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  1. So I pestered Anne Foerster on how to use the new Bones Dungeon Dwellers Paint Colors. Here's what her suggestions for use are: 09974 Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors 09455 TROLL HIDE: This is a fantastic dark olive green with a strong yellow tone to it. It’s great for not only trolls but also lizardmen, jungle foliage and camouflage patterns. 09456 ORC SKIN: Not only good for orcs but for moss, mold, or lichen. Great to highlight grey stone where you want to suggest there might be lichen but it’s too small to paint. Also a nice color for ghoul skin! 09457 GOBLIN SKIN: Complex oranges like this are very useful for highlighting dark brown leather. Can also serve as a nice shadow color for 9459 Ogre Skin, or as a good color for a copper dragon if you’re not using metallics! 09458 KOBOLD SCALE: Great color for darker red dragons, or for demonic skin. For modern basing, it’s a great red brick color, or mix a small amount into skin tones to create weather-reddened skin shadows. 09459 OGRE SKIN: This strong ochre yellow is a good highlighter for 09455 Troll Hide or almost any other darker olive green (mix them 50:50). It can be used as a glaze to make blond hair more yellow, or serve as the base for a non-metallic gold. Great for animal or monster eyes where you are going for a golden color; highlight with a brighter yellow. 09460 GNOLL PELT: Not just for gnolls, this is also a great basing color for field grass, or a modern military/camo color. Good to mix into dark greens if you are highlighting and looking for a more natural effect. Could also be a good sickening cloth color for evil priests or undead! 09975 Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors 09461 VAMPIRIC MIST: A pale grey with an indigo cast, this is a fantastic highlight for light medium and light greys if you want something more interesting than just white. Would also be a good highlight for vampiric skin! 09462 SUCCUBUS KISS: A beautiful vibrant purpley dark red. Use for dark gothic cloth, shading for almost any red you can think of, or blood spatters under moonlight. Seriously, folks, this stuff is awesome. 09463 ELDRITCH PURPLE: Good for cloth or color accents for evil wizards, necromancers, flashier rogues, or for that hot sorceress who thinks that purple is the new black. Great highlight for darker purples. Can also be used to suggest magical shadows for 09461 Vampiric Mist (mix just a little Eldritch Purple into your Mist, then apply for shading). 09464 CURSED GOLD: Fantastic for exactly what its name says; highlight with 09450 Dragon Gold. Also good for the rich gold on Egyptian-themed models, and as a darker, more moody gold for evil minis where you don’t want something really bright. 09465 SKELETON KEY: A good start for any tarnished silver metal or armor; highlight with 09454 Mithril Silver. Also could be good to suggest “magical” steel where you want it to look just a little different. 09466: DUNGEON GREY: A good dark stone color, of course, but also a great highlight for black! Could be used as an alternative for black if you wanted to suggest dark cloth that has faded slightly.
  2. You've got your free Dungeon Dwellers. Now you need to paint them! Download our FREE painting guides today! New guides are up by award-winning painters Ian Markon, Derek Schubert, and Tish Wolter!www.reapermini.com/dungeondwellers
  3. The old Winterthorn Estate has long been abandoned. Yet rumors persist that the grounds are haunted, and that the last of the Winterthorns, Countess Adrasteia, still lives on. Who knows what lurks in the gloom beneath Castle Winterthorn? Starting October 1 through October 31, you can get this FREE "Adrasteia Winterthorn, Vampiress" with your qualifying order! For more details, please visit reapermini.com! Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, painted by Josh Davis! http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/07010
  4. *Swoon* Beautiful work, Master Schubert!
  5. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Sort of related, sort of unrelated: Cindy in our Internet Fulfillment Department just uncovered 6 ReaperCon 2015 Swag Bags. The look to be pretty complete with a 2015 program, some flyers, and all of the 2015 MSP Paints, Sophie, and Mousling, and the RC Pen. I saw some samples from other manufacturers, but I can't verify that *all* of the bags contained manufacturer samples (I saw Secret Weapon and DGS). But, I'll be turning them on here shortly. Grab one if you want one. :) Here they are: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/rc15sb/latest/rc15sb
  6. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Psst...looks like we have more bags. 30 more being added at 2:30 pm CST. This time with the *correct* paint. :)
  7. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    We will be adding the last 50 Swag Bags to the online store at 4:00 pm CST. Once these are gone, they're gone. We're out of supplies to build any more.
  8. Reaper Ron

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Let's take a look at the painted Duskwarden Slayer, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, painted by Greg "Wicked Elf" Zuniga! Awesome job, Bob and Greg!
  9. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    Lookee what Rhonda did.
  10. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    Yes, she should come with a 32mm base.
  11. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    You might not want to wait til Christmas. Sophie's are only around for a limited time after RC. :)
  12. Reaper Ron

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    Here she is! Designed by Izzy "Talin" Collier and sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/01622
  13. Reaper Ron

    2018 con t-shirts?

    Dang it, Haldir's always beating me to the punch! :) Thanks Randy!
  14. Reaper Ron

    MSP HD Line to be Discontinued

    Dear Reaper Nation, Please note that effective immediately that we are ceasing production of our MSP High Density (HD) Paint Line. We will not be mixing, pumping, or bottling any new MSP HD Paints. The product codes affected by this are: 29801-29854 MSP HD Single Bottles 09961 MSP HD Set #1 09962 MSP HD Set #2 09964 MSP HD Set #3 09965 MSP HD Caddy Set 09972 MSP Essentials Set 00974: MSP High Density (HD) Countertop Rack 00971: MSP Essentials Paint Rack We will continue to ship all existing MSP HD products in our inventory until the time when stock levels are depleted. After that time, these MSP HD Paint products will be considered Discontinued or Out of Print (OOP). Just to be clear, this cancellation only affects the MSP HD line (29800 series) of paints; MSP Core Colors and MSP Bones Ultra Coverage paints will remain unchanged. Thank you!
  15. Reaper Ron

    New Bones Paints at ReaperCon 2018!

    If you're coming to ReaperCon, you'll be one of the first ones to get these paint sets with *all new* colors! Troll Hide, Orc Skin, Goblin Skin, Kobold Scale, Ogre Skin, Gnoll Pelt, Vampiric Mist, Succubus Kiss, Eldritch Purple, Cursed Gold, Skeleton Key, and Dungeon Grey! If you have an All Access pass, or you purchased the Bonus Bundle, both sets are included. If you didn't, you'll be able to purchase both sets at the Reaper booth.