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  1. Fulfilling

    You just got yours today and you've painted two already? How?! I mean, wow. I'm impressed.
  2. Live

    They do know that that's not what her banner actually looked like don't they?There were at least two angels ,for example. I can't remember all the details but it was certainly more detailed than a generic sun logo. Still the artwork looks nice. I'd like to see how the sculpt develops before passing judgement. Actually she'd make a really nice proxy for The Traveller (Joan of Acre) in games of Hell Dorado.
  3. Funded

    Oh they should. As far as I can recall there were no kickstarter exclusives (except for maybe a custom base or two). Everything should show up on the shop eventually. It just might take a while.
  4. Pre-launch

    Copied from the Dakka Dakka forum.
  5. Fulfilling

    My replacement parts arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
  6. Live

    The backwards belt buckle is just impossible 'though. Why, oh why, did Todd Lockwood make it popular for artists to suddenly become incapable of understanding the physics of how buckles work?
  7. Live

    To make things even worse the buttons are somehow on the same side as the button holes. Does her shirt have popper studs or something? Bizarre. I don't think the artwork is "bad" but I think it could be better.
  8. Live

    Oh how I wish I had a little more money at the moment.
  9. Fulfilling

    A big box of goodies arrived at my house today. Everything appeared to be present. So far I've tallied things. Haven't opened up bags to see if there's any bits missing. It appears to be a mix of the new and the old sprues so I imagine some figures will need to get the grey car spray treatment whilst others can have a more easy going undercoat. It's going to take a long time to sort them out. Some of the vent placements are odd but I should manage.
  10. Fulfilling

    I got an email today from the French postal service. Apparently a Raging Heroes parcel has left France, made it safely across to England yesterday and should be at my house "within the next few days". I suppose that could be any time soon.
  11. Live

    You know the BBC used to have a pronunciation department. What happened to it? They've really let standards slip these last 15-20 years. As someone who's done voice acting in the past you've just reminded me that I need to record some more lines for a project that's chugging along slowly and not being held back by my lines at all at this point :P. I'm two thirds of the way through the third act so, unless I get delivered a whole new script for an upcoming fourth act my work on this particular project is nearly done :).
  12. Live

    Good grief that campaign video..... The sculpts are nice 'though. How about Albi - on. Seriously? Is Albion really such a foreign name in faraway parts these days? Clearly a parody video (and that's fine) but some of the pronunciations set my teeth on edge a bit. I just grinned, chuckled, and presumed they were intentional.
  13. Live

    I'm helping the project get funded aren't I...? Okay, don't worry. I know what you mean 'though :p.
  14. Live

    They could be giants....
  15. Live

    It's not just you. It's me as well, someone on Beasts of War mentioned it. Someone should tell Scott Hockley (the miniature painter). He loved all those old Ilyad Barbarians. Even if they couldn't even spell Illiad correctly because they wanted to be different on account of being French :p.