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  1. Kyphrixis Cloudy Grey, Violet Red, and Lemon Yellow 3 star Link to show off thread: Link to WiP thread Photos!
  2. Right, what with Reapercon being over I've been able to go back and finish this guy up. Total time wound up being about 4.5 hours from start to finish. Here is a link to the finish pics in the show off section.
  3. Well, here is my Dragon in the show off section!
  4. Right, so for those of you who haven't seen it, Cyradis, Sirithiliel, and Pezler the Polychromatic launched the Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge last month (check it out! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76666-the-seers-and-a-wizard-present-a-random-rainbow-dragon-challenge/), and I couldn't resist the temptation to enter. I chose Kryphrixis for my, er, test subject, and I wound up getting Cloudy Grey for my primary color, Violet Red for the secondary color, and Lemon Yellow for the tertiary color. I took the 3 Star challenge, which meant I could only use the original three colors I rolled, plus black and white. WiP is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76990-ironhammer-is-taking-the-random-rainbow-dragon-challenge/ So here is the finished figure! This really was a speed paint in the end, all told it took me somewhere around 4.5 hours. Cheers! Thanks to Cyradis, Sirithiliel, and Pezler for organizing this, I had a lot of fun with this guy!
  5. Shaern, Gladiatrix (Female Anti-Paladin)

    Yes, it was the armor layout which inspired me to convert her to a gladiator. It just seemed like a perfect fit for her. Thanks! The competition has already ended though, and there were a lot of fabulous entries which far surpassed my own. The results were posted on facebook here, they're really worthing checking out! https://www.facebook.com/events/628589544011960/
  6. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    Same here, color theory has long been something which has kind of scared me, but I've slowly picked up enough tidbits over the years that when I decided I wanted to lay this palette out really carefully I already had kind of an idea of where to get started. I wound up learning an awful lot of stuff in the process, and most of the what I posted were things I came across while working on this specific project, which I then had to apply to my specific situation.
  7. I did this figure up for the quarterly painting competition. I made a weapon swap to turn her into a female gladiator, with a gladius blade pulled from the spare parts bin and a scratch built fantasy scutum, which was made mostly from sheet styrene. The scorpions are freehand. Apologies for my rather sub-par photography!
  8. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    And with that, I think I'm calling him done. I still need to go back and properly photograph him under (hopefully) better conditions, but the work itself is ready as it'll ever be. Thanks for all the feedback and kind comments, this has been a fun project!
  9. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    Before going on to finish up with painting the black parts, I decided to take time out to go ahead and paint the face...and paint the face...and paint the face again. I must confess, this face proved one the most difficult and frustrating I've ever tried to paint (or photograph for that matter), which I suspect is due in no small measure to all the various anatomical transgressions I committed when sculpting the thing. As it is, on the third try I managed to get it to a place where I'm more or less satisfied with it. Meanwhile, test fitting the nearly finished figure on the base I'm beginning to question the wisdom of including the helmet at all. It seems a shame after having gone to the trouble to sculpt it, but putting everything together this close to completion I'm really of the mind that it will simply be too much of a distraction from the central figure itself. The whole thing just seems to have more visual impact with just the figure alone. I took a series of photos with the (still unpainted) helmet set in various resting places, and one without it. Let me know what you think!
  10. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    Thanks for the kind words! Right now all I've got on the face is the primer coat. I've been debating what kind of colors to use on the hair and the gun, and I was seriously considering both blonde hair and a silver gun just as you suggested. However, I'm thinking I'm probably going to wind up going black for both the hair and the gun. The gun itself was heavily drawn from the laser pistols seen on the 1st season of Lost in Space, which were mostly black colored. Likewise, jet black hair seems to fit fairly well as an alternative to blonde while still fitting a stereotypical look for a pulp sci-fi theme. More specifically though, I'm thinking black will better compliment the overall color palette. I still have to come up with something for the boots and backpack nozzles, and doing those in the same color as the gun and the hair will help unify the overall look of the figure. The way I've done the orange and the green they've turned out fairly light and muted overall, so I'm thinking a strong, dark color like black would counter balance this and make the figure "pop" a bit more. Using black might also harmonize with the orange and green in other ways as well. If you look at this color wheel I've got below, a triad with orange and green puts the third color somewhere in the dark blue/deep violet range. Alternatively, if you look at the next color wheel showing a Split Complementary scheme. Using the light orange and light green colors for the split (which are fairly close to the colors I'm actually using) will put their opposite squarely in the dark violet. Finally, if I consider that I'll have a reddish colored base, then what I've got is a square color scheme with red, orange, green and blue at each of the vertices, just like below. In all three interpretations, the missing color would be something in the dark blue/dark purple range. My theory is that if I highlight the black with blue (as was done on the this practice piece I did in a class at Reapercon last year) the overall effect combined with the dark purple shadows I been using thus far will kind of fit the dark blue/violet slot on the color wheel, which will sort of/kind approximate all three of the formats I've been looking at.
  11. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    Thanks again for all the kind words! Moving on with the accent color, I think its turned out rather well after all (even under the dubious lens of my impoverished photography skills).
  12. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    I was still a little unsure about the secondary palette I picked for the harness and gear, so I started looking at "orange space suits" online to see what else might work. Low and behold, I came across images of these suits from the early space shuttle missions, which basically use the kind same color palette I had originally planned (apparently this is the S-1030 full-pressure suit, used on the SR-71 as well at least the sub-orbital space shuttle missions, as with these gentlemen from STS-3). I dunno, but I think it kind of works. What say you all?
  13. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    Taking a moment out to work on the base. I picked out four colors, again keeping the with the same shadow color to try and keep the overall palette unified with the rest of the figure. The base is pretty quick and dirty right now, but I really don't plan on putting that much into it, all I want is for it to set off the figure, not distract from it. I felt a red-ish planet surface would do the job fairly well, especially given the retro sci-fi feel of the piece (it seems to have been kind of the default color for alien planets back in the day).
  14. Scratchbuilt sci fi astronaut for Reapercon

    Thanks for the kind words! I've been experimenting with some different palettes for the olive green sections (at this point I'm thinking this will be the belt and harness, the quilted bib, the main body of the backpack, and possibly the gloves). Right now this is what I've got lined up. I'm toying with the idea though of substituting the Moldy Skin with Golden Blonde. I'm not convinced that the values are quite right (it's still fairly close in that respect to the Olive Green), but my gut instinct is that highlighting the green with it will really make it pop, as well as matching the warmer tones of the flight suit. What say you all?