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  1. Hooray I need demons for RoD
  2. Do organic shaped terrain bases with 40-60mm based trees to go on terrain base.
  3. I'm basing for Paradisio which is a Hot Warzone. Paradisio is mix of urban and jungle warfare from what I can gather, so I'm rubble basing my guys, and then I want to build a board that is the Paradisio equivalent to the Battle of Huê. I think it will be super cool.
  4. Family photo of my finished Caledonian Volunteers.
  5. More stuff I've painted lately.
  6. There are a few other barrels on the other side not in the photo. The lone barrel looked dumb so I added more.
  7. Here is Bones Deathsleet. I fixed the ankle issue by pinning through the Bones Barrel into the base. He isn't going anywhere now.
  8. Here's my Van Zant I finished up.
  9. These Silver Brush Renaissance has been my new workhorse since I burned up my S7 and they are pretty amazing for the price. <<<MOD>>> link to retail site removed as it was in violation of the boards no commerce rules. <<<MOD>>>
  10. Liquitex AB Medium is just pure painting gold. I thin paint with it 25:1 through 50:1 thinner to paint.No break down or clogging whatsoever. I thin metallic paints with it and use it for washes. Alcohol is nasty business when atomized and can cause paint to separate into its constituent parts. (Not to Mention it's stupidly combustible.)
  11. I have. It's good for basing/terrain horible for figure sculpting.You loose the water malleability, but gain sanding, pinning, and easier to sculpt than plain milliput.
  12. matte medium and flow improver are surprisingly shiny. Ink is also shiny. You can kill the shine with matte varnish or Testor's Dullcote.
  13. You've also given Burnt Umber = Walnut Brown.
  14. I've taken just about every class you offer. There needs to be some more Level-Up classes and one-on-ones that are available day of con. I am never able to get the one-on-ones and that is helping me more than ever. Yes this year I sat around painted and then went to get feed back and critique from the artists that happened to be in the hall but I would like some more focused moving into advanced level painter stuff. (I might blow the $100 in gas to come up for painter's club if I must.)