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  1. Aw, man... If you were closer geographically, I'd be over there tomorrow to "help" with the apple problem... Apples also make pretty good alkeehol...
  2. I have no food, and I'm pretty sure my couch has forgotten my name. Off for grocery shopping and other adulting-type stuff. (On a side note, I'm not sure why doing the weekly shopping falls under "adult"-ing, since I still scream and cry and yell, "I don't wanna! I wanna go home!" and throw a tantrum because I never let myself have any of the stuff my inner spoiled brat wants to throw in the cart the entire time I'm doing it...)
  3. Yeah, word is that Landham turned into a pretty big wanker over the years... And then he got into conservative politics, got booted out of conservative politics, developed a bunch of health problems, and pretty much was in the process of crashing and burning completely when he passed away. But I did like him as an actor.
  4. Nah, that was me... I use magic to get rid of all my mold lines and imperfections, and hey, the spell has to put them somewhere, lol...
  5. And speaking of box routes, the Froggy Box and Bonwirn Box will be crossing paths when I head over to Dilvish's house tomorrow afternoon...
  6. Apparently, Sonny Landham the actor who played the Native American tracker Billy Sole in Predator just passed away... It's hard to believe it's been fifteen years since the 20th Anniversary re-release of E.T. the Extraterrestrial was in theaters. Damn we're old, lol.
  7. RIP Predator actor Sonny Landham... Died at age 76 from complications of existing health problems. Aside from playing Native American tracker Billy Sole in Predator, Landham also starred as one of the main bad guys in Eddy Murphy's 48 Hrs, and got his start in a bit part as a police officer in The Warriors....
  8. Bonwirn box shipping out to Sylverthorne on Monday or Tuesday after work...
  9. Nothing happened. There was nothing to see. Move along, citizen.
  10. Well, I'm not technically on your box route, but I promise if you send them on to me I'll make sure they get into the box...
  11. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, lol... We don't believe you... Pics or it didn't happen, lol...
  12. So, I'm not normally a superstitious person, but when a small six-piece KS reward shows up in the mail on the day you were going to send out the BoG, that's probably a sign, right?
  13. A) Depends on what you want them for... If you're gaming with them, they could probably use a wash and another highlight. B) Possibly - they're a different material than the Bones plastic, so if you adjust their position they may well stay like that... (Bones are generally just able to be put back into their original casting position after they've gotten bent, rather than actually being repositioned).
  14. I've always been partial to Ral Partha's Texas Bob. Yep. That's a Half-Orc dressed in cowboy boots, shorts, a bandana and a vest, swinging a rattlesnake tied to a stick... If it was any more awesome, it'd be on fire, lol. I'm also partial to Falcon Fantasy's FAN-23 Elfin Magic User... (Currently available (as far as I can tell) from Stan Johansen Miniatures as FAN002) An old-school wizard with a spellbook and skull shooting a lightning bolt... Even better, he's roughly to scale with current mini sizes. (I've extended the base on the one in the pic below...)
  15. Ye gods, I do love to hear myself talk, don't I? lol. (I think I went back and edited that last post five times, lol.) If it didn't require actually having to get a degree, I'd probably have a job as a college lecturer... (And don't ya just love my artistically-drawn graphics?)