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  1. Here are two minis that I really love. I love how the Super Dungeon Explore setting has the princesses as the prophesied heroes that will eventually overcome the dark lord. No waiting around to be rescued for them. Princess Emerald is really full of character. I love the steampunk feel she has. I chose a color scheme based on her namesake. I'm planning on doing this with the other princesses as they come out. This Princess Ruby is a re-sculpt. To be fair, I was quite fond of the original sculpt for Princess Ruby, but I recognize that as the style of Super Dungeon Explore evolved, she was a little left behind (Ruby would be far shorter than her sister princesses at least). And I was quite happy to paint her up again. As with Emerald, my color scheme was based on her namesake: So we're waiting on the Super Dungeon Arcade box to come out so that I can have a go with Princess Amethyst next.
  2. I'm used to attending Gencon every year, and this year will be my first Reapercon. So, at Gencon, I usually just pick up a whole bunch of generic tickets and go around and crash classes. Sometimes I can't get in, but usually I can get into the classes that I want. Is that true of Reapercon as well? Or do I need to purchase the classes right away? Also, are the classes paid for in Reaperbucks, or am I misunderstanding something?
  3. I painted these just a little while ago to match a client’s RPG party. They are all 3D prints from Heroforge, where you can choose from a wide array of options for characters. 3d printed minis present a bit of a challenge for painters, as the grain is often visible in a few spots. There are a variety of ways to overcome this, including sanding and gloss, but ultimately you just need to be very careful with your shading. For each of these, I got some pretty specific instructions on their color scheme. Here they are:
  4. Geeks come in quite a lot of variety. And we're very passionate about the things we love. Sometimes we start feeling at odds with each other- we start arguing about whether Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Firefly represents the apex of entertainment. I always think it is funny when we argue about things like Playstation or Xbox since 90% of the games are the same anymore. I don't want to say that we're all the same- we're not. I think the fact that we're not all alike makes us a lot more fun. But ultimately, the passion from fandom can bring us together as well. Here are a couple cake toppers where the brides and grooms show different fandom trappings.
  5. Thanks, but they're not really at that level. I went for striking, but they wouldn't stand up against the best of the best at a big competition.
  6. Live

    Do we know if the 40mm height includes the base? In that case, some of those minis are quite a bit smaller than I had thought.
  7. LIVE

    Ah, it is on the main page. I was looking at the one in the update and starting to wonder if Narlgauth ate sir forescale...
  8. Live

    That's true to Reaper's history. I mean, they did loads of adventurers and D&D monsters, until you really couldn't make a 3.5 character that they didn't have a suitable mini for. I've always loved Reaper's crazier offerings. Right now I need to get around to painting up my Halloween Knight, for example. Keep the crazies coming.
  9. Live

    Apparently in one of the old TSR modules, there were. Plus, they go well with my Mousling adventuring party. But they're not quite right for my Chibis
  10. Live

    So far we have Dicelings and Minitaurs! There will likely be some chibis too. And I've heard talk of a cat dragon for fighting Mousling and/or Chibis as well?
  11. One of the minis that first got me into gaming was the old Lord of Change. This was a good while back- in those days, a Lord of Change was mounted on a square 40mm base, and wasn’t much larger than the ogres of the day and they fit into a blister pack. The new Lord of Change may very well be the best mini Games Workshop has in its lineup. A very fine piece indeed, and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to paint it a few times now. Here are two of them (for the same force).
  12. A lot of the cake toppers that I make have a zombie theme to them. Somehow, it just feels natural that the happy couple defend the top of the cake from the undead. Often, the zombies are made to match members of the wedding party- usually in the groomsmen suits and bridesmaid dresses- but in this case. In this case, they do match real people, but they’re all dressed casual for the event.
  13. Including possibly Tamaya Clear... nothing, just clear. It is a great gloss. I've used it over bones (with no sealer- but I did have paints underneath). I've put those minis through some abuse, but I haven't recorded it for SCIENCE.
  14. I was about to say the same thing. Tamaya clear is a pretty tough sealer.
  15. Recently, I've had a couple Menoth forces cross my table. This one was made up primarily of warjacks, with a glorious Feora at the helm. I'll post a more infantry centered one later.