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  1. Bruunwald

    The Avatar of Cthulhu by Reclusive Phoenix

    That Cthulhu seems too... pretty.
  2. Bruunwald

    Undying Lords

    Huh... I thought the flock on the dwarf's axe was intentional until I read the caption. I've flocked a few undead. They tend to crawl up through all sorts of stuff. Hard to keep them buried.
  3. Awesome! Copplestone Castings also used to have one called Girl Werewolf-Hunter. If you can find one, you might complete the set!
  4. Bruunwald

    Ral Partha Hill Giant - 1977

    Is there a story behind the arm on the original, or was it just one of "those things?"
  5. Bruunwald

    Looking for a figure

    Hasslefree are an altogether different scale (including the heads) and would not look right if you are converting a Reaper scale mini. Try Statuesque Miniatures. They have a whole line of attractive female heads in heroic scale with many different hair styles to choose from.
  6. Bruunwald

    Newb Question about DnD..

    "Less hung up" is subjective. Some of us enjoy designing monsters/encounters from an increased tactical perspective. And that is also good, if that is the sort of game one is playing. Note my careful language. This is how Edition Wars (TM) start.
  7. Bruunwald

    Newb Question about DnD..

    I don't play 5th, and I largely ignored 4th, but I did buy some blind WoTC boxes during 4th, and there were still giants rated as Large. This whole all-giants-are-huge thing flew right under my radar. Weird. Seems kind of limiting. But to answer your question of when giants did not all always go on a 3 inch base, that would be the vast majority of the game's history.
  8. Sad news from Chaosium.
  9. Bruunwald

    Girl Finds Sword in Lake

    Check it out. Plus, her name is Saga, of all things.
  10. Bruunwald

    Help - Looking for Gorilla Minis

    Warlord Miniatures had Savage Core, which was a line with their own "Simians," along with Neanderthals, Amazons, and some tribal men, and European-style explorers. They have since sold the line to somebody else, and I recently saw an ad or Kickstarter for that other company, but I can't find the name. Some of the Simians are still up on Amazon. EDIT: Lucid Eye Miniatures has them now.
  11. Bruunwald

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I don't consider a project to be legit until I have bled on it. My proudest accomplishments all have my blood under the paint, somewhere.
  12. Bruunwald


    Like some others here, I don't "practice" as much as I just "experiment." I tend to analyze a mini to determine what techniques it will require, long before I get it home. If I see something that looks like it might require different techniques from what I am used to, or have tried before, I typically still already have figured out what I am going to do with it before I start. Once committed, I tend to just make adjustments to technique for anything going "wrong." If I really don't like it, I will stop at some point and maybe re-paint at a later time, maybe right away, depending on need. But I never intentionally sit down to practice a technique on a throwaway mini, so to speak. I tend to just do it. (No meme intended.)
  13. Bruunwald

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I hadn't seen this thread before, but let me tell you all that reading through it has been an enjoyable way to spend my lunch. Not that I enjoy seeing anybody inconvenienced at all. But it has been quite a page-turner.
  14. Awesome! You ever wonder what made him lift up the sword and shout "By the power of Greyskull" in the first place? Seems an odd way to spend your Saturday afternoon.