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  1. Mad Jack

    Learning a new language!

    Having a conversation can be difficult, but learning to say a whole bunch of simple, common sentences is pretty easy, and from there you can learn to mix and match the stuff you've learned to create new more complex sentences. I've found that talking to myself about things I see around me helps to get me thinking in Spanish (which is the real key to fluency) - describe your surroundings to yourself, i.e., "This box is red.", "The red box is small.", "It is not a large box.", etc. Any time you make an observation or have a thought, try to translate it into Spanish. Also, get the lady in question to teach you a new Spanish word or sentence every time you see her, and make sure you use those new words the next time you see her to show that you remembered them - it's a great way to start a conversation with anyone who speaks a different language, since in my experience those people are almost universally happy to teach someone a few words. Another thing you can do to help with the learning is to have a Spanish-language radio or tv station constantly going in the background while you're doing other things - immersion is one of the best ways to reinforce what you've already learned and pick up new stuff quickly.
  2. You definitely should - all of the old Ral Partha Official AD&D minis are worth a few bucks on the collectors' market. Even a single figure from a blister of five, without it's weapon or shield, usually goes for between five and ten bucks in the eBay stores. The larger (or cooler) monsters and things like the Planescape or Forgotten Realms figures (especially the ones from the box sets) are commonly seen selling for between $15 and $20. Figures still in the blister packs sell for a fair bit more than the loose ones. (You can find listings for famous npcs like Raistlin, Elminster or Lord Soth still in the blister for upwards of $40...)
  3. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Re: John Wick tv show... I just don't think that's going to do very well - he's not the sort of character that you write a tv show about.
  4. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I was in Aldi the other day and they had something that identified itself as "Praline Sweet Potato Casserole"... I took issue with this - the only ingredients were mashed sweet potatoes and brown sugar... Wikileaks Task Force?!? Mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar are NOT an elfing casserole, even if you top them with pralines.
  5. Mad Jack

    RIP Stan Lee

    That... That just... Damn. Yeah, I'm gonna go cry now. Or punch something. Or both.
  6. Someone put RP 11-063 Vangerdahast War Wizard in the BoG? He's one of the toughest Forgotten Realms figures to find... People charge utterly ridorkulous prices for him. Major score...
  7. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Those are the best kinds of crowds... one half badass and nerdy, the other confused When the national Rocky Horror Picture Show convention was held in Las Vegas in 2005, there was a gun show in the same hotel, right across the hall. A bunch of us wandered over to check it out. I think we scared them a little, lol. (You'd be surprised how many ex-military and/or law enforcement people we have in the Rocky casts...) When we held the national Rocky convention in Providence, RI the first time, it was scheduled on the same weekend and at the same hotel as the NecronomiCon, the annual fan-run H.P. Lovecraft convention... We ended up with some of the Lovecraft fans thinking our Thursday night rave was part of their thing, so we had people dressed as blood-covered surgeons and 1920's-era reporters dancing to techno music all night.
  8. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Chunky paint is good for weathering effects, and if it's thin and chunky, the liquid part makes a decent wash. I usually grind up the chunks until they're just a bunch of grit and then use it for weathering or dirt, etc., depending on the color. Each bottle is going to end up with its own unique properties, much like an old brush with a curled tip - still useful, but you kind of have to invent a specific technique for using it. Now, if we could just figure out how to get diamonds to melt into a liquid state so that we could cast stuff with them... I want a life-sized diamond skull. EDIT: Y'know... I wonder if flash-pressing a person into a diamond while they're still alive would trap their soul in the resulting stone... Because I'd start wearing a tie every day if I could have a platinum tie clip adorned with the souls of two dozen of my enemies.
  9. Mad Jack

    Minis we would like to see

    Since they've been updating the old Dungeon Dwellers line, I wouldn't mind some more old-school superheros similar to the old Silver Sentinels.
  10. So... Did you actually pick the One Ring, or did it just somehow fall into your pile while rummaging through the box? (Yes, I really did put the One Ring in a Box O Goodwill, lol. I am an evil bastard, lol.) (On a slightly different note, the bases on those guys appear to be held on by a little metal rivet or something, so they should be easily removable with a Dremel tool.) Geez, y'all are just pillaging the stuff I put in there... The LotR Trivial Pursuit guys, the gravestones, the hobby scissors, and the little dragon with the gem were all my adds (and Aard put in the little lizard thing next to the dragon).
  11. Is that the Ral Partha AD&D giant toad? I love that thing - it's one of the best giant toad sculpts I've ever seen.
  12. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Well, if you could come up with a way for the entire Earth to achieve critical mass... I imagine we'd spread throughout the galaxy pretty damn quickly, lol.
  13. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I used to think that I wanted Monday to die in a fire... Now I actually want it to live, but be so horribly disfigured so that it's ashamed to show its face... Boxmaker at work was seriously pissing me off today... A single bale of 20-inch wide fanfold cardboard produces two boxes side-by-side with about an inch of scrap on the side. (B = box, F = flap, blue is scrap) When we put our previous bale on there, we discovered that for some reason the left-most flap wasn't as wide as the other three... Then we realized that we'd changed the size of the bale (we'd had a 26-inch wide bale on there before), so we ended up having to input the new width on the machine. After doing that and resetting the machine, the problem pretty much away. Today we finished off the last of that bale and loaded 20-inch bales onto both sides of the machine, so we wouldn't have to stop to reload again for a long time. Once again, we noticed that the left-most flap was not the same size as the other three - about a sixteenth of an inch short. This happened on both bales - i.e., both sides of the machine. Even though we can load two bales into the machine, one on each side, there's only one set of cutters and creasers so you can only run one side at a time, and the transverse cutter has to pick up each of the six cutter/creaser heads one at a time and move them over to the other side in order to switch sides. We tried for half an hour, everything we could think of, to get it to fix itself - pulled out the cardboard and reloaded it, input different widths into the machine, reset it, switched sides, etc. We dug around deep in the advanced settings side of the program that we're not supposed to be touching, to see if there was a parameter we could fiddle with. Nothing. It's like someone took the programmed cuts and creases for the box and shifted the whole elfing thing a sixteenth of an inch to the left so that the left-hand "edge" of the left box is out past where the left edge of the cardboard is. In the end, we just decided that it didn't make enough of a noticeable difference to affect the quality of the boxes, and just said screw it and ran them that way. This is only the second style of box we've made (the previous one was larger so we ran it on the 26-inch wide board), so we have no idea if this is going to be a continuous problem with the 20-inch board or not. Sometime soon, we're going to have to call the machine's tech support and ask them a few things. We don't know where to find a copy of the manual for the program on the disc that came with the machine, so we're pretty much relying on just the two days of training that we got when we started and what we can figure out ourselves. There's got to be simpler ways of doing things and better solutions to our problems than what we're currently doing, but until we can find the software manual and actually study the damn thing, we're just making it all up as we go along.
  14. Mad Jack

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It is now 9PM and Jack should be getting to bed. Jack has forgotten to eat dinner, and has nothing to make lunch with for work tomorrow. Jack is probably going to be eating Pop Tarts for dinner, breakfast and lunch, IF Jack actually has enough of them. Jack sucks at adulting.
  15. Mad Jack

    How to paint scars?

    Corporea's approach is the same one used in theatre makeup on stage - paint the scar the same way you'd draw one in a two-dimensional image... If you don't want to actually carve the scar into the mini's face, you can just lay down some dark and light lines and let the contrast suggest the depth as well as the scar itself being darker or lighter. (When I used to do the character of Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, whose forehead scar is due to having half his brain removed, I'd blend some red makeup into my forehead, draw in all the ragged edges of the scar and ragged flaps of skin hanging from it with a black liner, then use darker red and fake blood to shade the deeper parts of the cut, and lines and dots of pure white makeup to convey the highlights on all the edges. From more than two feet away, most people thought I was wearing a prosthetic scar...)