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  1. Furry Russian Hat

    I thought of Khador, too, but they are all armed and you'd have a lot of iconography to scrape off.
  2. Learn to Paint

    You both have a really good eye for shading. And that's like, a third of the battle won right there!
  3. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I find the 1984 Summer Olympics pretty much maxed me out for Olympics for life. I haven't watched more than a few minutes at a time of any Olympics - summer or winter - since. Except for a few years back when my wife really, really wanted to watch some sort of skating or something.
  4. New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

    Here you go. I blame my old computer for me thinking this had been taken down. As it aged, it sometimes would not load certain sites/blogs, etc., but would throw up scurrilous rumors of this site no longer being available, that one taken down, etc. Anyway, enjoy!
  5. FitzBones: 77305 Gelatinous Cube

    Check out Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic on YouTube. He did the cube not too long ago, and got some pretty good results tinting it.
  6. Scibor miniatures minotaur warrior#2

    I stand (actually, sit at my computer) in awe of you, for I have had the box set of the three of those figs for like... almost six years, and am still too intimidated to get to painting them. You have my support in this endeavor.
  7. New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

    I am sorry that you had to put up with this. But I do so love a good Bad-DM/Trainwreck Game story, so thank you for sharing. I noted the part above because it reminds me of that old blog from a number of years back, I think it was titled, "The Worst DM in the World," or similar. It has since been taken down, but I luckily made a PDF of it before it was gone (sorry, at work right now and it is on my personal laptop so can't post it up anywhere). Anyway, in it, the writer relates a story from her college days, when she and her friend answered a players-wanted ad found at a local game store, and were met by a situation both frightening in RL, as well as game-wise. Some of the highlights, if I recall well enough, were: The DM told them (and another player) to come at a certain time on a certain day, then claimed they were a "day early" when they showed up. The DM shook wet, uncooked hot dogs at them before stuffing them into his mouth. The DM had reams of (already by then obsolete) dot-matrix-printed house rules, many of which were centered around rolling for breast size and other certain unmentionable attributes, which he forced them to do. He had a true DMPC, who hogged the spotlight in every situation and could pull off ridiculous, amazing, broken-rules feats, like hitting barrels with a hammer so that they exploded. I know I'm forgetting most of the best stuff, but you get the point.
  8. Yoon - 60200

    Very nice. I know she's cute and all, but I can't help feeling like I'm being lured into a trap...
  9. RIP 'Fast' Eddie Clark

    Oh, damn... I remember when Fastway was the new big thing for all the metal kids.
  10. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Not my business, but chiming in anyway. Sometimes, people who order at a restaurant feel slighted when somebody who sat down after they did, gets their food first. But it really all depends on what you order. Chicken, for instance, takes longer to cook. So does pork. And a table that has ordered a lot of extra stuff is going to get served later, especially when much of it is more complicated or takes longer to cook than what was ordered at the table next to it. To the untrained eye, this seems like random disparity. "Hey! How come he got his first?!" But it's not at all. Maybe what is happening here, is that this company is exercising a policy of cutting down on shipping costs by waiting for an order to be complete before sending it out, and this is further complicated by the differences between the orders, and the longer wait times that some naturally experience, while others do not. That doesn't excuse a lack of communication or a lack or preparation in general. But it's helpful to consider how things get staged, and why. Saves you some gray hairs.
  11. Fireforge russian militia archer

    That's too bad about the quality. I have a few of the Russian militia models in resin and the detail is actually quite nice on mine, though I haven't really worked on them yet. Maybe you just got a bad batch?
  12. Hellboy Boardgame kickstarter by Mantic

    I've never backed their Kickstarters, but I have been buying their minis for a long time now. I don't think any of their stuff is awful, but a solid chunk of it is either bland, or uninspiring. Some of it is balls out great. Their newer space terrain bits are outstanding. I wouldn't say they are bad at metal, wholesale. I've got a couple metal figs from them that are actually quite excellent. In fact, I haven't personally held any of their metal that was bad. (I'm not saying it doesn't exist, just that I haven't personally encountered it.) But given how little metal they produce, it's probably not a surprise that it wouldn't be their strong suit. For rules, I've only ever paid attention really, to Kings of War, of which I am quite fond. In general, though, they give you a million dudes for relatively less money. That could be bad, or good. You just have to choose carefully.
  13. Evolution of my paint collection

    Started with Testors. Didn't know what primer was. Tried hard, gave up. Flash forward some years, discovered Ral Partha paints. By then I knew what primer was. Had some success. Bought a few inks (Citadel). Had a little more success. Started getting into it, and have bought more paint - and given more away - over the past 18 or so years, than I can shake a paint agitator at. Currently using (listed alphabetically): Army Painter, Citadel, P3, Reaper, Vallejo I experiment a lot to determine which pigment I like from which line, and then tend to be faithful to that particular pot for that particular color. I still have most of my Ral Parthas, and they are still viable. I keep them in storage. I just like being able to say I still have them.
  14. Army Pack Contents?

    Well... I would caveat that. It's sort of both. The main parts of the figs (body, head, legs) are generally one piece cast for all of these. But a lot of these packs come with some part (usually the hands/weapon) which needs to be glued on. I think, in the spirit of the question, no these are not swappable/customizable as you might find in a plastic unit box from another company. Yes, you might have to glue something.
  15. Rank the Star Wars movies

    The heartache will be strong with this thread.