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  1. ReaperWolf

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    Also thinking about bringing and running Paranoia XP this year. Saturday or Sunday night. >>ReaperWolf
  2. ReaperWolf

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    For the record, I didn't schedule an evening Saturday game but I will have a few tasty selections. With all the fantasy I'm thinking I'll bring some sci-fi. >>ReaperWolf
  3. ReaperWolf

    Gaming tips...

    All of the official ReaperCon 2018 Dreadmere and Barrowgate events have pregens. >>ReaperWolf
  4. ReaperWolf

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    All of my events have been submitted. Dreadmere will never be the same. A great upset grips the 'Mere. All the activity has attracted the attention of Warlord Van Storme, servant of Gabriel Darkblood. The Warlord has ordered his Blood Wolves to bring order to Dreadmere. With the establishment of the garrison, the Reeve's and the Sheriff's authority has diminished as has that of the 7th Margraive Bruno Hauptman of Graymoor. Turf boundaries have been redrawn, the future of Dreadmere will be determined by the actions of the bands: River Widows, Duskwardens, and Knights of the Maggotcrown. And that's not all. Old bands step from the shadows to oppose the usurper Warlords: Disciples of Cthon and Bonehenge Covenant. See ya'll in a couple of weeks! >>ReaperWolf ReaperWolfs_TabletopSchedule_2018.xlsx
  5. ReaperWolf

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    I'll review my events today and give the thumbs up. After that they get approved and will appear on the schedule. >>ReaperWolf
  6. ReaperWolf

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    We're still finalizing my events but a few have been posted to a new scheduling system. Will post new events and review previously submitted ones tonight. I'm using the same schedule as previous years: 3 hour events, three Thurs, Fri, and Sat and one on Sunday. Bands/Faction events are as follows: Duskwardens Knights of the Maggotcrown River Widows Disciples of Cthon Bonehenge Covenant The Blood Wolves have pushed their way to prominence in Dreadmere and they're looking to cement Warlord Van Storme's influence in the Dreadmere region. It's time for the bands to unite and push back. Hard. We're also premiering a new piece of the Dark Heaven Legends setting every night from 8-11 PM (or longer) allowing ya'll to sandbox explore/experience Hillsedge Province/Barrowgate on the other side of the Adonian continent. We've been hinting at this content in the Dungeon Dwellers releases. This is your chance to experience it first hand. All of my games will use the D&D 5e rules with original content such as custom races, magic, etc. More details to follow... >>ReaperWolf
  7. ReaperWolf

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    I'm spending some of this weekend working on my ReaperCon 2018 events. We're returning to the mud and muck of Dreadmere, that most delightfully loathsome of locales. Make sure to pack your mudboots! Per our previous years I'm running nine three hour events over the course of the four days. I'm still hashing out the the adventure content but we have settled on a game system. The past year year I used Troll Lord Games most excellent Castles & Crusades. In previous years we've run Savage Worlds and Pathfinder. These wonderful games have all served us well. There are a ton of wonderful options: GURPS, HERO, WEG's D6, Cypher System. I'd love to introduce our fans to new game systems but this year we've decided to support... <<drumroll>> D&D 5e I used D&D 5e a few years back and we had full tables. Clearly the fanbase really enjoyed the melding of the new hotness of the 5th edition of the worlds most popular tabletop rpg and the Dark Heaven Legends setting. So fans of 5e rejoice and those who've yet to try it out this is a great opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. So there ya have it, straight from the Wolf's mouth. All official ReaperCon 2018 rpg events will be powered by D&D 5e. Stay tuned... >>ReaperWolf ReaperWolfs_TabletopSchedule_2018.xlsx
  8. ReaperWolf

    DD1: The Vanishing Blackguard - a FREE PDF Adventure!

    Thanks for the kind words dude! I'd love to read more first hand accounts especially in regards to encounters with the Blackguard himself - Sir Rictus.
  9. ReaperWolf

    DD1: The Vanishing Blackguard - a FREE PDF Adventure!

    Love Goblinoid Games stuff. Conversion from C&C to LL (Advanced or Basic) should be a snap. Attributes/Ability Scores are almost identical. Monster stats should be very close. Saving throws would need a little tinkering but not insurmountable. >>ReaperWolf
  10. ReaperWolf

    DD1: The Vanishing Blackguard - a FREE PDF Adventure!

    Cannot express how pleased and proud I am to have the opportunity to share content in support of Reaper Dungeon Dwellers with the Reaper Community. Over the years I've been writing and running the official ReaperCon events and the Reaper fans are absolutely unmatched in their love of Reaper and the hobby. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they're just cool to eat BBQ with. It's an honor and privilege to share the Reaper Dungeon Dwellers setting with ya'll. We've got big plans and great things coming down the pike: cool characters, neat locations, encounters and adventures, and even a new beast or two. Have at it and tell us what you thing! >>ReaperWolf p.s. I'm especially keen to read what players and gamemasters have to write about Sir Rictus. <maniacal cackle!>
  11. ReaperWolf

    ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Picture time!! Only a few months late. In my defense, super busy working on some text for our favorite miniature company. Stay tuned. >>ReaperWolf
  12. ReaperWolf

    ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Will post recaps with photos once I roll escape artist vs. the con-crud's deathgrip. >>ReaperWolf
  13. ReaperWolf

    ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Tick tock tick tock... who's ready to party in the 'Mere? Miniatures requested (yes, first time in years I actually requested minis!!) Adventures written (ongoing) Pregens roughed out... >>ReaperWolf
  14. ReaperWolf


    Looking forward to having you at the table.
  15. ReaperWolf

    ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    With a few short days to go I'm really stoked about this years events... Hunt vampires with the Duskwardens Explore a soggy haunted manse with the Maggotcrowns Retrieve valuable cargo from a foggy maze with the River Widows Uncover who or what is damaging the magical weave of Dreadmere with the Covenant. On Sunday we'll sandbox explore Dreadmere both town and region. >>ReaperWolf