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  1. Warlady

    Kragmarr Pummeler 14648

    I think his eyes look pretty good. Nice job on the rest of him, too.
  2. Warlady

    Sparrow paints Marthrangul

    He looks great! His colors look like malachite!
  3. Warlady

    Wyrmgear WIP

    That pattern will look awesome!
  4. Warlady

    Zink's tyrant of Halpi

    I like the striped pattern you've put on him.
  5. Warlady

    Harlem Unbound

    The flapper has great colors, but Miss Imelda better watch her step with Mr. Barlow. You know what can happen to nosy dames!
  6. Warlady

    02756, Familiar Pack IV Imp

    No! No, don't do it! These bargains always turn out badly! But the imp looks great! He has an especially sly expression, and I love his wings.
  7. Warlady

    Ship's Hand 80063 @ Far Harbor

    Really nice job!
  8. Warlady

    14062 - Warlord

  9. Warlady

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Wow! What a dynamic piece!
  10. Warlady

    77306, Translucent Slimes

    Both are great, but the yellow one is particularly disgusting!
  11. Warlady

    77428, Vermin Tick

    Burn it, indeed! Another you-did-such-a-good-job-it's-creepy!
  12. Warlady

    Thorvald and His Fuzzy Bear !!

    Good job!
  13. Warlady


    Oh, Rigel, I just love these!