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  1. I love the black feathers and the ocelot pattern!
  2. Great freehand on the shield and on the red stripes!
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. That was a sympathy like!
  5. Happy belated birthday!
  6. I try to paint a bit every day, usually 15-60 mins, on the weekends I sometimes paint up to 2 hours. It helps having a dedicated space set aside for painting. Lately work has been very very busy and my intestines have not been cooperating, so often I am exhausted when I get home. So less painting than my goal.
  7. Happy birthday!
  8. Thea, the Awakening is a very fun little strategy game where you have a small village and you send your villagers out to harvest and fight monsters. I played the heck out of it, I even got every Steam achievement.
  9. I just finished painting one of the female elf sorceresses, and I found some of the detail in the renders is not there at all. Along her cloak, there was supposed to be a cool border pattern, that I didn't see at all, plus her braids looked like lumps on the top of the cloak. I am still happy with the mini for the price, but don't expect all the cool little detail to survive the reality of the mold making and the primer coat. The face is nice, the overall stance on the one I finished first is nice and dynamic, and the clear spell effect is very cool.
  10. I backed for the dwarves and halflings!
  11. They fit right in! Love the wizard's "hat"!