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    @TaleSpinner Does this mean you have to sculpt faster?
  2. It's because he travelled for so many years with the hobbits. Once one gets used to Elevensies it's hard to give up.
  3. A goblins review of movies may be an untapped market. My husband and also watches the cinema snob and others who review old movies.
  4. fulfilling

    Sometimes I think more 'corporate' answers increase miscommunications, instead of reduce them like is intended. *offers the entire Reaper team back and foot massages*
  5. @LittleBluberry Oh I need to use a pill sorter. Otherwise I'll have no idea if I've taken my meds or not. I haven't decided if I am going to take this as a scheduled medication for a few days or not. Depends on how I feel tomorrow. If I do, I'll add it to the pill box. Sorry that you are able to relate to the fatigue. People often say "I can see how the pain bothers you." and actually I don't really mind the pain as much, it's the fatigue that gets me. The pain is annoying, the fatigue is life limiting. So in my view that's the worst.
  6. *Wonders* Did I take that second dose of indomethacin? I seriously can't remember..... Anyways stayed home today because I ran out of spoons getting ready to leave. Had some of the worst pain yesterday then I've had in awhile. Woke up feeling fine, but like I said, hit the fatigue wall pretty quickly. (I think you guys may have noticed me being around a bit more today.) Anyways, nsaids are the answer.... so did I take that second dose of indomethacin or not.... grrrr.... I hate not remembering. Maybe I'll go look to see if the cup has wetness in it. Couldn't have taken the pill without water... sometimes I have to get creative to circumvent my brain.
  7. I think you are missing the undertones of fresh blood. Nothing like the smell of a bleed.
  8. Looking at the good quality studies summarized here: That Valerian root may help reduce sleep latency. Looks like you want to aim for 400-450mg if you are looking for a supplement. (But remember to investigate your supplement companies. They are not regulated, and many of the supplements do not contain what is stated on the label.) Otherwise some people have had good results with melatonin. Sleep hygiene is one of the things I most violate. Especially not doing anything else in the bed room (you hsouldn't take your phone to bed with you.) and getting up and doing something else if you have laid there for 20 minutes.
  9. It's interesting to note that the BONES pack donkeys have shot up on the popular minis. Looks like a few people are making some baggage trains.
  10. I hear you on humidity. And I've dealt with my share of 100F 100% humidity without ac because it was post Katrina days. Which is one of the reasons I volunteered to do the stuff that needed to be done in areas still without power. Cause I set my thermostat to 74 when I want to be cold. I am most definitely a weirdo. Anyways, up here we have been hotter and more humid than usual. Average temp for July is high 70's low 80's. It's been above 90 twelve days this month so far. We have had 3 days below that were between 80-85 which was still above normal for those days, (meaning the other 9 days were between 85 and 90). Our average humidity is 70ish%. We have had 1 day with humidity was 71%. We have had 21 days of 90-100% humidity. It feels like it's August already. Glad for someone else it's cooler and less humid.
  11. I wondered if you were speaking from VERY personal experience. Nice job Kuro! Love the fades you did on him.
  12. Crazy that we have been hotter than you. We have had August like weather since the end of May. I feel like the Fey have taken over the land and brought eternal summer. I don't mind this at all. However, I know what comes after summer and fall.... and I am concerned it will be harsh.
  13. Only a Heat Index of 94F? Sounds like a cold day down in Louisiana.
  14. I'm a big cook directly on the rack person. I could see how a melty pizza would be a problem.
  15. It kinda all depends on if it melted while in the freezer or in the oven. But... I don't know if I want to know........