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  1. wow, thanks for the birthday wishes, been really busy at work and havent been around as much as I would like
  2. Black Orc games has apparently gone out of business. I'm looking for the roman simian army figs for the 100 kingdoms line. I believe were sculpted by Jason Wiebe. If this is the wrong forum, please move
  3. Harbor Freight has 2 compressors, one is 55PSI and no regulator (and comes with a bottom feed airbrush), the other has a regulator but has a lower PSI. I got the higher PSI one (cause I wanted the airbrush and didn't know that it didn't come with a regulator). Later I purchased a regulator off of amazon for $10
  4. That's pretty much the only thing that stood out to me as well
  5. I know I am, already starting to plan out next years entries (that's right, more than one), and quite possibly running a few rpgs... 2016 definitally charged my batteries!
  6. rolled into the driveway at 8:35PM
  7. so, apparently outside of a couple posts concerning lodging at reapercon, I haven't posted in a while (probably cause I haven't painted in a while)... I need to fix that Reapercon 13 has come and gone and overall it was an amazing time. I wasn't sure quite what to expect, as wife is not into gaming, and I had planned around that, but in the end she didn't come along after all. First the Bad (and really the ugly as well)... the construction... what a mess... and the location of the event center. WAZE was absolutely no help and it took until Saturday before I felt comfortable about where to enter/exit. In and of itself this is not a reflection on Reapercon, but I got spoiled the two years it was all encompassed in the Hilton. Before that who could forget traffic (and distance) getting to and from Reaper HQ from whatever motel we all came rolling in from. Next up is the venue... well lets just say it wasn't quite what I expected, but overall it worked just fine... plenty of room.. well arranged by the folks at Reaper... lighting for mini painting at the tables was adequate, thankfully because there was a lack of power outlets. the gaming area of the room was surprisingly "quiet", even though there were several games going on, I could hear most of the action that was going on at my table. Speaking of gaming, I enjoyed all 4 games I participated in, Joseph, as usual, did a fantastic job. As I mentioned earlier, I was plannin on the wife being there, so when I found out she wasn't I had to scramble to find games and all of his were booked up... which in the end didn't matter because of no-shows. I only signed up for one class, but the instructor could not make it, so Ill have to try again next year. As for food, I cant speak about the catered dinners, but they smelled delicious, the food truck was pretty tasty, and there was an onsite concession stand. the Paint contest was, as usual, amazing. Some of you people are freaking awesome, but at the same time so down to earth. I did manage to get a Bronze with my "The Rescue of Maria" diorama, of which I'm ecstatic, I will definitely try harder next year. and lastly I hung around for the auction this year, this was be the second time. they really are a bunch of fun, but usually Im ready to get back on the road of a 4+ hour drive. this year the vendors supplied goods, and of those goods ware some badger airbrushs. suffice it to say I now own one, but it couldnt have been done without a lot of help from some very wonderful people. I want to name them all, but I dont know a couple of them, suffice it to say you have made me a very happy person... Until next year, happy painting! (and thankfully we wont have to wait 17 months this time)
  8. hilton.. whats this fairfield inn you refer to?
  9. it appears the hotel is out of the cheap rooms, at least according to the online booking site
  10. Very nice, I love the colors you chose, especially the parrot :)
  11. no.... THANK YOU!
  12. can.not.wait! already contemplating entries for next year's competition, and deciding on what i want to do, really want to actually paint next time... lol
  13. we got home without incident, took an alternate route after seeing all the crap on northbound 35 on the way down.
  14. what an amazing con, I think it was one of the best yet. I am always appreciative of the way the convention is run, you can tell Reaper pours their heart and soul into it every year. I took classes from Bob and Julie and they were fun and informative, all three were base/terrain focused. I have decided that I really cant learn anymore about painting, now its a matter of putting what I do know to good use, apparently it worked a bit, because (to my surprise) my entry in the competition won a silver I played more games this year than in previous years and all were very enjoyable, and would definitely play under any of the GMs that ran (reaperwolf, mr. melons and uhhh... I suck with names) My only regret is I never picked up a paintbrush this weekend... which may be a good thing, because when I do it seems I never get around to painting again for several months... I hope this year will break that cycle. so, here's to Reaper, the artists, the gamers and everyone else, Ill see you all next year, God willing!