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  1. Mid 80's she says. (We've been having mid 80's since mid April. But I'm loving it. Not complaining at all.)
  2. To be honest, I think a lot of us are having a hard time keeping track. Last thing I knew of was a casino tech? --- My dill is being drained of vitality by 7 Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. I'm conflicted.
  3. Ok night wasn't as good. Hard time falling asleep, and there were adventurers with husband and cat and a flower vase, two times in the evening.
  4. Today I had a good day. I had to work but was done by 3. I call that a win already. Got a nap, made a nice dinner with my sweety, hung out with him a bit watching stupid you tube videos (the movie the Great Wall looks sooo bad!) got the hobby room cleaned up and tucked away after the Bones explosion, and even got most of the cleaning done on all the minis for our Pathfinder characters. So a a really good day.
  5. Back in college I didn't have AC, and I was fine most nights. Not ever having AC allowed me to adjust to the heat. However temps in the high 90's with humidity were a bit harder on me. I needed the fan to blow directly on me for me to sleep those nights. Now that hat I live with other people. (And have a job where I can't be sweaty all the time) I'm much more of a wimp. There has been occasion when I've not been able to sleep and I turned the temp down to 74.
  6. All the better to find ways to plant glitter based anti-chaos devices on your personal property.
  7. Ok, Syracuse here I come!!!
  8. I'll admit, I wasn't imaging assassinating your way to the top. I was more thinking you going ronin. have no idea if that would be possible.
  9. Do Kevlar body suits have turtle necks?
  10. Oh I know! He could be a Glitter fashion model!
  11. Does the Achilles' tendon on count as a point on each side? As well as the carotids? (And all the other bilateral structures?) The popiteal is a nasty one. Not much else supplies your lower leg. I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee. That is the one. For us it included all malignant Heme. Though I still find solid tumors fastcinating, I've found I am far less attracted to outpatient stuff. BMT was the overlap between Oncology and critical care I was looking for. But many things over the last year has made me realize the price I would pay for pursuing that path, and I don't think it's one I can pay.
  12. Random fact: I was offered a job for extra money to watch peeps on the BMT unit over night. A home call situation. So some nights it would just entail being woken up a couple of times to deal with routine stuff. But other times would have been 'action packed' to say the least. How this relates to here, is that it would have been money that I would have used for minis. ((For what I was going to be doing the money would have sucked, but it would have also come with a heckava rec letter most likely. So some awesome benefits other than just money but only IF I had decided to spend 4 more years not having any time for my hobbies. )) However I did not do that because I got sucked in and started doing so much extra for my current job. So much so, that I didnt have time to also cover the occasional night.
  13. Is there any way you can morph it into a gig where you're your own boss?
  14. But she's the surgeon. I stick needles and tubes in things. For her scalpel use is a class skill. So she may be tiny, but that just allows her to catch her adversaries flat flooted and apply her sneak attack. I'm sure she would get at least +4D6.
  15. I have often thought, woe be to anyone who attempts to attack me. I am very aware of all the spots that surprising little flesh covers major arteries, and the true fastest way to a man's heart. I get lots of practice placing tubes in major arteries and veins. So I know where to find them.