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  1. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I have never named a car or other inanimate object, that I can recall. Our network computers do have names, as that's an old, and necessary practice, but as of late they've been simply labeled "music" or "storage", or such.
  2. Elder Thing

    Better watch out if the GM gets ahold of that. :)
  3. Cracks usually appear when the under layer is not thoroughly dried before a new one is added.
  4. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I learned to drive an automatic when I was about 15. Started taking driver's ed at school later that year, but we moved, so I had to wait a year to take it again, and we moved before I could finish it, again. I occasionally stole drove my parent's car as a teen. I didn't have a license, or insurance, but that seemed to matter less back then. I eventually got my license using my boyfriend's car in college. Learned to drive stick when I moved in with my brother some years later and needed a vehicle to get around. He handed me his truck keys and said "don't destroy it." I still drive a manual, the current vehicle is a 2013 Mazda2. It's great for getting around the city and small enough to park anywhere. It's color-changing blue and it does not have a name. It's referred to as "my car" or "your car" depending on who is talking. Most of my driving stories are scary, not funny.
  5. She came out well. I wondered where you were going with that yellow trim, it looks beautiful now.
  6. Inarah converts clix

    Progress: And these characters showed up:
  7. removing greenstuff

    If it is cured then a long soak in Simple Green will soften it. I discovered this years ago when trying to clean up crappy painted minis bought off ebay. It will also loosen superglue.
  8. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Quite possibly. I don't remember most of what I took home that day, except for two things. The first was a big book of nursery rhymes and fairy stories for my baby brother who was just old enough to be learning to read. The other thing I remember was being ecstatic at finding a bunch of Ian Fleming novels, the James Bond stories in paperback. I should still have those somewhere. Most of my books got packed up in the late 80's when I left home and haven't seen the light of day since. Just never had enough shelf space for everything.
  9. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I don't remember when but I had a bike of some kind from very early until my late teens when I was in college. Rode it everywhere, until I needed to take the bus/train to get to the university. Can't think of anything funny, but there was this one time in high school.... I rode over to a friend's house, and she lived quite a ways up into the hills. I shouldn't have been out that far. We were riding around out on lonely mountain roads with nothing but trees for company and came across a book shop. It might as well have been the witch's candy cottage from Hansel & Gretel. I was a book nerd, and there was a delivery truck worth of books just laying in a pile in front of the shop. The owner was sorting through them and told us there were more books than would fit in the shop, and we could take as many as we wanted! She gave us plastic sacks and we loaded up the handlebars with bags, and I even had a bag balancing on the seat of my bike, and we started the long walk home. A very long walk. It started to get dark. We were still walking. It got darker. We were getting tired. Right around the time I was thinking the unthinkable (ditching the books and riding home) a car came by, it was my dad. Fortunately, my parents had a big blue station wagon and both bikes (and the books) fit in the back and we all got home safely. I went back looking for the book shop, but never could find it again.
  10. Not washing it is probably the issue. There's a bit of mold release or finger oil on the figure, and it's keeping the paint from sticking. I would: 1. let the paint dry completely 2. get a wet cotton swab and the tiniest dab of soap and wash that area, being careful not to rub off your paint. 3. rinse 4. dry completely and try again Despite what the instructions say I have found Bones take paint much better after they've been primed. Reaper sells a nice brush-on primer in white and black.
  11. Is this a Bones plastic figure? Did you wash it with soap first? Does it have primer? Did you shake the paint very well before starting? VERY well? Did you get your brush wet before dipping it into the paint? Even a little water can thin it too much.
  12. Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who participates! There were so many beautiful entries this year.
  13. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I was given lessons at an early age. It went so badly that I had to be pulled out by the lifeguard. Like some others I have little body fat and I don't float. I used to have panic attacks if I couldn't touch the bottom or side of the pool, and forget any kind of ocean swimming. It was a great disappointment to my father, who was a champion swimmer, along with my brothers, who did junior olympics one summer. But give me a life jacket or other flotation device and I love being in the water, especially snorkeling.
  14. Inarah converts clix

    The ladies have primer: Gentlemen have been removed from bases: First batch of 1" bases, made entirely with 2-part putty and a base stamp:
  15. Inarah converts clix

    These will be PC types, but may get used for NPCs in the future.