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  1. I totally get that. Honestly, I think that GW's move towards over the top heavy metal stylings has been motivated by the industry. I mean, back in the day, there were really only a couple of styles to minis- more heroic covered Heartbreaker, GW etc, while less heroic covered Ral Partha and Grenedier etc. But with Kickstarter, we not only got a huge influx of minis that we will never have time enough to paint, we've also seen a huge growth in styles of minis each exaggerating different aspects- there's Privateer Press' love for the fiddly bits, there's Infinity's sleek body armor, B-Sieged exaggerates minis in one way, and Wyrd exaggerates the opposite features, and Relic Knights has everything looking cell shaded. And that's not to mention True Scale minis from Dark Sword, the Adonis with oversized weapons from Kingdom Death and Chibis that range from the goofy caricatures of Arcadia Quest to the 'cute but badass' minis from Sodapop. Granny Wendy needed to go somewhere to make her minis seem distinct in this market.- her older style could hardly be distinguished from Dark Age (who are now much more true scale, but kept the Grimdark feel). She always had a little bit of a Gwar thing going on, but now she's working to ride the line between super awesome and super cheesy- and she often falls over the wrong end. Personally- I can love an over the top mini as well as a more subtle mini. The Fireslayers don't do it for me, but I rather like the steampunk squats that they've introduced into AoS.
  2. Just a question about the message boards. I have a 'manage followed content" but I can't seem to figure out how to subscribe to a post. I can see the "notify me of replies" button for when I post a new topic. But i can't seem to figure out a way to do that when I am not currently starting a new topic (if I want to follow someone else's topic, or if I want to follow a topic I created previously). I figure there's an obvious way to do this that I'm unaware of because I didn't allocate enough skill points into "Use Tech."
  3. Just a little while ago, I got to paint up a full force of Stormcast Eternals riding various drakes. I was a little surprised by just how many Stardrakes fit into the force, and there were quite a number of Dracothian Guard as well (I only got a couple of them photographed). Here they are in their glory.
  4. You will find that these terms are used by many painters, but they are do not have a universal meaning. In addition, manufacturers make products that are for a specific purpose (although every paint product can be used in different ways). Here are some general definitions. - A wash is a coat of paint applied thin enough so that the colors underneath will show through. It is applied either so that it collects in the recesses of a mini, or as a "glaze" to alter the colors above. Any acrylic paint can be thinned down to create a wash (either with matt medium or water) but companies do sell "washes" and "glazes" that are pre-thinned. Usually, a "wash" that you buy is a thinned down ink. - ink has a different chemical makeup than the acrylic paint that we normally use, and it acts differently. Generally, it is applied the same as a wash. Most inks that are sold have a lot of pigment, and benefit from thinning them down, while "washes" are pre-thinned. -- Lining is a very different technique- the idea is that you outline areas in a dark color to help the details pop. Usually, you do this as you finish an area, you outline it before moving on to the next. This does not need to be done with a "liner" paint- pretty much anything darker than the area you're outlining will do, and lighter and darker colors have different effects. - Reaper's liner paints are all very dark and have a lot of pigment (which is nice for a number of reasons other than lining). Of course, they can be used as liners, but they're just dark paint, and have other cool uses (some of which have been pointed out).
  5. Man, everyone is getting their Goremaw before me. I guess it is my fault for waiting until late in the Kickstarter... By the way- I like how your composition draws attention to the Maw itself. That's working very well.
  6. We're coming up on our tenth anniversary soon. It'd probably be a good idea.
  7. I met my wife at the game store at a weekly role playing game. I had just moved into town, and the first thing I did was check out the local comic shops- and the 'manager' invited me to game on Thursday. That group is still close, and we still play every Thursday (although a few players have moved away). Her wedding dress had dragons embroidered onto it. It is reasons like these that I wish I had started making cake toppers before I got married. I'd have had quite a lot to work with. Here's a couple that were a little like us- they met through gaming and had me match some of the gear and costumes of their characters.
  8. Kingdom Death minis tend to be taller than Reaper (or most other lines). If you want a tall character, they'll fit normal gaming scale just fine.
  9. You punk- not only did you get him/her/it before me, but you have to gloat with a nice paintjob. I like how your colors came together, by the way. I don't know that I'd have thought to use such a vibrant highlight on him/her/it. Now go enter him/her/it into the annual competition.
  10. Here is the Kingsman Nemesis: And here is the Messenger of Humanity. The role of this mini in the game is a little odd. He was part of a set of scenarios that Adam Poots decided weren't working after a beta run. During the 1.5 Kickstarter, one of the promises made is that new rules will be made for all of the messengers. Until then, he's being used to represent a survivor.
  11. Most of the time, Games Workshop really encourages players to do crazy things with their color schemes (space marines come in every color, and they have loads of examples of crazy color schemes for them in the books- including some rather unattractive color schemes). But in a few instances, they really encourage a specific color set (with the lore and with the examples). That's the case with most chaos- each faction has a very specific color scheme and theme. This force breaks those color rules quite a bit. So, if you're very familiar with the lore and factions, then this force looks really weird (hopefully in a good way).
  12. You don't get to keep that trademark.
  13. Annual competition entry?
  14. I often get to paint up forces in some pretty interesting color schemes, and here's a nice example. This force was going with an all blue theme- the core color for Tzeentch. The part that made it really shine was the fact that most of the minis were affiliated with other chaos factions. So, if you ever wondered what Khorne or Nurgle characters would look like if the Changer of Ways got to them, here they are. The other thing that made this force special is the fact that many of these chaos warriors are converted from Stormcast eternals. My client did the conversions, but I really think they turned out great and go to show just how easy it is to corrupt Sigmar's elite.
  15. Well, one time the Father of the Bride was made into a zombie (along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen). So at least sometimes they get it.