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  1. I always like the look of a little battle wear and tear. Thumbs up for the paint job. Over on the kickstarter page, I was wondering how the radar bits would fit on the final model. Different pictures have or don't have it up like that. I think it looks good this way. Have we reached the point where the 1 inch plastic bases are too small? It looks like it's about to slide off the sides.
  2. Some game/toy commercials for 80s kids - Torpedo Run: The Animal: Thunder Road: Rough Riders: Dark Tower: Pole Position:
  3. Delayed

    This is starting to ship. Received mine yesterday.
  4. Something I found in the Force Manager (CAVFMv1119) today: When I select the Nomad in CAVFM, its missing ECM2 and its points are 136 instead of 167. If I open the official Nomad file in CAVCP, it correctly has ECM2 and 167 points. If I manually recreate the Nomad from scratch in CAVCP and save it as a new custom vehicle, when I select that new custom vehicle in CAVFM it also loses ECM2 and drops to 136 points. There might be something weird going on with that specific combination of abilities.
  5. The preview model pics look good. Necromunda will definitely benefit from models that are easy to convert and customize.
  6. Too much want. Ignore my sig for a while.
  7. I love that there's a dude with a Molotov cocktail.
  8. Live

    I don't have a need for something this big, but wow it would be impressive on the table:
  9. Live

    Perhaps I'm blind, but I don't actually see these vehicles available in the project? Light armored vehicles and civilian cars would interest me the most but I don't see them listed in the items available to pledge for. Also what is the Skunk supposed to be? Mobile solar panels?
  10. Fulfilling

    Hmm I was assuming the USA one was mine. Not a huge deal as I'm working on CAV stuff for reapercon now, no hurry.
  11. I'm surprised Midknight Heroes hasn't picked up a bigger following yet. Turnaround time has been quick on the projects that successfully fund.
  12. I'm sure there are a few people here who grew up with Ogre and may find this interesting. About this project Ogrezine will be a collection of Ogre articles curated by Drew Metzger. This is a further test of support for Ogre on Kickstarter, as well as an excuse to create some short articles for all Ogre players. If it goes well, it might even become an annual thing. This is our smallest Kickstarter ever, depending on wide support at $3 per person – though reward levels are also available for those who want to pick up some additional Ogre swag, like the miniatures.
  13. Live

    As per updates and comments section, this project will relaunch at a later date. Topic can be closed.
  14. How about those 80s magazine advertisements for perfectly shaped D20s? It'd show a stack of D20s that would be a different height depending on which face was up, to show theirs had a better balance.
  15. I've got some scifi terrain in the making with integrated lights and a tesla ball reactor. May as well add some fog to really let the PCs know "reactor breach is imminent!" muahahaha
  16. Part of me wants to bring a giant horde of Wraiths for the lolz, but there's a twelve model limit.
  17. Level 1 barbarian vs level 5 barbarian. :)
  18. Live

    Look great! As a matter of personal taste though, for vehicle-centric modern or scifi I find even 15mm to be a bit too large.
  19. fulfilling

    I did a full inventory of my Bones 3 sets. No missing items or obvious unfixable defects. I've had bad luck with larger kickstarters so this is a pleasant surprise.
  20. Live

    Ah, I thought these look a familiar style. Same person who did the Integrated Wargame Buildings kickstarter (lasercut buildings with LEDs). That one had a really fast turnaround for me. I'll pledge again.
  21. Live

    These do seem to hit the right points of nostalgia for me. The last time I painted goblins like these was in the 90s.
  22. Some of my roommate's younger store employees are really into videos that I would describe as less about "watching someone watch something", and more about "watching someone overreact, scream random nonsense, and badly pretend to be shocked/angry/sad/etc while watching something." Every generation has it's share of people who get a following by acting crazy and yelling stupid stuff, I'm sure I don't need to list any actors from any of our childhoods. The mini painting market may be untapped here. How many teenagers who just discovered 40k would watch a video of a guy painting chaos marines, while screaming battle cries about the downfall of the universe and other such things? "This chainaxe needs more blood spatter! More blood for the blood god! To paint this part, pretend the brush is the emperor's face getting smashed and chopped in half! (slams brush into the axe) Aguaggguuuaahhhhhhhh! The gore of countless babies split asunder across the galaxy! Aaaaaaglgggggllllllahh!"
  23. Eagar Toad would make a good Guwange.
  24. Live

    Lack of grid is a huge selling point to me. :)
  25. Dare I say these are cute?