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  1. Re: demons and witches on tv... Besides, storing your miniatures on top of the tv is great way to get them knocked off and broken or lost, and the heat isn't good for them either... Slightly random tangent: Some time ago, some of the folks in my old Rocky cast were considering making a movie, a mish-mashed thing about the battle between Good and Evil, centered around a young girl who's basically the next Messiah and her brother who gets co-opted to the Evil side, and full of angels, vampires, werewolves, etc.... Guess who they immediately decided should play the devil? lol There was going to be a scene at the beginning where I was walking down the street, and as I passed all the radios would fuzz out and start playing the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil", and later on when I met the older brother of the girl who was supposed to be the next Messiah, the dialogue was: Devil (Me): Please, allow me to introduce myself. I'm - " Him: "-A man of wealth and taste... I know the song, and I know who you are."
  2. Yours was my favorite, he turned out so awesome!! Your conversion and paint job on him were both exceptional. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Ya never know, I might decide to do a Sir Purplescale with a space-kitty helmet...
  3. Edit: Quite serendipitously, this post shows up as the first post on page 666... lol. My mom's cousin was actually my Religion teacher at the Catholic high school I went to. He used to keep a Bible on a shelf by the door, and whenever anyone showed up, he'd pull it out and say, "Let's go!" with a smile on his face... Many years ago, I was in the process of walking downstairs to start cleaning my father's old .50 cal. buffalo rifle when the doorbell rang just as I walked by it. So I put the rifle to the side of the door out of sight while I answered the door. It was the Jehovah's Witnesses. When I opened the door, they asked me, "Do you believe in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?" So I leaned the rifle out into view and said, "No, but I do believe in the right to bear arms..." They turned around and left without saying goodbye. Which was rather un-Christian of them, really...
  4. Nah, he's just finally admitting that his entire house is his "shelf", lol... The submarine sandwich originated in New England among the Italian immigrant workers, who were familiar with that type of bread. Local legend says that the term "submarine sandwich" originated in New London, Connecticut amongst the workers at General Electric's Electric Boat division, which is one of the major places where they make submarines for the US Navy, and the term "grinder" was both used throughout New England as a slang term for a dockworker (among whom the sandwiches were popular) and as a reference to the bread being hard to chew... My maternal grandfather could remember them being called grinders even back before WWII when his father ran a local bakery.
  5. So, interestingly, I've discovered that the AL games are most likely going to be running Sunless Citadel... I looked up the campaign notes for the 3.5 "TC Realms" game they're running toward the end of the day, cuz I have a few 3.5 characters I'd like to get a chance to play at some point, but I'm kinda not digging the limitations on what's available and the changes they've made compared to vanilla 3.5... Plus, the guys at the store said they were pretty sure it was starting at 1st level, which meant that even if I did find a character concept I felt like playing the game would be mostly over by the time the character's build got up and running. On a somewhat related note, I have to find out if Spawn Number One still has my 3.5 PHB...
  6. So there's this place three exits up the highway on the way home from where I work that makes 14-inch grinders for $8.50... They are very, very good grinders. This may become a problem. I'm pretty sure I can confirm that. And agree wholeheartedly. Dammit. <runs off to add another idea to the ever-growing sculpting list that he'll never finish>
  7. I found a copy of Heart's Little Queen album on vinyl at a local record store for $8... They've got some other Heart albums that I may be going back for as money permits. I also picked up four more of the Jack Reacher books, which means that I'm only about two or three more from having the whole set in the same format. And my order to pick up Hecklemeyer... 03803: Laril Silverhand, Female Elven Blacksmith 08602: Round #1 01603: Reaper Silver Anniversary - Hecklemeyer and Styx 03799: Female Wraith 77008: Garrick the Bold Got two copies of Heck so I can paint one and hold onto the other one in the package. The elven smith is probably going to get some sort of conversion - it bugs me that she's pounding on a fully-made sword with hilt and pommel attached. I may trade out the hammer for a file or something. The female wraith is going to be a resculting project - shaving off the long point on the hood and making the sleeves into the remains of a cloak and sculpting a pair of arms on her. Sir Forscale is going to become Sir Futurescale 2.0 so I have one of my own...
  8. The druid is going to be originally from the Moonshae Isles, which is pretty close to Neverwinter. He was in his early twenties when he got shanghaied into the faerie world. He's only been back in the Realms for about five years after spending X amount of years/decades/centuries (entirely up to the DM) in the Feywild playing at being a diplomat/functionary, so I'm going to say that he's wandered around the Neverwinter Wood area for the past several months and is known to the local druids and Oakhurst villagers since he stayed there for awhile when he first arrived and has returned a number of times for supplies and such. He has general geographic knowledge of the area I've also decided to name him Fionn mac Tadg... I'll post the final character sheet on Sunday.
  9. Yup - you can use primer for pretty much anything you'd use regular paint for. Due to the differences in thickness and opacity you may need to do a bit of testing and fiddling before you learn the little quirks and intricacies of working with a particular primer for uses other than just priming, but in the end it's still just paint. (The use of colored primer in the miniatures hobby comes from the tabletop wargaming aspect of it - you prime your fifty-piece army in the major color of their uniforms so that the primer layer becomes your base-coat as well, and then you just paint the faces and gear, which saves you a lot of time and effort.)
  10. I repoint my brushes after rinsing by gently placing the side of the bristles where they enter the ferrule against the edge of a folded paper towel, and, without applying any pressure, drawing it over the edge of the towel from ferrule to tip, so that the bristles are naturally pulled together into a point by the water being pulled out of them. Since only a tiny bit of the brush is touching a tiny part of the paper towel at any one time, there's not much chance of picking up lint, particularly after the towel gets wet and dries once or twice.
  11. A shrink in high school told me I was the most well-adjusted maladjusted teenager he'd ever met...
  12. Acquired from the Goodwill... $13 dollars got me the American Beauty widescreen version on dvd and the complete Sixth Series of Doctor Who... I don't even watch Doctor Who, but for $10 I figured it was worth it - the box and the plastic trays are kinda trashed, but the discs are fine as far as I can see. The local FLGS still has a bunch of the old Snarfquest card game packs that come with a miniature... It's not an addiction - it's an incurable medical condition called Figmentia...
  13. 1. Colored primer is generally just regular primer with extra/different pigment in it. Primer has a slightly different formulation than regular paint because it's designed to grip the bare metal better, but other than that it's generally not much different than any other kind of paint. 2. Bringing the first question into the second, as long as they're both acrylic you can use one color or primer over another, or two different colors of primer on different parts of the mini with no problem. In fact, there's a technique with spray primer called zenithal highlighting where you prime the mini black first and then lightly spray a quick puff of white (or any other color of) primer over it from an extremely high angle (from whatever direction and angle the light would be shining down on it), which instantly highlights the mini. You can also use both dark and light brush-on primer on different parts of the mini to exaggerate the contrast between, say, a dark green tabard and its light green trim by using the dark primer on the tabard and then doing the trim with the white primer before using the lighter green on it. 3. Acrylic paint is generally pretty hard to kill. And when it goes bad, you can usually clearly tell. If you keep your paints shaken regularly and add a drop or two of water when they look to be drying out, you can keep a jar of paint for decades - I still have some of my old Ral Partha paints from the '80's... There are generally two ways that paint goes bad. Either A) the pigment breaks down completely and won't stay in suspension, in which case you end up with colored water that you may be able to use as a weak wash, or B) it goes the other way and gets very chalky or clumpy, in which case you now have yourself some "special effects" paint that you might be able to use for weathering things (i.e., clumps of mud on clothing, or bits of moss on trees, etc.)... As long as you don't let your paints get below freezing overnight or leave them out in the hot sun all day (extreme temperature is really the only thing that kills acrylic paint), they can last for years if you keep the caps/lids tight when not in use.
  14. Well, so far this whole "immortal floating skull" thing has been fairly cool...
  15. Acclaimed director Jonathan Demme has passed away due to esophageal cancer and complications of heart disease...