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    It has not, it will be the normal 30. Facebook only lets them have the event for two weeks. The Facebook event mentions this.
  2. "Goblin Town needs some shanties." "Nah, they're Goblins. They just sleep on the floor. Big hamster pile of Goblins."

    Speaking of bandit types, I wonder if the Bandits from Stoneskull will be the "army" bonus with the Core set. They seemed popular, and there are the usual four sculpts of them already.

    I hope we see the Core set preview soon. I remember that going up rather early for Bones 3.
  5. I apparently forgot to add this set, some simple wood terrain from Bones 3 I painted alongside the Giants. They were saved from a sealant malfunction as well, though the simple colors made it easy.
  6. Goblin Town itself joins the queue: The base colors were applied while watching the new Netflix "Castlevania" series, which seemed appropriate as Thorin plays Belmont.
  7. On the shipping department, or a regrettable decision on your part?
  8. It ain't easy being green. Thank Pelor for craft paint!
  9. Thanks! One of the things I've tried to improve on is the range of colors I use while painting. Coming from the Warhammer background, so many things were super-uniform and done to speed along painting. While I still focus on quantity done in the long run, I've tried to mix up schemes and use more tones. Back in the old days all of the Undead would've just been wearing moldy browns. Thank you! If you want some variety in your Undead Halflings, TAG puts out a great set: Stonehaven Miniatures also makes a great Skeletal Halfling in the style of Bilbo:
  10. Perfect, thanks! I feel like he'd be good for Forgotten Realms Yakfolk, with that height.
  11. Add the Undying Lords to that list of show-offs:
  12. Looking good! How big is this guy?
  13. Inhuman. Eternal. Undying. The Guardian of the Maze: The Lord of Death: He Walked with Dragons: Last of his House: The Eternal Hunger: Doomed and Dying: This set was a lot of fun to paint. Sharp detail and simple features. Non-human Undead are always fun and relatively rare in miniature representation. I hope they get a follow-up!
  14. Thank you! It's Reaper's Vampiric Skin with an Army Painter Green Tone. I thought it looked suitably fishy and gross, and different enough from Goblins/Trolls/Orcs/Lizardfolk/wow there's a lot of green monsters.