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  1. I find a razor saw too thick to use around the feet. Just for hacking off lumps it is fine. As others have said, buy the blades in packs, they break easily, but you will learn how to use them.
  2. Anyone who's been looking for a ReaperCon 2004 Reclining Sophie 01501, there's one on ebay right now. New in the blister, and the price is pretty good.
  3. There are two tentacle/ creature component packs. 03440: Creature Components II 03334: Creature Components
  4. They look amazing. I especially love how Kassandra turned out, and the effects achieved on the Victorian Lord.
  5. My group is playing GURPS Technomancer right now and getting a LOT of use out of the Chronoscope line. Let me see, we have a priest, a ninja, a cat burglar, a werewolf, a kitsune spellcaster, and an ex special forces thug. We have faced aliens, zombies, fishmen, evil scientists and diabolical politicians. Sorry, we didn't get a clown in there, yet. Still hoping for sci-fi space ship crew and characters. So many good games in that genre, not enough good figures.
  6. The last we heard was that Bryan was working on getting a block at another hotel. And then KS fulfilment happened. FWIW, the Fairfield's normal room rate is around the same price as the HGI discount rate. There's also a Holiday Inn express in the area with a lower rate than the HGI.
  7. You can still get rooms at the HGI, just not at a discount. The Fairfield is a good second choice, right across the street. There's also a Courtyard by Marriot, and a Hampton Inn and Suites extremely close (walking distance) if those might be options for you.,-96.9682243,17.25z
  8. The diner scene with Jeffrey Jones is one of my all time favorite cheesy movie scenes.
  9. Live

    I took one look at the images and thought "Oh, pin-up girls. DH will like that." As far as cheesecake goes, I thought they were pretty inoffensive, like 40's nose art, and actually a lot less revealing. I've no use for them, but I think they'll be fine for painting and display.
  10. What about the elemental familiar? With the right paint job I can see it working. familiar/sku-down/77196
  11. I was thinking those big rings looked like a good place to get your enemy's weapon fouled up on your armor.
  12. If parts are missing please label it. It's not always obvious when looking at a figure for the first time, or if it comes unassembled.
  13. He looks perfectly at home, home on the range.
  14. Been reading my pattern, getting ready to start on the costume. There were a few surprises like, oh this needs a lining and some iron on interfacing? Why wasn't that on the back of the pattern along with the yardage info? I would be pissed if I had to go back to the store, but I have a good stash on hand. Planning on cutting the tissues to size tomorrow. :)