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  1. Wow! You got amazing detail on them! I've tried 15mm scale and it made me crazy. You did a beautiful job.
  2. Nice conversion!
  3. Nice! Love your colors.
  4. He looks terrific! I have this one, too - bought it when it first came out mumble-dy years ago, and it has been sitting on The Table of Shame for a long time. You have inspired me to take him out of the box and paint him. I like your red - it's a hard color to work with on something that size.
  5. Wow! Nice job! Your colors are great.
  6. I especially like the highlighting on the yellow skirt - it's a hard color to do well.
  7. Your bottle looks great!
  8. She's amazing!
  9. Nice job on her face.
  10. I like your highlights in his hair, and his cloak is amazing!
  11. Like the green and black color combination.
  12. Nice job! Love your shading, both on her skin and the dress. Yellow is hard to do, and you nailed it.