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  1. My husband and I run the Paint and Take table at a local convention, Recruits. It's held at the high school, admission is free for all area students, games are child friendly, etc. We get really good turnout. The paint table is free for kids of all ages, even grownup kids, and it is funded entirely with donations. All of the figures, all of the paint, water cups, brushes, etc come from the wonderful community we have here, from the internet, and from vendors. It's typical for me to arrive early Saturday to set up and find one or more anonymous boxes of figures or paint waiting. A couple of years ago at Reapercon folks helped fill a box with mouslings for me to give away. I could not do this without the support I get from the painting and gaming community. So here is this year's class: (BTW, if you got stuff in your Bones3 core that you do not want, find me at Reapercon, I will see it goes to a good cause) I apologize to anyone having trouble loading this, it seems the forum software wants to make my replies into one giant post....
  2. I know October is already a busy month for you guys, but I wanted to ask if you are doing any Halloween specials for 2017, like the Bonesylvanians you have had in the past. Anything seasonal I might need to start putting a little money aside for?
  3. Tonight we saw American Assassin. It was entertaining and almost 2 hours long, so you probably want to get the RunPee app. It's a black ops action thriller, with lots of predictable fight scenes, car chases, explosions, etc. plus a little nudity and some graphic torture scenes. I thought Keaton was pretty good, no one else stood out to me. Surprised to see David Suchet in a role. There are some pretty amazing scenes near the end when.... oh... I can't tell you.
  4. Guindyloo box shipped out to Knarthex. ETA 9/25
  5. Well, I might have a costume after all, but the paint entry is still not happening.
  6. Last year during October orders over $40 came with 3 special halloween paints, a Bones figure, and a handful of candy. While (limited) supplies lasted (about 3 weeks).
  7. This may be a little random but since there are plenty of creative types here I figured I'd ask. Anyone into ATCs? I'm new to it myself but it's been fun so far. I wondered if we could get enough folks together at R'con to do some swapping. And for those who are unfamiliar with the term, and ATC is a handmade or altered card (standard playing card size) traded among artists. It can be painted, drawn, papercraft, or collage. Almost anything goes as long as it remains relatively card like. They are very easy to make, even if you don't consider yourself an artist. I think it would be fun to do a gamer/geek/fantasy/sci-fi exchange at the con.
  8. Count me in. This avatar is fine. We will be there all weekend. Jay says he is in, too. Actually, what he said was "Why not, people are going to come up to me and ask [if I am on the bingo card] so I might as well. "
  9. Holy carp I'm not ready! And probably won't be, but I'll be there!
  10. Hmmmn, that might be worth the hassle of shopping Walmart.
  11. Yeah, this happened to us. DH got told two weeks before Reapercon that he was to take training in North Carolina the same week as the con. I drove down alone on Wed, he ended up flying into Dallas late Thursday. Fortunately he hadn't scheduled any classes on Thurs so he didn't miss much.
  12. Agreed. He was a man of many talents.
  13. Old grenadier Dragon of the Month stuff. Each dragon came with a pedestal and a matching stone.
  14. My husband had first pick: The bag with the red triangle has some kind of giant chicken monster. The white blob on the left is a female paladin. My selections: The two metal figures on the far left are RAFM modern heroes. The other two metal figures in the bottom row are Reaper, a nurse and a nerd. The rest are a mix of pathfinder (I think) and chronoscope. Handful of bases to go with them, some tiny shells, and a charming little blue pot painted with fish. And now to curate a special selection of replacements.
  15. Once upon a time, on an internet site far far away, there was an event known as the Brettonian sorceress beauty contest. You can still find old etchings and references to this event, in which sorceresses from all over the land competed for the title of Most Beautiful.I believe it is time for another Reaper Bones pageant event. Are there sufficient interested parties to participate? If so, will their guardians please speak up. The challenge is for everyone to paint the same figure. Ballots are cast and the most popular contestant wins the applause and admiration of their peers. This is a friendly low-stress event. As an example, for you newcomers, this is a link to the entries thread from the first pageant in 2013. First we need to decide what to paint. This is the list of recently released Bones 3 figures. Everyone should be able to find these in local stores, online, or in their rewards box. 77404: Valandil, Wizard ($2.79) [+1]77405: Aeris, Female Elf Ranger by Julie Guthrie ($2.99) [+1]77406: Boris Mingla, Evil Warlord by Bobby Jackson ($2.99) [+1]77407: Death Dog by Julie Guthrie ($3.49) [+1]77408: Athak, Undead Knight by Bobby Jackson ($2.99) [+1]77409: Fiara, Elf Heroine by Werner Klocke ($2.49) [+1]77410: Foo Dog by Jason Wiebe ($3.79) [+1]77411: Eredain, Mercenary Wizard by Werner Klocke ($2.49) [+1]77412: Lendil Blackroot, Wizard by Julie Guthrie ($2.79) [+1]77413: Margara, Dwarf Shaman by Werner Klocke ($2.79) [+1]77414: Halbarad, Cleric by Werner Klocke ($2.79) [+1]77416: Formorian Giant by Jason Wiebe ($3.99) [+1]77417: Ivar, Dwarf Priest by Werner Klocke ($2.49) [+1]77418: Xiao Liu, Female Monk by James Van Schaik ($2.49) [+1]77419: Balthon, Evil Cleric by Werner Klocke ($2.49) [+1]77420: Aundine, Dark Elf Warrior by Werner Klocke ($2.49) [+1]77421: Jade Tiger, Monk by James Van Schaik ($2.49) [+1]77422: War Dog by Gene Van Horne ($2.79) [+1]77423: Sir Malcolm, Templar Lightbringer by Bobby Jackson ($2.99) [+1]77424: Wraith by Bobby Jackson ($2.99) [+1]77425: Lizardman Archer by Gene Van Horne ($2.79) [+1]77426: Lizardman w/ Club and Shield by Gene Van Horne ($2.79) [+1]77427: Dungeon Vermin - Centipede (2) by Bob Ridolfi ($2.49) [+1]77428: Dungeon Vermin - Tick (2) by Bob Ridolfi ($2.49) [+1] Cast your vote for your top 3 choices. I will give this a couple of weeks before making a final decision. Discussion and questions are encouraged in this thread.
  16. Guindy box received. (scruffy cat not included) Will have more tomorrow.
  17. Guindyloo box has arrived. Best. Birthday. Present. Evarrrr!
  18. Looks really good and I like the basing a lot.
  19. You may get some or all of this: (from the Reapercon site) " This year, you'll get: A Reaper Miniatures lanyard so you don’t have to stick your badge in your hat like a 1920’s reporter. Three Special Edition Reaper Master Series Paints: Retro Slate, Retro Emerald, and Retro Elderberry One metal 2017 ReaperCon Sophie sculpted by Bob Ridolfi One metal 2017 Convention Zombie "ConCrud" sculpted by Gene Van Horne Your Choice of one of 4 Faction Miniatures. One collectible ReaperCon 2017 program One ReaperCon 2017 paint cup (for all your painting needs) $250 Reaper Bucks. Don’t spend it all at once. A ReaperCon Trick or Treat punch card. Fill it up and get an awesome prize! One ReaperCon 2017 commemorative ballpoint pen A Reaper U notebook, handy for taking notes in all of those classes you’re enrolled in. Some cool new Base Boss bases! Prize tickets. For prizes. A Con Crud Crusher packet. Because nobody likes con crud. A super cool ReaperCon bag to carry all of this stuff around in. " Reaperbucks are convention only "money" you can use to bid on the auction at the end of the show Sunday. Worthless to you if you aren't there. Likewise the prize tickets are drawn at the con, must be present to win. The punch card is no good to you either. However, the 3 paints and 3 figures add up to roughly $40 retail. Plus there may be stuff from other vendors attending the con. I don't know.
  20. They can also correct that at check-in. I've done it once or twice.
  21. Yes.
  22. Live

    This is the sort of thing I would like to see in the Chronoscope line.
  23. I think I remember seeing that when it came out.
  24. Just finished Outcast, starring Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen. It's a Chinese action adventure featuring the two western actors, filled with all the fighting and bad dialog you could want in a standard good vs bad story. Overall, not a terrible movie, except for the parts Nick Cage is in. I have to wonder, does he ask his agent to look for bad scripts, or is it a curse? If you're a fan of the genre and you have a few beers and some friends who like to make snarky comments on movies, this could be a winner.