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  1. On the Small Side

    Wow! You got amazing detail on them! I've tried 15mm scale and it made me crazy. You did a beautiful job.
  2. The Ladykiller (77207: Dub Bullock)

    Nice conversion!
  3. Maledrakh's 77371 Basilisk

    Nice! Love your colors.
  4. Secret Project Two: Ral Partha 10-500 The Red Dragon of Krynn

    He looks terrific! I have this one, too - bought it when it first came out mumble-dy years ago, and it has been sitting on The Table of Shame for a long time. You have inspired me to take him out of the box and paint him. I like your red - it's a hard color to work with on something that size.
  5. 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon. (SORT OF)

    Wow! Nice job! Your colors are great.
  6. Two Ral Partha Elf Archers from AD&D Line 11-422

    I especially like the highlighting on the yellow skirt - it's a hard color to do well.
  7. Dwarf Pirate

    Your bottle looks great!
  8. Twi'lek Smuggler 32mm

    She's amazing!
  9. 77396: Olivia, Female Cleric

    Nice job on her face.
  10. Another Frostgrave Barbarian

    I like your highlights in his hair, and his cloak is amazing!
  11. Gourls Paints: 77102, Ebonwrath

    Like the green and black color combination.
  12. FTG11 - Female Goblin, Citadel miniatures

    Nice job! Love your shading, both on her skin and the dress. Yellow is hard to do, and you nailed it.