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  1. CrusaderChris


    Yeah but Damon and Danel with Smite/1 were running with them.
  2. CrusaderChris


    So I just wanted to share that I finally played my first game of Warlord. I bought the rulebook right before the changes and held off on dragging my friends into it until the new rules were semi-finalized. 1000 point battle with the new rules and man am I sold on cavalry. The Lion's Lancers rock! Thanks to a great group of people on this board who provided help, insight, and funny comments to us noobs. It's much appreciated. It's really refreshing to have a forum as open and helpful as this, Reaper peeps included! Thanks guys!
  3. CrusaderChris

    Denelspire (1.2)

    To Kelcore: I agree that the main faction ability should have to do with Gerard's mission. Someting fluff based that goes with all the stories about the refugees gathering around Denelspire. I understand why they had to change the Mercy rules. If I was playing another faction I wouldn't want to see my Warlord flub a discipline roll and sign up for the Crusaders. So what if we take the old rules with the contested roll and apply them only to Adepts/Grunts? It fits with the growing masses and keeps the Darkspawn players happy by not allowing Gerard and a couple doggies to recruit Rauthuros. To Qwyk: Bunch of great ideas, keep it up!
  4. CrusaderChris


    Sorry to have to ask, but as I don't have the Necropolis faction book and they didn't the ability in the Rage Chronicles pdf, what are the current rules for vamp feeding?
  5. CrusaderChris

    Denelspire (1.2)

    Sir Broderick got another damage track, warmaster and a raised DV. Yay! I'm happy again, even if I won't be converting as much with the new rules.
  6. CrusaderChris

    Denelspire (1.2)

    You've got a good point Stubbdog, I guess I just miss his higher Defense and Deflect. I enjoyed the tank aspect of Crusaders. But he isn't a bad deal for a leader with a good toughness.
  7. CrusaderChris

    LifeBlood of the Game

    I'm in St. Louis and though I just started about 2 months ago it looks pretty slow here. Tough to find figures around here, I've resorted to ordering online or taking a drive.
  8. CrusaderChris

    Denelspire (1.2)

    So I'm a newbie, just got the rulebooks and some figs about 2 months ago. Got a couple friends into buying and painint before all the changes. I'm looking over the data cards from the Beta and was curious what you guys thought about the Crusaders changes. Finari looks awesome but I think Broderick got nerfed. What do you guys think?