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  1. Live

    Though I for one would love to see more unicorns, and maybe a Pegasus, and why not a uniasus. For that matter, bones chibi unicorns and Pegasi and horses in general would be ridiculously popular with a certain segment of the market.
  2. Live

    I would love to have more of those cages victims for the tree, a torture chamber, and etc.
  3. @Froggy the Great - I doubt it would be the first time that you were up to something without you knowing it. --- @knarthex - *offers hugs*
  4. I think I use safari on the iPad. Or maybe the hangout app.
  5. Live

    Yes. His attitude had been turning more negative, until he learned I may get a sign on bonus that would plump up the house fund quite nicely. But he would rather me not spend my allocated play money on this, but as long as it stays to that budgeted amount, he can't tell me no.
  6. Live

    The nice thing about my husband being underwhelmed by minis is that I don't have to budget to get two of things, unless I'm the person who wants two.
  7. Live

    I wish I was special. But I'm a creep. And a weirdo. But, you know what, I think I belong here.
  8. Live

    Do we know who tags this KS?
  9. Live

    There was an update about her going back to school and consuming her time.
  10. Live

    But I'm impressed with the new backers we gained overnight. I had thought yesterday that we'd ding by noon today. I still think so.
  11. Especially as he has a good time meeting a host of new doggie friends.
  12. We we use the Netflix DVD rental. And no we don't get the streaming service. Hilarious I need to specify. I think your sister called the national number. I did the same when my mail was being returned to sender incorrect address despite numerous times telling the local post office. My husband wrote on several important looking letters return to sender for various previous residents. Not any of mine. But we kept getting mail for all the previous residents, but my mail was always returned to sender. It only resolved after calling the national number. It took about 9 days, but it never happened again after that. Isnt there a common slang term for that? Wasn't it something like Going Mail service? No that doesn't quite have the right ring.
  13. Live

    You meme so hard, like the world has never seen.
  14. Sorry little blueberry!! Hope you're not! So so do you have to kill him? Husband and I are both museum and go see things people. We both burn by the day star, and more than a couple hours at the beach is a migraine waiting to happen. However, all the activity, stress and excitement usually mean my autoimmune crap is flaring, and I run out of spoons pretty quickly. So rest needs to happen. A little more than my husband wants sometimes. But it is what it is. However, if that wasn't the case, I'd totally be like Zink's wife. MUST SEE ALL THE THINGS!
  15. I feel Ive had a harder time getting some super glue off my fingers than dermabond. Interesting. Next time I have it all over my fingers, side by side comparisons may be in order. You know, For science! Hope you feel better soon George!