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  1. The dwarf should just jump backward, off the stone, and watch the wizard see-saw away.
  2. Well... that'll happen.
  3. I don't know why, but I can just not stop laughing at this.
  4. That is one heck of a first try. Excellent job. I will not bombard you with tons of advice, but will focus on the thing that I am sure the veterans are all thinking. That is that those whites are a bit stark. I'm speaking of the skulls, both on the head of this guy, and the ground. Try a brown wash on these. If you have a brown ink or a wash like GW's Agrax Earthshade, go ahead and thin it down and just sort of wash it into the deeper areas of the skulls. (Alternately, you can use a very watered-down brown paint.) When dry, highlight again, with white. This will add a bit of realism and detail, and a little depth.
  5. Live

    On that note, hardly anybody ever does Baba Yaga right. She's supposed to be rather large and long-limbed (Large sized in Pathfinder/D&D lingo) - described in legend as so long she has to sleep diagonally on the floor of her hut. When not in the famous hut, she's flying around in her gigantic mortar and pestle. I think there was a Kickstarter where they did a fairly decent take on her, but a less expensive and more accurately portrayed option would be welcome.
  6. Great eyes!
  7. For some reason, at first I thought he was fighting with a can of beer in his right hand. Looks great!
  8. Gamescape in SF. I can recommend others, if you're going to get out of the City, but if not, that's the place to go.
  9. A paint job good enough to survive a pun. Well done!
  10. I think generally, we know him as "Not-Hellboy," for copyright reasons. I don't even remember his "real" name.
  11. Can we safely assume the pug does most of the fighting?
  12. Ooh! Looky: Or here:
  13. I looked at the Spirit of Spring fig, then clicked on the "Dress" search value below. Tons of awesome ladies popped up, all in dresses, many whipping in the wind, and some sickly looking. Try it - I think you'll find something.
  14. This: it actually looks really good. And this: I do not start with too dark a base. I start with a lighter base and wash darkness in it while toning down. It helps to consider the type of blonde and how it relates to other hair colors. For instance, in my family almost every blonde has a red tinge to it and a naturally sharp contrast between the highlights and the roots. The roots and underside appear brunette, but they also are red if you look closely (or if you make the mistake of bleaching it). To simulate this, I start with a flat yellow-gold, then wash deeply with a dark brown, then all over with a reddish brown. Then I work up flat gold and yellow highlights, typically towards the ends, since the more dominant highlight on a "dirty-blonde" or "strawberry blonde" will be the natural coloration, not the reflection of light. Pale blondes lack that redness and have a more uniform coloration throughout. They have more platinum or silver to them. The better base for silver in general, is paradoxically, a darker brown or black. But you don't want to do that with blond hair. So you base with a flatter brown, lacking in red, but not too dark. Wash deep parts in dark brown, but thinned. Work up with flat yellows, and/or silver-whites. Most of the time, in this case, your highlights are light based, rather than natural, per the above, since this sort of hair will have more sheen. So you highlight higher parts, as you have done in your pic. Again, I think you've done a really good job with this example.