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  1. Whew! Made my save vs the new expansion. Cool sculpts and all, but nothing really excites me.
  2. D&D isn't the only game that uses 12 sided dice. Yeah. I took a bunch of elves, humans and even a vampire and painted them as kick-butt drow. I think people really underestimate how much paint can define a figure.
  3. I don't have any desire or use for female giants in action poses, but I support those who want them. Why can't we have equally nice lady giants in the mix?
  4. Holy carp! 8 weeks left. I need to start packing, work on my shopping list, and get the car serviced.
  5. Still waiting for: Barbaric Splendor -- due Sept 2016, sculpting still not finished Eclipse Sisterhood: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures -- still sculpting, est Nov 2017 Bones 4 -- funding in progress I seem to have a 50/50 rate of "on time" delivery and so far haven't backed any really regrettable choices.
  6. More orange on the yellow one, more cool colors on the other one. Fire and ice?
  7. Yay! More Chronoscope love! Dang, this is going top what we spent on 1, 2, and 3 combined. I'm not going to think about dragon colors until they're in my hands.
  8. I thought we'd be farther along today. Everyone was ranting about that hut so much i thought we'd blow past this goal.
  9. It's been very useful having pertinent information summarized. Most of us just cannot spend 24 hours day on KS comments gleaning tidbits and i appreciate the summaries very much.
  10. Really nice pose and I love the base but, EW! rotting flesh. I haven't painted my dragons from KS 1&2, so not going to miss this one.
  11. I think it was Bones only last time, but if folks want to allow metal versions we can do that. Also, conversions and modifications will be allowed. The idea is for you to have fun and be creative and show your interpretation of the figure.
  12. "Clear" paints are not transparent. They are single pigment paints, not color blends. This confuses people to no end. The "glows" are simply bright colors you can use for special effects like magic runes.
  13. Yes, to paraphrase someone else, those aren't the figures I was looking for in the Chronoscope expansion. Really wanted new stuff. Starship crew, alien PCs, space pirates, terrain etc. I guess Reaper just doesn't get as excited about sci-fi as they do about fantasy and horror. The all or nothing plan means I probably won't bite even though it is what I was most looking forward to this time. No Chronoscope in the core or as add-ons, either. A few little nibbles we could get separately would have been nice. Oh well. I like the Dreadmere stuff even thought it will probably never get played with.
  14. You need to pay for classes but it is up to you whether you buy in advance or at the door. Do you like having a set schedule, or do you want to wing it with what's left over? Games are free, but you should register if you want an assured seat for something. Reapercon is not so large that there are more games than people.
  15. Sorry to hear that Guindyloo. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. No rush. Take care of yourself and family first.