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  1. Toad

    Plague Marines Squad 1

    Again, love your color schemes. You do well without going bold and vibrant.
  2. Toad

    Hannah Blackruby

    Wow. She will be gorgeous.
  3. Toad

    2768: Fairy Queen

    Like what you did with her dress and wings. What causes the purple shimmer?
  4. Toad

    Chaos Sorcerer Lord and Apiring Champion

    Really like your color schemes on both. Nice muted palettes but still very interesting. But anything you can do to tone down the red just a bit more on the first fig?
  5. Toad

    Who wants bugs?

    I agree with stubdog. The beetle with pincers is okay, but the armored one - eh.
  6. Toad

    Converted Ogre

    Very nicely painted, but his mail looks a bit clean. Do you have a pic of the back side?
  7. Toad

    3330: Lilea, Naiad

    I don't care for the fish either. Nice choice of colors, but koi offer a greater variety than traditional gold and white - maybe just a few black splotches would really make it pop.
  8. Toad

    The Blindness Faerie

  9. Toad

    Dark Angel

    Quite the bad@$$. Keep the pics coming.
  10. Toad

    Classic Battletech Shrike

    Intimidating for sure. Don't forget to post progress shots.
  11. Toad

    What's wrong with my NMM

    I agree. It looks like you are on track and just need to keep rolling.
  12. Toad

    Casiatta, Anti-Paladin

    Other than the gem, it all looks great.
  13. Toad

    Plague marine

    Very cool. Don't forget to post new pics when the tentacles are 'fixed'.
  14. Toad

    3193 Carinth, Dark Elf Sorceress

    Metal too close to skin color imo.
  15. Toad

    Ellen Stone, Jack Harrison, Orc-Kid with TeddyLemur

    Very nice leather work.