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  1. Here is a little angel chibi that I painted up a little while back. For whatever reason, I just never got around to posting her before now:
  2. I don't know that I need to say much here
  3. Here are a couple of fun little minis I painted up from The Forgotten King set. I'm not sure that there's much more to say about them. The NMM was fun:
  4. Here are a couple minis that I painted for a client a while ago but never got around to posting. From what I could tell, he plays a little bit of every faction.
  5. Thanks. For my own part, I figured I've worked hard and earned the right to play with my minis (not something I think is unique to me). Some of our players are painters, and some of them aren't. The ones who are painters will sometimes do up their own characters, and sometimes they'll leave it to me. I get that- there's something satisfying about painting up your own character. The oddest one was when a friend of mine painted up his mounted character, but left the dismounted version to me (and he told me not to overdo it).
  6. And here are a few more Arena Rex characters. One is a monster, one is a beast handler, and the other is just not really a monster at all.
  7. Live

    Well, that makes perfect sense. Since I gave the one side, here's the flip side argument. It isn't like it is the duty of Cephalorfair or any other game maker to prop up the FLGS business model when they have a different one working for them. I'm all in favor of supporting an LGS if you're getting something in return for your support (playspace, good service or whatever). But I'm honestly against the attitude that I owe someone something just because he has a store in my town.
  8. Live

    That's true. Some of the retailers are really irked by the reprint Kickstarter for Gloomhaven- especially since the game looked like it would become a shining example of a game that worked well in Kickstarter and at Retail (no exclusives, the gameplay was so well liked by fans that word and demand spread quickly).
  9. Honestly, I'd always love to see more mouslings. One set I'd really like to see is the zombie mouslings in bones. That would allow me to play Mousling Zombicide (it would be glorious). Mousling Gloomhaven could work too, I suppose.
  10. My wife told me that it is her favorite of the toppers I've made. I suppose she's not alone in that, since another couple requested one. Here they are. I'll probably need to make one to keep sometime, maybe for our anniversary (we decided that Cortana was a good enough name for our daughter, after all).
  11. It's ok, you can stand up.
  12. At the moment, I've got some non-Reaper huge minis on the table, but I don't have any proper Reaper huge minis this time. I haven't sat out a year before, so I might just end up entering the non-Reaper category this year.
  13. I really love making minis for our RPG group- and here is a party for one of our campaigns. The group consisted of three trollkin and a farrow (who might have been a trollkin in a previous life- or maybe the next one). Only the first one has no conversion elements. The one with the fell blades was a Fell Caller with Doomreaver levels. Overall, I feel that this was one of our poorer intelligence parties- it was kind of a surprise that they ever got much done.
  14. All puns go to hell. Just fyi.
  15. I've been meaning to have a look at these in person. In particular, there were a few of the Pathfinder sculpts where I took a gander at them and thought "Ah, that'd be nice to paint, but there's no way those details will cast in PVC." But I still hope that it does cast well.