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  1. Another set complete! This time it's a group of Eastern Fantasy themed adventurers and encounters. Almost all the minis are from the third Bones Kickstarter, with the exception of the Tengu/Kenku Monk armed with kamas. She's from Stonehaven. The group: The Oni: The Kitsune. The male is one of my favorites...I hadn't even noticed the sake glass in his hand until I started painting! That and his swagger make for a very characterful sculpt. Just some Human Monks: The Kenku/Tengu: This is the non-Reaper one, a Monk from Stonehaven Miniatures: Flock!
  2. They should both be hitting retail soon(ish). It's been a long wait for them both! I know the male Oni was a ReaperCon resin preview many moons ago, and the concept art of the female Oni has been seen about the forum for years.
  3. ThinkGeek can help with that:
  4. Great set! Midlam always manages to impress.
  5. Just a bunch of Eastern myth themed minis, mostly from Bones III and one Kenku/Tengu Monk from Stonehaven. Oh, and some Myconids from Ganesha Games and Bones III plant monsters. More Mario than myth, I suppose. Oni close-up: Kitsune close-up: I like the male Kitsuine a lot more than I was expecting. His pose, with all its swagger, adds a lot of character. I also hadn't noticed the sake cup he was holding until I started painting.
  6. Here's my brushwork on the long-anticipated (at least for me) Fightin' Fungi! These guys were unreached stretch goals during the original "Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes" Kickstarter, and finally came out with the recent Halfling vs. Chaos Dwarf expansion of "Axe & Brimstone" The Fungal Gladiator: The Bleeding Assassin: Goldcap, the Paladin:
  7. Thanks all! Who knows? I have enough for a warband, a Myconid encounter for D&D, and definitely more than enough for Violent Fungus spawns in Frostgrave. Knowing how it usually goes they'll mostly be sitting on a shelf, ah well.
  8. A post that would be incredibly questionable anywhere but this forum.
  9. Another batch of deadly forest encounters, the kind you'd find protecting Castle Stoneskull! All miniatures are from the Castle Stoneskull set from Bones III. Vegepygmies: Plant Dragon: Death Lilies or something like that!
  10. The Fightin' Fungi, finished! And the plants:
  11. There is Harvey, Psycho-Killer, in metal: I'd imagine he'd lose his awesome options when converted to Bones, though, as most others with multi-build options have.
  12. This looks insane in the best way and I need to see it.
  13. Niiice! The alt sculpt of Zoraida stirring the pot is great. It was out of stock for the longest time; during a trip to our semi-actually local FLGS, a buddy had hidden it when we were browsing and bought it for me in secret...she was my Baba Yaga for "Reign of Winter".
  14. I may have finished Orctober early this year, but that leaves plenty of time for other Halloween themed minis this year! All spookiness comes from the Bones 3 Kickstarter...actually, I think it's all from the same Crypt Expansion, except for one of the spirits. The full haunting: The Obsidian Crypt: The Graveyard Golem: The Spirits from Beyond: The true evil of the group, the Pumpkin Minions:
  15. I've been testing out the new WizKids ready to paints. It was just the simple beasts for now, but I wasn't too impressed with the PC sculpts. I'm hoping they improve the QC for the next wave, there's some cool designs coming. The pack: The Displacer Beast: The Blink Dog:
  16. Did we have more than one round this year?
  17. I think that's a good idea. Shipping in December is brutal enough.
  18. I was expecting a more Halloween-themed piece for the month. Considering we've already had the Grim Reaper and Hecklemeyer previously, the horror theme seems well-handled! I'm looking forward to her when the Swagbags hit the online shop.
  19. Sorting through the shelves recently, I discovered I had lied! The Bones III Manticore was not my first Manticore...but a massive improvement over the wingless version from "Dark World".
  20. The next set out of Bones 3, various monsters! The Carrion Worm really grew on me! The Temple Dragon is really cool. I hadn't even realized until I was inking it that the base was a statue of a robed woman: The Manticore, who I was specifically hoping for before they announced it during the campaign. It's a classic monster I didn't have a mini of! Lastly, the Giant Cobra. Kind of rushed this one along...he also appears to hide from the camera focus.
  21. They're actually on display at my station at work right now per request. There's usually a few on my monitors but I was asked to bring in a Halloween theme, so these fit. On the note of multi-colored Spirits, I do sort of wish the Bones Ghosts came in simply clear plastic. It would be nice to see some of the traditionally colored spirits, like the Reaper/Wraith in this set, and the Ghost from the original releases, done in a translucent plastic as well. I do plan on using most of these in a Halloween-themed D&D 5E one-shot. The Pumpkin Minions will actually be the main henchmen of the "Big Bad", a spurned House Spirit turned Graveyard Faerie who is raising the dead out of loneliness. They seemed like something out of the Feywild who were both cute and creepy in equal parts. There is one dragging a headstone, one holding a lantern, and one who appears to be robbing a grave. Maybe he's just bringing by an older body that has turned to bones?
  22. Funded

    Ah, I had assumed that the staff she was holding in her hands was the Pestle, as that seems to be the common depiction. She also often has her silver birch broom to sweep away all tracks and trails, but neither seems like that.
  23. I've used them a few times in 5E, as they show up on a few Wilderness random encounter tables and such. I like the concept, naturally occurring dogs from the Feywild that just randomly cross over and continue being...dogs!