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  1. Sigh. I wanted to like these. The art is cool but the sculpts feel awkward to me. There's a few individual pieces I could pledge for, but the all-or-nothing pledge levels make that impossible.
  2. Pre-launch

    A good number of sculpts were on display last fall, and probably that has been added to, but we really don't have that information. They have run the last 3 in late summer/fall, but that doesn't really predict what will happen this time. Experience has shown that the larger the KS project the longer it takes to plan and organize and fulfill everything. Saving up is always a good idea. Yes, in theory you should be able to add to your pledge after the initial campaign and right up until the pledge manager closes, but how long that period will be is anybody's guess right now. Reaper won't even know until it happens. If you didn't get in on #3, you might also want to start saving for when that hits retail this summer.
  3. Paint in pots can go moldy. I have seen it a couple times. It's obvious when it happens, but pretty rare. Most of your pots should be fine, just keep them closed as much as possible.
  4. Can someone walk in and buy a SWAG bag at the show without buying a badge too?
  5. The painted metal version shows the sculpt more clearly. I suspect that the right arm is a separate piece, and when the Bones version was assembled in the factory it was glued in a raised position. If it comes that way, a soak in hot water will loosen it and it can be re-glued as you like.
  6. The problem I see is that you are mixing warm colors and cool colors and it's not harmonious. You've got an orange-red, warm brown and yellow hair, which all sort of goes together, then the black and silver-grey, which clashes. Change your black to a super dark brown, and the silver-grey to gold and you will see a big improvement. As for the face and hair, I think if you put a little pink into your flesh color it would help. Use the wash that others have suggested on the hair. This will create some contrast between the two areas. Great blending on the flame sword!
  7. 1. a couple of miles. I do not recommend trying to walk it. 2. Dallas has Uber, Lyft, and taxi cabs. I believe Reaper will have a van running several times a day. Yes, you can make friends and bum rides. 3. They will be in curtained off areas. There will be some noise problems, but they are trying their best to arrange the available space. If hearing is an issue then arrive early to get a seat near the instructor. Welcome to Reapercon.
  8. Epsom salts are commonly used for fertilizer, but you need to look up which plants can tolerate it and how much to apply. I wouldn't go spraying it willy-nilly around the yard. I find the best thing to keep bugs out of a vegetable garden are birds. Garden spiders are good too but harder to find. Birds, like the Knights Who Say Ni, love shrubbery for nesting and generally hanging about in. If you have bushes and small trees around the yard, you will attract birds. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus is a nice product for people who don't want to mix their own. Unlike a lot of sprays, it doesn't contain nerve agents.
  9. Modesty. I don't have anything against people showing skin, or people wanting to look sexy when it's appropriate, like at the beach or a club. But a lot of people let it all hang out when they shouldn't, and would look so much more attractive with it covered up. Grooming. I get that you don't want to shave every day, or that it's your day off, and you like the casual look. You still need to clean your nails, brush your teeth, get a hair cut (you can still wear it long, but get it taken care of properly) and find a pair of pants that fit. "Homeless" is not a style.
  10. You can still get a room at the HGI. It will cost about $100 more for the weekend unless you have some other method of getting a discount, like a business account or military discount or something. We stayed at the Fairfield last year, it was nice, too.
  11. Anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. It helps that my paint space is "set up" all the time, and when I am done I only have to clean my brush and turn the lights off.
  12. They don't exist in large numbers, but I have seen them in New England. I used to go camping in an area along the MA/CT line and would find them in streams. Not nearly that big though.
  13. I'm going to guess...
  14. It just started last night (April 23rd)
  15. Just hanging out today. Saturday's art show was nice, smaller and less hectic than last year. Sunday we stayed home and painted. I got a handful of random figures I want to clear off the table before Bones3 arrives. Pegazus, I hope it turns out to be nothing.