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  1. Valin ab`Draconis


    Heh, all are primed, but that's it for most of them. The only ones we left absolutely alone and are still in the blisters are our RCon '07 Sophies. We don't have any current plans to open those.
  2. Valin ab`Draconis


    The wife and I are definitely looking forward to '08, we managed to be the last pre-registered people to show up last year. We bought so many miniatures we still haven't finished them all.
  3. Valin ab`Draconis

    Urban Legend™ mins we would like to see . . .

    Same here. Easily my most favorite Reaper mini.
  4. Valin ab`Draconis

    Karina of the Blade

    http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...t=13&page=4 Does anyone else see the irony of a mini named Karina of the Blade who is actually wielding a mace.
  5. Valin ab`Draconis

    Urban Legend™ mins we would like to see . . .

    Urban Legend, hm? Monique DeNoir.
  6. It may be heresy to mention sub-par paints, but I've found that Wal-Mart sells a line of paint called Folk Art that, while not the greatest, does keep the metallic shine long enough to paint with it.
  7. Valin ab`Draconis

    Paint Club

    What should those seeking knowledge (and paint tips) bring to paint club?
  8. Valin ab`Draconis

    Advance Tickets

    Awesome. I've already purchased tickets for my fiance and myself a few days ago (she's more into mini's than I am, heh), I just wondered what else besides a shirt that came with them as this is our first ReaperCon. And to prove how geeky we are... we're doing this for our fifth year anniversary.
  9. Valin ab`Draconis

    Advance Tickets

    What all is included when you buy advance tickets? Other than obviuosly a shirt and entrance to the Con, of course.