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  1. I am another Norwegian on this board, though I live in the Midwestern USA. I came to the US 30 years ago to get educated in the subject of Aerospace Engineering. That first semester I checked out the student union tabletop rpg club, where I met my future husband. I started painting minis with Testors enamels at this time. After acquiring a Master's degree and an American husband, I took both back to Norway for 4 years. Our son was born in Norway, go 9 months of maternity leave, yay! We moved back to the US, where I was hired by a defense contractor. 19 years later I still work there, currently I am a technical lead on a displays subsystem team working on a coast guard helicopter. Very cool, but also a very busy assignment. After a several years off from mini painting, I decided to pick up the hobby again. This time I decided to switch to acrylic paints, and I also found the Reaper boards, where I lurked for a really long time before starting to post. We own a large mini mountain, and still buy a lot more than I can paint. Other hobbies I enjoy are turn based pc strategy games, movies and playing flute and oboe in a couple of local concert bands.
  2. We received these today, and the quality on the casting is amazing. I am very happy with us supporting this Kickstarter!
  3. Live

    Does anyone know anything about the company behind this Kickstarter other than them being from Poland?
  4. Great OSL from the spell effect!
  5. Great hair and the blue dress is awesome!
  6. Nice skin tone!
  7. 3 would be my first choice. And clear spell effects would be awesome!
  8. Thanks all, I appreciate the comments and likes!
  9. Thanks all! @LittleBluberry I did use Tamiya orange and yellow on the fireballs, but since I don't have blue of that I used a watered down Reaper blue for the other spell effect.
  10. Live

    That dragon/dinosaur is awesome!
  11. Ooh, we skipped the Mythos set, maybe I can talk hubby onto it now...
  12. Goremaw looks great in red!