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  1. Love the torchlight reflecting off his sword!
  2. Warlady

    Sparrow paints a Sphinx

    She's awesome!
  3. Warlady

    Grenadier Black Dragon - but blue

    I think I have almost all of the Grenadier Dragons of the Month, and I am determined, 30 years later, to get them painted! ;-)
  4. Warlady

    Hawkman Warrior from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Beautiful! Your shading and highlights are amazing.
  5. Warlady

    Young Fire Dragon - Bones version

    I will try that. I have some goblins that still need to be painted that I can experiment on.
  6. Warlady

    Winter Wolf (In White) - 77437

    Great job! His eyes look quite sinister.
  7. Warlady

    Obsidian Crypt - 77637 (Photo heavy)

    Wow! Beautiful job - I love terrain, just don't have enough space to store it.
  8. Warlady

    Finished up some minis

    She looks great!
  9. Warlady

    77191 Hydra

    Nicely done! PC's beware!
  10. Warlady

    Little green dragon

    Another little dragon I was always very fond of.
  11. Warlady

    Grenadier Black Dragon - but blue

    This was the first of my dragons that I painted some years ago. It was always one of my favorites, so I painted it with a great deal of trepidation. It was the Grenadier Black Dragon, but he didn't want to be black. I primed him in white, then took the Citadel Necron Abyss (one of the best blue paints ever!), thinned it out, and just did wash after wash until he was the right color. Then I mixed it with a little green for the wings. Alas, in my travels, his original horns had disappeared completely, and I had to make new ones from green stuff. Then the one side broke in another move and I had to re-glue it.
  12. Warlady

    Barnabus Frost - Bones version

    Super - thanks for the link! I appreciate it, as I have several more Bones dragons in the queue. I will post them as I finish them, for sure.
  13. Warlady

    Young Fire Dragon - Bones version

    Fortunately, the trouble spots were underneath where it didn't show very much, and I was able to patch them enough to be passable.
  14. Warlady

    Dragon familiar

    Thanks! He was fun, although I nearly went cross-eyed painting him. He is so teeny-tiny.
  15. Warlady


    Thanks! They were mostly the base color, and then washes and washes and washes, then finally highlights.