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  1. When a mommy chthon and a daddy chthon love each other very much, they have a baby chthon. He joins some I did a while ago.
  2. One of three from the set, painted in honor of the holiday.
  3. This started when I found fishmen bodies in the trade-in bin at Reapercon. Thanks to everyone who helped me search for hours for the arms. I completely forgot that they had detached tails as well and ended up sculpting some very poor imitations when I got home. Went through the bits box and gave the two big guys some added weapons, one has a sword, the other a magic staff topped with a chunk of coral. Dug out some Bones from one of the KS to add to the mix. Their names are War, Pestilence, Famine, Death, and Bad Gumbo. I finished painting them in December, but just got the bases done this weekend.
  4. Details on Bones are sometimes soft, I don't think you've done anything wrong. Try another pass with the wash. Also sometimes with any figure I put extra dabs in the eye sockets to bring out the depth before painting the eyes.

    Can you remove your address from the Pledge Manager? If it's not there it can't ship, and you can contact Reaper when you are settled.
  6. Between the front door and the back door... pretty much all of it. I had surgery in January and no housekeeping has been done since. We did get the last of the christmas deco put away yesterday, though. That's an improvement. :)
  7. Ok, enough sitting around. My weight hasn't changed but I can tell muscle is turning to fat. I'm (sort of) walking again after the surgery, today was my first trip out without a medical device to assist. The plan is to start stretching and doing light weights, and then return to the gym in May. Anyone else recovering from an idle winter?
  8. Got to watch John Wick 2. It wasn't bad, but not as good as the first one. I felt it lacked the emotion and momentum of the first one. For large parts of it I felt like they were trying too hard to make it look cool and just missed it.
  9. Live

    Nice! I like the sculpts and they are metal. The full monty comes out to $2.33 a figure. Is shipping included? June seems an ambitious date, but it looks like everything is sculpted already.
  10. This month's reading list has been: A Poisoned Season, Tasha Alexander. Second book in the series. Lady Emily Ashton, recently widowed, tries to navigate the chaotic London social season amid a string of burglaries, murders, and her own personal stalker. Light, but engaging. His Majesty's Hope, Susan Elia Macneal. Third in a series. Maggie Hope leaves WWII London for Berlin, on a mission of espionage that will have her uncovering not only the secrets of the Reich, but those of her own family. The author dips a toe into some of the horrors of the period, but overall this is pretty light reading. A Study In Scarlet Women, Sherry Thomas. A retake on the Sherlock Holmes mythos, with a female cast. Brilliant young Charlotte Holmes feels constrained by society and takes steps to "free" herself and become independent. Communicating by post she assists Scotland Yard with a string of seemingly unrelated murders. This was better than expected, though the ending felt a bit forced. Hell Bay, Will Thomas. Book 8 in the series. Barker and Llewellyn are contracted to provide security for a diplomatic meeting disguised as a house party on a remote island estate. It promises to be a boring week, until the guests find themselves targets of a mysterious sniper. Of the four books this was the best page turner, a good solid story.
  11. Finished season one of The Crown, and Victoria, will be looking out for the next season. Almost done with Emerald City, it's weird but we're enjoying it. About mid season with The Expanse, I like it DH does not, not sure if we will continue with it. Watched the pilot for Oasis, which has potential but may just get bogged down in personal drama. Gave Powerless a look, thought it was stupid, won't be going back. Watched the pilot for The Level, looks like another loser.
  12. There are several dryads and fairies that could be good encounters. Also the sea hag would go well with the swamp hag.

    So... those of you tracking the ship(s), anything to report?
  14. I'd either mount him on his base, or be really careful handling him.
  15. I don't know about the game, but their miniatures are excellent. I just hope all the females don't look like whores. I'm encouraged by the cowgirl in the 2nd image above, (the one that says "coming soon") would like to see that one on the game table.