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  1. Confrontation: Classic

    Disturbingly these people were responsible for the Alkemy miniatures. Even more disturbingly they think the Alkemy miniatures were really good. I know the studio photos made them look good but the actual figures were so bad I never bothered to paint them. I hope they do much better with these Confrontation re-releases. Seriously. I do. There's a lot of Confrontation fans who really want this to work so I hope it works out well for them. I'm just not sure I need to be involved yet. I've still got most of the old Dwarfs of Tir Na Bor in metal. I even painted afair few of them. greenstuffed on moustaches as well because, without them, they just looked like Pac Man wearing a really bad fake beard.
  2. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    Oh trust me, I am not a Confrontation fan. I have noticed a lot of people on a few specific sites & forums turning a blind eye to all the warning signs (they were responsible for the Alkemy miniatures? Those things were awful. Cheap bendy plastic, giant faces that take up all of the front of the head instead of two thirds of the front so ti ends up looking like the back and sides of an oversized head are missing etc). Personally when it comes to the Confrontation project I get the impression that the people behind it mean well but haven't decided what they actually want to do with it yet. They want to release a big box of plastic figures for use with the old rules. Then they want to produce new rules and new figures (but they want to make them backwards compatible with all the old figures). So all the new figures will get an old rules stat card and a new rules stat card then they'll do new rules stat cards for all the old figures.... At this point a newcomer could easily get confused as to which stat cards they should be using. They're basically making more work for themselves and overcomplicating things. Then they want to create a series of board games that tie into the new rules and it keeps getting more widespread & diluted. Lots of ambition but not a lot of focus. That's the way I see things. Anyway... in these places where the fanboys congregate Godtear's being ignored or even disparaged because these guys love Confrontation and don't want any competition. For me Confrontation was a science fiction set of skirmish rules that appeared in 4 to 5 issues of White Dwarf in the early 90's and eventually got rebranded and re-released as Necromunda. Confrontation aside there's a lot of other high profile projects running at the moment. Isn't there yet another Zombicide clone begging for funding (sorry, I meant preorders :p). I'm going to be very interested in Conquest by Para Bellum when it comes out around July or August and it's not even going to be crowdfunded.
  3. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    As we near the finishing line we're doing quite well. I'm still in - likely to be all in by the project's end. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't picked up more traction over on this forum. It's popular on some other miniatures related forums (but often buried under Confrontation fanboyism :p).
  4. Atlantis Miniatures Dwarf Kickstarter 3/8 1pm GMT

    Hey guys, I'm still waiting on the baby mammoths to be ready but today, I received through the post some additional items that I'd added recently. I'm very pleased with the production quality. There's a few interesting mould line placements and one or two bits to straighten (one of the bagpipe's pipes and one of those long hafted axes). Since I only got 20 crossbowmen and 2 characters today I'm be looking forwards to my massive bundle in the near future. I'm very pleased and can provide photographs some time after the sun rises because it's virtually impossible to disable the flash on my camera and it obliterates details in late night photographs.
  5. Confrontation: Classic

    Oh Drake & Drake 2. Glad I only went in for a couple of character models each but I never received anything from either of those campaigns. If I'd pledged for more I'd be understandably annoyed.
  6. Dwarf Zeppelin

    Woah. I've backed out now after hearing about the packaging. I'd heard a fair bit about people not receiving rewards from previous campaigns or even people who'd placed orders with them. Orders going missing in the post and then refusing to send out replacements but now, if stuff's going to get broken up because they won't pack it properly then that's too much of a risk for me.
  7. Dwarf Zeppelin

    Interestingly, in the comments section they've claimed that any stretch goals not unlocked will be available for purchase afterwards separately. Kind of sounds like they don't need our money. Or, to be imaginative and give them the benefit of the doubt, they can afford to make all these pieces anyway and the stretch goals are just to include them in everybody's pledge as freebies. if we want the non freebie stuff (like the work bench at the back of the boat) then we'll have to pay for them. It does make the initial pledge images rather misleading 'though. I'm considering dropping my pledge based on the confusion & the attitude they've expressed in response to criticism. They don't seem to handle criticism well but it's still a good model and I'm very tempted to remain in for it.
  8. Anvil Industry - Daughters of the Burning Rose

    I've also set it to remind because I need to be responsible with my money this month.
  9. Wargames using reaper figs

    I'd like to recommend a little set of skirmish rules from an Australian company called Sword & Board Games. I believe it's called Twelve Elements of War. It's a really nice little skirmish rules set. There are no racial factions. Instead each faction welcomes embers of all races (so you can use whichever miniatures you want). The factions tend to be guilds (the Miner's Guild, a guild of evil sorcerers and their brainwashed minions etc). The rules are simple and flow really well while also allowing for some quite clever ploys and include a good campaign system as well. The Twelve Elements referred to are twelve different schools of magic that spellcasters can use. Every faction favours one school of magic and certain races prefer particular elements but it is only a preference.
  10. Darklight: Memento Mori

    Having read the rules I've got to say it wears it's Warhammer Quest inspiration proudly on it's sleeve :).
  11. Darklight: Memento Mori

    Hey guys, my copy arrived in the post the day before yesterday and it's gorgeous. I snagged all the add ons apart from the custom dice. A few of the figures have slightly shallower details than I'm used to but,a s board game pieces they'll work just fine.
  12. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    I've got my foot in the door for now. I'm probably going to stay the course but I always have the option of pulling out before the closing date.
  13. Legends of Signum

    Amusingly I came into this thread to purvey the same information about these being Cadwallaon (who used to recast Confrontation stuff). I was contemplating placing an order for a few of these on the Cadwallon site but they've gone really quiet since having to pull all the Confrontation stuff. No updates for months. When I saw the Legends of Signum website I considered ordering there. I strongly suspect this is going to be like Maelstrom Games selling their own Mierce Miniatures range to themselves for a nomimal small fee so it would be a legally separate entity and would not be liable when Maelstrom went bust. Seriously. That's what they did. It's pretty reprehensible really because, as Maelstrom, they were infamous for never paying their suppliers & importers. So while I suspect this might be another rebranding exorcise... these are some nice figures. The kickstarter has to be for a game because the figures are already for sale (so they couldn't do a project for them). On the Cadwallon site there are Confrontation stat cards for a few of these. Not all, 'though. You can actually find some nicer painted pictures on the Cadwallon site (although some might be computer renders and not actual paint jobs). Here's Liobrenda without that nasty hole in the top of her head.
  14. Confrontation: Classic

    Given that they claim all stretch goals will be additional miniatures that get added to the box for everyone I have some suspicions. 1: The base price is going to be rather hefty. Many will complain that it's not good value for money, some will drop out. They're relying on trust and nostalgia to keep them going here. 2: They probably won't reproduce it for retail. The more bloated the box becomes the less they're going to want to sell it again afterwards. This is probably a one and done kind of deal. 3: With that in mind this is probably less about creating an initial release as much as it is about obtaining funding for their next Confrontation project (be it a board game or either of the sets of Skirmish rules they want to produce). 4: They've stated previously (in various announcements and interviews) that they want to create a new updated set of skirmish rules (that's great), that all the old figures can be used with the new rules (also great), that they'll be producing updated cards for the old figures (great), and that the new figures will come with both new cards for the new rules ... and old cards so you can play them with Confrontation 3.0/3.5 if you want ....... which is considerably less great because, while it's a really nice thing, having two different sets of stat cards is going to confuse the hell out of any new players. "Which one of these cards do I need to use again?" 5: They also want to create Confrontation boardgame with rules close enough to the new rules that the characters from the board games can be used in the skirmish game. That's also great. It's almost as if they're promising all things to all men and don't really know what they actually want to do. Don't get me wrong. I want these guys to do well. They just seem a little all over the place and not quite focused enough for now.
  15. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    The miniatures for playtesters are metal. The miniatures for the final product will be in plastic. At least that's the plan. Personally it's a nice idea if you're rich enough to keep buying new stuff. Unfortunately I'm very poor and can't afford to constantly keep buying new stuff.