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  1. Benzene is scary bad stuff. I wouldn't want to soak minis in benzene just because of the hazards involved. the benefit isn't worth the risk for me. http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9927339 now, i'm not saying that benzene can't be handled safely - I've done it before. I just don't put it down as a hobby chemical. tl;dr: toxic to ingest, toxic to skin contact, carcinogen.
  2. Bones 3 at Retail?

    the large minis that don't fit into a normal reaper blister require additional work on packaging design to get to retail. goremaw is in the same situation.
  3. Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    i'm in for 100 now. somewhat hesitantly too. I feel like i'm taking a risk here. Update: feeling like the risk is a little less. I just got a shipping notice for my order from August.
  4. I expect I'll watch it eventually through some non-CBS streaming mechanism. But given what I've seen and heard, I'm not tripping over myself to do so. On the other hand, I'll probably be blamed for any lack luster success the show may ultimately have because somehow it's my fault for not forking over money to CBS to do so. Disingenuous certainly, but also just as certain to be a delusion management grasps at.
  5. Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I'm thinking an important factor for my support of this KS is will I have my preorder minis before the KS is done. I'm willing to bet "no" on that. Which makes me sad, because the exclusive legacy hero minis are the ones I like the most.
  6. Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    wow. I wasn't aware of their track record. that's really concerning. not only late on preorders, but late on other kickstarters.
  7. Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    It's good to hear the "gencon" era minis are on the way. I just wish there was a time frame. If I hear something, I'll copy here. As for the resin, I saw a set that Paizo took to Origins this year. It's not silly fragile, but thin bits would probably break from a fall any longer than an inch or two. On a final note, Smokestack is a braver man than I for wading into KS comments. :)
  8. Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I'm a little concerned about this. Especially since they already took money from me for that they're showing in this set when I pre-ordered directly from them back in August. Having to kickstart to fulfill orders isn't cool. Deciding later to kickstart after you've put things up for sale isn't cool. This isn't addressed in the KS FAQ. They've removed the Starfinder minis from their store. I've used their contact form to seek some clarity on what they're doing and how it relates to my preorder.
  9. Munchkin Holiday Grab Boxes

    I think I might be munchkin'ed out except for small playable sets - the shakespear one is fun. I don't need a holiday themed munchkin pack currently.
  10. Pets for the Not-So-Good Guys

    trash pandas are probably too smart for goblins. Hmm. low level scenario where the goblin tribe turns out to be led by a trash panda whose wishes are interpreted by his high priest...
  11. Pets for the Not-So-Good Guys

    goblin dogs? I think there's a paizo prepainted one, though they don't appear to be in metal.
  12. ...and the kickstarter charge hit the credit card. ouchy. though that hasn't stopped me from looking at the pledge manager today either...
  13. I think this is my largest bones pledge so far. i'm ok with that. i'm pleased sophie is coming along for the ride. but mostly, right now, i'm pleased with the pledge manager letting us add funds later. it's been a rough couple of days recently and couch and nap figured prominently in my afternoon plans. Congratulations, Reaper! (now go make some packaging for Goremaw so I can buy him at retail )
  14. actually, traffic cones, soda machines, barrels, and shipping containers make great scatter terrain for Infinity and other table top mini games.