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  1. I don't know how the calendars work for icelanders in Florida, but orders made on Wednesday May 31st will still get the rogue.
  2. She's reminding us, only 5 months for the rest of us to do something amazing ourselves. I know I got one better hop to it.
  3. Can't wait for Thursday!
  4. I had only heard he was coming to Louisville about 2 weeks ago, and hadn't heard anything in particular about the tour itself.
  5. You can google NEWS Roger Water US + Them tour and find out the context. Don't know if they have photos, but the descriptions are accurate.
  6. Speaking of pictures, I just posted a few of the more controversial ones over on Beekeepers.
  7. This looks amazing. I love what you did with her clothing for example, but everything is amazing.
  8. Got back from Roger Waters concert. We had seats a bit far back, and then as we walked in a man gave us tickets to awesome seats. Miracles do occur. Thank you to whom ever at the KFC Yum center allowed us to have such good seats.
  9. Ah yes. Rider's Hobby's in Ann Arbor MI. It was my store, and were most of my hard earned allowance was spent growing up. Though the Meijer's across the street took some of it as well, back in the day when they sold D&D (1st ed, books and modules). (Though I wasn't in the habit of going to Rider's in 1975... I was only 2. :lol:)
  10. The nausea usually wears off with a few doses. The constipation will always be there.
  11. Nope. Then maybe not.
  12. I think I walked by the place in the last picture. We didn't eat there though.
  13. Music is good, but it's not the same as listening to a book. IMHO. Will you be sharing the car with anyone else? Because conversation is also good. And on family trips sometimes we do some light roleplaying games. I can't run them if I am driving, but they are entertaining.
  14. Yay! Speed paint! I love speed paint. Because I always look at what the pros can do, and think? They got that done in how fast? So what am I doing that I don't need to be doing? Cause I got to be ineffiecent somewhere in all that. Also, I noted that sometimes a speed paint mini doesn't look that much better than my first finished minis, where I was taking 80+ hours a mini. So it taught me, I can get better, and faster, and I need to just keep cranking them out. I love driving long distances!! a 10 hour drive is just starting to be 'long' for me. I'd drive 18 hours in a go pretty much any time. But for 'long' drives, I find books on tape to be very helpful. Now this is of course when I am driving the American highway system, where I can tune some stuff out a bit. If I'm on a two lane road, in a mountainous area, I may not be able to listen to the book. Heck in heavy traffic here in the states sometimes I need to turn the book off. But nothing helps 10 hours fly by but a book I am interested in.