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  1. mikem91

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    The resin is really fragile. I'm a little worried about normal gameplay snapping the elf operative I painted in half or breaking parts off. Though given the latest update from ND, I'm thinking there's a bit too much wishful thinking that needs to come true for these guys to ever see the light of day. Unless ND owes $$$ to paizo, goes bankrupt and paizo is able to get the sculpts out of bankruptcy court and then find someone willing to work with those. it's going to be a legal mess that'll require legal professionals to sort through.
  2. mikem91

    Life Of the Party: Volume 3 - Into the Dungeon

    backed as well. very pleased with his first two efforts.
  3. I just played Terraforming Mars. This was the first time through it for us. It started a little bumpy, but we got the hang of it. terraforming was proceeding nicely until some bozo dropped phobos on my forest. not bitter about that at all.
  4. mikem91

    Black 3.0

    I'm glad I came here before backing this. I thought it might be novel, but something black enough that the eye can no longer see details. i'm not sure how much i'd want that on my minis.
  5. mikem91

    Gencon 2019

    I pulled 447p on the housing lottery. closest i could get was 11.7mi away. i ended up cancelling that, then throwing 2x the money at a hotel about 3 blocks away. i'm really tempted to get a VIG badge, or at least look at it. i think i read somewhere, but don't quote me, that a VIG badge will give you preferential housing lottery numbers.
  6. mikem91

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    i got about 7" total over the weekend snowmageddon event. It was a good, solid storm, but not the 12" rival to the storm of 1978 that'd been predicted. drifts around 2-3 feet in places; more if a snow plow stopped there. sidewalks were a good 14" deep in most places. i regret thinking i could just walk the mile or so to the store and back to grab some sundries, get some exercise and relive my youth of walking around in the snow. I'd forgotten how tiring knee and thigh deep snow can be.
  7. a dunkleosteus to make the prehistoric waters even more dangerous.
  8. mikem91

    Happy Birthday Mikem91

    Thank you very much. Technically still not 50 for another 10 hours or so :)
  9. mikem91

    GURPS question

    background and flavor will be nice and useful. there's enough mechanical difference between 3rd and 4th that advantages, disadvantages, skills, equipment, and so forth won't be particularly useful without some translation.
  10. Be aware that the stranger the model is shape-wise, the longer it will take to release. Goremaw from the last KS just released in the past couple of weeks. "normal" sized/shaped minis I expect will be released in monthly batches after all the KS fulfillment is complete.
  11. mikem91

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Sorry on the thread necromancy, but Paizo gave some information on the outcome of the playtest. That is what's going to change from p2 playtest to p2 release. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/352455382?fbclid=IwAR3JijzlmyS1XhP8XIFPQ3gg9pQJn_w8AI9WeVsnyBQBKABzLNXa6H_L_X4 It's about an hour and highlights 10 things that are being changed / removed between the playtest and the release. Best news for me is they canned resonance. I know what they were trying to do, but the mechanics they were using just were not working.
  12. My earliest in the online store goes back to 2009. I know I'd been buying Reaper minis long before then, but mostly through FLGS. Order #42166 Placed 03/31/09, $12.00 Items: 02731: Yuri, Female Monk (3.99) x1 02732: Kazumi, Male Monk (4.99) x1
  13. mikem91

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I've finished my first WK mini repair - I had a fire element arm pop off at the shoulder. It broke on the assembly joint rather than the material, which is good. The joint itself went back together with just regular CA, though it was very nearly a flat on flat joint - not pinned or keyed like you see in bones. I suspect the joint wasn't correctly/completely made at the factory.
  14. The large werewolf-y shadow trackers and ghostmane tribe. 14617 koborlas 14613 luta 14532 aislinn 14593 kashia
  15. The bones black pieces that Ed and Ron were showing off on Reaper live looked really good. IIRC, they said the process is different. I'd expect that means something in bones may or may not make it into bones black. Is the bones black price point going to be similar to bones?