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    Happy birthday!
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    77343 The Goroloth (aka the Blue Meanie)

    Brilliant color scheme and great execution!
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  10. Congratulations everyone! I am surprised and happy my Mal got second place. This news was a great way to start the day. There were many awesome entries in each category, a lot of great minis got painted up, so a win for everyone.
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  15. My monthly tithe to Reaper: 77501: Minotaur $3.99 x1 03932: Poppy Cloverlocks, Halfling Barmaid $6.99 x1 03931: Alena Frostblade, Female Barbarian $7.49 x1 07014: Dungeon Dwellers: Orc Warriors (2) $13.49 x1 03927: Mistveil, Catfolk Sorceress $6.99 x1 03928: Steelclaw, Catfolk Paladin $6.99 x1 Your order has received 1x Reaper Bones Black Owlbear