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  1. Live

    I think I might be munchkin'ed out except for small playable sets - the shakespear one is fun. I don't need a holiday themed munchkin pack currently.
  2. trash pandas are probably too smart for goblins. Hmm. low level scenario where the goblin tribe turns out to be led by a trash panda whose wishes are interpreted by his high priest...
  3. goblin dogs? I think there's a paizo prepainted one, though they don't appear to be in metal.
  4. ...and the kickstarter charge hit the credit card. ouchy. though that hasn't stopped me from looking at the pledge manager today either...
  5. I think this is my largest bones pledge so far. i'm ok with that. i'm pleased sophie is coming along for the ride. but mostly, right now, i'm pleased with the pledge manager letting us add funds later. it's been a rough couple of days recently and couch and nap figured prominently in my afternoon plans. Congratulations, Reaper! (now go make some packaging for Goremaw so I can buy him at retail )
  6. actually, traffic cones, soda machines, barrels, and shipping containers make great scatter terrain for Infinity and other table top mini games.
  7. Baba Yaga's Treehouse of Woe would be a horrible show for children. Or maybe awesome. I'm undecided now that I think about it.
  8. Pathfinder mythic icons in metal.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini/ It should be the most recent post there.
  10. dark fantasy = dark grey bones :) or everyone is in huge impractical gloomy cloaks
  11. I'm thinking I need to paint Lysette the snarky....
  12. I'm going to hope they have non-prepainted minis for this line. I saw some of the mockups at Origins. Those were nice. But prepaints don't excite me so much.
  13. Live

    I didn't even get to price or construction. I don't have that much use for gothic architecture. I can imagine some 40k people being all over this. But, between utility and storage, not to mention cost, construction and poor KS rep... Passing.
  14. that sounds challenging. also, maniacally fun for Sophie.