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    Newb Question about DnD..

    "Less hung up" is subjective. Some of us enjoy designing monsters/encounters from an increased tactical perspective. And that is also good, if that is the sort of game one is playing. Note my careful language. This is how Edition Wars (TM) start.
  2. Bruunwald

    Newb Question about DnD..

    I don't play 5th, and I largely ignored 4th, but I did buy some blind WoTC boxes during 4th, and there were still giants rated as Large. This whole all-giants-are-huge thing flew right under my radar. Weird. Seems kind of limiting. But to answer your question of when giants did not all always go on a 3 inch base, that would be the vast majority of the game's history.
  3. Sad news from Chaosium.
  4. Bruunwald

    Girl Finds Sword in Lake

    Check it out. Plus, her name is Saga, of all things.
  5. Bruunwald

    Help - Looking for Gorilla Minis

    Warlord Miniatures had Savage Core, which was a line with their own "Simians," along with Neanderthals, Amazons, and some tribal men, and European-style explorers. They have since sold the line to somebody else, and I recently saw an ad or Kickstarter for that other company, but I can't find the name. Some of the Simians are still up on Amazon. EDIT: Lucid Eye Miniatures has them now.
  6. Bruunwald

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I don't consider a project to be legit until I have bled on it. My proudest accomplishments all have my blood under the paint, somewhere.
  7. Bruunwald


    Like some others here, I don't "practice" as much as I just "experiment." I tend to analyze a mini to determine what techniques it will require, long before I get it home. If I see something that looks like it might require different techniques from what I am used to, or have tried before, I typically still already have figured out what I am going to do with it before I start. Once committed, I tend to just make adjustments to technique for anything going "wrong." If I really don't like it, I will stop at some point and maybe re-paint at a later time, maybe right away, depending on need. But I never intentionally sit down to practice a technique on a throwaway mini, so to speak. I tend to just do it. (No meme intended.)
  8. Bruunwald

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I hadn't seen this thread before, but let me tell you all that reading through it has been an enjoyable way to spend my lunch. Not that I enjoy seeing anybody inconvenienced at all. But it has been quite a page-turner.
  9. Awesome! You ever wonder what made him lift up the sword and shout "By the power of Greyskull" in the first place? Seems an odd way to spend your Saturday afternoon.
  10. Bruunwald

    Massive Darkness Nightmare Thing?

    I'm sensing another addition to my tabletop Silent Hill game.
  11. We all know it's tongue-and-cheek, but it would probably not surprise many that a few click-bait "news" blogs treated it as serious last week and riled a bunch of people up with it.
  12. Bruunwald

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    It isn't progressing very snowly?
  13. There was a request in the head swap thread to see how I had painted up some Starship Generators that were seen there with a slight modification. Rather than hijack that thread, I'll just drop these here. These were painted up rather quickly, as are many things when working up to a convention on short notice. But I did take the time to transfer some numbers on these, just to add a little bit extra. The "mod", as it were, is in the form of the bases I added, with some nuts and bolts (made from styrene rod and hex rod) thrown on there, just to give the impression these were bolted to a starship deck, or similar.
  14. Bruunwald

    Bunch of reaper Bones NPC Guards ambush a wizard

    It's no less than he deserves, the scaredy-cat!
  15. D'oh! MFG of said hex is Plastruct. Don't know why I typed "Plasticraft." I mainly work in silicone and resin for duplicating stuff, so if I were to mold those, I would probably mold the whole base (and I have given it some thought, and might eventually get to it, but at the time I made those I was on a deadline). One of the benefits for me of doing it this way, is that I can opt to cast the whole base, or alternately just drop a tiny bit of resin into each nut section to cast just those. EDIT: Pics of the painted gennies here.
  16. Bruunwald

    Putty for sculpting terrain?

    I use Magic Sculpt on anything needing sculpting on a scale any larger than a 40mm base. Best stuff there is. Sculpts like clay, sets like plastic.
  17. Bruunwald

    Kickstarter alert from LifeLock

    Luckily for me (?!?), the last two cards I had on file with Kickstarter were already stolen and replaced once or twice each.
  18. Bruunwald

    using airbrush primers as brush-on?

    You might sand, then add another coat of primer, depending on your material and application, but generally for miniatures you can ignore that. I don't personally know anybody who actually puts a coat of primer on an ork, then sands, then coats again as some of these manufacturers recommend. That's really something I reserve for automotive repair and some woodworking.
  19. Bruunwald

    Pathfinder Version 2

    There are few reasons I can think of, marketing wise, that might seem a benefit to Paizo for jamming the setting into the core, among them what you're saying here. There are also reasons I can think of why it's a bad decision, marketing-wise. Chief among them that Golarion isn't exactly a property as hot as Star Wars, the Cthulhu Mythos, WH40K, or even Forgotten Realms, and Paizo would be banking an awful lot on reeling people in on an IP that is years-tested, yet still not on many people's top ten lists.
  20. Bruunwald

    Pathfinder Version 2

    I wouldn't call any of those books "dry reference material." They are filled with exciting illustrations, game play examples, advice on world building, fascinating spell descriptions, and yes, a tiny amount of fluff. "Dry reference material" is the old SRD WoTC put out that removed all actual IP and had only statistics, charts, and the barest instructions on how to use the rules. Yet, even that has a sort of fascination to it. Now, you need to be careful. Implying that only the most obsessed people would ever bother to read any of the books that came before your time is wrong-headed and kind of gross. Do you really think you can dismiss entire generations of players like that? Getting back to it, all I am saying is that vanilla rulesets are very handy tools. They are instruments for world building and storytelling, like guitars are instruments for music. You can always buy a new songbook if you want to do something new with that guitar. A guitar that is programmed to play one tune, would be pretty worthless to me.
  21. Bruunwald

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Okay, that's fine. No offense meant. You seemed to be cautiously getting somewhere using brief posts, and it seemed like that was the direction. I can be wrong.
  22. Bruunwald

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Pathfinder's core books had no less fluff than did the 1st through 3.X editions of the D&D core books. Technically speaking, D&D's old default setting was Greyhawk, but you would never know it from reading just core because it was incredibly generic and rather transparent. There were merely the barest mentions of elder spellcaster names in the spell titles, and a handful of deities. Otherwise, it was not much more than a hodge podge of tropes from fantasy, myth and literature. So it's hard to imagine what the comparison is. You have forty-some-odd years' tradition worth of non interference vanilla rules there, right from the source of the hobby itself. I can appreciate fluff where the setting existed beforehand. For instance, I like the Iron Kingdoms. I like Warmachine/Hordes, and I own the IK RPG books. I bought those for the fluff. But I will never play an IK RPG. Because I don't like getting other people's fluff in my storytelling, and you can't extricate it in such a severe case. As to Pathfinder not having enough fluff, one should note that it began as a campaign setting, has volumes upon volumes of campaign setting expansions available, novels, Golarion-themed splatbooks, and an endless line of adventure paths. With that extreme level of fluff available on cheap PDFs to anybody who wants it, regardless of whether they ever even play the game itself, I fail to see why it has to invade the vanilla ruleset.
  23. Bruunwald

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Me, too. To my mind, it only makes sense. Not only does standardization make a system easier to understand in general, it also better ensures more balanced encounters.
  24. Bruunwald

    Pathfinder Version 2

    That's a big part of it. I won't lie. As stated before, I am not fond of Golarion, so that affects my feelings on this. However, I think what Werkrobotwerk is trying to get to in a nice way, is whether laziness or unfamiliarity with the system are a factor in why somebody would reject infusing the fluff with the crunch. In my case, no, I have been gaming the 3.X system since its inception, and by "gaming," I mean tweaking, converting, bending, breaking, smashing, etc., to fit my needs and tastes. I am a mechanics monkey. Getting back to my pithy comment that one does not go out of one's way to intentionally buy a chocolate chip cookie full of raisins just so one can have the "privilege" of picking them out one by one... To put that another way, do we make our buying decisions based on how much irritating crap we can put up with in one product versus another? Or do we go with what we don't find irritating at all? More importantly in general, I think highly creative people like to feel some sense of "ownership" in what they create. The more derivative a thing is forced to be, the less ownership we feel, and that lessens the sense of accomplishment and lessens investment (read: love) in the thing. Additionally, other IPs act as roadblocks to the creative process. Writing around them becomes cumbersome and depending on depth of IP/crunch infusion, can require unhappy rules changes. I think some of the latter might be unavoidable when you are publishing third party material that is very genre specific, but doing that comes with a different set of rewards. Somebody else should not have to do that sort of extensive writing just to play his home campaign on his own table. Rules as vanilla as Pathfinder currently is, avoid this issue naturally. Infusing fluff into the crunch creates this issue without exception, in my experience.
  25. Those are cut from Styrene hex rods from Plasticraft. They come in various sizes. Very good for a quick, bolted-on look. In this case, I cut some normal rod and glued that on top to look like these had been screwed down. I used to hit Frys up for tiny plastic nuts in about the same size, but it was pricier and took more work. This is a lot easier. I like the little gennies, but I felt they needed a little "value-add," so I mounted them on Plastic Soldier rectangular bases. They painted up nicely. I have after-pics somewhere.