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  1. Fulfilling

    That didn't take long...only four days after leaving the country of origin!
  2. Live

    I've backed three of their previous Kickstarters and I'm always impressed by their speed and quality. This set is a keeper. I like that they converted the Villagers for a second set, rather than just offering up the other pieces acquired from Mega Minis.
  3. Live

    I really love this set, lots of fun characters. However, I can't justify more Zombies...probably ever, at this point, after stocking up for a few games of Akula's Rules for Halloween events.
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  5. Fulfilling

    According to my text from DHL, my kit was supposed to arrive on the 20th with signature confirmation. Similar story to some others...nothing came, and when I checked the detailed tracker, it was still in Greece. But also labeled on schedule, so who knows.
  6. Live

    I like the Cyclops (Troll) a lot, but the others are a mixed bag. They remind me of Rat Fink and the other Kustom Kulture characters.
  7. Yes. Most of them are still low CR, but say, for Orcs, you'll have...Orc, Orc Soldier, Orc Chief, Orc Shaman, etc... It also gives you pre-built sets for them to make different CR encounters. It has rules for most of them as player races, as well.
  8. I looked over the PDF I got from backing this project. It's very well done! I enjoy the backgrounds and mixed stat blocks for encounters. The loot charts for each entry really add a lot of character. I also enjoy how the racial power from the base 5E MM was kept, or, if they didn't have one, it was added. It fixes a lot of the "increasing bag of HP" issues monsters had. I feel I'll be importing a lot of this book next campaign.
  9. Live

    While I won't be backing myself (an issue with funds, and too many Dwarfs, even Dwarf Pirates specifically already), I will say their previous Dwarf Kickstarter was of excellent quality.
  10. Funded

    Huh. He's smaller than I expected for a Storm Giant.
  11. Live

    Two Dwarf Pirate Kickstarters at the same time is like that time there were two Dwarf Gladiators crowdsource projects going at the same time...except I have a feeling both of these will deliver.
  12. Scale Servant, ruined our day when he popped out of a treasure chest in one of our MK: Dungeons games. Nice conversion!
  13. Aah, I don't need to get into another genre and/or Kickstarter...
  14. Live

    The stretch goal box to fit all the other stretch goals in may be one of the smartest I've seen. Very useful.
  15. Live

    Good. That and scaling were my only issues with Blood Rage. The pieces were fantastic otherwise, with sharp detail. Heck, too much detail even...I'd constantly find a dagger hilt or medallion I missed while I was painting them.
  16. Live

    A Troll post for April appropriate.
  17. Live

    I loved the Free RPG Day adventure they put out as a preview for the book.
  18. Live

    I've backed their previous three, and have nothing but positive things to say. Everything has arrived early, and in great shape. I probably won't back this one, as I don't have a need for further Egyptian pieces any time soon. But it doesn't mean I won't tell others to!
  19. Live

    The newest add-on is the first full-expansion, "Horrors of the Sands", with a full set of Arabian themed Monsters and Villagers, new hunter types, rooms, and Summoning mechanics!
  20. A new Hecklemeyer would be appreciated...though I just painted the previous one within the last few months! A new Cadwalon might also be nice and appropriate.
  21. Fulfilling

    I'm glad I backed. I can't quite remember what I'm getting, but I'm glad I backed.
  22. Blood Rage's pledge also included two expansions, "Mystics of Midgard" and "Gods of Midgard", which I've seen a lot of other board game Kickstarters do. It's still hard to beat the store discounts, though.
  23. Live

    I just noticed the Genie Binder type on the "Coming Soon: I'm wondering what the puppeteer on the left and the tall horned fellow in the middle are meant to be...Baba Yaga and Krampus are pretty obvious.
  24. They're the Dogs of War Cursed Company. It had skeletal Dwarfs, Elves, Goblins, Skaven, Lizardmen, and Orcs (well, one sculpt each). They were selling for a ton last I saw, as they've been OoP for a while. For Undead Halflings, there's a wonderful set from The Assault Group: Ganesha Games produces a faction of Undead Dwarfs, who are carried through Alternative Armies: When Bones III hits, there's a bunch of Undead demihumans there... As previously mentioned, the Undead Demihumans from Mega Minis/Johnny Lauck are nice sculpts. I didn't care for the Zombie Halfling as much, though, and the Undead Dwarfs are quite tall compared to other lines.
  25. I still want to see some in hand before I order a bunch. I don't exactly have a "local" shop, and we mistook the street date: the store I visited had them listed on their site as "New Releases"...but it was to pre-order. Not a wasted trip, but no new lines in hand.