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  1. Warlady

    Secret Sophie minis for Fealron

    Great job and a wonderful gift. Love the resulting diorama!
  2. Warlady

    77008: Garrick the Bold "For Scale and Glory!"

    Excellent job!
  3. Warlady

    77565 Kyphrixis the Glacial Dragon

    Love your colors - well done!
  4. Love these and the story!
  5. Wow! What a productive year you had! These are great!
  6. Warlady

    Snow emergency miniatures

    What better way to spend your time snowed in! Very nice, especially the orcs.
  7. Warlady

    77226 Charnel Grub

    Disgustingly great job!
  8. Warlady

    Demon Paladin - Iron Winds Conversion

    Quite a successful experiment!
  9. Warlady

    44001: Bones Black Owlbear

    Very nice!
  10. Warlady

    77343 The Goroloth (aka the Blue Meanie)

    Beautiful job!
  11. Warlady

    60091: Jigeke the Exile, Mwangi Necromancer

    Love him (and Robert E. Howard, too!)
  12. Warlady

    Leprechaun & Owl in The Woods

    Love the expressions you gave to both the flyer and the rider!
  13. Warlady

    Welcome to the Jungle by Glitterwolf

    Wow! Quite the project and an amazing job!
  14. Warlady

    Hackmaster/ Ral Partha Half-elf Female barbarian

    Beautiful job - I love how you do these older minis!