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  1. Sooo I finally sit down and start assembling and painting, and I find that one of my Despots has two right treads. Anybody know who I talk to about a replacement part?
  2. Digressing how long until wave 1 is available at retail?
  3. thanks guys. sometimes you get and idea in your head and you don't know if it'll work out as well as you think it will.
  4. OK so I have a bunch of rules (CAV 1.0 being near the top of the list) that I want play on a more regular basis with people other than myself. (solowargaming has taken its toll) I got the to build some generic armies in 6mm to play with. How well does CAV 1 or 2 translate to 6mm. I know that it's designed for 10mm, but I got the microarmor bug and decided to just run with it.
  5. Anyone read Fifteen Hours? I heard that was pretty good.
  6. It's always nice to see CAVs all dolled up. It's even nicer when they have a sweet paint job. :)
  7. There's alot of science magic going on now. It's not bad, but things "conveniently" working out for the characters is getting old. Especially when they tried to sell us on the whole idea that this would be the "serious" Stargate show. Dark yes. serious??? Well at least SG1 & Atlantis made sense. I'm giving it one more season. (i've been watching Stargate since it was on Showtime) If aliens don't show up by the end of this season, I'm out. First they get rid of the aliens in BSG and now SGU. WTH?? IT'S SCIFI!!!!! there's supposed to be aliens and cool science crap. And in other news, now that there aren't 50 gazillion flashbacks and the Event was actually pretty enjoyable this week.
  8. Chrome, too much of that going on. You go to watch a tv show or a movie CLEARLY targetted for families or kids and you're like... WHY? And 99% of the time it's so obvious and pointless that it actually turns you off to the show/ movie (yeah i'm looking at you revenge of the fallen)
  9. @papabees agreed
  10. Get Well soon!
  11. I felt like I was watching Vantage Point at times. It's a one trick pony that gets old real quick. The end was pretty awesome tho. I can truly say that I didn't see it coming. Solid show. Compelling story. AWESOME hook. They did a good job of making you want to know what the Event is.
  12. I hope the admins don't mind, but I saw this story today on CNN and had to post the link. If you know an Iraq/ Afghanistan War vet that was stoplossed it's very important that they go to the following website: The deadline is October 21, 2010
  13. The Nikita on USA was pretty good it was too interconnected. If you missed an ep you were lost. which was the downside. The french movie wasn't bad, but not what you would expect if you'd already seen the american tv show. As for Supernatural, it was only supposed to be five seasons. I think it'll be like when Buffy went from WB to UPN. It wasn't bad, but there was still something a little off about the show that made it hard to stay interested in.
  14. Stargate Universe unless i'm the only one who hasn't given up on that show. I just hope there's more shooting stuff in this season. Also isn't Supernatural having it's last season or something?
  15. Walkers are somewhat viable albiet very limited. Northern Afghanistan would be the perfect place for medium sized walkers (15 - 20 feet tall; 15 - 20 tons). There's not a whole lot of options as far as ground vehicles that can bring heavier firepower to bear on the enemy in Northern Afghanistan which is very mountainous. Another use for walkers would be the Urban Combat. A walker's silhouette wouldn't be that big of an issue IMO as it would initially be seen as a really tall human. An then there's the psychological of a CAV/ Battlemech type of walker which would be worth the price. Granted you would have a battlefield full of them, but there are uses for the Combat Walker. Remember Artillery wasn't particularly effective for the first few hundred years of it's use and neither were firearms. Right now they aren't all that feasible, but who knows how the future of warfare might change. With the advent of drones, it might not be all the smart to have a manned vehicle that doesn't have the manueverablity of a Walker. When you look at the first tanks, they're pretty laughable compared to today's standard. I'm not saying that Walkers will be a game changer, but they will offer a general with a new weapons platform with it's own set of characteristics to employ.