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  1. I often still look for painted version to see what they look like regardless of the material. I understand that it is slightly harder to see clears but I honestly don't think it makes that much of an impact in comparison. I will say in response to Byran's inquiry. 3 is likely the best option but I would suggest a 4th. Heros vs Monsters. Most of the minis people want clear are for their hero's to be invisible or to do spell effects that great. Doesn't seem necessary to make every monster clear. So focus on Hero/villain types as clears and Monsters as just regular. Assuming that sales support this venture. Speaking as a DM. I rarely use markers for invisible enemies. But knowing that heros are invisible and where they are on the grid is actually important for me. This is of course as long as it doesn't drive up costs to produce or anything like that. I am also extremely in favor of clear spell effect to mod into bones minis. That is an awesome idea. And I think it would keep you competitive with what Wizkids is doing with their unpainted line. Because they are already doing this.
  2. I suggest you look up Archknight. They have some awesome templates for exactly what you're talking about. They are more practical imo as well. Oh you meant to attach to mini oops my bad...
  3. The gallows, tombstones, coffins, the female know everything death related... Is that wrong? lol I'm kidding of course.... I think your best bet is animals....what grandma doesn't like animals? maybe the terrain stuff or the standing stones. The frost giant queen might be an ok one. Really depends on what work of yours, your grandma likes.
  4. Live

    Trays are awesome! However, they need to develop a plan for older sets to benefit. I think they should create an attachment of some sort for the older sets. Basically what I did with mine is straight dry brushing. I didn't even coat them all the way. I just drybrushed at different levels of pressure until I was happy with it. (the tudor stuff is a different story)
  5. Live

    I didn't wash or prime any of mine. I also used Pokorny paints. I also used some citadel wash for my Tudor stuff after base coating of course.
  6. I don't see it making much of a difference. Doesn't matter if its bones, metal or clear. You cannot see detail at all unless its painted. I just think making them all clear would allow for making invisibles OR doing spell effects with inks etc. Instead of having a special line for them.
  7. I think all bones should just switch to clear....
  8. Live

    I'm hoping that too. if its on par with the Lava room I think I will have to do adds only.
  9. Live

    I want them now though!
  10. Live

    That wouldn't work with the floor packs because no one wants JUST the ones with the holes in them....
  11. Live

    The sad thing is solid floors would likely be their number 1 seller. I mean even if they put them in packs of 5 or 10 I would be fine with it. I don't need the ones for the stairs or the hatch. I just don't... I remember when they sold corners They sold out quickly and then though...."Oh no we cant have that....stop making corners only immediately!"
  12. Live

    I do not understand why they don't sell individual pieces. then they do limited runs of stuff like a 8 pack of pillars and then stop. Are you kidding me with this. I want to select what I want and I don't want a bunch of useless stuff that I don't need that much of. Why would I want to buy 8 doors 2 tables and benches treasure piles and such just so I can get 2 beds. Its infuriating. Their product is great but they lose so much in sales because of their sales methods. It boggles the mind how he stays in business sometimes.
  13. Live

    You haven't painted the Tudor stuff have you? lol
  14. Live

    Plus the rich people who could afford to build such things. Do you think they would tolerate such discrepancies in their way!
  15. Live

    It could be my personal taste though. for my DF stuff I like it dark and grungy looking. So that when I put painted minis on it they stand out. I also don't paint the individual stones either on the stone work. I kinda don't like that.