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  1. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Picture time!! Only a few months late. In my defense, super busy working on some text for our favorite miniature company. Stay tuned. >>ReaperWolf
  2. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Will post recaps with photos once I roll escape artist vs. the con-crud's deathgrip. >>ReaperWolf
  3. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Tick tock tick tock... who's ready to party in the 'Mere? Miniatures requested (yes, first time in years I actually requested minis!!) Adventures written (ongoing) Pregens roughed out... >>ReaperWolf
  4. Dreadmere

    Looking forward to having you at the table.
  5. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    With a few short days to go I'm really stoked about this years events... Hunt vampires with the Duskwardens Explore a soggy haunted manse with the Maggotcrowns Retrieve valuable cargo from a foggy maze with the River Widows Uncover who or what is damaging the magical weave of Dreadmere with the Covenant. On Sunday we'll sandbox explore Dreadmere both town and region. >>ReaperWolf
  6. Dreadmere

    Tick tock... days to go. Who's eager to return to the 'Mere?
  7. Dreadmere

    Unclear. Some believe a malignant intelligence is behind it, possibly the Wraith King Murkillor. >>ReaperWolf
  8. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Question: How big are the saprolings in comparision to a standard heroic scaled PC mini? Asking for a friend. ;) https://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/06202 >>ReaperWolf
  9. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Dreadmere is rarely quiet, and when it is be afraid. >>ReaperWolf
  10. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    A wee tidbit... Oh the buildings... so many... >>ReaperWolf
  11. ReaperWolf's Official RC2017 RPG Events & Schedule

    Hrm... been a few days and it's gotten quiet. I'll post some more tidbits tonight. >>ReaperWolf
  12. Dreadmere

    My PCs are new to the 'Mere and are still figuring out a few thing 'cuz their knowledge of the Dark Moors is incomplete at best. Even the ranger (my wife's character) still has a thing or three to learn about herbology. The herb in question - wooly spurdock is 70% effective (80% when fresh) and has a radius of about 10 feet. A personal bundle can be smudged (like sage) and is about 50% effective out to 5 ft. radius. Can be purchased for a gold or two for a bundle which burns for about an hour or a dried tightly wound bundle for 10gp. The most shocking discovery: provisions even preserved ones don't last long near Stonegraves - Murkillor's ruined keep. Fresh food lasts ~12 - 14 hours but iron rations last about a day before moldering or vermin infestation. Water turns foul in about the same time but tastes bad after after only hours. The PC cleric's purify food and drink is proving very useful. The PCs have heard rumors that a certain plant when a leaf is added to a waterskin or one's ration bag will keep the souring at bay for several days. They've yet to figure out what herb though. I suspect they'll be asking around when and if they make it back to Dreadmere. >>ReaperWolf
  13. Dreadmere

    Market prices are a tad on the high side and fluctuate daily with shipments coming in and out of the 'Mere. There are plenty of purveyors of quality goods so if you're in the market for masterwork arrows, shields, or goods made from unusual materials such as duskwood or even obsidian, it's in Dreadmere... somewhere. For every permanent shoppe there are a half dozen stalls selling high quality spell components (granting metamagic effects), herbs (such as those keeping stirges at bay, granting nightvision, or imparting waterbreathing), trinkets such as talismans (minor elemental protection or even damage reduction that actually work!) etc. Hedgemages and witches make a fine living producing minor temporary magic items for the discriminating adventurer.
  14. Dreadmere

    The center of Dreadmere is Drowntown, a few islands where the Oxwash river current splits and flows. Around Drowntown is bandland, where the factions have staked out their territory. Beyond that is the Deepmist where things get real exciting. Drowntown may be rowdy but it's not the crapshoot free-for all peril in the making that is the Deepmist but that's where the unexplored ruins, untouched crypts, and monster lairs are to be found. Although make no mistake, there's plenty of peril even in Drowntown just watch your step. Engaging in faction business in Drowntown is a great way to get yourself perished. The Green Sashes, the Reeve, and others don't take kindly to those violating the accords. >>ReaperWolf
  15. Dreadmere

    It's quiet... too quiet... DREADMERE The grizzled fisherman’s hands shook as he rolled the mug of bitter radish between his leathery palms. “I seen it all from me skiff. I stood dumfounded, a heavy mossback hanging from me line as the twice damned ruins rose from the steaming muck. The sabergrass and mire pitched and heaved then silence before a dozen of twisted towers reached claw-like towards the leaden sky. Slate roofs followed sloughing mud and sending thick rivers of slime flowing through rubble-strewn streets.” His voice trembled as he continued with a whisper “It was as if the earth were spitting the city out like a rotten bit of gristle.” – Gwilem of Thent, fisherman as told to Albor Wylot, Chronicler Third Class.