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  1. Happy Birthday!!
  2. Emergency pants. Awesome. Where I currently work is very stingy on emergency pants. I had to beg for a pair when I needed them. I got them, but got hounded down the next day when I didn't drop them back off immediately in the AM.
  3. I got no issue with Banjo music. Means there is probably some good Blue Grass, some good eats, and some good bourbon (or maybe even a little ol' moonshine) where that banjo is playing. But maybe that's why I like living in Kentucky so much.
  4. Some unsolicited Advice: (click the spoiler if you, would like to have it.)
  5. What about sparkling? In sunlight that is?
  6. Look who's Gibbering.
  7. And here I had just resolved myself to no tease.
  8. Discourse is peachy, but I prefer my conversation to blossom organically from the murky depths of our collective subconscious.
  9. I think it's because he's the only one willing to shift through this mound of shambling conversation.
  10. I re-dug part of a very small garden plot, including removing several small bucket fills of red clay. Ibecae exhausted very quickly. and while I sat and rested, I convinced myself of the need to study. So I maybe here less until Aug 24th. When I take the test to be truly bonafide.
  11. Live

    No women's shirts, but if I remember correctly the American appearal women's 2x isn't flattering on me. (Where all other brands fit me just fine.)
  12. I have been finding, playing computer games == not painting minis. I have minisbecause I want to paint minis. But the ladt games games that had me in there clutches was civ 6, and moo 2016. I am forever playing that which I played in college.
  13. Now the the aftermath of many years of drinking, and homeless people being found down in parking garages (they have always peed themselves) is my usual gig.
  14. Anyone hit? Anyone injured? I haven't witnessed a shooting. Heard lots of shots fired. The aftermath is a different story..