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  1. We had some light ice which made everything crunchy and crusty.  Now in the 24 waiting period (aka panic mode) for the next big storm, due Tues night. 


    Folks here were complaining about the "heavy" snows we've had this year.   I had to remind them that 22-24" per year is average for this area, and we've been so dry for years they've forgotten what "normal" midwest winters are like. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Well, I totally missed the weekend.  Sorry.  Sick wife and lots to do.  Back at it now though.


    Feb 18: Do you have a personal motto? (Evil Halfling)


    "Broccoli" happens. Move on and don't waste the effort agonizing over it.  I can't stand it when someone has an emotional meltdown over every trivial speedbump in their life. 


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  3. 47 minutes ago, Inarah said:


    Hot tea every morning and afternoon.  Cold tea during the summer with meals.  


    Valentine's candy started going onto shelves around christmas, and Easter soon after that.  



    I should clarify.  In the summer we drink iced tea, which is not at all the same as cold tea.   Cold tea is unpleasant.  Iced tea is refreshing. 


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  4. Got to see Aquaman last night. It was pretty, but also predictable, trope laden, and badly paced.  At the start it felt like the story was moving way too quickly, and then later there are sequences where major plot events happen in about 30 seconds.  There's no character development in any of the characters, they're all thin as paper.  Also the writers missed lots of opportunity to show human pathos,  especially since the main character is supposedly trying to save the surface world. 


    As I said, the visuals are pretty, there's lots of special effects, the soundtrack is even decent. If you're looking for entertainment and  2 hours of popcorn eating, you could do worse. 

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  5. Meals at the con were abandoned, except for meet-n-greet which has been pizza the last couple years.  With ~100 people it was a nice idea, but with 500-1000 people now it would just be a hassle. 


    The hotel restaurant has sit-down lunch service but last year DH and friends waited a very long time for it, almost missed class because it was so slow. YMMV.  There's also a coffee shop in the lobby, if a mocha latte and a muffin count as lunch. 


    We drove the half mile or so to the nearby fast food and sandwich places most days.  

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  6. What kind of chocolate are you looking for? If it is the cheap novelty chocolate in bags, then try grocery stores and drug stores.  Although they may not start discounting for a day or two.  The best prices don't come for a couple weeks yet. 


    If you want really good quality chocolate, single source or fair trade then I would look in coffee shops, and at Cost Plus.  A few grocery stores, like Whole Foods will also have it. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, TGP said:

    After the events of last night, I realize that I need to “revise and extend my remarks”.


    I burned bacon. In a microwave. I was going for extra crispy. Much of it was  extra, extra, very, crispy. But one spot was all the way black. I have never before achieved crispy bacon cooking it at home. This was a first. 


    All previous attempts have been a greasy soggy mess. 





    Last week, I heard a strange buzzing noise coming from the kitchen. Fearing the fridge was about to die I investigated. It wasn’t the fridge. But I could not audibly isolate or track down the noise. Skipping to the end of the story...the noise ceased when the 220volt circuit breaker that is dedicated to the range/oven unit was thrown to the off position. (All the normal switches on the face of the unit were already in the Off positions :blink: ).


    Doesn't sound like the problem was something you caused.  Congrats on the "enhanced hearing" skill.  I am constantly asking my husband "What is that noise?" and getting "What noise?" in reply. 



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