even at the highest level of competitive play. Anyone else playing this?
  19. Jeneki

    Saga second edition

    This is mostly correct. Hail Caesar is large army scale with emphasis on command and control, while Saga is mid-scale (40-50 figures for an average game) with emphasis on army flavor giving you different combat options. Both are good games worth trying out.
  20. Hmm, I have some spare CAV arms that I could put on the recovery vehicle flatbed. I'm always in favor of near-future looking vehicles in that scale though. I know this is a super niche thing so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find some.
  21. Jeneki

    Saga second edition

    I've gotten in eight games of Saga 2 so far. Around half dark ages and half crusades. I like the Crusades forces better than Age of Vikings. Saga 2 forces were already a big step up from Saga 1, and it seems like the writers took everything they learned from designing Age of Vikings and refined it even further to make Crusades battle boards interesting and fun. From my observations, I prefer armies with varied abilities to the more specialized ones. Specialization is nice for taking one aspect and pushing it hard, but if it gets countered or the dice go wonky (and mine always go wonky) there isn't enough to fall back on. The biggest disappointment so far is the lack of official scenarios and more interesting terrain. For friendly games we play it however we want, but once the tournaments start appearing playing the same mission every time and treating buildings as "generic rough terrain" is going to get old. A campaigns book was mentioned a while back which I'm hoping will solve this.
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1372111648/kensei-wargame-wako-vs-namban I've backed two Zenit projects and both delivered in a timely fashion with a nice product. This project is for adding armies for the 1582 Cagayan battles (Spanish and Pirates) to the Kensei miniatures game. Note that Kensei has several fantasy elements so these might not be full historically accurate.
  23. I trust the lower missile packs have a safety feature to avoid shooting your own kneecaps off.
  24. Nice, the Revenant was one of the redesigns I was looking forward to. The rocket packs seems a bit off on the old model.