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  1. Citrine

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    Anyone know what the resin for this is likely to be? Hubby wants to get the huge centerpiece, but if it's going to break just sneezing nearby I don't want to plunk down that much money.
  2. Citrine

    Obsidian Crypt - 77637 (Photo heavy)

    Beautiful job!
  3. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Sylverthorn!

    Happy belated birthday!
  4. Citrine

    Take a hike!

    Veldig fin film!
  5. We watched Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts last night. That movie is such a wonderful classic.
  6. Citrine

    Grenadier Frost Giants

    They both look great!
  7. Citrine

    60048 Feiya Iconic Witch

    She is beautiful and the fox turned out great too!
  8. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Robinh!

    Happy birthday!
  9. Citrine

    Happy Birthday, Wren!!

    Happy birthday!
  10. Citrine

    Red dragon

    Awesome repaint!
  11. Citrine

    Stonehaven Treeman

    Thanks! I had a green basecoat, with dark green wash and some light green drybrushing.
  12. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Cyradis

    Happy birthday!
  13. Citrine

    Tagging or Name problems v2

    The following tags added to the above list: Goat, Goatman, Ram, Sheep
  14. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Izzylobo !

    Happy birthday!
  15. Citrine

    Happy Birthday NightyKnight !

    Happy birthday!