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  1. The dragon king is a very majestic mini. Like most Kingdom Death minis, he's exquisitely detailed, and simply oozes character. In addition, he's also large enough that it is hard to get a photograph of him that keeps everything in focus. I was very happy to have a chance to paint him up. I got to do a lava face base for him (something that I'll probably do something like this on my own Dragon King when I get around to painting him up). But enough words:
  2. Wreck Age

    Hyacinth Games has just come out with a new edition of <a href="https://wreck-age.net">Wreck Age</a>. I figured that makes it a good time to show off some of the Wreck Age stuff that I've gotten to paint. Here are a few. With a lot of minis, a clean style is preferable, but with these, it is really important to emphasize the wear and tear- the rust and damage. &nbsp; And this last one is actually a Freeblades mini that my client had me convert into a Wreck Age character.&nbsp; I think she came out quite nicely.
  3. Kingdom Death Dragon Promos

    I've had the chance to paint up a lot of Kingdom Death miniatures, but I haven't gotten around to posting most of them. Here are some of the survivor and promo miniatrues that I was commissioned to paint up. They're at a level similar to what I normally do for RPG heroes.
  4. Happy Birthday Odinsgrandson !!

    Thanks everyone. You know, one of the greatest regrets I have in life is that I didn't start making cake toppers until a year after I was married. I had the skill set already, it just didn't occur to me to make one. As for birthdays- I think we're going for Saag and Tikki Masala rather than cake this year.
  5. Pro Paint Cornflower

    Oh- I thought this was going to be about using cornflower as basing materials (I actually use Cornmeal quite a lot- it has nice grain size). So- go with Wren's answer.
  6. Tzeentch Forces

    From the very start, Tzeentch has always been one of my favorite factions. I'm not sure exactly why- I really loved the idea of Magnus searching out forbidden lore that leads to his corruption and betrayal, and the story of Ahriman trying to protect the Thousand Sons from Tzeentch's changes, but going way too far. Plus, their demons are the best. I've done a lot of Tzeentch forces over the past ten years that I've been painting professionally. Some of them have been for 40k, some for WFB or Age of Sigmar (and I'm sure some have been used in Warhammer Quest games). Rather than split them up into individual forces, I've just grabbed the photos I have for you to see here.
  7. Storm Lords Space Marines

    With most of the projects that I paint, my clients only send me a few units at a time. This works fine, of course, except that I rarely get to see the whole army together. So I've decided to make a series of posts featuring some of the armies I've done over the years. I've decided to start out with one of the first projects that I got to do- the Storm Lords Space Marines. Most of them I painted quite a while ago, and I didn't get pictures of every mini I painted, but this should give you a decent impression of the army. I don't remember when I painted any of these in particular (I know I didn't get any photos of the very first batch of them). So here they are, in no particular order. And before anyone mentions it- this force uses the yellow helmets, following the fluff that suggests that they follow a White Scars style organization rather than following the codex organization.
  8. Blightbringer

    While I really like the arch-angel min with its sleek draconic musculature, this one is the mini that made me squee. I was super excited when I saw this one. I mean, the little shredders are super fun minis already, but a gargantuan based on them is such a great idea. I mean, he's super huge, and still mostly mouth! I was super excited that I had the change to paint him up.
  9. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I just read on Beasts of War- a commenter claims the "Must buy core set" policy has changed: I suspect that this will lead to many more sales of Vore Nash minis.
  10. Orcland Raiders

    I’ve loved Blood Bowl for a long time, and I was super happy to see Games Workshop bring it back (ok, some of us were playing the whole time, but it is still great to see their new minis and boards). Here’s a team that I got to do for a client. I’ve always favored the Bad Moons, so I was really happy that he wanted these guys in Bad Moon Yellow.
  11. Nemesis Board Game

    Whoa, that's ambitious. They mention in the update that a polished comic takes a lot of money to produce- but do they know how much work they'll have to put in to learn to write a comic well? I generally assume that game designers absolutely suck at fiction writing (and once in a while, I'm pleasantly surprised). How was the writing in This War of Mine? I hope they surprise me, but I'm definitely going into it with low expectations.
  12. Nemesis Board Game

  13. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Your post is made of pure sadness. Take it back.
  14. CMON Rising Sun

    Yet it is more accurate than the encyclopedia Brittanica. I think it is kind of awesome that they got caught. I REALLY hope that Kotahi himself got in on the kickstarter- he deserves a copy of the mini based on his friend's descriptions of him.
  15. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Or it could be a good thing- provided you just want the minis and don't care about the core game. With CMON stuff, you can usually add on without getting the core. Do the paid add on tribes just stand out better than the core ones? I noticed the changes in the naming conventions away from the stammering ("Um...Tall?)