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  1. Update time: got some face shots for ya. The left eye is being a problem child...but I think I got it finally. The custom base that I'm making for him, I have done up the base sealed it with glue and primed it. Then I thought that looks too plain. So I added a little something. I will need to prime it again. I also base coated the cloak. Just to see how it would look. Not sure I'm set on the final color or not. When I originally painted the character (using a different mini) He had a purple cloak and a gold border. I was also thinking of making him match with my undead army and make it a dirty green. hmmm Hes not attached to the base yet. I'm just see how it fits. I might have to remove a bit of grit by his foot. What? those undead?.....don't worry about those undead....
  2. Beelphegor from Andrea miniatures. This is the battle series which is 30mm. They have another one that's 54mm of the same character just a different pose (better pose honestly) It took me awhile to find this guy as he is not sold in the states. I did find a place that had 1 in stock. Lucky me :). I didn't get pics of his assembly I'm sorry to say. I didn't think about it. Basically the leg that is standing on the rock is a separate piece. The rock itself is connected to the main mini by his cloak. I thought it was a bit strange. It did make it a challenge to line up a pin but I got it done. The sword and hands up to the elbow were a separate piece as well. Unfortunately that piece broke in half at the sword handle right between his hands. Though you likely cant tell unless you look at it from the right angle. It did make it easier to assemble that way though lol. Word to the wise...his sword is pretty thin and will bend easy. So watch out... Here are some beginning pics of him primed. I used Army painter black primer and reaper brush on primer for the missed spots and deep crevices. The base you see here is the one he comes with. It is CRAP. so I have another base that is still drying. I plan to cut up one of my Bones skeletons and put pieces on the base. (it was one I already ruined trying to put a different weapon on him) I will post the base later.
  3. Update: well short from dismantling him and putting him in a bucket of simple green. I think this is the best I'm going to get..... I think this is it. I'm going to spay the maddening miniature with sealer and call it. I so irritated with that glue....Zap-a-gap is BS....
  4. $&%)#@^%&$)#^%&$#*)(%^&$#()%^$*&()#^%&*$#()%&*$()%&#$*%()#$&%$#*(%)$#&%*$#()%#$%&*)^&*($%)^$#&*(%^ SOOOOO Angry...I even put ALL my paints away that I used on this guy without noticing the glue of doom streak ....^%$&*#(%^# I'm calm....goosefraba!.....
  5. So...calamity has struck this miniature. As I finished up the base and attacked him to it with glue. I begin to affix the rest of him together permanently. Apparently I may have used a slight bit much glue on the head. I was letting it dry only to come back and find a HUGE streak of super glue had halfway dried down his belly....I am in the process of removing said glue....and paint with it sadly....I have been cussing up a storm this morning... Son of a B!^%$
  6. Live

    It does look more "traditional" I suppose. But the one I posted is definitely the same creature. I prefer my Wrath of Asharladon one either way.
  7. Live beast/latest/77394
  8. Update time: Got some eyes for ya. and some assembled shots. Still not done though. Need to decided what to do with the base.
  9. Update time - I did nothing but spike work today. Going back and forth with blending dark green into a bone color. (These two colors do not like each other lol) I have also don't the bone spines on the head. Make it look almost like a crown. I might need to take a break from painting for a day or two. I think its giving me a headache from being so intensely focused. Still needs more work on the spikes.
  10. Update time: So I decided to fade the wings a little bit. and I went with bones colored spines on the tail and head. Those are mearly based coated right now They need more layers. I also re-did the belly to brighten it up a bit more The fade is a bit harsh. I'm going to have to work on it some more. Lots more work needed on the head. I think I'm going to try to make dragon eyes instead of just leaving them yellow. but that will be later. Still needs touch up but its getting there I think I like the bone look. I didn't think I would but I do.... That's it for today....
  11. I think it looks good for a first mini. It takes awhile to learn what colors to use and such. I'm still learning that myself. As far as constructive criticism goes. I would echo the thoughts of using a brown wash over the skulls. Perhaps a black/dark brown line where the head meets the armor. I also noticed that little dots in the eyes. That's pretty cool. Might consider though making it a different color as it doesn't contrast enough with the skull (suggestions for coloring the eyes. Green, red, purple dots) .....Anything else I would say would involve more advanced techniques and I wouldn't want to overwhelm you. They are often hard to explain and you would be better off getting some DVD's or watching some videos on YouTube that will show you. Happy painting and welcome to the forums!
  12. I too vote succubus...but I'm biased as a huge fan of succubi so...
  13. I remember being told during the Bones 3 KS. We have metal ones just use those.... yep tried that...don't really want to try it again... Its always in the last place you look right lol. So using Bones to mod metal figures works fine?
  14. Ok so this is an old miniature that I put together a couple years ago. The original thread has photobucket links in it. Sadly I do not remember which picture goes where so I'm going to re-tell the story here. So lets begin. The idea was to see how well bones and metal would mix together. What I found out is weapons work but anything else is problematic. So we have Bones Sinessa, a metal dagger, and metal Wings. The base pictured is metal. This was to help with the weight. All in all this was NOT a cost effective mini to make. Cost about $12 in metal to make. I drilled and cut a lot out of her back to get the wings to fit flushed against her back. I didn't want to use greenstuff as at the time I was extremely unconfident about my greentstuff I'm just unconfident lol I angled the pin downward. Because the mini was very thin and my thinking was that it would hold better if I did so. As I anticipated, The wings were far too heavy for her to stand. I leaned her against something and ran into another problem. The wings tilted back too far. So I double pinned the wings to help with this. This basically did not help much though.... So I decided to create a base for her. After cutting her from her Bones roots. Ran into a new problem....She leaned back BADLY! I fix this leaning problem Later. I begin painting her Here are some shots I have to brush on primer for the base and wings but used blue liner for the rest and the hair was direct color no primer. More skin She came out a little rough when I finished. Where wasn't much I could do about it sadly... Now as to how I fixed the leaning problem. Well a small pebble basically. I positioned it under her dress and it made stand a bit straighter. I condensed this from the original thread as the pics are a bit large (data wise) So I didn't use all the photos I took. The only reason I'm redoing this thread is for education purposes for those that want to do their own conversions with bones. I do not recommend this method to anyone.
  15. You could always get a bucket of simple green and start over....instead of buying a new one