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  1. Fulfilling

    You're welcome :).
  2. Fulfilling

    I did not know this. That could explain why one or two of the figures had the typical Trollcast grainy surface to it.
  3. Live

    These do look interesting. I'm not sure I'd want very many of them myself but it would be a pleasure to play against them.
  4. Fulfilling

    Well if my camera would have held out for a few more minutes on the first video I would have described the amount of armour on the models (it's about three quarters cover compared to the 40% to two thirds it looked like in the concept art). I like the fact that their armour looks scavenged, borrowed and recycled. It makes them look more barbaric (although apparently they've really got something against upper arm protection). They are big girls standing head and shoulders above the previous three Shieldmaiden heroines that Patrick Keith sculpted. I haven't checked the other resin heroines for size yet. I've built 3 and dry fitted them on bases (to see how they'd rank up). Basically individually they'll fit on 20mm bases but if you want them to rank up it's going to be a real squeeze and you'll have to be careful how you position the arms (probably all up in the air). If you put the on 25mm bases they'll probably rank up quite easily (still need to be careful with a few weapon tips and cloaks 'though). It wouldn't make a very interesting video with me holding things in front of the camera with my hands getting in the way of whatever I'm holding while I babble about bases sizes. I could try lying them down with their feet positioned on the bases to show spacing. The hollow recess in the Freebooter bases makes it easier to balance a figure lying down on the base. I did wonder if the hollow bases (being almost ankle deep on them) is intended to conceal the height a little - especially if you fill it with the remnants of my old tub of Citadel Snow Flock.
  5. Fulfilling

    The second video's up. It's got bears in it! A bearly concealed link!
  6. Fulfilling

    The first video is up. More to follow over the course of the weekend. My little Shieldmaidens youtube video.
  7. Fulfilling

    I got my box yesterday. The dragon rider's missing but everything else is in great condition. I'm surprised that the rider for the Ice Crusher was a single piece casting as her weapon and weapon arm go off at quite extreme angles compared to all the other planes of projection but she is.
  8. Live

    I'm kind of with you on this.
  9. Live

    My mistake. Wrong thread.
  10. Fulfilling

    Could you go into a little more detail about the angel wings? I'm still waiting for my angels to arrive because of the horses...... I'd appreciate knowing what kind of issues to expect when they arrive.
  11. Fulfilling

    Oh they know how to make resin. They might not know how much release agent to use. If models remain greasy after washing and cleaning then they simply used too much release agent in that batch and it's permeated the resin rather than existing only on the surface.
  12. While somewhat unconventional, Titan Forge do an entire army of undead orcs and goblins. There are zombie goblins and even goblin ghosts! I presume the goblin cannibals are supposed to be the ghouls.
  13. Fulfilling

    I haven't managed to remove the grease but if you use a can of Etching Car Spray for your undercoat (apply it very lightly & wear a face mask) then the grease won't get through that and you can paint on top as normal.
  14. Fulfilling

    Well here's another thing that's weighed rather heavily on my mind for quite some time now. I pledged for the Mounted Knights. I pledged for the Knights of the Chalice. I pledged for the Daughters of the Orphanage (both sci fi & fantasy versions). I also pledged for a lot of other things as well. I did not pay for an extra shipment wave because money was really tight that month and it was only going to be another month before my things should go in the post anyway. To date I have only received the freebies. That's fine. I am a patient man. This is not a problem. Now we come to the part that's been weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time now. How are they handling my order? The way I see it there's two different ways they could be doing this. On the one hand there could be a box sitting in their warehouse with a partial order in it waiting for the last few things to be added before they put it in the post. This makes sense. It's organised. It helps them keep track of their stock and ensures that all the orders are being handled correctly. On the other hand there could be no box. They could be waiting for my horses and little orphans (with guardian nuns) to be cast up before going into their stock room and putting this order together. This makes perfect sense as well. No wasting space organising partial orders. However I trust you can see where the concern comes in. If there's a box with my name on it containing a lot of figures already then there's a good chance that those are greasy figures and, when they come to finish the order, they'll just check they're in the box without performing a quality check, pack the last remaining figures in there carefully, then send them off to me. Why would they throw away miniatures that don't look like there's anything wrong with them at arm's length when hastily packing a box? If there is no box then I might get better quality (grease free) figures provided they aren't pulling from the existing stockpile first. Which they probably are. So basically the longer I have to wait, the better. That's the second largest reason why I have not yet contacted them about trying to secure a partial shipment yet (the main one being that they've got things all organised and messing it all up by trying to jump the queue is only going to jumble things up and create minor confusion & delays for everyone).
  15. Funded

    I'm hoping the base will be available for the more fully armoured version as well.