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  1. It is the "Ahuizotl Otter" from "Going Native" indeed.
  2. Live

    More limbs to keep the blood in.
  3. Live

    What's the word? THUNDERBIRD. What's the price? $7.50 TWICE.
  4. Thanks all! Thanks again! The Hat Trick put itself together, compared to how many adjustments I had to make while putting the Captain and Wizard together. The glasses for the Wizard were to make him stand out from all the other entries that used the same idea to make a Wizard hat. I had already put it together along with the staff when the first submissions started showing up... I thought it would be unique, then saw a ton using the same parts! Same with the Wizard hat and beard on the skull staff...I'm almost glad I had to delay the project so I could make him a bit different than some of the other entries.
  5. I decided to get going on my entries for the Frostgrave Triple Sprue Challenge. The idea is to convert the three mainstays of a Frostgrave warband; Wizard, Apprentice, and Captain. You could only use a single sprue each from the Soldiers, Cultists, and Barbarian kits. First up is Vismar the Obsessed, Wizard He's never quite been the same since he found that staff made from the remains of a Magister of the Frozen City. Next is the Apprentice, Cymon. He's obsessed with that one simple hat trick. It would be more impressive if he summoned the rabbit rather than the Undead. Up last is Sir Brodes, Captain A life-long retainer to Vismar, Sir Brodes often regrets his family's pledge to the House of Vismar....much more often since they came to the Frozen City.
  6. Live

    Polar Bear would be cool, Winter Wolf just seemed more traditional. Though we do have a lot of Large-sized wolves in Bones already.
  7. Live

    Now we just need a Frost Giant Hunter with a Winter Wolf to complete the set.
  8. Live

    Some other shots of "The Dance of Death" "We're going to need a bigger mantle."
  9. I added the Goblin Town itself: The King's...uh, throne: And the Goblins in their natural habitat. Sir Forscale can make up for an entire warband of Dwarf adventurers, right?
  10. My condolences for your loss.
  11. What is that fellow with the tetsubo on the right?
  12. Fantastic theme and set-up!
  13. Lovely painting! As great as his skin and tones are, the base is great! The stonework really stands out.
  14. The forces of the "First Strike" boxed set join the fray: The Plague Champion: The Plague Marine: The Blight Launcher: Poxwalkers! Okay, this guy snuck in, and isn't really from First Strike:
  15. Live

    Dreadmere is looking great! I like that the Maggotcrown soldiers seem to match up with the Town Guards in the base set. I'm a big fan of synergy between the lines (so I'm also glad the Cave Dwellers Troll resembles the Marsh? Trolls in earlier sets) Vatanis looks like a cool cross between the 4E/5E styled Tieflings and Warcraft Draenei.