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  1. odinsgrandson

    Dark Science Fiction Cake Topper

    We all have our fandoms, and here's a particular one that I haven' been able to pay homage to before. Here's a couple that look like they might be escaping one of the more dangerous facilities in the universe. It has been really fun to work on some of these cosplayer sets that where the characters aren't dressed in normal wedding attire at all.
  2. odinsgrandson

    Confrontation: Classic

    Thanks, mod. Quite a few backers thought that everything would be WAY better if they'd cancel and come back later. Overall, it got its initial bump due to the Confrontation reputation, but started bleeding shortly after that. It is the culmination of several factors. Here's a quick summary of the red flags: - The price is too good to be true. Many backers estimated the cost of making molds for all the unique minis they're offering (they started by offering 178 unique sculpts- many of them quite a bit larger than a human). Long story short- it looks like they're not raising enough funds to deliver on their kickstarter, and it is unlikely that they could even try to go with the sort of 'top tier PVC' that they're talking about. - Sans Detour have never made minis before- so when they tell us that they can offer better prices than anyone else, many of us wonder if they're doing their math right. If it were Reaper, I'd have just believed them. - With funds dropping, they just unlocked everything as if they'd just hit 1.2 million. So now they can produce even more minis for even less money. - They offered a full resin tier at prices there looked like a net loss as well. - They locked down their main pledge level to 4000 pledges (they only got about 1200 at the end), and insisted that no one will be allowed to upgrade from the $1 pledge after the campaign ends (this raised concerns that SD was planning on losing money on their core pledges and needed to keep them in check). - Sans Detour decided to downplay and obfuscate their relationship with Stellar and Ludik. Ludik is a retailer that's going out of business and happens to be owned by one of SD's partners and share SD's address. Stellar is the company that is licensing the rights to Sans Detour- and happens to be owned by one of Sans Detour's partners. They denied, downplayed and obfuscated the relationship between these companies. It is just never a good sign for Kickstarter creators to not be honest about who they are. - Poor communication with inadequate English skills exacerbated all of the above problems (updates didn't address concerns, or were just wonky). They ultimately seemed unconcerned with the dropping numbers on their kickstarter. -The result- Ultimately, almost HALF of the backers who stayed are pledging for $1 (that's 1100 $1 pledges)- many of the vocal ones have admitted that they just want to sit back and watch. About 1200 backers pledged at the $300 level, 5 backers pledged for resin. And one post mortem red flag: Stellar/Sans Detour got the Legends of Signum kickstarter taken down, and might be gearing up for a legal battle to try and keep Signum down (there's bad blood there, because the Signum line started as a continuation of Confronation- originally "Legends of Cadwollon").
  3. odinsgrandson

    Arcadia Quest: Riders kickstarter by CMON (5 days only)

    CMON have been doing a lot of experiments, and here's a five day campaign for an expansion that can't be played without one of the other base games. Also, this is the pre-orderiest kickstarter campaign ever. They're running through their first printing (delivers in July- that means these things pretty much have to be on the water by now, and the second wave hitting in November means that they'll just be ordering another printing). It makes me wonder if they developed it as a normal retail release, then decided to move it to kickstarter fairly late in the day.
  4. I went into the Exo comments section, and a lot of people are talking about whether or not the game is a good enough value for their asking price. Honestly, I kind of think that's not enough to explain this kind of a graph. It isn't a very big kickstarter (about 100k Euros right now). Unlike Confrontation, the brand doesn't have that legacy aspect to it. Has the campaign been run very poorly? Have there been any shenanigans about the company structure? Has there been any major changes to gameplay?
  5. odinsgrandson

    Confrontation: Classic

    From the Signum statement, Stellar (SD) was fighting them about copyright violations, but hadn't let them know which minis were in violation. I'm still not in a place where I think I can trust either of the companies involved here, but I'm still enthralled.
  6. odinsgrandson

    Confrontation: Classic

    - It has been confirmed that this happened due to Stellar/Sans Detour. Here's the Lumen's page on the claim (I found this through a poster on the LoS facebook page). https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/16525981# - The claim was issued on the 9th, so it is entirely possible that Stellar intended it to take down the Signum kickstarter before their own was finished (that actually would have been a worse move, in my opinon). - It probably would have hurt the already struggling Confrontation Classic Kickstarter even more had this come out before the finish of the campaign. Among Confrontation fans, Cadwallon is a controversial topic (some blame recasters for the failure of Confrontation Phoenix, while others were simply happy to be able to buy the minis).
  7. odinsgrandson

    Legends of Signum

    I thought the line started out as "Legends of Cadwallon." Like a spiritual successor to Confrontation, you know? I honestly didn't know that Cadwallon didn't own the rights to Confrontation for a long while. If the Confrontation people are behind the shutdown, it is probably because of the bad blood with Cadwallon. I can't see how they'd have much of a case, but that doesn't mean that it won't hurt the campaign and game. @Darsc Zacal Yeah- I've been over there- all I've seen so far is "We promise to let you know what's going on, but fight now we've got to find out what's going on."
  8. odinsgrandson

    Legends of Signum

    I've been following the conversations about this over at the Confrontation Kickstarter. I was wondering- what is the relationship between Cadwallon and Legends of Signum? Some people were saying that Cadwallon were trying to hide their identities during the campaign. I wish I could still see the KS page and find out what Signum had to say about this.
  9. odinsgrandson

    Legends of Signum

    Yeah, Heroquest was definitely shady.
  10. odinsgrandson

    Legends of Signum

    1- Yeah- they just finished their kickstarter, and collected their money. They have a history with Cadwallon, and I don't think they have any idea what they should be doing with those funds they collected. 2- Yeah, that's bad. I was wondering what good projects you've seen get shut down like this? The only ones I can think of were Heroquest 25 and Alien vs. Predator (some of the worst reputations on kickstarter). 3- If it doesn't get resolved VERY quickly, it could hurt a LOT. But they could also reset their campaign.
  11. odinsgrandson

    Confrontation: Classic

    NEW DEVELOPMENTS! I wasn't expecting that so soon. The Legends of Signum Kickstarter has been taken down due to a possible copyright violation. This was very likely the work of the people behind the Confrontation kickstarter. Legends of Signum is a line of miniatures made by Cadwallon. Cadwallon have, for quite some time, been a source for new casts of Confrontation miniatures (I don't know the details, but I figure they didn't have the rights). Sans-Detour/Stellar handed them a cease and desist sometime ago, and Cadwallon have ceased producing and selling Confrontation minis. Legends of Signum was Cadwallon's own line of minis that had a similar style to the old Rackham minis (they were original sculpts, but they could fit in with a Rackham force). While we do not yet have confirmation, it is very likely that Sans Detour/Stellar is responsible for taking down the Legends of Signum kickstarter (Kickstarter policy is to take down any campaign immediately if they receive a C&D, and wait for the dispute to be resolved). This has been a subject of much discussion in the kickstarter comments. And I thought it was going to be a while before there was any news from Confrontation Classic. Anyway, we can all debate as to whether SD is spending all of their newly acquired kickstarter money on legal fees.
  12. odinsgrandson

    Confrontation: Classic

    You're being too polite. With a bit "slump" in the middle of a campaign, the numbers are still mostly positive. This campaign bled through the middle and finish of the campaign, finishing off well below their Day 1 total. With most big campaigns, the finishing total is about three times the starting boost's total. By that measure, this campaign should have ended at about two million Euroes (starting boost got them to 650k). I do think it is really special the way that some backers want to try and make it sound like some amazing victory of a campaign. I mean, the numbers for the last few hours were positive, but the final day still finished a thousand below zero.
  13. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    I still don't own an airbrush, and I've never used one. Spidicules is painted using normal brushwork.
  14. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    Yeah, that's just about how it goes. Last time we played, all of our 'survivors' were eaten by little spiderlings (it was brutal). Here are two more Chibi conversions I made of Kingdom Death characters. These are the first two that I made that weren’t for my own collection. I’m still quite fond of how they turned out, and I kind of wish I’d gotten to keep them (I might have to remake them later).
  15. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    When I first started planning a Chibi Kingdom Death project, I looked at all of the expansion monsters and considered which ones would just work well with chibis. I concluded that Spiderlings were already mostly head- so they'd work perfectly with almost no changes. For Spidicules herself, I just had to replace the dead survivor with a dangling dead chibi. I really love applying violent deaths to these super cute little survivors. Spidicules is pretty huge, and he's one of the most difficult minis to photograph. And the cute little spiderlings: