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  1. But since it was Buglips playing buglips, could it have ended any other way?
  2. There's too many fine good peeps that I would love vet to hang with but don't have time.
  3. I need to practice all the techniques I learned in Advanced freehand with Brice Concanour. I have an idea on where I can practice them. So let's get some practice doing freehand.
  4. I took his sculpting faces class...
  5. They picked my bookcases to judge!!!!
  6. Give me a cup, no cream, no sugar. ---- and now to to stop abusing my median nerve for a few hours, before going back to the con
  7. Are you here Pendrake?
  8. I don't see a hot foot mini.
  9. I got conscripted into survival speed paint. @OneBoot, @Sirithiliel, @Dilvish the Deliverer, @Chaoswolf, @odinsgrandson, @Keianna, @Leopardpixie, (and I know I'm missing some) were all in there as well. @pcktlnt was one of the hecklers. @Pegazus was the judge. I did not win. I don't think the guy who won is on the forums. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Im sure there will be photos. But I threw my survival speed paint into the BoGW. Can't remember if @Sirithiliel or @OneBoot said it was disgusting. But it was. it will be there for whomever wants to claim it. THE is painted on the bottom cause I ran out of room for the 'S'. Who was the last one you bagged? --- Just before Survival speed paint, I had almost convinced @hungerfan that I was @Glitterwolf. And then a loud "Thes!" Rang it across the hall and my head instantly snapped around and I shouted "What?!" Giving away my ruse.
  10. Im pretty certain I'm pretty far out there.
  11. @Pingo wish you were here! ---- per Im with Siri and @seej just calling me @Glitterwolf is easier than saying my name. And glitter wolf fits me more than Gangster wolf. Also, here is my gift to @Chaoswolf And in case you can't see what's in it, here's a detail shot: There re is a chocolate covered bourbon Twinkie underneath all that glitter. Hope New England doesn't get much snow this year!
  12. So does anyone know where I try to trade in my unopened blisters?
  13. I can confirm Mori is here and safe, at least as of last night. She even got a drive by Thesing.
  14. You must be planning on wearing a mask. Cause I wouldn't call you exceptionally ugly.
  15. There was a large number of forumites up for the photo that I had not officially met yet. I need to step up my game of saying hi.