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  1. Inarah

    Pearl the Mermaid

    Very pretty. I don't think I've seen her in red/orange before. Love what you did for the base.
  2. Inarah

    I need brushes!

    I give up trying to find brushes locally. All 3 Hobby Lobbys near me are out and have been out of anything with a '0' or smaller since early summer. The other craft stores don't carry the quality I am looking for, and even the expensive art supply clear across town can't help me. There are enough painters and gamers locally that there are no miniature sized brushes to be found. I'm looking for a decent mid-quality brush, something in the $4-$6 range. I've been buying the Hobby Lobby "Master Touch" brushes for a couple years now and I like them for basecoating and 'tabletop' paint jobs. With the 10/0's I can do nice eyes. I have a set of the super expensive Kolinsky sable brushes but I hesitate to put them to use for this kind of assembly line work. Where's a good place to get decent brushes online? I tried the Hobby Lobby website, but they don't sell their own products. Can anyone recommend a place with prompt shipping?
  3. Inarah

    Couple of minis to show

    Good work on the face and shield. For black highlights I use navy blue or grey, depending on the look I want. The highest grey is still pretty dark, like a dark slate and the highest blue is somewhere around sapphire.
  4. Inarah

    Recent activity

    Love the first two, esp. the color choices and blending. I think Lysette's hair could contrast more with her clothes, but otherwise looks very nice. The goblin looks good, but I think the reds should vary more, looks like the same colors for cloth, tongues and blood.
  5. Inarah

    Don't Blink

    Excellent job! Where did you get the angel? Agreed, that was creepy.
  6. Inarah

    2972 Ishara

    I've been working on this gal off and on over the summer and am just about done. I'm stuck trying to decide what color the scarf around her neck should be. Any suggestions? The photo is close to actual colors, I tweaked it as much as I could, but her boots are not the same color as her hair, they are a shade or two more towards red, and her skirt panel and fur highlights up to nearly white. Other comments welcome as well.
  7. I have issue #24 from Reapercon. Did #25 get put out for GenCon? I was in the booth a couple times but I don't recall seeing a new one. Did I miss the chance to pick one up?
  8. Inarah

    2972 Ishara

    The spear lays across her back and is attached about for 1/4", however it is not embedded in the hair or fur, so you could probably remove enough of it and greenstuff the fur a little bit where you have to file it down. The other weapon is attached to the quiver thingy, but would nip off easily.
  9. Inarah

    Next year's Sophie

    Go to the Reaper homepage and take the Figure Finder link. Search "sophie" and you can find the ones for sale in the store. As for the previous Reapercon Sophies, there used to be photos posted, but I don't know where they've been moved to. That was done the first year, in '04, I think.
  10. Inarah

    Next year's Sophie

    Paint Fairy Sophie is a neat idea. Stripper Sophie? Only if we get an urban legend vampire slayer to go next to it on the shelf. How about a wicked Warrior Princess Sophie in fancy armor and coming to kick butt? She is a succubus, after all. Mistress of Hell Sophie? Queen of Hearts Sophie, for Valentine's Day?
  11. Inarah

    ID these minis?

    http://i12.ebayimg.com/02/i/001/00/8a/5a62_1.JPG I bought them off ebay. The seller thinks they might be Reaper figures, but I can't find them in the catalog or the figure finder. Does anyone know their origin? Also, did Reaper ever make a hippopotamus warrior type figure?
  12. http://www.reapermini.com/pages/figure_fin...jpgℑ=3 What are the wing-like things on her back supposed to be?
  13. Inarah

    Chicks and whips

    Ok, I wasn't sure if there was some lore out there that explained them or not. I'm not sure yet if I want to paint them like metal mechanical wings, or like "magic effect" wings or what.
  14. Inarah

    Americana paints

    I've used Americana for a lot of years and had no problems with it. However, since switching to Reaper Master Series last year I'll never go back to it for minis. Terrain, yes, craft projects, yes, but not minis. RMS is soooo much smoother and gives better results that I just can't stand the Americana any more. By comparison it goes on thick and leaves brush marks. I go through a lot of black, too, and will be picking up a pot of the new Pro Paint. Pro Paints are much smoother than they used to be, and for areas where I use a lot of it, like on the base or behind shields where it doesn't matter so much it's a more economical solution than the Master Series bottle.
  15. Inarah

    ID these minis?

    Interesting. Thanks for the replies. It happens that the seller is in Texas, so it is likely he did know a Reaper employee, or had some close contact with someone in the company. Bryan, do you happen to know the sculptor(s) for those two models?
  16. Inarah

    ID these minis?

    Mzima, the Stone Golem is the hippo figure I was thinking of, thanks. I'm pretty sure the two in the pic are not 100 Kingdoms.
  17. It's hard to make a judgment due to the quality of your photo. You need to adjust the color and lighting to more accurately reflect the mini's true color and shading. It does look like you have the basics of painting down. I don't see unpainted gaps, it looks like the color you used on the hands and face are where they are supposed to be and not overlapping other areas, and it looks as if there was some attempt at shading or highlighting the armor. Without a better picture I can't say more.
  18. Inarah

    A few pieces I finished today

    Nicely done, good choice of colors.
  19. Anyone got advice from prior experience? I am considering putting my GW paints into dropper bottles in hopes it will keep them from drying up. I have about 6 pots of colour and a few inks. Is there a "good" way of doing this? I'm worried the GW paint might be too thick for the dropper tip, especially the metallics.
  20. Inarah

    2768: Fairy Queen

    I'm not thrilled with the face, but I blame it on my brushes, which need replacement. Also still working on the lighting, she's a bit washed out/heavily shadowed.
  21. Inarah

    2768: Fairy Queen

    Pro Paint 8301, Pearl White, now discontinued. There's a light glaze over the wings.
  22. Inarah

    lizard warrior

    This was a bit of a kitbash.... Bonus points if you can identify where all the parts came from.
  23. Inarah

    lizard warrior

    The base sculpt is an old metal GW lizardman that I got in a box of junk minis, minus one foot and both arms. I added arms from 02804: Plague Harbinger, padded out the shoulders with green stuff, sculpted on a new foot, and a shield from a Black Orc wildlings weapons pack.
  24. Inarah

    Inquisitor of Malvernis #2720

    Nicely done. :)
  25. Inarah


    She looks nice and dangerous. :) Makes me want to get mine out and cleaned up to paint....