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  1. Fulfilling

    I received the email for tracking info last night. I was Wave 1 and USA based, it looks like it's shipping UPS Easy Post. Hopefully my address edit will have been in time. I had to have an unplanned move due to emergencies and landlord laziness.
  2. Funded

    I'm happy with all of them!
  3. Live

    Unfortunately I had to back out of this one. Major electrical issues and a slowpoke landlord have left us in a bit of a bind.
  4. Aaagh, beat me to it.
  5. I'm with you. I love most of the Iconics (even if I hate painting their complicated JRPG-like designs on the minis), and they're hilarious in the comics. However, Valeros has, what, seven different miniatures already? Give me some monsters. Or at least the Iconics who don't have a ton of miniatures already. The evil Iconics from Hell's Vengeance would be fun to see.
  6. Yeah, most of them I've seen have had the "spells" separate, and they're not attached to the black base.
  7. Live

    That Stone Giant looks awfully familiar.
  8. There's two different sets (D&D Nolzur's Magnificent & PF Deep Cuts), but both have had characters. Pathfinder has been almost ALL characters, though, with lots of their Iconics.
  9. It would be nice to see, as there's so few of them in any official line. I think all of the Dragonborn and most of the Tieflings in the pre-paint D&D lines were all Rares.
  10. Funded

    I'm glad I changed my mind last night!
  11. Live

    I really like the female Mage. It's rare to see a miniature of a bigger woman that isn't done as a joke. Red Box is also having a contest on Facebook for the Wizard and Apprentice.
  12. Funded

    I failed my Will Save. I wound up going for the 3 crate pledge. I think I'll be able to resist adding the individual sets, though. They don't seem like as good a deal to me, and I already have a lot of similar items.
  13. Live

    This is a pretty ambitious first Kickstarter for a newer company. Also, they have a website...just not the one mentioned in those images. I really do like the Necrar-I mean, Nosferatu.
  14. Funded

    The Wolf Lord and Hill Giant are looking good:
  15. I'm USA based and usually get Northstar via Brigade Games. It's always been during "Nickstarters", but I've been impressed with their prices. You get them a little later than Northstar direct, but they're great to work with, and have tossed in extras and quick replacements.
  16. Bring me my strongsword and clear understanding...
  17. I really, really like these Dwarfs. They're quite classic story book to me...the kind of Dwarf I envisioned when I read "The Hobbit" as a child. The hoods help. Also, I didn't see it linked here, but I also really like the Orc preview they had (or Goblin). His expression reads "Who farted?"
  18. Fulfilling

    That didn't take long...only four days after leaving the country of origin!
  19. Funded

    I've backed three of their previous Kickstarters and I'm always impressed by their speed and quality. This set is a keeper. I like that they converted the Villagers for a second set, rather than just offering up the other pieces acquired from Mega Minis.
  20. Live

    I really love this set, lots of fun characters. However, I can't justify more Zombies...probably ever, at this point, after stocking up for a few games of Akula's Rules for Halloween events.
  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  22. Fulfilling

    According to my text from DHL, my kit was supposed to arrive on the 20th with signature confirmation. Similar story to some others...nothing came, and when I checked the detailed tracker, it was still in Greece. But also labeled on schedule, so who knows.
  23. Live

    I like the Cyclops (Troll) a lot, but the others are a mixed bag. They remind me of Rat Fink and the other Kustom Kulture characters.
  24. Yes. Most of them are still low CR, but say, for Orcs, you'll have...Orc, Orc Soldier, Orc Chief, Orc Shaman, etc... It also gives you pre-built sets for them to make different CR encounters. It has rules for most of them as player races, as well.