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  1. Both versions - modern one and 1960s/70s.
  2. Yes, and for #1 Godfather, the man's mini and the desk's mini should be separate pieces just in case you need them for roleplaying. That's what I dislike about the female Soviet sniper - the woman is not separate from the rubble.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. But ... I have. None of them can make it out to my particular area, or don't respond for some reason.
  4. I would like a good-aligned warrior with a battleaxe and a shield. Male and female. More peasants, ones who would fit in well on Harn (12th century England) - farmers, craftsmen, both men and women. No prostitutes. Also, a brewery set for townsfolk.
  5. I've always liked Battletech too. I had the Intro Box but sold it a couple years ago due to life issues; I've been thinking that the next time I have $50 that I'm not spending on Pathfinder or the new Star Wars game I'd like to get it and the 3039 stuff. Then would come the hard part - finding opponents (finding players in Massachusetts seems to have become quite hard lately).
  6. I would like a good-aligned warrior with a battleaxe and a shield. Also, a Grey Maiden with a battleaxe. Peasants who would fit in well on Harn (12th century England) - farmers, craftsmen.
  7. I think we need more of this type of "monster" around!
  8. I found Dark Heaven minis at a store called Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA and started collecting. I started with female ones and expanded as I matured; now I have a bunch. I've only used them once or twice but still enjoy playing with them; I quite enjoy the Chronoscope line. Though come to think of it, a friend of mine now uses his newly-acquired Bones to run PFS and Encounters for us. Neither of us have painted our minis. I know I don't care enough to - I'm happy just to play with them!
  9. I would like to be put on as a maybe. Dunno if I can make it, and dunno if there's room for me. (Where is this, again? I might need a ride or might not be able to get a ride, hence being maybe.)
  10. I completely agree with you.
  11. I would like Townsfolk as well, though I would be VERY happy if the female minis are NOT strumpets/pros.
  12. Start with this one. There's something called GI Joe Con, which for their 2010 meet had a very nice picture of The Baroness. Find that illo and model this figure off of it.
  13. I too wish her well, although I think I can't say anything more. Isn't she one of the sculptors for Reaper?
  14. Yeah, some shadowrun-flavored figures would be perfect. I would also like a half-cyborg dog or hyena. Don't ask. And last but not least, a dinosaur hunter. I'm thinking some kinda futuristic, gritty merc-looking guy with a bow and a shotgun, and a big knife, maybe with a headband, maybe with a little microvenator running around his feet. Actually, do all; they'd be perfect for SR or Transhuman Space/Eclipse Phase.
  15. Come to think of it, I'd love some minis that would be good for Shadowrun. (There are some already but I want more More MORE!).