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  1. Im sorry you and your wife had to go through that, but I'm glad to hear she is doing well now. Ive been on the other side of 30? 50? (I don't really know how many.) codes, and they are traumatic experiences. You will have stuff you need to process, in addition to processing all your emotions over the close call. Please, Nap. Take care of yourself. You have your own healing process in addition to supporting your wife through hers, and helping raise a new life.
  2. That would be amazingly fun to paint.
  3. live

    I got some of his Undead Hoard minis, and I was very happy with the quality. Shipped soon after the KS, and had no problems. i would pick up a few from this KS, but Im paid monthly and my hobby budget disappeared on the 2nd this month.
  4. Sorry to hear that about your SO's aunt.
  5. Who allows him to have a birthday?!
  6. Studies have shown more often than once a day may actually reduce your absorption.
  7. Thats a nice little bonus for those of us who can't make it.
  8. Ewoks eating storm trooper. Is think that would be more likely. wait. What are we walking about again?
  9. Ah. Yes. I am aware of services like that. We do like our blue apron. Had salmon with a mustard vinegrette last night. Yours sound tasty as well. That sounds like the makings of an epic poem. Tennessee is lacking in their Iliad type ballads.
  10. I was watching the lego batman movie with my husband and I saw a mold line modeled into the characters hair, I was both impressed by their dedication to reality and a had a complusion to remove it.
  11. New recipe box?
  12. Why do I care about code crasftmanship? I want the same scoring system applied to two different columns. (The NEWS score for vitals gotten on ER Triage and the News score for vitals on Admission ) as of right now, I can't think of a way to do it without writing the code twice. If this wasn't an sql script run on views I'd write a function to be called that took the vitals as input and gave a news score as output, but I don't think I can create a function like that in a sql script.
  13. Oooo that kitty loves whoever posted that photo. Maybe not after they realize their loved posted a photo of them slouching around the house in their equivalent of pajama pants, but at least that kitty loved them at the time of that photo
  14. I bear some of that blame myself. Sorry guys! Here's a picture of a kitten:
  15. @redambrosia - because it is hard to coordinate, the usual response is for the pcp to fill out the paperwork. But the poor pcp is usually overworked and not paid to fill out paperwork like this. I also want to support what @Grayfax said. It takes a village. You also have to take care of yourself. Someone who can not swim cannot save a drowning man. Providing 24/7 care is over three full time jobs worth of coverage need. Since there are three 8 hour shifts every day. Which is why, it can't just be just one person. He sounded fairly functional prior to going to the hospital. Given what you told me about the multiple small strokes on the CT scan, he may not get back to what he was prior. Delirium (which is different from dementia) is characterized by waxing and waning sensorium. They will be better for a bit during the day and worse other times. Usually at night. Reorientation by family members and trying to keep them awake during the day and sleeping at night is also important. Like I said before it can take some time to improve. its my rememberence that he did not have any formal diagnosis of cognitive decline or dementia prior to hospitalization. Is that correct? Even if he did, I would likely recommend formal testing to formalize the diagnosis. I do hope things get better soon, and other family members pull through without causing too much extra drama (sometimes from misplaced guilt or maladaptive coping mechanisms dealing with their own emotions seeing their father ill.)
  16. What I think was bothering me the most is that I know some people would disagree with the way I handled it. In that I should not have spent so much time and effort. Or should not have poked the bear by being transparent and honest. And even though I know I handled it fairly well, (I probably could have stopped trying a bit earlier.) but The brain weasels were getting on me last night. I think I've banished them for now. And I think that part of my issue with spending too much time on these sorts of situations (which is a criticism from my superiors) has some to do with the brain weasels not letting go, so I need to work on figuring out what's feeding them so I can address those issues. But thanks man. It means a lot to me to have your guy's support.
  17. I should have signed on last night. I was still bothered by work but I thought video games would help. They didn't, they just delayed the churn until I went to bed.
  18. This could still be delirium from his hospitalization, which may improve with him at home. Familiar situation should help more than a new unfamiliar spot. Unfortunately, it may take weeks. Also Unfortunately for a short term rehab (STR), you need two qualifying conditions. However that does not apply to long term care LTC (the traditional nursing home). The person only needs 24 hour care for LTC. However LTC is expensive, usually patients go through STR first and then transition into LTC. Also I've found insurance companies not want to pay for either. The game I see played here, (Humana comes up frequently) is that the insurance company says they need a pre-auth to decide if the patient needs STR. That process takes 2 weeks. By the time they have the paperwork finished, the patient usually is good enough to go home, maybe with home PT. (Note also, the insurance company has said there is no longer an acute need to keep the patient in the hospital so the insurance company stops paying the hospital for care.) These type of disposition issues are easier to deal with at the VA instead of the community/academic hospitals. There isn't a push to get them out the door, and there more resources for tough situations. @redambrosia - I'm sorry you and your family are being effected by the shortcomings of our healthcare system. Again let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Also so if I were going to give any advice for your rock and a hard place situation is to see if you can take paid leave of absence or unpaid with the family medical leave act. And If that is even possible with you keeping up with your own bills. However, we are now into territory that I am much less familiar. We're there any social workers involved in your dads care? And did you get any phone numbers for any post discharge questions?
  19. I believe my quote of the day was "if I didn't actually care, would I be here asking you what your concerns are?" The answer was along the lines of, "just like everyone else, all you say is you don't know, and you have told us nothing we didn't already know, so I don't know why you are still here. If you can't do anything for my concerns, or answer them, why do you even bother? "
  20. It also doesn't take into account boobs.
  21. I love it when I get yelled at for not listening, and not trying to help when I've just spent 2 hours listening and stating what is being done.
  22. :offers hugs: Usually ive found there isn't enough money to do all the things needed for the person being taken care of. And the person taking care of them throws in some of their own money as well at times.
  23. I thought you left that place and moved to Denton.
  24. I have no idea why the other one didn't want rehab/care facility. I'll admit, that's a bit odd.
  25. Live

    I like their reverse bottle holders, but my hobby budget is dry, and I'm making a travel set I don't have to put away.