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  1. Warlord

    That question makes no sense. Why should you buy miniatures only from companies that make games? What do you do when a company makes games, but no miniatures? Plenty of companies make only miniatures for use in other sorts of games, but do not make games themselves. Do you hate on all of them for it?
  2. Sand and glue is good for larger texture, where material has landed and crumbled at the base. If you want to add texture to the actual parts of the statue where they have broken or fallen away, get a pot of liquid greenstuff and stipple it to the location with a very stiff, short brush.
  3. 93 is good. Not "good" that anybody died. But a good age to live to.
  4. I was 14, summer had just begun, and my mom found out my buddy Gabe was working for a party rental company, and basically talked somebody into letting me work there, too. For those who don't know, party rental companies are the people who put out all those chairs and tables and plates and silverware at occasions like weddings and other large gatherings. Caterers make the food, party rental companies provide the furniture to eat the food on. For a few days, I laboriously washed endless buckets of forks and knives and spoons, and stacks of plates, dried them, wrapped them in shrink wrap, and when not stuck in the dark, miserable washroom, lined fold-up chairs in long rows in large trucks. It was tedious, and when it wasn't tedious, it was a bunch of lifting. I guess, for most kids that age, that makes for a bit of a bad experience, but I don't remember complaining about it to anybody. I have no idea how much an hour I was making. It was just something my mom told me to go do. For some reason, the rather grumpy lady in charge called my mom after a few days and told her not to send me there anymore. I seem to remember doing a good job, clueless as a I was about punching a clock every day. I think she got rid of me because she didn't like having two 14-year-olds to deal with. One was enough, and everybody loved Gabe. Anyway, I bought a cheap little amp, distortion pedal, and guitar stand with that money at a ridiculously good bundle-sale weekend at a smaller music store the following week. So that was a happy ending. My next paying jobs during my teen years were gigs at pizza parlors. Even happier. What did I learn? Well... sometimes you have to do what you have to do. My mom instilled this notion in me that I must always be a miserably hard working stooge or I will instantly flunk out of school or lose any job I come upon. No sick days, no laying down on the job, all that. This was just one step in that way of being that would eventually land me up at the doctor years later after a massive nervous breakdown following decades of hard work. On the other hand, I've held, and gotten along at, a wide variety of different jobs, white collar and blue collar, both. The ability to keep my head down and just get to work has been a benefit in years when I was sans a good paying job and had to work multiple part time jobs just to stay afloat. I guess my ability to scrub a toilet when in need begins in that miserable washroom, standing there for hours at a time, washing forks and plates.
  5. Live

    Correct. Copyright protects expression, not ideas. GW would have no standing here in any way. Ratmen are a regular, pre-existing fantasy trope, and these look nothing at all like GW's expression.
  6. "Murdered" as opposed to "killed in a fight" is intriguing. Care to share any details on the encounter? Was she in an altered form?
  7. Volume 2 was excellent. Don't believe those few critics who said it suffered from sequel-itis. It was actually weirder and funnier than the original.
  8. Asking people here if you should do a wash is sort of a loaded question. Some are going to say "yes" before you finish the question because they have it so ingrained in their brains that the answer could never possibly be "no." Others will not be happy until every model in your collection is lined with black, has ten shades of your darkest color, and has the very tiny toppest tips of every surface of the mini brought up to a spot of white. But looking at your pictures, my common sense tells me, emphatically, no, do NOT wash these guys. At least not the two I see attached here. They already have deep, dark shadows and lines. A wash would either be too much or simply be wasted, since it's likely you could not see it. These guys might need a little highlighting. But more shading? No. You have that covered.
  9. I like it a lot. Now draw one where that orc dude is riding that dinosaur.
  10. I think in (some versions of) D&D and in Pathfinder, there are enough differences in the stats and the manner in which the two undead are made, that you should maintain the differentiation between the two, at least when throwing them against low level characters. Skeletons have higher Dexterity and some weapon familiarity, whereas zombies have partial actions and are generally tougher. This is not a major difference when you are throwing them at 6th or higher level characters. But a 1st level character that, for instance, somehow strips the flesh from a zombie, should not suddenly find himself facing a skeleton (undead). Just a skeletal zombie. I would think that fluff, and flavor-wise, there would be differences, as well. Think of the iconic scene in Jason and the Argonauts, when the teeth of the Hydra are used to summon a troupe of skeletons. It's more immersive to imagine that the ritual of tossing those teeth and chanting those words is what specifically created skeletons. We would think of those as truly magically-created necromantic skeletons, not stripped zombies. In Pathfinder, at least, there are also different flavors of both. Templates that apply well to one, but not the other, both mechanically and flavor-wise. (NOTE: Romero called his zombies "ghouls," which is really what they are. Traditional zombies don't eat people.)
  11. I've been making RTV silicone molds for several years now, but recently caught a couple of YouTube videos where people were instructing how to use caulk as a cheap alternative. Frankly, the mess, time required for full setting (a week+), and rather horrible results when cast (loss of detail, difficulty de-molding) make this a non-viable alternative for me. The time and effort required to make it work, for the limited results, in no way offsets the cost of using materials that are actually created for the purpose. Two-part RTV is simply not as expensive as you might think. It may seem so if you're just judging the cost by itself. You have to consider what you actual get for your money. TAP plastics can sell you enough material to make two molds of the size of a regular Hirst Arts mold, for the price of only one of those molds. That's actually a lot of material. You can get two good sized scatter terrain pieces molded with that, or dozens of small ones. You could make four or five molds of 8+ 25mm or 30mm custom minis bases with that. There are also re-usable alternatives, if you are just out to make very small duplicates of bits. CMON markets a product called Instant Mold, which is a waxy material that you heat, press your bits into, then it hardens and you can duplicate your pieces with green stuff or similar until you are blue in the face. When you get bored, you can heat it up again and mold other pieces with it.
  12. I would say that in my experience, DS minis are to scale to the average other brand about 96% of the time. But I have noted in a previous thread that there are a few - particularly from the Stephanie Law line, that are strangely larger than the rest of the DS offerings. Very odd for a company that is otherwise so consistent, quality-wise. I mean, they are nice sculpts. But they look huge on the table.
  13. I respectfully decline to answer the question on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.
  14. Again, it was not just recently added to the dictionary for fun. It's there because it was once a common usage. New words take years and a committee vote before being added.