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  1. Nice work on them both! I totally forgot to get a green for the Froghemoth last time I was buying craft paints...I'll need a different one for it for sure.
  2. Is that for "The Keeper"? He's a good choice for it, he's definitely got the back issues from the description.
  3. He looks great! And he is a surprisingly massive miniature. The Savage Avatars varied so much in size.
  4. Although there was a tragic sealant malfunction, I managed to save the first set of minis I've completed in some time using some tips and tricks...and having a better can of sealant available to fix the foggies. Since I am still running Storm King's Thunder, I thought the first minis from the Kickstarter I would paint should be the Giants of Bones 3. First, we have the whole lot, with Sir Forscale striking a pose. Then, we'll just get frosty: The King: The Queen (clearly the one in charge) A Frost Giant standing guard: A more eager Giant: Then, we heat things up with the Fire Giants! The King says, "That knight went that way!" A Warrior pursues. I removed the spiked ball and chain from his belt...I wasn't a big fan of that look. I left the bases as a decoration. Another Fire Giant guard stands by, in case Forscale returns. The Jailor stands by, awaiting the Knight's return in chains. You may notice the Fire Giant Queen is missing...I thought she was too similar to the original, and wanted to convert her to a more active pose, since Bones are so much easier to cut. She's been set aside for now. Overall, I think the recovery process from the sealer foggies went well. Looking at the photos, the process de-flocked their bases more than anything, which I'll fix. Eventually.
  5. Yeah, the dress discoloration is from the sealant...left a bit of fog. Fixing it stripped a bit off of her. I'm not sure if that's the reason for the blotchy skin, I may need to touch that up directly between projects.
  6. Broken bones are twisted into new forms.
  7. To add to the number of projects I'm falling behind on, I picked up the new 40k boxed set, "Dark Imperium": I'm really liking what I've seen for the new 40k, and although I haven't gotten a real game in in a long time, I've played Nurgle Chaos Space Marines for a long time. It's really cool to seem Marines the size they're supposed to be. I skipped over assembly photos, and went straight to the drybrushed armor. I think there's some shoulders and skin done in this photo, too: I haven't even primed the Poxwalkers yet. I already have a ton of modern/sci-fi zombie types, and while I do plan on using the new sculpts, I want to convert the second half a bit before I paint them. You can see my previous project, the poor Cave Goblins (of The Hobbit films), literally pushed to the side. I may work on them as a co-project, as they would make great Poxwalkers!
  8. Live

    Is that Sparkelord (from "The Adventures of Dr. McNinja") in the top right?
  9. Ancient brass is hammered back into service.
  10. Despite my previous abuse, the pox-ridden denizens of Goblin Town got some more colors (that were the same as what I was painting the Plague Marines at the time):
  11. Another recent project, some of the cave Goblins from The Hobbit's "Escape from Goblin Town" boxed set. I had been looking for a set after getting Nord Game's "Revenge of the Horde" 5E monster manual. Their obviously Peter Jackson inspired designs inspired me in turn: A friend is planning a move and trying to downsize his collection, so his "Escape from Goblin Town" became mine. Here's the first few: And a close-up. I may make them a bit more pallid: cave a.bmp
  12. I finally picked up some of these. I got the Pathfinder Half-Orc Barbarian, the missus got the D&D Human Female Wizard. I haven't put paint to them yet, but the detail does seem rather shallow. Perhaps the monsters will be better (they were out of stock at the time)
  13. The poor Cave Goblins have been pushed to the side: IF they're lucky, they may be a "co-project", as I'll get the last of their bits painted when the same color hits the Plague Marines. As mentioned before, I think they'd make good Poxwalker back-up for the Death Guard.
  14. Some more organization has gone on: The game card table I picked up is both a little small, in that the maps and most wargames go over the edges, and a bit too bit, as the room gets a little cramped with it set up. I may pick up a round table as well for RPGs. We did break it in with a session of "Storm King's Thunder" on Sunday evening.
  15. One benefit of our unplanned and sudden move is that we will finally have a hobby room. The first few displays were moved over first: Then came a lot more of the mess: Shelves have been set up, and a folding table arrived from Amazon: An older end table has been drafted as a paint and build station: Once it's finished up, I'll have to take shots of the whole set-up, but there's still a bit left to go.
  16. The store we went to for Free RPG Day had a bit of a vulture problem, so not much was acquired from the event. I did, however, pick up the new 40k boxed set: We also got the Chaos index (seemed like a good idea for the new edition), "Betrayal at House on the Hill", a few random paints and such, and I finally picked up some of the new WizKids ready to paint minis. We also got a new hobby room (WiP):
  17. Hooray, I caught the thread this time! Location: Southern Virginia, USA International: I'd rather not Start a box: I'd prefer not to but could if necessary
  18. Honestly, these days, most of my technique is aimed at finishing pieces in bulk, rather than detail. I want to get them game ready rather than sit unused in a bin for years. Not like I don't have plenty of miniatures of that latter description, though! Thanks! It's Reaper's "Graveyard Bone" with a Citadel "Gryphon Sepia" wash over it.
  19. I actually think he would make a great Fomorian as well.
  20. Yes, I think they're perfect for a range of things. Ghouls, Mutants, Grimlocks. I'm planning on having them pull double duty as extra Poxwalkers for my Death Guard in 40k. Also, some more colors have been added:
  21. Sadly he took the full brunt of a sealer malfunction. There's also a Brass Monkey and Tin Woodsman in there, but they had similar fates, and will not be highlighted yet. Although there was an issue with the foggies from a sealer, here's the finished Giant gang: What do you call a group of Giants, anyway? A Jotunning of Giants? A flattening of Giants? A TPK of Giants?
  22. Bones 3 had a bit of an unfortunate arrival time for me, coming in the middle of an unplanned move. It may have taken me a bit, but I'm finally getting started on some of the pieces! I even took them with me for some down time on our yearly beach vacation, though my set-up here is not very scenic: That was last week, and now they're a bit closer to completion, with some details and fixes, basing, and sealing to be done. Some Bones 3 furniture snuck in as well:
  23. Ready to seal.
  24. Down, down, down