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  1. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Brother Jim

    Happy birthday!
  2. Citrine

    Happy Birthday SGHawkins09

    Happy birthday!
  3. Citrine

    Happy Birthday jsmmcauley

    Happy birthday!
  4. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Kang

    Happy birthday!
  5. Congratulations everyone! I am surprised and happy my Mal got second place. This news was a great way to start the day. There were many awesome entries in each category, a lot of great minis got painted up, so a win for everyone.
  6. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Catdancer!

    Happy birthday!
  7. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Mikem91

    Happy birthday!
  8. Citrine

    Happy Birthday naponatom

    Happy birthday!
  9. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Highlander

    Happy belated birthday!
  10. My monthly tithe to Reaper: 77501: Minotaur $3.99 x1 03932: Poppy Cloverlocks, Halfling Barmaid $6.99 x1 03931: Alena Frostblade, Female Barbarian $7.49 x1 07014: Dungeon Dwellers: Orc Warriors (2) $13.49 x1 03927: Mistveil, Catfolk Sorceress $6.99 x1 03928: Steelclaw, Catfolk Paladin $6.99 x1 Your order has received 1x Reaper Bones Black Owlbear
  11. Citrine

    Too many players (RPG)

    Scientific research has shown that 7 is the magic maximum number for groups. Any larger than that, and a meeting/gaming session etc WILL break down into sub groups that talk among themselves unless the group leader/GM runs a really tight ship. Personally I prefer gaming groups of 4-5 players and a game master.
  12. Citrine

    Shambling Mound

    Absolutely love it!
  13. Citrine

    03791 Werebat

    Welcome to the forums! Your bat is very nice, I love the fur and wings on him.
  14. December was a productive month: Wizkids Owlbear Ral Partha Lycanthropes (3) Plastic Toy Repaint Wizkids Myconids (2) Reaper Gonda, Goblin Apprentice Cleric Reaper Persephone, Mythic Heroine
  15. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Veegis

    Happy birthday!
  16. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Paradoxical Mouse

    Happy birthday!
  17. For the year: Finish 50 minis For January: Finish 4 minis, should not be too hard since I have 3 Reaper Mushroom men almost done. Update my Savage Worlds player docs for Shaintar to the new Savage Worlds Adventure edition.
  18. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Gargs

    Happy birthday!
  19. Citrine

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    We backed this on the last day. I loved that male dwarven dancer best!
  20. Citrine

    Citrine paints Reaper Persephone

    This is Reaper 3919 Persephone, Mythic Heroine sculpted by Julie Guthrie. She can almost be considered a speed paint, she came together so quick. After some careful examination, I figured out she is holding a fruit, which I painted purple. After I was all done I looked Persephone up on Wikipedia, and its definitely a pomegranate fruit she is holding per the legend of her abduction by Hades. Pomegranate can be red or purplish black, so I was not so far off in my color choice (yay).
  21. Citrine

    Best of 2018

    Best mini painted by me - Mal (Tiamat) Best PC game - Thea 2 (in open beta now) Best job decision - Transferring to the Groot Flight Director team
  22. Citrine

    Happy Birthday Nunae

    Happy birthday!
  23. This is Reaper 14206; Gonda, Goblin Apprentice Cleric. This one sat partly painted for a very long time, I had started out with a really dark green undercoat for the skin, and had trouble envisioning how to continue. But I finally got unstuck and I think he turned out ok.
  24. This is the Wizkids 73405 Myconid Adults set, that I painted up as Chanterelle Mushroom men. The name implies that there are Myconid kid minis on the way? Very fun set, painted up nice and quick.
  25. Citrine

    Heeeere's Goremaw

    That is a really cool effect!