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  1. NJ State Fair at the Meadowlands, June 22nd - July 9th...
  2. Crap. it probably would have worked out better if I'd actually gotten around to cooking the chicken I bought tonight for tomorrow's lunch... Welp, orf to McD's, and cold McDoubles again tomorrow, lol.
  3. Just received the Ral Partha AD&D Adventurers 11-002 Clerics with Staff and Warhammer female cleric in today's mail. When the 11-006 Dwarf Fighters With Warhammer female shows up in about a week or so, I will have completed 17 out of the 35 pairs of minis. Which, including the eight singles I have, means that I am more than half way to completing the entire set. (Note: 11-034 Dwarf Warriors and 11-035 Halfling Fighters were never released by Ral Partha, and were instead released as individual figures which are still currently available from Iron Wind Metals. So it's only a matter of time before I acquire them.) I'm currently bidding on an auction for the female half of 11-011 Half-Elven Rangers, and a new-in-blister set of 11-022 Oriental Fighters is currently for sale from a guy's EvilBay store awaiting my next paycheck, so those may be coming to me in the near future as well.
  4. I immediately did the same upon opening the spoiler... I hate it so, so, sooo much when I'm catching up on the last couple of pages of the thread and come up with some really awesome replies to posts...which have been locked. Usually, the threads end while I'm at work and then I have to catch up on twenty pages of posts before I can start reading the new one. But at least three separate Randomness threads have ended while I was in the process of typing something brilliant.
  5. Check out places like Micro Mark, Hobby Lobby and Harbor Freight - keep a vigilant eye out and you can often snag a really good pin vise for pretty cheap. Also, invest in some really good drill bits - with proper care and good drilling techniques they'll last for a long, long time before they get dull. Your pin vise and bits are like your paint brushes: you don't absolutely need to have top-of-the-line tools to do a passable job, but quality tools help deliver quality work, and you don't ever want to intentionally go cheap on them.
  6. Don't use any of the real hardcore stuff like paint stripper, but Simple Green wouldn't cause any problems.
  7. The company I work for makes flexible heating elements - which seems like a fairly boring thing... Until you're occasionally reminded what those heating elements get used in... Fun Fact: Fred the Donut Guy's daughter used to live in Rhode Island, and is a big Rocky Horror fan - my old Rocky Horror cast has pictures of him posing with them at the Bristol 4th of July parade one year, and "Time to make the donuts..." is one of the callback lines in our show as a tribute to him. Anatomy & Physiology was one of my better subjects in school. Growing up, I got myself out of a lot of fights by explaining that three semesters of Biology class had taught me more about how to disassemble a human being than three years of kung fu lessons. People would often ask me why I carried a brand new Testors hobby knife in my pocket all the time... My response was usually, "Because they're legal...." Protip: If it would actually be acceptable to post within the forum rules, you're definitely not going to be able to offend anybody here with it, lol...
  8. I think the real question is, just how plantlike vs. humanoid do you want it to be? That's going to be one of the major parameters of the search - if the character's basically human-looking, it's more a matter of finding one with the right gear/look to it than finding one that's the right height... Hell, the old Partha and Grenadier halflings are literally only knee-high on modern minis. And quite honestly, if you want to use your figure for gaming, anything smaller than that will be hard to see from any real distance, and pretty easy to lose if you drop it. I wouldn't go any smaller than 15mm, personally. What class is the character, and what sort of armor/clothing/gear do they carry that are major components of the image you have of her?
  9. I fully expect one of us to get a notice from the USPS one day informing us that one of the boxes was lost due to reaching critical mass and taking out half of downtown Cleveland...
  10. Fionn takes his leave of the party and drops his pack and gear in his room, then asks Garon if any of his fellow druids or other foresters (who might know more about the Citadel or the goblins) have been seen in the area recently . He then sets out to ask around town to see if anyone can tell him anything more about any of the facts they already have...
  11. Yeah, I think I'm gonna need a Forscale in every color they did the weapons in... No, see... It's okay. Really. Because this is the perfect opportunity to be able to sit there with a polite smile on your face all the while thinking, "I could kill you all with the power of my mind." Revel in the knowledge that they're completely ignorant that every single moment of their future fate rests solely upon your continued benevolence, your generosity in allowing them to continue to inhabit YOUR WORLD. Each moment they breathe your air, each word they speak to you is a love song to your omnipotence. Bask in the radiance of your awesomeness! (Also, play the video that LordJosh posted, while imagining that those are your cats pouncing on the unsuspecting workers...)
  12. You'd be amazed at how much stuff will actually fit in one of those medium boxes when packed carefully...
  13. I like the armor. However, I can't help thinking that the most common battlefield injury acquired while wearing one is being shot in the butt, lol.
  14. A lot of the die-cast metal cars have removable screws so you can disassemble them, and the rest can generally be pried apart with a screwdriver - you don't need to worry about risking damaging the car since that's the whole point anyway. One of the down sides of using die-cast cars is that the sportscar models tend to look ridiculously tiny even though they're to scale, since they're ridiculously tiny in real life to begin with... Another is that, although the tires/wheels generally look fine when the vehicles are whole (and thus the tires wouldn't be something the eye would focus on in the scene), they don't hold up so well to closer inspection or when they're clearly visible - such as on an overturned wreck - since they don't have any tread detail on them.
  15. Bear sightings have been reportedly increasing here in CT. Completely incidentally, I have recently stopped shaving.