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  1. Reaper Ron


    *I* did say that though!
  2. Reaper Ron


    Check out Bobby Jackson's turnaround! Wiebe-dwarf Wip-1 (1).m4v
  3. Reaper Ron


    I don't have the date for the resin ones. And the quantities will be *ultra* low. Like, tens, not scores. Don't have prices just yet either. Probably $20 -ish. Don't quote me on quantities or prices next week. :)
  4. Reaper Ron


    Johan Rumbleguts! This Special Edition miniature was crafted to help out our dear friend Jason Wiebe, who has recently undergone several major surgeries. 100% of all the monies collected from this miniature will go directly to Jason to help him with his medical bills. There will only be 1000 metal castings of this miniature ever sold. All the production molds will be sent to Jason Wiebe after all 1000 castings have been produced. Next week we will put up a very limited amount of resin castings as well. Please join us in helping out our friend Jason Wiebe! We'd like to thank Bobby Jackson for the sculpting, David Baker, Paul Figgins and the fine folks at Trenchworx for printing the model and for the resin casting, and Ben and Jeff Rodman of Fortress Figures for making the metal masters for our production molds.
  5. Reaper Ron


    You'll still see it on our front page and here on the forums too. :)
  6. Reaper Ron


    Like the title says, we have a special announcement on the Thursday, December 13th episode of Reaper Live. If you can't watch it, then make sure to check out the front page tonight at 6:30 pm CST! Don't miss it!
  7. Reaper Ron

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    You guys deserve it! :)
  8. Reaper Ron

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    BIG NEWS! We're making a change to our 12 Days of Reaper Promotion. You'll still be able to get the FREE mini of the day with your $40 order, just like we've always done. But, when the 12 Days promotion is over, we'll be offering ALL 12 of the Daily Minis for sale starting December 17 for two weeks only. Now, you can pick and choose what you want! Want a free mini? No problem. Want to pick and choose the ones you want? Feel free! Happy Holidays! And remember: your first FREE 12 Days mini is available starting tomorrow!
  9. With hair like fire and the temper to match, the swordswoman Caerindra Thistlemoor is a seasoned adventurer. Those looking for someone to lead their party into the dungeons of Barrowgate, look no further. Starting December 1 through December 31, you can get this FREE "Caerindra Thistlemoor" with your qualifying order! Sculpted by Bobby Jackson and painted Rhonda Bender!
  10. December's Dungeon Dweller will be a character, not a monster, but she's not a cleric. :)
  11. Keep speculating. :) What was planned in the early part of 2018 has changed for our plans in 2019. More free minis in2019...stay tuned for more details.
  12. Every party that enters the dungeon needs a dwarf. Strong. Stubborn. Resilient. Everything you need for a successful foray into darkness...Starting November 1 through November 30, you can get this FREE "Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf Warrior" with your qualifying order! For more details, please visit reapermini.com! Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, painted by Anthony Rodriguez!
  13. Reaper Ron

    Breast Cancer Pink Paint question

    Just a heads up: our Ghoulie Bags with the exclusive translucent grey Death Shroud mini by Julie Guthrie have been flying off of our shelves all October. And now, we're almost out! So, if you want one this may be your last chance! Supplies won't last through Halloween, and it's first come, first serve. Get yours now!
  14. So I pestered Anne Foerster on how to use the new Bones Dungeon Dwellers Paint Colors. Here's what her suggestions for use are: 09974 Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors 09455 TROLL HIDE: This is a fantastic dark olive green with a strong yellow tone to it. It’s great for not only trolls but also lizardmen, jungle foliage and camouflage patterns. 09456 ORC SKIN: Not only good for orcs but for moss, mold, or lichen. Great to highlight grey stone where you want to suggest there might be lichen but it’s too small to paint. Also a nice color for ghoul skin! 09457 GOBLIN SKIN: Complex oranges like this are very useful for highlighting dark brown leather. Can also serve as a nice shadow color for 9459 Ogre Skin, or as a good color for a copper dragon if you’re not using metallics! 09458 KOBOLD SCALE: Great color for darker red dragons, or for demonic skin. For modern basing, it’s a great red brick color, or mix a small amount into skin tones to create weather-reddened skin shadows. 09459 OGRE SKIN: This strong ochre yellow is a good highlighter for 09455 Troll Hide or almost any other darker olive green (mix them 50:50). It can be used as a glaze to make blond hair more yellow, or serve as the base for a non-metallic gold. Great for animal or monster eyes where you are going for a golden color; highlight with a brighter yellow. 09460 GNOLL PELT: Not just for gnolls, this is also a great basing color for field grass, or a modern military/camo color. Good to mix into dark greens if you are highlighting and looking for a more natural effect. Could also be a good sickening cloth color for evil priests or undead! 09975 Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors 09461 VAMPIRIC MIST: A pale grey with an indigo cast, this is a fantastic highlight for light medium and light greys if you want something more interesting than just white. Would also be a good highlight for vampiric skin! 09462 SUCCUBUS KISS: A beautiful vibrant purpley dark red. Use for dark gothic cloth, shading for almost any red you can think of, or blood spatters under moonlight. Seriously, folks, this stuff is awesome. 09463 ELDRITCH PURPLE: Good for cloth or color accents for evil wizards, necromancers, flashier rogues, or for that hot sorceress who thinks that purple is the new black. Great highlight for darker purples. Can also be used to suggest magical shadows for 09461 Vampiric Mist (mix just a little Eldritch Purple into your Mist, then apply for shading). 09464 CURSED GOLD: Fantastic for exactly what its name says; highlight with 09450 Dragon Gold. Also good for the rich gold on Egyptian-themed models, and as a darker, more moody gold for evil minis where you don’t want something really bright. 09465 SKELETON KEY: A good start for any tarnished silver metal or armor; highlight with 09454 Mithril Silver. Also could be good to suggest “magical” steel where you want it to look just a little different. 09466: DUNGEON GREY: A good dark stone color, of course, but also a great highlight for black! Could be used as an alternative for black if you wanted to suggest dark cloth that has faded slightly.
  15. You've got your free Dungeon Dwellers. Now you need to paint them! Download our FREE painting guides today! New guides are up by award-winning painters Ian Markon, Derek Schubert, and Tish Wolter!www.reapermini.com/dungeondwellers