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  1. that sounds challenging. also, maniacally fun for Sophie.

    It's not a demon. It's a "creature of fire and shadow". :)

    Eyeballing the size of the barrels and amphorae on the base as probably being ~1/2" long, that's put the dragon turtle around 3-4" long. Big enough for most purposes I would have, but not something in the same class as the BIG dragons of late.
  4. Hilde, eater of quarters from the bones convention vending machine.
  5. happy birthday!
  6. I'd like to see as well. I'm actually surprised I've not seen a post where someone's done this yet.
  7. complete

    Mine are 3800 yards away. Today they say :)
  8. Live

    i'm not really feeling this. the dice look like starter dice that came in the old tsr boxed sets to me. color coding is interesting. I might see about doing that with my play dice bag. it good for someone just starting. but I've got a zillion dice already.
  9. complete

    new bases that are round? 75x 32mm 24x 50mm 16x 55mm 8x 80mm 8x 100mm 6x 130mm 4x 160mm
  10. Live

    I played it back in the day. Though I'm pretty sure rules were loosely interpreted for reasons of cool. I've added it to my "stalker" list on KS. I'll watch the hour long video.... tomorrow? I really hope there are good rules for social interaction. It looks like the d12 gets some love, but I'm also wondering if the new system plays like alternity where your skill is a die rather than a number. I figure i'll know tomorrow. Also, REALLY not missing those minis. I would put them into a melt exchange with nary a second thought. They were cool in the day, but it's been 30+ years. The bar has raised considerably since then.
  11. complete

    I too have received postage for BASE BOSS. Delivery estimated to be Saturday.
  12. Pre-launch

    I didn't ask about Bones 4, but I did talk about Bones 3 a bit. Some logistics delaying some models to retail didn't occur to me like needing to design, prototype, review, revise and ultimately print packaging for minis that won't fit into any of the existing standard blisters. Things like Goremaw was the example I asked about. This knowledge has allowed me to reset my patience. Bones 4 likely needs to have it's timelines adjusted to account for Bones 3 and Baseboss and Convention Season. I'm taking a we'll know, when they know and can tell us.
  13. Though Origins 2017 was great, I'm afraid my Reaper badge holder has probably seen it's last convention. Let's pause for a moment of silence. I've found the zazzle store, but that doesn't seem to be able to offer a replacement. I suspect I got this in a swag bag for reaper con at some point. Is a Reaper badge holder available currently somewhere? Might it return in a convention swag bag at somepoint?
  14. Happy birthday!