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  1. What is that fellow with the tetsubo on the right?
  2. Fantastic theme and set-up!
  3. Lovely painting! As great as his skin and tones are, the base is great! The stonework really stands out.
  4. The forces of the "First Strike" boxed set join the fray: The Plague Champion: The Plague Marine: The Blight Launcher: Poxwalkers! Okay, this guy snuck in, and isn't really from First Strike:
  5. After some time, I finally wrapped up my two sets of Death Guard from the new Warhammer 40,000 starter set, "Dark Imperium". The entire second set is converted, I'm not a fan of clones in my armies. The rotting masses: The Lord of Contagion, no real work done to him other than the paint: Rotbringer Goth'ma, my count-as Typhus, built from the Lord of Contagion: The Malignant Plaguecaster, another standard build: And an Icon Bearer, converted from the Plaguecaster: The Putrid Blightbringer: A Sorcerer conversion from the Blightbringer. He could also count as Necrosius: The Plague Champion: He's the only non-Poxwalker who I didn't convert for the second copy. I set him aside, as there's another Plague Champion coming in the First Strike starter set. Maybe he'll be useful for one of the new entries when the Death Guard codex comes out.
  6. Live

    Dreadmere is looking great! I like that the Maggotcrown soldiers seem to match up with the Town Guards in the base set. I'm a big fan of synergy between the lines (so I'm also glad the Cave Dwellers Troll resembles the Marsh? Trolls in earlier sets) Vatanis looks like a cool cross between the 4E/5E styled Tieflings and Warcraft Draenei.
  7. Live

    You know, that sums up my feeling. There's no real excitement or build. It's not what I expect from Stonehaven, it feels like the style Midlam Miniatures runs (not that there's anything wrong with that)
  8. Live

    Between the quite late (for them) Giants and the lack of...well, any growth really, on this Kickstarter, it really doesn't seem like Stonehaven. Like everyone else said, they're usually a lot more talkative. I'm thinking, if it was the move, perhaps having waited until after would've been better. I'd hate to see them take a hit from this.
  9. Live

    Finally, a Cyclops in Bones! I'm really excited about both reveals. Dreadmere has that great Castlevania/Bloodborne vibe
  10. I'm with the Javelins thought. Just super-simple pointy wood.
  11. It isn't easy being green! Especially when you're green and not an Orc, or a Goblin, or a Troll, or a Gith, or, there's a lot of green monsters! The Froghemoth: I hadn't even noticed the clutch of eggs until I was inking the base! I'm happy with how they came out...reference photos had frog eggs in the entire rainbow of colors. The Jungle Titan. This guy was a lot of fun to paint. I'm not sure what I'll use him as...maybe just an overgrown Lizard King in D&D 5E. The Weregator. He'll likely be used as a Gatorman heavy for Lizardfolk runs. Last and least, Lizardfolk!
  12. Live

    As long as we don't get any Halflings with shoes. Those scum disgust me.
  13. Live

    First we had the Diggy Diggy Hole Dwarves, now the Minitaurs?

    Trying to contain my excitement:
  15. Yakfolk would be cool to see. They just got the boost in "Storm King's Thunder", too.
  16. Funded

    Yeah, it was the same thing for me. It's just that it felt like I filled out the BackerKit a long time ago, too!
  17. I thought I'd try to keep a work in progress of the process I'm making in Bones 3. I got distracted/bored during the Death Guard painting, and went back to some of the bones. "Heeey you guuuys!" The Fomorian just called to me. He felt left out when I painted the other Giants, I guess.
  18. The non-Orc/Goblin/Troll/etc green guys are now in the Show Off stages:
  19. Great paint jobs. The scenery and set-up make for some great photos!
  20. Funded

    Ah, mine was just post-pledge shipping, I stayed good to my original pledge. Easier to miss!
  21. Funded

    Ditto. I hadn't realized there would be such a delay before it was charged; I thought it had happened already!
  22. It isn't easy being green.
  23. Live

    I saw that recently. It looks like prices jumped quite a bit when they changed stores...they also show up on Amazon and Walmart now.
  24. Progress on the Jungle Titan. I can't decide if I want to keep all the feathers red, or mix them up a bit.
  25. Live

    I'm looking at: Tengu Shogun Kitsune Fighter Grippli Sumo (A MUST!) Half-Dragon Spellblade (most likely) Grippli Rogue (despite what a pain in the elf they are to paint, I really like the Grippli!) I'll have 50 points leftover from my current pledge. I may get a double or see if anyone else in my group wants a small guy. Or, of course, see what the stretch goals reveal (I hope they have some!)