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  1. 03477, Brain Horror

    Scary good!
  2. Happy Birthday Catdancer !!!

    Happy birthday!
  3. So this holiday break I decided to try starting, and maybe even finishing Ma'al (Reaper 77580), aka Tiamat. I go back to work next Wednesday, so this is a bit ambitious, but at least I am going to use the biggest brushes I can get my hands on! I got rid of mold lines and glued it together on the Saturday before Christmas. This morning I got up the courage and got out the green stuff. I had started applying base coat when hubby said I should document the progress. So here are some progress pictures:
  4. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    Painted some on the green head last Saturday, then work happened all week. But I got on some painting time this weekend:
  5. Welcome to the hobby, if you are having fun you are doing it right!
  6. 03393 Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

    He looks great, love what you did with the green robes!
  7. DSM5058 Lady in Waiting #2

    She is very pretty, great freehand!
  8. Everything Mouse Painted in 2017 (She thinks)

    Great job Mouse! I added a few tags to the deep ones, but for some reason deep one(s) in the search does not return any results. Fish or frog men search will now thought.
  9. Tagging or Name problems v2

    Added Fish Man and Frog Man. Added Deep Ones and Deep One tags, but they do not come up in those searches for me either.
  10. 32mm Fantasy miniatures

    We backed this, grabbed an early bird.
  11. Happy Birthday Crassostrea !!!

    Happy birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday Girot!!!

    Happy belated birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday Noodlemancer !!!

    Happy birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday Paradoxical Mouse

    Happy birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday Tamara !!!

    Happy birthday!
  16. Happy Birthday Highlander !!!

    Happy birthday!
  17. Last night we watched Wind River, a very good movie about a dead girl found in the snow in an Indian reservation, and a young FBI agent and a fish and wildlife hunter trying to figure out what happened. I really liked the portrayal of the friendship between the hunter and the father of the victim, very touching and human.
  18. What's on TV?

    Just finished watching season 1 of The Last Ship, about a Navy destroyer and it's crew after a global pandemic. Very good show, seems very realistic in its portrayal of both the ship's crew and what would be going on. Will definitely buy and watch the other seasons.
  19. 02806, Badger-Wolf

    Love the fur pattern, really realistic looking!
  20. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    Painted some more red yesterday after work, and today after work I gave the green dragon head some love. Reaper Coal Black 9693 as the base coat, with some Reaper green with an unreadable label as the mid tone.
  21. I am in again, but as usual I probably won't do any challenges.
  22. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Looking great so far!
  23. Must have unique reaper paints

    Nightmare Black is just a beautiful very dark blue, that thins to a nice blue wash/glaze. Coal Black is the equivalent in green, but I have not used it yet. And there is a brown one as well, which I have, but cannot remember the name of, that I have used a bunch. The dark skin triad is great as well.
  24. Dain Deepaxe, Silver Anniversary Edition

    He looks great, love that beard!
  25. Paint Track Apps?

    I feel like an idiot, but at least I finally figured out how to scan. Who knew you had to align the barcode with the red line