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  1. Funded

    I'm hoping the base will be available for the more fully armoured version as well.
  2. Fulfilling

    Still waiting for my horsies, well, anything but the freebies really. I'm tempted to write them a very polite email asking if they'd be willing to send me the things that are ready to go in the post now and send the remaining few figures later on.
  3. Live

    In all honesty I've had some personal problems crop up which limits my spending. That's the main reason why I haven't backed this time.
  4. Funded

    Oh I want the base inserts but I've already based up all the core game monsters and trying to rebase them would just be disastrous. Having the new monsters on special bases would look weird and I haven't checked to see how many copies of the facebase pack I'd need (although I have enough to facebase all the humans from my original pledge). I'm hoping for an option to grab more facebases further down the line.
  5. Funded

    Interesting that so many players are recommending the Dragon King. Probably just because of it's size, right? It's campaign is rather different and I'd recommend running one or two normal campaigns first to get the hang of things before trying out a dragon campaign. Photograph included (held at arm's length to get everything in frame). Some day soon I'll even stick the wings and the base on!
  6. Live

    One of the village people appears to be an American Indian......
  7. Funded

    Looks like brigandine to me. The discs are washers holding iron plates in place. The plates are sandwiched between layers of leather, quilting & fabric so you wouldn't see them on the surface.
  8. Live

    That would certainly be an impressive warband.
  9. Live

    I bet she hums "vrrrm, vrrm..." as she slowly waves that axe around.....
  10. Live

    And now the woman are unlocked. Those will probably draw in quite a few backers.
  11. Live

    Either that or a rather severe gender identity crisis. Anyway the project's live now. Three weeks is painfully short. I was hoping it would end the other side of pay day. Live link.
  12. Live

    Okay, so about six hours. I'm definitely going to back this even if it's just going to be a token amount to show my support. Sadly I've got two pledge managers to contend with this month (Hasslefree & Kingdom Death) so I might not have too much cash to spare. I'm loving the sculpts 'though.
  13. Funded

    That's Kev's sculpts for you. He even did two or three figures for Reaper at some point recently as well :P.
  14. Funded

    I'm liking the look of the sprue. I think there's some more room around the cloaks and crossbows where a few additional items could have been placed but it's all looking pretty good to me :).
  15. Funded

    Sadly that order was just to confirm your shipping payment. You'll have to wait a little longer before they actually put something in the post. Not much longer, mind :). In the meantime we have the Dragonbred to look forwards to :D. Coming soon (but not before the shieldmaidens are all delivered).