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  1. Citrine

    Hot & Dangerous Lagertha and Rosie

    Yes, they are the 28 mm versions. I often start out thinking I will do nmm, but usually chicken out and use shaded metallics instead like I did on these ladies. Thank you Malefactus!
  2. Citrine

    Hot & Dangerous Lagertha and Rosie

    Thanks guys! I have some thinning medium, I will try that next time I paint faces.
  3. Citrine

    80016 Space Marine into a Warforged

    Great idea and great conversion!
  4. Painted up the Gravestone of Sorrow (Reaper 77538) as a speed paint. Added some flowers I had gotten in a recent Kickstarter. I did not put text on there since I could not think of anything to say.
  5. First up is Terezinya, Bonepander Wizard (Reaper 77173). She had been sitting on my paint desk partially painted for so long that her base got dusty, oops. She always gave me a pirate wibe, hence the plank base. Nienna, Female Elf Ranger (Reaper 77091) is another one that sat partially painted for a really long time. All that green, how do I paint all her knickknacks in an interesting way without making her stand out in forest? Finally just brute forced it to get her done. Trista, the White Wolf (Reaper 77094), she didn't languish as long as the other two, but like normal I got stuck on deciding on colors for all the details. But with 3 off the desk of shame I can start on something new!
  6. Here are 2 of the pin-up babes from Wargamer LLC's kickstarter Hot & Dangerous. First up Lagertha the Shieldmaiden. I love how her cloak turned out. Not so happy with the face, it look pretty terrible in the photos, its not so bad in hand. I need to get better at thinning my paints I think. Rosie the Bowman (the official name). I did not like the concept art at all, but the finished sculpt turned out great. I love how she has a lot of spunk.
  7. Citrine

    Gargoyle (Reaper 2040)

    This is one of Reaper's older minis, Reaper 2040 Gargoyle. I painted him gray at first, but though it was kinda boring so I used a green glaze on top of the gray. Pretty happy with the effect. The white marble column is too white though, should have been more subdued. Oh well, another one done!
  8. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Celianailo

    Happy birthday!
  9. Citrine

    Happy Birthday, Tripleh5133!

    Happy birthday!
  10. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Unit04

    Happy birthday!
  11. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Knighthart !

    Happy birthday!
  12. Citrine

    Happy Birthday TheAuldGrump

    Happy birthday!
  13. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Inarah

    Happy birthday!
  14. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Reaper Justin

    Happy birthday!
  15. Citrine

    Tagging or Name problems v2

    Removed Bear tag from 2362. Added several tags to 7015: Dungeon Dwellers: Jalarak Leadbarrels, Dwarf Brewmaster