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  1. papabees

    28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    this is a solid generic ruleset that allows for vees and troops. Nice sandbox game. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/154500/victory-decision-future-combat/mygames/collection
  2. papabees

    Mystic Circle

    Excellent. I had a hard time finding the Crypt as well. I have Dragons don't share and know about the Crypt and Mystic Circle. Any other big terrain pieces?
  3. I can't find this in the store. Is it available yet?
  4. papabees

    US-IMF : 28mm & 15mm Sci-fi Armour

    There models are fantastic. And I love 15mm. Going to have to take a close look.
  5. papabees


    Did this part of the forum go away with the upgrade? It no longer shows up when I log in?
  6. papabees

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    How rigid is the material?
  7. I just jumped in for this. Great company nice minis and the $60 level is a great deal. Two warbands and all the stretch goals. Woot!
  8. I'll be backing this. Great rules and a great bunch of people working for the company. It also helps that the minis are top notch. I love that they are on the realistic side.
  9. papabees

    Rules light Fantasy RPG

    So I have an itch for a Fantasy RPG but will likely have the majority of the players as brand new to roleplaying. I looked at Fantasy AGE and asked for some feedback but it's been silent so i'm thinking maybe that is not the best choice. I don't want to get bogged down with endless tables/rules or have to break the bank to get started. Any suggestions for a good light rule set?
  10. papabees

    Fantasy Age

    So I am getting an itch to play a fantasy rpg and after watching a bit of Will Wheaton's bit online it seems like this would be a nice light ruleset. Anyone playing it and have any pros/cons?
  11. papabees

    Freeblades: Trillian Enforcer

    First fantasy mini I've done in a while and about my 5th or 6th overall. The first of six for my Freeblades band.
  12. papabees

    Freeblade Trillian Enforcer

    Yeah. I was thinking maybe a grey glaze to tone it down. You think that would be the best course of action?
  13. OK. So this is my maybe 5th or 6th Fantasy mini. I've typically done Mecha/CAV/Etc. Some parts I'm satisfied with, others not so much. These are for gaming not display but I also don't just want to slob the paint on as I want to attract new players. I was going for white hair. I guess it turned out ... OK. Still need the right hand and sword but wanted to call the rest good before I attached it. Base is not yet done but will be finished. Soooo, thoughts and critiques welcome. I want to steadily improve and I have somewhat thick skin so feel free to share.
  14. So I've picked up free blades and their elves (trillians) have white hair. I've been looking for a good tutorial but have come up nil. Any one know of one for white hair (or at least really, really light blond/platinum). Thanks
  15. papabees

    First Cav Paint Job

    I'd paint the cockpit a glossy black and add a wash to the entire model and then highlight the individual panels. Not what you'd do on a real camo job but it should look good on the mini.