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  1. It's quiet... too quiet... DREADMERE (from the forward Dreadmere: Muck & Mire manuscript) The grizzled fisherman’s hands shook as he rolled the mug of bitter radish between his leathery palms. “I seen it all from me skiff. I stood dumfounded, a heavy mossback hanging from me line as the twice damned ruins rose from the steaming muck. The sabergrass and mire pitched and heaved then silence before a dozen of twisted towers reached claw-like towards the leaden sky. Slate roofs followed sloughing mud and sending thick rivers of slime flowing through rubble-strewn streets.” His voice trembled as he continued with a whisper “It was as if the earth were spitting the city out like a rotten bit of gristle.” – Gwilem of Thent, fisherman as told to Albor Wylot, Chronicler Third Class.
  2. Hrm... Well imagine a pinnacle predator, and a highly territorial one capable of lifting and tossing single masted watercraft. Ugly. Damn ugly. They're nomadic, lurking in whatever large mucky hollow they can find. They're also known to excavate so it's possible to find one undergound. They're always hungry, have an insatiable appetite for meat which considering their size they can devour a grown man whole armor expelling the indigestible bits in great croaking belch. This is how they mark their territory, well that and shattered watercraft. A wise man knows how to recognize these heaps for what they are - a possible treasure trove. But be quick, although as large as a barn, the Bogthrasher is a master of ambush and stealth. And the tadpoles are the size of alligator gar and twice as voracious.
  3. Only pretty? I'll have to take this up a notch. Maybe provide stats for a Howling Bogthrasher. >>ReaperWolf
  4. A quick update: We're still getting everything in place. My first three events are posted as is the Sunday sandbox game however the replays don't have descriptions. Worry not! The titles are listed, you just have to look at the same title on the previous days for the descriptions or... Deepmist Maze (River Widows) Castles & Crusades (modified), 6th printing - A shipment has gone astray and the reputation of the River Widows is riding on the delivery! An ambitious Weaver with Reaver aspirations has bungled the transfer of valuable cargo- the sort of cargo the meddlesome Reeve frowns upon. The shipment is bound for the Free City of Farkeep and the buyer is growing impatient. You and your fellow River Widows will venture into the Deepmist and retrieve the cargo at all cost. Naturally- there will be a few wrinkles along the way... rumor has it the Duskwardens are aware of the shipment and working with Covenant witches. Be quick! By Torch and Hammer... (Duskwardens) Castles & Crusades (modified), 6th printing - A gang of fiends prowls the streets of Dreadmere- no-one is safe from their bloodlust. The Duskwardens summon their hounds and take up torch and hammer to eradicate bloodhungry rakes. The Aroma of Death (Knights of the Maggotcrown) Castles & Crusades (modified), 6th printing - The stygian fog closes in blanketing the dank and musty tumbledown streets and waterways of Drowntown. In the Deepmist something stirs restlessly. The mucky fen pitches and heaves as an ancient manse from Old Mosscrest rises splitting open like an overripe melon. The intoxicating gravereek draws the Knights of the Maggotcrown to plumb the manses depths and welcome whatever lurks in the crypts. Fonts of Power: Menhir & Henge (Bonehenge Covenant) Castles & Crusades (modified), 6th printing - Someone or something is disrupting the ancient lines of power flowing to and through Dreadmere. Disrupting magical forces on this scale could be catastrophic. Whatever beast or being is perpetrating this vile deed must be exposed and rundown. This is no random act of vandalism- a dark hand is behind these dark deeds. Seek it out and destroy it! Dreadmere Sandbox Free-For-All Castles & Crusades (modified), 6th printing - Welcome to Dreadmire: Muck & More traveler! Join ReaperWolf on a perilous exploration of Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends setting. This will be sandbox style play- pick a direction or a spot on the map and set off on a truly unforgetable adventure. Alternatively brave the many dangers of Stonegraves- Murkillor the Wraith King's megadungeon. Only the bold need apply! >>ReaperWolf
  5. The city of Tiernival was the northernmost outpost of the Tivallan/gray elvin empire (formerly stretching from the Regency of Dartha hugging Daggerpoint Gulf and heading northwards to what is now the Dark Moors. The other two settlements include an old fortress and settlement known as Olde Mosscrest (ancestral seat of Murkillor's family) centuries ago. Later, the area was inhabited by various nobles and ner'do'wells from the Gaelent Highlands, Ritterlich, etc. The town was a decadent outpost for scoundrels. Eventually the greedy nobles and their cronies retreated to their manses while the town burned. A plague had broken out spread by plaguewalkers, horrid undead constructs manufactured by the Wraith King in Stonegraves - his underground lair and laboratory. With no options, the nearby settlements and the Margraive surrounded the town with fortifications and summoned walls and tossed in dozens of fireballs and meteor swarms. The ashes and cinders of the town was a mass grave that sank into the muck. Flash forward a few centuries and Dreadmere rises from the muck. As for the Disciples. They're still around. Not side-lined per se. They were betrayed by their allies - the River Widows who took advantage of the momentary weakness and chaos of last years assault by Murkillor's minions. The gang is splintered and a little disorganized but the Crimson Herald is rumored to have survived, albeit very weakened. I suspect the other bands - Duskwardens, Maggotcrowns, etc. have been infiltrated by the Disciples... And yes, there are a few truly ancient pre-Tivallan ruins in the 'Mere. Last year featured the Disciples of Cthon being contacted by one of these ancient Cthonic entities when the cyclopean ruins rose from the muck. The Bonehenge Covenant tangled with a Cthonic entity that came down in a meteor and took up residence in one of the crumbling manses on the edge of their territory. >>ReaperWolf
  6. Also, there are entire industries built around catering to adventurers flocking to Dreadmere to make their fortunes and local shoppe owners are quick to provide goods and services ensuring any loot acquired in the 'Mere can be spent for upgrades.
  7. Precisely and considering the dilapidated conditions aboveground, it's a veritable surface dungeonscape.
  8. The central area is known as Drowntown and it's the lowest elevation in the area. As you work your way outwards you encounter more and more islands made up of debris, ruins, and new constructions. Usually all three. :) All of Dreadmere looks like it's one rainstorm away from blowing away. It's great! The geography doesn't precisely match up to previous settlements. The ground has shifted chaotically over the past five or six centuries. Just about anyplace folk can set up a shop they will. Fly by night operations are common so if you're looking for a masterwork scimitar you'd better be willing to comb the city in search of the artificer. There are quite a few stable pockets here and there but GMs looking to revise the map every once in a while have a great excuse to do so. Dreadmere as a settlement hasn't been around quite ten years. It's a boomtown so lots of transients and believe you me, plenty of folk go missing. All manner of faction shenanigans and cult activiites are going on at hours of the day and night.
  9. Dreadmere is constantly sinking and pitching and a-heaving. Roads are mucky affairs so get used to being soggy and the moldy smell. Roads are temporary affairs and teams of folk make a good living dropping planks, stone, whatevever they can to shore up major thoroughfares. There are plenty of natural canals. Just about every building in Drowntown has a dock or a canal with a dock; some right up against the front or back door. The architecture of prior habitations: gray elves, Olde Mosscrest and then later Mosscrest is all still present and forms a crazy-quilt like look to the city. There are few new structures higher than two stories for fear of sinkage. Because of the magic used by the elves, there are pockets of passages and chambers forming a network of semi-connected mazes under the swamp. The magic fluctuates so only the foolish or desperate, or brave uses these hidden byways.
  10. Ooh cannons! Fun! Gunpowder does exist but it's expensive, flashy, dangerous, and therefore really only useful where the conditions are more stable. Dreadmere is mucky and rainy, so any gunpowder weapons are more likely to misfire and breaches foul. Now don't get me wrong, the Duskwardens are ALL trained in gunpowder weapons and many carry many of these weapons loaded with silver, cold iron, or even more exotic rounds such as runeshot with fire, lightning, etc. secondary damages. Rumor has it the higher up Houndsmen have enchanted firearms. So they firearms but bows and crossbows are cheaper and more reliable and in a world of magic, there's always fireballs and magic missiles. The Green Sash fort is said to have light bombards and a few well armed watercraft have small deck guns. One of the local bars, the Longshot run by a one-eyed half-elf calling himself "Long" Tom Keeler has a small cannon hanging from the rafters. It's unlikely to be loaded but when a minotaur gets a raging, 'Long" Tom has been known to swing the cannon into place and stare down the barrel. >>ReaperWolf p.s. There's a rumor, and a far fetched one by any estimation, that the River Widows intercepted a shipment by barge of ordinance and powder bound for Duskwarden armories. The Duskwarden's aren't talking (unlike the swaggering bragging Widows) but many of the sisters are sporing starwheels, arquebuses, and flintlocks with Farkeep foundry and Duskwarden marks. If things weren't hot between the Widows and Houndsmen, they are now.
  11. And 'cuz ya'll love maps. The latest map of the Dark Moors. Subject to change based upon needs and whims of design and management. :) >>ReaperWolf And what would a large overland map be without a WIP Dreadmere map. Note! I have about 10,000 small buildings and landmarks to drop in and you wouldn't believe the number of labels. This map is gonna be gargantuan. >>ReaperWolf p.s. Don't think I didn't notice the Disciples territory is unchanged from last year. Stay tuned, this is last years map.
  12. Happy weekend ya'll! It's that time again. With a little over 4 weeks until RC2017 it's time for some reveals. Below you'll find the schedule of events for the Reaper RPG events. It's almost identical to the past three years with one tiny exception. I took Saturday night off. Yup. I noticed the past 2-3 years Saturday night attendance has been very light. There are awards and banquets and people are tired from all the fun. Last year the event didn't go off at all 'cuz I didn't have any players. Even the Pathfinder Society judges noticed it was lite and they sturggled for fannies in seats. So this year the 8 player mashup only runs once. I will be around, I'll have a few tasty options to run starting after dinner around 8PM Saturday night. Or I'll hang out. Not sure yet. Games I'll have on hand include D6xD6 (many settings ready to roll), Hollow Earth Expedition, and Atlantis the Second Age, and Star Frontiers powered by FATE 3.0. Not to be missed! Just like previous years, four faction themed adventures are presented. You'll get a chance to climb into the skins of fearless Duskwardens, conniving Maggotcrowns, mysterious Bonehenge Covenant members, and this year for the first time cast your lot with the River Widows, ruthless river pirates with a hint of voodoo. Each faction adventure runs twice. My last event rolls at 11 AM on Sunday and wraps by 2:00 PM. Plenty of time to pack up and head off to the auction. The Dreadmere Sandbox 8 player game is unlike previous years. It's not an all-faction mashup although I'm guessing there will be a few faction members in the mix. ;) After pregens are handed out ya'll will decide on a destination based upon maps and rumors and just dive into perilous hex-crawling adventure. Or, if you're feeling froggy, hop over to Stonegraves, Murkillor the Wraith King's megadungeon for some truly unforgettable adventure. So... what game system is worthy? This year I'm using Castles & Crusades 6th printing, more or less. :D I've ported in a few D&D 3.x/Pathfinder-isms and also bolted on a few of my own designs including a FATE aspect system that'll knock your socks off. If you hate FATE, feel free to ignore it. There will be joss tokens (Fate/destiny/luck points). We may also give my die based initiative/action and critical hit systems a try. Crits don't have to be just extra damage anymore!! Pregens will be provided. Classes and races will be tweaked so they seamlessly represent the world of Adon: Dark Heaven Legends. Characters will all have the same XP, everybody will be 4th level except for rogues 5th. Max HP at 1st level and at least average for each level therafter (you can either roll before we play or take 65% x HD) I will entertain requests for gear however it'll take some serious tap-dancing and offerings to the GM to convince me to hand out any items granting invisibility, omniscience, clairvoyance, or eliminating encumbrance like bags of holding. Feel free to holler at me with any and all questions. ReaperWolfs_TabletopSchedule_2017.xlsx
  13. Keep the questions coming gang. It's always good to discuss projects of this nature. I'll keep my eyes on the forum over the weekend. >>ReaperWolf
  14. Discussed in an earlier post. :D Green Sashes are the Sheriff's men, local militia. Emile von Storme has also dispatched a garrison and supplemented the new guard with a coterie of vicious dhampir rakes. Incidentally, the Sheriff and the Reeve are both pictured in the Bones 4 Dreadmere update. The militia provides support and a new post River-Sheriff has been put forth but the current Sheriff isn't keen on sharing power or muddying jurisdiction. >>ReaperWolf
  15. The Maggotcrowns are an odd bunch. At the heart of the leadership, they believe they're artists and liberators freeing folks from pain and uncertainty. To the Maggotcrowns, life is an affliction and death is the release. All members experience near-death and come out of it changed. Haunted by their own mortality. They are cool, dispassionate, and to those looking for release, compassionate and even gentle. Creepy. We have several death gods in DHL, one of which is also the god of games and theater. The problem is most people assume goblins in DHL are the same little fun-loving firebug miscreants in Paizo's Pathfinder/Golarion. They are not. They're more like the goblins/orcs in Lord of the Rings/Middle-earth. The local goblins are savage poison wielding boomerang chucking camouflage artists known as Clod-Goblins. Now what you do with Dreadmere is up to you, if you want pirate goblins more power to you. I do have humanoid pirates on the Savage Coast south of Hakir but that's thousands of leagues from Dreadmere. >>Joseph