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  1. We watched The Iron Giant special edition on Blue ray last night. It's such an awesome movie, everyone needs to see it. Warner Brothers totally flubbed the original theatrical release way back, and that was very sad.
  2. Happy Birthday Lidless Eye !

    Happy birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday Goblyn !

    Happy birthday!
  4. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Tumbleweed, the iconic plant from western movies, is actually an aggressive invasive species from Eurasia, brought to the US accidentally by Ukranian farmers when the US south west was settled by the Europeans.
  5. Kyphrixis Bones 77565 Glittery Celestial

    Those wings are awesome! Welcome to the boards!
  6. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    More progress, yay. I think the black highlight is almost complete.
  7. So this holiday break I decided to try starting, and maybe even finishing Ma'al (Reaper 77580), aka Tiamat. I go back to work next Wednesday, so this is a bit ambitious, but at least I am going to use the biggest brushes I can get my hands on! I got rid of mold lines and glued it together on the Saturday before Christmas. This morning I got up the courage and got out the green stuff. I had started applying base coat when hubby said I should document the progress. So here are some progress pictures:
  8. Daughters of Twilight

    Has anyone here played the base game? Is it any good?
  9. Happy Birthday Rahz !

    Happy birthday!
  10. I play the flute too, and it is super obvious if a sculptor actually researched flute playing or not before sculpting a flutist...
  11. Tagging or Name problems v2

    I added tags to a lot of minis this evening, but I am not sure I got all the ones you mentioned here, since I am not sure you had the SKUs correct.
  12. Weekly Bones 3 road to improvment

    These look great! I want to point out that the moderators on this board prefers posters to not have long continued threads, but rather one thread per mini or related group of minis.
  13. Happy Birthday Mattnuke !

    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!
  15. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    So I mixed Stormy Grey into the Deep Twilight purple, and I think the result turned out nice. Thanks guys and gals! I took the facial highlights almost all the way to pure white, I see from the photos I need to clean up some lines, especially from below.
  16. 03513, Kriv Blackspear, Dragonman Barbarian

    Great base, and I love the red skin!
  17. 03724, Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian

    Great fur on his cape!
  18. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    Thanks guys and gals, I will try mixing grey into my purple!
  19. My Darksword order came today, and Darksword had tossed 3 free minis in there, which is awesome of them: DSM-1125 Castle of Deception Female Mage DSM-4620 Birdman DSM-8083 Harrek Otter Cleric Quality of the casting was outstanding like usual!
  20. Mushrooms For Guindyloo

    What a wonderful gift!
  21. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    So taking Cyradis suggestion of purple, I highlighted one side with a mix of Deep Twilight and Pure White, since I don't own the Dark Elf Skin triad. I think it's ok, but I am not 100% sold on the scheme. The shiny area is from me trying fix a mold line right there with gloss sealer. Every time I pick this bestie up I find another mold line I missed previously, sigh.
  22. Leisynn, Mercenary Mage 77174

    Great job on the snake!
  23. Mouseling Druid and Beekeeper - 77290

    Super cute!