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  1. Live

    Is that a Statuesque Miniatures head? It looks like one of theirs.
  2. Live

    Sisters of Wolves are now at 20 per box (as of some time yesterday). Hope this helps to remind you :).
  3. Live

    I made the same assumption myself :).
  4. Live

    The new project is now live. Project Link
  5. Live

    Arachnomaidens and arachnowraiths might be on the list again, right?
  6. Live

    Hooray! If it manages to end in October that's an added bonus for me.
  7. Delayed

    I mean that Asmodee (who created Hell Dorado - one of their main rules writers wrote it), killed it off by selling it to Cipher who didn't do very much with it/didn't treat it very well and then sold their souls to Ninja Division at which point they just ignored it 'til they had to admit they weren't supporting it any more. It still gets played from time to time in my neck of the woods but is considered a dead game/finished game. I really should finish painting up my company of Crusaders. I really would like to see Journey do well but I imagine the new distributers/license holders are more excited about new customers and less excited about honouring kickstarter pledges.
  8. Delayed

    I really wish it wasn't Asmodee. They killed Hell Dorado because it wasn't "family friendly enough" for their company's image and that was one of their own games. Some of the creatures from the spider demon expansion might not fit that "family friendly" company image (for a company who's name derives from one of the names for the devil :p).
  9. Delayed

    Really? I might save up for a copy then. I couldn't afford to back the project at the time but I know a few people who might be really into this.
  10. Funded

    Glad I stayed in at the Frogdog level.
  11. Fulfilling

    They also moved to a new office.
  12. Fulfilling

    I don't know if you've read the most recent kickstarter update but could your parcel be one of these ones that are stuck in customs?
  13. Pre-launch

    Oh I got my dungeon furniture rewards from them as well. Damned good stuff :).
  14. Pre-launch

    I recognise that silhouette. That's one of the four heroines I've been waiting for since around November. I knew they were holding them back for something.
  15. Pre-launch

    I wonder if that will include those four hero sculpts they've been sitting on for months now.