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  1. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Edit: oops, ninja'd on the article... No internet for some reason yesterday... Bleh. Half an hour before I was supposed to get out of work, I got hit with a box-making emergency, and ended up staying an extra half an hour to finish the 150 boxes they needed. Okay, I am apparently incapable tonight of typing anything right the first two times I write it... I'm going away now...
  2. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Also, no other nation on earth is such a hodgepodge of vastly different cultures and philosophies - the whole "melting pot" thing has grown into the Tower of Babel. We're more like the Roman Empire than a single unified nation. Some sociologist or something once said that the US is actually something like 11 different countries (based on culture and geography) that happen to share the same name and government. Things like democracy and bureaucracy work great in small mostly homogeneous groups where everybody's pretty much on the same page - and not so well when every last person is reading a different book on a different subject that isn't even written in the same language. But the US has gotten so large and populous that it's become a giant beast with a hundred heads and two hundred legs, all trying to go in different directions at the same time. Trying to get a majority of the population to agree on anything is like herding greased cats on rocket skates.
  3. Mad Jack

    Worldbuilding, real-world myths and player races?

    As a side note to what Grump mentioned, the Celtic myths would also have a place for the smaller non-human races (goblins, svirfneblin, kobolds, etc.), in some of the darker things like redcaps, boggarts, etc., although you'd need some pretty interesting tales to explain why one of them would be non-evil and adventuring with a party. I''d probably file the duergar under the Norse mythology, as I seem to remember some dark dwarves in there somewhere.
  4. Mad Jack

    Swamp/Marsh mummy

    If there's an Orb of Undeath involved, the bog mummy could have been a druid who was willingly sacrificed in a previous attempt by long-since-vanished locals to shut down the Orb.
  5. After staring at it for probably about eight years (ever since I sold the first set I'd bought at the Citadel decades ago) and always putting it off for other things, I finally bought the second copy the Citadel had buried on the bottom shelf... Ral Partha's 10-320 Titans of Terror box set, still at the original $27.99 sticker price...
  6. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I think every DM makes that expression at least once a campaign... (I once spent so much game time causing the DM to give me the side-eye that his eyes and mouth permanently migrated to the sides of his head where his ears used to be, kind of like a flounder, lol.)
  7. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Now on Day Two of no heat/hot water, and going to have a third tomorrow - I came home after work yesterday to find out I'd run out of oil for the furnace, and my old man called the oil company today only to be told that they'd be delivering it tomorrow. Even more annoying that the $300 I had to shell out for the oil was most of my paycheck this week. My job charges twice as much for health insurance if you don't have a yearly physical on file, and even though I got one this week it wasn't early enough to keep them from charging me the higher rate for it...
  8. I see that all the time with tv shows - I replaced my box set of season one of Game of Thrones with a set containing seasons one and two, and not only was it was only marginally thicker, it was the same damn price as season two by itself...
  9. Mad Jack

    Cranky Old Man

    I say we just make it a felony to interfere with medical personnel in transit. And then mount ram plates on the ambulances and give them legal right of way in all circumstances with complete immunity from any and all repercussions...
  10. Mad Jack

    Cranky Old Man

    I'm thinking we totally need to arrange a flash mob at the next RCon of people to go stop in front of Doc - every time he tries to move, someone else will step up to block him until he's entirely penned in, lol.
  11. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Zima was never particularly terrible. It was like the Nickelback of alcohol... I actually kinda liked it, for the rare occasions when I was out drinking socially and trying not to get too drunk.
  12. Having pulled the trigger earlier this week on Caliban, I am now only several days away from possessing all three of the Grenadier Master Wizards series box sets... 4401 Osric the Wise, Abjurer 4402 Mighty Malvolio, Necromancer 4403 Caliban the Invoker
  13. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Somehow, I always just pictured Froggy having several 55 gallon drums of superglue just casually stacked up in his living room or something... In the Hawk & Fisher books, they have to go see a bad guy who surrounds himself with a half-dozen well-armed and smoking hot butt-nekid female guards... Who are promptly neutralized by emptying a bag of large sewer rats onto the floor, lol. Well, at least they didn't try to sell you an Anti-Metal yo-yo... As long as they're not left in actual freezing conditions for long periods, it won't matter much - leaving them in an unheated shed will be fine for several days, but leaving them for the same amount of time in your freezer or completely outdoors probably won't be a good idea. After a certain point, you run into the issue of the mini material and the paint shrinking at different rates (putting a mini with a broken or stuck drill bit in it in the freezer is a great way to get the drill bit unstuck), but you kinda have to have the thing in extreme circumstances for an extended period before it matters enough to cause the paint to loose adhesion and/or crack itself apart.
  14. Mad Jack

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    My father had a CB radio for a couple years back in the day... Can't recall his old number/letter thing, but I seem to remember him going by the callsign "Zippy", which was a nickname at his job (or possibly even going back to his Navy days, not sure). I've used one maybe... three times since then.
  15. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Bob from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? Actually, the real name of the actor who play's "Bob" is Stanley, and he's my second cousin. But he's become a major elfhead since he got into show business - between the Dresden Files, Planescape: Torment and The Last Unicorn (seriously - he had like three lines in that one...), his skull has swelled up to the point he thinks he's Johnny-frikkin-Depp or something... Nevermind that there are only a handful of talking skulls in the entertainment business and even fewer talking skull roles in mainstream Hollywood, and that he's cornered the market on them by basically backstabbing and blacklisting the other talking skulls... Nobody in the family likes Stanley anymore.