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  1. Got up, fed the cats. Plan is to try and sleep before the chest pain and palpitations come back. Night all.
  2. I am sorry to hear about your step fathers pain. I hope your mother can get him some better pain control tomorrow.
  3. OMG yes. I frequently got, and still get, questioned on why I'm concerned about reserving my strength. Cause once im out of gas, I'm done. I literally can not remain upright. Sometimes I don't have the energy to do anything but lay there. Nope, I'm not tired so I can't sleep, im just literally out of gas, or spoons in this regard. Sorry my autoimmune diseases don't come with any convient labels for me to wear. -- I type as my pericarditis causes palpitations strong enough to disrupt my sleep initiation and I already took some nsaids for a migraine.
  4. Fulfilling

    Saturday isn't a business day so it doesn't count.
  5. Fulfilling

    Mine left Memphis last night at 10PM. They got to Nashville 2:18am. At 14:51 there was a departure scan, and at 15:03 there was another Nashville arrival scan. There hasn't been another departure scan, and I'm wondering if they just didn't have room on the truck, so my package got bumped. My delivery date is still listed as tomorrow by EOD though. So who knows.
  6. Live

    I have less interest in the cat people, but since Johnny has always been a good guy to deal with, I'm getting the cat people. Besides, this is his last KS. And I can see a PC someday saying "You know what would be cool, a cat person!" and I can be all "Huzzah!" I even have that! WHich is any mini collectors dream.
  7. Fulfilling

    It would be. Y guess that even if the fracker is down that they could keep packing, unless the shipping system is down. I blame my phone for the double post, and the typo.
  8. Fulfilling

    When the fracker was down, did the tracker actually track? ie did the total number of orders remaining go down more than the orders fulfilled did?
  9. Fulfilling

    I live less than 15 minutes from UPS's Worldport (which is an airport.) but for whatever combination of reasons, my packages from Texas are always loaded onto trucks. I think it's because Louisville is a global shipping hub. Or maybe because it's in the middle of the country they decide to have my ground transport to actually be delivered by ground transport. And that Jersey is just far enough away that it flew your package there because of the time/money math worked out more in their favor to fly packages from Dallas to Jersey. Im not really THAT jealous, I'm more interested in reverse engineering there logistics algorithms.
  10. Fulfilling

    I havent heard anything on what is going on for the Canadian backers who were 'missed'. So I dont know if you will get the shipping notice when it gets pulled. My guess is that wave 1 will transition into wave 2 without you getting a notice. But I'm sure Bryan is in the process of getting those orders straightened out.
  11. Fulfilling

    Im surviving by funneling all my energy into being jealous over @Werkrobotwerk getting his today. The Texas people I understand, but he's listed as living in Jersey!!!! I'm chuluthu with envy at the moment.
  12. Tgp nailed it. Looks like the phone somehow helped me quote the wrong person.
  13. Non weight bearing exercise, like riding a pedal or even swimming, or Doing an upper extremity work out. Something that doesn't place pressure on where the old wound was. Also how important it is to try to take things slowly and not do too much would depend on why the wound was there in the first place. If it came by way of a condition that has poor wound healing, then maybe slow and steady would be better. But then again it all depends on where the wound was, how bad it was, and how long it's been completely healed. Since she stated she gardened a lot yesterday, I was suggesting if she was concerned that she may re-injure the foot by doing more exercise today, that maybe there were exercises that could be done without putting pressure on that area. Make more sense now?
  14. Fulfilling

    It's from all the excited F5-ing.