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  1. Corvus Belli's INFINITY Roleplaying Game

    i'm still waiting on the physical stuff - collector's book, dice, et.al. but US, so i'm wave 2 I guess.
  2. RIP Dolores O'Riordan

    Likewise. It's pretty shocking news.
  3. Dwarf Forge Priestess - 77571 (Bones)

    That's..... the happiest looking dwarf I've ever seen. Can dwarfs get that happy? Is that a washer & stamped green stuff base? It looks really good. Something I aspire to be able to do. As for the bottle. I figure it's a healing potion. One you need a valid driver's license to buy at the local temple-liquor store. 1d6 hits restored; 6-8% ABV. Looks like a nice saison.
  4. brush on. spray sealer gloss can be really good, but you'll end up shiny. you can then hit that with a matte sealer, but matte sealers can be finicky about the humidity with the talc (or whatever) coming out of suspension and making the mini matte, but frosty. brush on sealer is usable indoors by me across pretty much the entire range of my indoor climate. spray sealers leave me at the mercy of the outdoors.
  5. John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying Game

    I'm still waiting on the Infinity RPG fulfillment. So my interest in tempered.
  6. Reaper, the Early Years

    Antique Miniatures Roadshow would be much better that Mini Stars.
  7. February 2019 seems really far away right now. I haven't pledged for Fan Favorites or the Lost Valley expansions yet. I'll wager that'll change over the next year and change. I do wonder though if the Lost Valley is going to be a distinct line from Bones with their own stock numbers or whether they'll be wrapped up in Bones/Chronoscope.
  8. Happy New Year!!!!

    Happy new year! May we take our lessons with us as we leave our regrets at the doorway into 2018.
  9. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I'm sorry you guys are experiencing problems with CMoN. I can empathize. Some years ago I ran into a problem where an order was partially fulfilled, but fully charged. That is, I bought x minis, they shipped x-2 minis, cancelled the 2, but didn't refund the funds. I couldn't get customer service to understand I wanted either the two cancelled minis or my money back. Their customer service eventually stopped responding and I gave up spending time trying. My take away was CMoN is a shady operation I won't buy from unless the exchange is in person and I'm able to see what I'm buying before I pay.
  10. Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

    Judging from the price (not certain), these look to be heroic scale metal minis. Are they broccoli based like DHL or are these slota based? What will distinguish the DD line from DHL?
  11. I received my shipment. the 54mm o-yoroi pilot didn't have a base (not a problem since reaper seems to regularly send me bases) and oddly two identical sprues of the crossed swords. the neck joint looks like it's going to be snip off the pin and surface glue it since the didn't cast a socket in the head. other joints look like they'll work ok after some flash trimming (2 arm, 1 leg).
  12. Yephima for the Thanksgiving challenge

    Very nice. Though for turkey day, shouldn't the club have been modified into a ginormous turkey leg?
  13. benzene aka petroleum ether is safer than benzene. I still wouldn't want to play around with it as a hobby unless I had too. http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9927688 i'd recommend trying the isopropyl as linked above.
  14. Benzene is scary bad stuff. I wouldn't want to soak minis in benzene just because of the hazards involved. the benefit isn't worth the risk for me. http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9927339 now, i'm not saying that benzene can't be handled safely - I've done it before. I just don't put it down as a hobby chemical. tl;dr: toxic to ingest, toxic to skin contact, carcinogen.