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  1. This idea is so totally stealable great! I will be stealing praising this idea in the days ahead. This gives me a few stealable good ideas of my own. Thanks for posting this!
  2. Bruunwald

    Pinning aids

    I've never had any trouble using an actual speed-variable electric drill on minis. I realize this is not for everybody, but I am always surprised that more people do not simply use the most obvious tool. With practice, you may find you are able to drill even very small, fragile parts. I suppose there's an art to it, but we are all artists of kind here, yes? I have a Dremel, of course, which I use for fifty other techniques. I never had any luck using it for drilling. It's either a pin vice or an actual drill for me.
  3. Bruunwald

    Trailblazer Game Stamps

    Say... those are pretty cool.
  4. Bruunwald

    77392 peryton -- a WIP by DKS

    I've always pronounced it PEAR-ee-tun, similar to how TaleSpinner does, but with the accent on the first syllable. Both Greek and Latin were spoken widely - very widely - and so pronunciation did vary, and at least in the case of Latin, the sentence form and structure was very loose. That said, I am not sure this was a true mythological creature from antiquity. I believe Jorge Luis Borges invented it, but claimed he found it in an old manuscript. Not sure if anybody has ever seen said manuscript.
  5. Bruunwald

    80036: Shipping Container Bunkers

    Kudos to you for catching the logo! I made up stencils in styrene for a few different logos, including Stark Industries, CyberDyne, and InGen.
  6. Bruunwald

    77456: Ogre Guard

    Very nice, and a great base, too!
  7. Bruunwald

    GW Chaos Warriors

    Love the dirty capes.
  8. Bruunwald

    80036: Shipping Container Bunkers

    Thank you! It's worse than you think. Those "space bunnies" are Robbie Rabbits from Silent Hill. Shhhh... they're watching us.
  9. Bruunwald

    80036: Shipping Container Bunkers

    I blame that IMEF trooper in the first few pics. He claimed he was just there to show off scale, but he had a suspicious look about him.
  10. Bruunwald

    80036: Shipping Container Bunkers

    Sometimes I like to turn the shipping containers into bunkers or other little outposty things. I got some kind of not-great pics this time. They're taken in various stages, so flock missing in some/not in others, and some areas do not appear painted here, that were painted later. EDIT: Hmmm.... I stuck these here because they started out as Reaper (models), but now I wonder if this should be in the terrain section.
  11. Bruunwald

    home made Treant?

    There are plastic Bonsai trees on eBay in the $10 range, and I think some of them come with free shipping. They would end up in the Huge to Colossal range, unless you trim them down, but I have seen some with some pretty nice texture and a good selection of branches. Michaels has these long styrofoam cylinders in three-packs that you can get pretty cheap with their weekly coupons. I use those sometimes to quickly make thick-trunked, giant trees of the Redwood or Sequoia varieties. It's pretty easy to carve a bark texture into them, which can then be puttied up with wood filler or spackle to fill in the air pockets and add detail. With just a few well-placed wire branches you could get pretty much any sized treant in a hurry.
  12. Bruunwald

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Human Female Cleric

    Awesome - that exposed leg adds a lot of character to the piece.
  13. Careful where you flick those ashes, buddy...
  14. Bruunwald

    Urkin Shaman

    Very nice. Oddball question: I notice two different styles of bases, a 30mm round lip and a flat 40mm. Does twisted have loose rules for basing or space, or was that just an aesthetic choice?