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  1. Lol - be careful, I might just tell you...
  2. Well, damn, if I'd known that was going to be on the schedule this year, I might have tried harder to get there...
  3. Got my swag bag, and an extra Sophie... If other stuff comes online later this weekend or Monday, I may make a second order.
  4. Brent Briscoe, who acted in movies such as Sling Blade, The Dark Knight Rises, Spiderman 2, Mulholland Drive and A Simple Plan, as well as tv shows like Parks And Recreation, Twin Peaks, Hell On Wheels, NCIS and 24, has passed away at the age of 56. He was one of those guys you never realize was in a dozen different things you liked until you finally check out their IMDB page when you hear some bad news about them.
  5. I don't believe I follow. This is actually a grammatically correct question... Is that is the is that is the is that is? It's querying whether or not the second "is" is in fact the same "is" as the third "is", which is described as "the "is" that is" (to wit, the "is" that exists)... Is that ---> "is" ...the "is" that is..."The "Is" That Is"? Next question: Pineapple fish bicycle? (No, that question dosn't actually make any sense, lol.)
  6. <hands the beagle a selection of late '70's/early '80's vinyl records>
  7. I totally get that. In the past three years or so, I have forgotten everything I every knew about painting and lost all my skill, which in both cases wasn't all that much, but I really think I used to be better at this crap. Of course, it probably helped that back then I could actually see what the hell I was painting... Froggy's like a Texas Ranger. You only need one. I once asked my dentist if he had any old equipment catalogs lying around that I could have... Apparently, however, most of the companies that make the really interesting stuff don't like to sell to individuals unless they're actual dentists. Sorry, my fault. You're all actually simple figments of my imagination, and I'm just really not very imaginative. I am forced to, both A) to make sure I'm actually speaking intelligible English sentences and B) so I don't get slapped... or shot. No...No...Yes...Yes...27. That, right there, is freakin' poetry, man. That needs to be a song lyric.
  8. The kits come with fairly decent instructions, and there's tons of videos out there on Youtube about how to use the things that come in the kit - the realistic water is for laying down standing water like ponds or lakes, and the water effects stuff is for creating running water effects on top of the realistic water. Unless you want to get really fancy, you just paint some blue, brown or green onto the area where you're pouring the water (going from a lighter color in the shallow parts to darker in the deeper parts), slap down the water, wait til it cures, and then scribble a few effects on top of it with a craft stick or needle, and drybrush a tiny bit of white on the very tops of the effects. Outside of the realistic water and water effects (the kit comes with a decent amount of realistic water but only enough water effects to do one vignette or three or four single mini bases), you've also scored yourself some small bags of grass, foliage and gravel. The cardboard background sheets are of a usable thickness but the plastic project base that comes with it is fairly flimsy, though. I wouldn't use it for any real projects.
  9. 02906: Praying Paladin $4.99 x1 07251: ReaperCon 2017 Swag Bag $49.99 x1 01613: ReaperCon 2017 Sophie $17.99 x1 Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Lysette Happy Halloween! Your order has received a Ghoulie Bag! Now I just have to wait til the con is over to see if my ninja shopper found me anything... Those Scene-A-Rama kits are nice if you're looking to get a lot of different types of basing items on the cheap - and they turn up in Goodwill and thrift stores largely intact with surprising regularity... The undeadness on ol' crabcakes there is really a pretty easy fix with a bit of putty. He's not really missing any complicated details from what I can see from the store pics.
  10. This is a copperhead snake... Copperheads' colors fade with age, so an older, larger snake will be much less orange-y, mostly old bone colors and darker browns and tans. Also, different varieties of copperheads can have almost no orange hue to them, being almost totally brown and tan. The lighter parts are going to be one of the bone colors for an older snake or Leather White for a young one, with just a bit of a sandy or light khaki color (Khaki Highlight, Stained ivory, something like that) mixed in either way for the shadows. The outlines inbetween the light and dark parts should be Brown Liner, and should be thin enough lines that you can barely see them. For the darker parts, start with a reddish brown and highlight up through into a more orange-y lighter brown (maybe start with Auburn Shadow and end with the highest highlights having a fair bit of Oiled Leather mixed in...) Actually the Red Hair Triad might not be a bad place to start for a more vibrant snake, staying a bit more toward the darker end of it and using the highlight color sparingly. As far as patterns, the darker stripes are very ragged-edged and not really the same width all the way across. The darker bands tend to be thicker near the middle of the snake and get thinner towards the ends of the snake, but the lighter ones are about even along he whole length of the snake. The top and bottom of the snake's head, color-wise, is going to be about in the middle between the dark and light bands, and is visibly more orange than the rest of the snake. However, the face itself, as you can see in the pic above, is lighter - the lighter color starts under the eyes and the edges of the top of it's head, and extends down around the mouth of the snake to just barely above its chin. We get a fair number of these guys in New England... Now, the question is, are you painting an actual snake or other animal, or are you just looking to copy the color scheme onto something completely different?
  11. Her SKU number is 02035... The lowest sku's in the Reaper catalog start at 02001. Yeah, she's pretty old for a Reaper mini...
  12. On the Reaper Miniatures site (, there's a link under the Figures tab at the top to the Figure Finder, which allows you to input SKU numbers to find specific figures or search terms like "male sword plate" to generate a list of all the Reaper figures that are males wearing plate armor and carrying swords, etc.... As for your minis, the lady in the first pic is 0235 Gwendalyn the Healer, and I'm pretty sure the man is from the old discontinued Exalted line. The ones in the second pic are hard to see, but some of them might be old Reaper...
  13. I am totally going to sit here F5-ing the store to see if the swag bags show up for the rest of the night if I don't leave now... So I'm off to eat.
  14. Apparently, I ordered a black t-shirt with the artwork from B2 Keep On The Borderlands on it... I only vaguely remember doing so, well, okay, I don't actually remember it but I have a vague feeling I might have - I think I got it off Etsy... maybe. But, it's here.
  15. Well, yeah, but I can't wave a story in somebody's face and go, see, see, it really happened!!!