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  1. nytflyr

    Sister Maria, 80028

    another tabletop piece for an upcoming pulp game, was mostly practicing highlighting black... colors used were grey liner, highlights were done with ghost white, and the darkest areas are blue liner. (blends are a lot smoother in person...)
  2. nytflyr

    October's work

    my plan is to use them in a Fists and 45s game I intend to run at the next reapercon (and hopefully sooner than that)
  3. nytflyr

    two terrain bits 77390 & 77630

    couple other pieces Ive finished this month
  4. nytflyr

    October's work

    not sure if Ill get anymore done this month, got a few on the table left, so who knows. All bones, all for tabletop Various Cultists, had a fire sale on purple robes at Cults-R-US (duplicate figures omitted, 15 cultists completed) Tomb Guards
  5. gathered a bunch of stuff together if you want to run a CoC or Pulp game in the Waldorf. https://www.paper-dragon.com/fistsand45s/waldorf-astoria-1931/
  6. 1) finish the remaining 10 9 5 cultists 2) finish 7 pulp heroes. Finished, now adding 7 5 more to the list for a total of 14 3) begin work on snake goddess (slightly modified 77393: Avukavali, Snake Demon) 4) begin work on 77589: Avatar of Honor (Gorilla) 5) 4 tomb guards (77146) & captain (77145), possibly mummy lich (77147) Calling it done for the month... 28 done for the month...
  7. nytflyr

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    Got 8 of the cultists finished and the alter, 10 more have paint on them... so not horrible... better than this time last year
  8. nytflyr


    working on some cultists for an upcoming Fists and .45s game I intend to run, decided on bones for their lightweightness and durability. sorry for the photo quality, taken with my phone. up first... the leaders... 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock 77174: Leisynn, Mercenary Mage 77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard
  9. nytflyr

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    big ol pile of cultists in various stages of completion...
  10. had a thought.. WWII army men... made with green bones material
  11. nytflyr

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    "what has ReaperCon done for you?" Introduced me to a whole new world of paints, and how to paint in general. Before reapercon I used artists liquitex artists acrylics in the tubes and I had to mix every color. now I have a huge assortment of colors at my finger tips. I now know how to use greenstuff, base, mod, airbrush, etc... As a bonus I have a whole new group of people I can see once a year and just hang with and paint... that is awesome...
  12. Thanks for the reply, I knew the metal one was separate, and painted it up without the wings, so I'm thinking about doing the same with the bones for play
  13. Quick question concerning this fig... are the wings pre-glued on?
  14. I know we've had debates about what is the best way prime bones, if at all, but I don't recall what is the best way to clear coat them, so, opinions please!