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  1. ograx

    Replacement part

    I tried to assemble my reaper bones 3 temple dragon today but he is missing a part which is one of his arms. I have 2 of the same arms but am missing his right hand arm with the smallest attachment part. How do I go about getting this resolved?
  2. ograx

    77279 Narthrax the White

    Thanks alot for posting this. This is the kind of information and walkthough that one can learn from and is very much appreciated. Your project looks incredible but the knowledge and inspiration is very appreciated.
  3. Those things are frickin cool what a great idea.
  4. ograx

    77024: Goblins (6)

    These are next to do on my list as well however not a 6x6 group! Very nice job!
  5. Haha very nice I was kind of wondering on some of these figures where they fit in
  6. ograx

    Beginner paintjob The Others minis

    Very well done! The biggest thing is that you painted between the lines! The other techniques like shading and highlighting will just come with time and practice. I can tell by how well you've kept your crisp lines and how you did the eyes that you will have no problem grasping it quickly.
  7. ograx

    Textured paint

    What is the wall filler used for in the mixture??
  8. ograx

    77237 Skeleton Guardian Archer

    Thats the kind of base look I have on most of my rocky figures like that with the exception of a light drybrushing of a very light gray.
  9. Does anyone have recipe for mixing up textured paint like GW makes? The recipes I've seen and videos from youtube are a little vague on the ratios and such. I get the gist of it which combines wall filler (Drydex I assume), paint and sand. Is this what you guys use?
  10. Yeah I had tubs of cheap wall paint that they threw away at work so I just used those and it worked great. I have literally garbage bags full of pieces of pink foam so I want to try and use it now that I have the setup to build terrain. ( Large workshop)
  11. Thanks, I always forget youtube has videos on everything.
  12. I know you can't really use primer on pink foam but what about matte sealer? Specifically "Army Painter Matte Sealer"
  13. ograx

    Maledrakh's Bones 3 Mystic Circle

    Would be interested to know the colous used for the stone. Has a nice mould growing on it !
  14. ograx

    77237 Skeleton Guardian Archer

    I think we have alot higher proportion of our population into gaming and hobby stuff. Probably the fact that 6 months of the year going outside can kill you within minutes!