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  1. odinsgrandson

    Adventuring Party- (3913) (07015) scratch built cyclopes

    Thanks. I think I might have been going for a comic-book flavor to them (that might be my default these days).
  2. odinsgrandson

    Dungeon Universalis

    To be fair, Gloomhaven has two kinds of cards, and one of them is a dice simulator (you draw a card when you would 'roll to hit'). Gloomhaven's hand management for actions is probably its most innovative aspect, but the deck of dice results isn't so very different from just having dice. Gloomhaven's rulebook could do with a LOT of trimming (like cut a bunch of the AI if/then rules that don't work well). I'm not sure that it would still work if it fit onto 3 pages, but it could probably get down to 20 pretty easily. What I'm mostly noticing is that many aspects of this game are presented as if contrasting to Gloomhaven.
  3. Here is our current adventuring party for Iron Kingdoms. We started a new campaign shortly after Reapercon, so I was able to make use of several of the convention minis. This party is quite an odd mix of races. Lately, I've been quite fond of having a semi-cohesive color pallet for our adventuring parties. The last one I did was all in cold blues, so with this one I went for a very warm pallet. Lil is an investigator who 'secretly' is a Thamar Advocate. She's just the stock mini of the vampire hunter from Reapercon (by Bob Ridolfi) This Pygmie Troll is very fond of hitting things and also alcohol. He was made by resculpting the head and hands from the Jason Weibe's Dwarf Brewmaster (07015) Our resident Bone Grinder was made from Bobby Jackson's River Widow (03913). I only made superficial changes to her (adding a few extra bone-grindy items to her belt). ] For our Trollkin Axe Flinger, it turns out that we already had the perfect mini. This is the version from the Undercity Board Game. This Outcast Skorne Bushwacker/Warlock was made by simply head swapping a Malifaux rifleman. This Lazy Cyclopes (under the command of the Warlock) was a sculpt that I made quite a few years ago. I showed it off to several sculptors at Gencon, and they all gave me some pointers on things that I could improve on. Still, I was fond enough of him that I decided to paint him up.
  4. Artipia Games was robbed at Essen last month, and they're Kickstarting packs of promo cards to make up for the loss. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/241478362/a-fair-a-robbery-and-a-promo-pack/description
  5. odinsgrandson

    Dungeon Universalis

    This game is very much posing itself as a Gloomhaven killer. Quite a few of the things they're advertising here are clearly meant as direct comparison to Gloomhaven (like the talk of Replayability- as opposed to GH's Legacy aspects).
  6. odinsgrandson

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    I got to paint up one of their test prints. Unfortunately, I took these snap shots myself (I'll get some better ones up after my wife takes pictures). For those of you who are wondering, Impact! Minis 3D prints are WAY better than other ones I've seen within an order of magnitude of the price range, and are quite nice to paint.
  7. odinsgrandson

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoiler free)

    Thanks. To some extent, I'm trying not to spend much on the monsters (since a complete Gloomhaven set will have a LOT of different monsters). Right now, I'm focusing on some of the more iconic races. I've got a whole bunch of Vermlings to do right now, and pretty soon I'll start converting the Savvas and Inox.
  8. odinsgrandson

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoiler free)

    Here we have another starting class- the Quatryl Tinkerer, While he is mostly made out of green stuff, there are bits from a Reaper Bones Kobold underneath there. And a few of the monsters- Harrowers and Ancient Turrets: The Harrowers were made by taking the Mr. and Ms. Bones hoods and putting them on various different robes. A lot of the robes were just skirts that were originally part of taller minis. Again, I worked with bones materials for these- Bones are easy to convert with and cheat to boot. For the Turrets, I rummaged through my bits box for various things that would work. What I ended up with were a lot of mech bits. These each were unused arm options- it is sometimes nice to have leftover arms from various warjacks and mechs.
  9. odinsgrandson

    Midknight Heroes Alt Damien

    Here's MidKnight Heroes' Damien. I painted him in the color scheme of the Dark Palladin artwork, so that he could find a place in Chibi Kingdom Death. I realized while I was painting him that I'm going to need to pick up a few more of him for conversions. He really does seem like a good starting place for several concepts I have going.
  10. Wow, Tom, that's really nice of you. I think i speak for a lot of folks when I say that I'm glad you're part of our community. Since we're all playing fantasy games here, shouldn't we have vowel dice that include an apostrophe?
  11. odinsgrandson

    The Heresy Miniatures Dragon - Production Wave II

    And perhaps you'll understand why some of us thought that CMON's two foot tall Cthulhu was a steal at $150? I really love this! I'm not keen on picking up a massive dragon at the moment, but this is a reward that I might find myself interested in.
  12. odinsgrandson

    Black Sailors: Legends of the Jade Sea

    Good minis, and a damn fine Wu Kong. I can't help but think that they could have had a better name than "Black Sailors" for the line.
  13. odinsgrandson

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoiler free)

    Thankfully, most Gloomhaven enemies match minis that I've already got in chibi form (Zombies, Skeletons, human archers, slimes, etc). But for the PCs, and for the more distinct races, I felt that I needed to create some minis. Here are the first four PCs that I made. They're all starting classes, so there's no need to worry about spoilers. The Inox Brute. This was the first Chibi Gloomhaven character that I finished. I was very excited to make him. The body comes from a Cyclopes from Impact! Miniatures. The head is mostly my own sculpt- although I did have some plastic horns leftover from various GW kits. The orchid spellweaver was a really fun one to make. She started life as two separate ninjas from Ninja All Stars (head and body). I really liked sculpting all of the crystals on her. The Vermling gave me a bit of trouble. I needed something between a goblin and a Skaven, that could also fit in with the chibis I'd been making. I looked around for ones that would fit the style well, and eventually discovered that the Wiz-Kids Pathfinder Goblins were close to perfect. They just needed their ears fixed and tails attached. THe last one is the human Scoundrel. I made here eyes glow to match the artwork (my wife played this character, but it definitely took her a minute to recognize that the character was, in fact, human.
  14. odinsgrandson

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    I guess there's something reasonable in products just being considered unfit for production and leaving it there. I know for a fact that PP had an expansion to Grind planned- but the game didn't perform well enough for it to be published (I think they did eventually release it as PDF print and play). There's no way something like Kingdom Death: Monster would exist without Kickstarter. Most KDM stuff isn't exclusive (but the price difference can be staggering). CMON seems to be straddling the line between retail and Kickstarter. From my perspective, I can't tell how well it is going. But they definitely have games with expansions space that would rival the Warhammer 40k wall at my LGS, and there are games that they're releasing direct to retail that are 'one and done.' I get the impression that the gap is widening. Zombicide did very well on KS (for the time) and then did very well at retail. So did Blood Rage. But I think most of their Kickstarted projects don't do well at retail. I wonder with Cthulhu: Death May Die. The Megathulhu was definitely something that couldn't sell at retail. At retail, the game will come out with: Core Box- ($+/-100) Yogsothoth Expansion ($?) Black Goat of the Woods Expansion ($25) Season 2 Expansion ($50) Backers complained that there weren't more add ons, and that most of the exclusives were things we don't really love (humans in a setting where the monsters are the stars). The only exclusive Elder God was Dagon- and I think he was the one that backers were least excited for. So maybe CMON were trying to bridge the gap between the KS edition and the retail one- so more people are willing to pick up the game later.
  15. odinsgrandson

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Groovy. I've been watching this since I realized that Studio McVey were going to be making Cthulhu monsters (that just sounds like such a good idea). But I able to sell it to my wife based on the two foot tall Cthulhu (yes, without the megathulhu, she was much more hesitant to back this one).