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    Reaper Holiday Miniatures Party Celebration! (Open Thread)

    A Christmas trio I finished from Reaper after poking at them many Decembers in a row: A Pathfinder Winter Witch: Another Dwarf Santa: The Yule Treant: Tinker the Gnome: Nick the Holiday Rogue:
  2. Last up in my recently finished miniatures are a set of Animal-Folk from Reaper, all part of Bones 3. I believe some are Lyncanthropes and some from the Savage Avatars sets. The pack: The Gorilla King, with hat: And without: The Were-Gorilla: Werebear don't care: A rather standard Werewolf: Wereboar gotta go fast: And a Water-Buffalo-Man. I realized I painted him after a Yak, then remembered that's not the animal he was meant to be.
  3. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Happy Holidays!

    Finished with a little time to spare before the end of the year, I did up another group of holiday-themed miniatures, all from Reaper. Happy Holidays! And try not to get dragged directly to hell by the Krampus. The Krampus: Santa Dwarf: A more traditional Kringle:
  4. Here's my recently finished 3D print, the Zombie Dragon from "The Lost Dragons" Kickstarter
  5. Lidless Eye


    I'm glad I grabbed one when I did. I was debating waiting until the new releases on the 17th but saw they were flying off the (virtual) shelves!I'm glad this was here to support Mr. Wiebe. His work is an immense portion of my collection.
  6. The Pathfinder Battles Moonbeast is such a great sculpt.
  7. Lidless Eye


    This is a great mini for a great cause. I'm glad to see Frankie (or is that Enzo) made it to the mug, too!
  8. Lidless Eye

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    It's definitely a nice idea for a boxed set, and useful for most fantasy games. Shame there's not some better photos.
  9. Lidless Eye

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    We have the first greens: I love the Dwarfette with flail. There's a great sense of motion on her.
  10. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Bones 3 Lycanthropes

    Thank you. I am really with how their faces came out.
  11. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: 3D Print Zombie Dragon

    I used an Ender 3 that I have done some minor modifications to, and lots of calibrations. I removed supports and filed slightly where they connected.
  12. I finally got around to decorating the mantle this year. Nothing's newly painted, just gathered together for once.
  13. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Fantasy Holiday Village 2018

    The corner was freed up, so I added a bookshop with appropriately arcane townsfolk.
  14. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Happy Holidays!

    Thanks. I've been slowly working on him since release. I'd do a bit every holiday season, then get annoyed at some detail and put him aside. I made the push to finish them this time.
  15. I decided I'd go back and get the keyboard Lidl had in, since my old one had some major sticking key issues. This one has strobing lights. I don't know if I'm prepared for this kind of power.
  16. Oh yeah, Lidl is always a source of bizarre finds. I also got robes and sneakers that have lasted a year so far there...but they weren't very gaming related. I had a similarly designed set of speakers from there, which are used for the gaming computer. Really, living in the middle of nowhere, southern Virginia, I never expected to find prepared snails in a supermarket until they opened.
  17. Lidless Eye

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Wow, they've restocked three times today.
  18. Lidless Eye

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    This was a great update that highlights how well-done the core set is. I love the diversity, and in a sense, classic nature of it. It's got a ton of low-level encounters (and Gauth)
  19. Lidless Eye

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    The Hammersmith is up next:
  20. I agree that waiting until after Bones 4 would mean a lot of folks have a lot of extras up to put in the box and would be a good idea.
  21. Lidless Eye

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    They're all metal except the plastic based and resin monsters. The detail is sharp, but they're more stylized than hyper realistic. Every sculpt is dead on to the concept art. The only issue I have sometimes is that the designs are a bit flat for casting purposes.
  22. I put this on the tree to see how long it would be before the fiancee noticed. I gave up and told her to take a look after 15 hours.
  23. She's got a very traditional design with modern sculpting styles. I always dig those.
  24. Lidless Eye

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    Sorceress up next, with a Hand of Glory