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  1. mikem91

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I had my first accident with a Wizkids mini. My poor beholder took a header off the table onto the kitchen floor. The impact broke off one of the eye stalks. The break was very clean - just two pieces - no little pieces needing to be found or replaced with filler. It fixed ok with some superglue. I'm surprised at the brittleness of the material. I've not experienced similar breakage with bones. They're more durable in my experience.
  2. mikem91

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I've been treating the WizKid's minis the same I way treat Bones - pretty poorly. I just paint Bones and call it day - no sealing. I noticed that my WizKids beholder had some spots where paint had rubbed off. After touching up, I went back and hit them with some dullcote. Has anyone else experienced paint wear problems with reaper paints + wizkids versus reaper paints + bones (using liners to basecoat)?
  3. mikem91

    Pathfinder Version 2

    as I mentioned earlier, i'm pretty sure resonance is going to be redone or done away with. they've gotten lots of negative feedback on it. deservedly so IMHO. I too agree the layout of the book is atrocious. having a table of experienced players and gms trying way too long at trying to figure out what's intended with a "grab" shows there's a lot they need to work on in layout, indexing, and especially clarity. the character making section is really tough to parse. knowing about how pf1 worked is a little bit of a hindrance because you're expecting that general feat at first level. it's not coming unless you're human and play some games. I do quite like the action economy. I played pf2 right before a pf1 game. I was really wanting the 3 actions of pf2 in the later game. healing resources require more attention to handle. having a dedicated healer is probably a must. i'm not sure how I feel about that. rogues can do scare amounts of damage. the two handed power attack fighter/barbarian doesn't seem to be as prevalent. I've been seeing lots of swords and boards. I recommend playing pf2 at least once with the pregens. getting mired in character creation isn't fun, and alas is probably pretty likely as the book is written now.
  4. mikem91

    Pathfinder Version 2

    FWIW, general chatter is that resonance is going to be reworked.
  5. I'm in for: 2017 Core Set ($100) Chronoscope Expansion ($50) Dreadmere Expansion ($50) Darkreach Expansion ($50) Dragon Turtle ($15) Wraiths ($10) Baba Yaga's Hut ($20) 4x Living Statue Amazon ($5) Tree of Despair ($12) 2x Modern Scenics ($20) Paint Set A ($18) Paint Set B ($18) King of the Jungle ($10) King Cobra ($15) 2x Frost Giant Raiders ($15) Rulers of Hell ($15) Fantasy Scenics ($30) Art Book ($10) 74032 ($2) 74035 ($2) Lost Valley Expansion ($50) Fan Favorites ($50) Sophie & Friends ($4) 74033 ($2) 74050 ($2) Stones Tiles Bundle ($49) Mossbeard, Treeman ($18) I probably should have gotten another set of the stone tiles. maybe they are/will be available retail.
  6. mikem91

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    swag bags up. one snagged :)
  7. mikem91

    Pathfinder Version 2

    I've been through Rose Street Revenge a few times. I've been through Raiders of Shrieking Peaks. I've been through the first part of Doomsday Dawn once and ran it twice. I think I'm starting to get an idea of how the system runs. I think the biggest snag that I've seen is there isn't a good changelog in the rulebook. They're not discussing what's changed and why in the playtest rulebook. I've picked up info from speaking with other PFS members, officers as well as Paizo developers I spoke with during GenCon and Origins. One of the goals it to keep things more even between races & classes. they don't want to front load these as much. ie, I dip one level into class X and I get all these goodies. they want to spread them out. same thing with races: they don't want the races front loaded, so they spread out the cool stuff they can do over the levels. I find that there is promise in the system. I have fun playing it. Some issues are: - OMG character creation is horribly presented in the rulebook. Herolab Online is where I learned how things are supposed to work. Without that, it's much more difficult. Herolab has issues though too :\ I've done one character on paper to see how it works, but I've fallen back to HLO. I wouldn't put too much stock in that though; I've built probably the last 15 of my pfs characters in herolab as well. - Some parts of the rulebooks haven't standardized on language yet and seem to be contradictory in places or just mesh well. Working out how Grab works was odd this weekend. I'm still not sure we're doing it as intended. - getting a magic sword isn't really clear in the rules. you're flipping all over the place. Some concerns: - PF is moving from a relatively high / common magic to a lower / less common magic idiom. Wizards aren't nuking all over the place. Fewer spells but more spell levels. - Healing wands and potions aren't nearly as common. Healing is much less available - clerics are now a must in a group (this'll make pfs scenarios tougher to pickup a balanced group). - Lore skills are all over the place. - Identifying magic items isn't clearly written, and it seems to take a long time (hour) - Identifying spells when cast is rough - unclear separation / overlap of religion-nature-arcane-occult - learning languages is tougher (2 for a feat rather than 1 for a skill point) - monk flurry and dual wielding need some stronger language on how they work with regard to the multiple attack penalty. - multiclassing is odd, but then I've not been a fan of multiclassing really Things I like: - I like how character creation has narrative elements that have mechanical impact. For example, if I grew up on a farm, I get these stats bumped and know this stuff. - I like the action economy. Very nice. - you can punch skeletons :)
  8. mikem91

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I got 1 shipment. Waiting on the rest of them. Someday maybe.
  9. Is he on a brocolli base or is he a slotta?
  10. mikem91

    Roll Call for Con

    I'll be there Wednesday ~ Monday. I'll be at GenCon. wasn't paying attention to the forum group :)
  11. mikem91

    77081 Burning Sphere

    It looks really good. I'm curious what's going on in the base and how you got the battery for the LED in there. I'd experimented trying to do something like this, but I wasn't able to get something that worked adequately.
  12. mikem91

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I wish I could offer some good advise on how to contact HF. I think one of the latest updates on KS has directions on who to email and a particular subject line.
  13. While at Michael's today, I saw that they have all their airbrushes and assorted paraphernalia, including airbrush paint, on clearance. This makes me a little sad in that I'll now need to order airbrush stuff online and wait couple of days versus walking across the street and returning home with the bit I needed. Prices are comparable to what you'd find online; maybe a little less.
  14. mikem91

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I received the "we're shipping this now" email after I received the minis too. it's nice confirmation, but confusing. I don't recall a tracking link either.
  15. mikem91

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I received my first shipment of minis. they seem to be in good condition from a cursory look. i'm not following the whole ship and they're done thing so i'm a little confused on what to expect when. but honestly, I don't have cycles to worry about it. this is different from the hasslefree ks - I REALLY wanted those minis. a bit less so with these. - elf operative - space goblins - half-orc soldier - dwarf soldier - half-elf operative - seelah - human thief - candy