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  1. The Care & Feeding of Lead Miniatures

    Oh, man- old minis have the most creative anatomy. By the way, I've been painting a long time as well, and honestly, lead isn't as scary as the State of California would have you believe. Lead does not absorb through your skin. In order to get lead poisoning, you either need to eat it, breath it or get shot, and someone not remove the bullet. Even then, it takes quite a large dose to really give you lead poisoning (in the cases of bullets, it takes years of leaving a bullet in your body before you get poisoned by it). If you're going to do a lot of sanding or filing on lead pewter, I'd recommend wearing a mask, but even then you aren't likely to expose yourself to enough lead for it to matter.
  2. I always have a hard time remembering which Reaper paints go with which Reaper lines. So far, I really like the three brightly colored metallic paints I got at Reapercon. Mostly, because I don't have such colorful metallics (they open up some new possibilities that I'm exploring).
  3. Mog and Umaro for Super Dungeon

    When Super Dungeon Explore first hit the scene, I almost immediately wanted to start making characters from some of my favorite 16 bit JRPGs. For some reason, my favorite characters in Final Fantasy 6 were always the least central ones, but the chances that Sodapop were going to make a suitable Mog or Umaro mini was pretty low. So, when I saw that a local Blood Bowl commissioner had some Big Foot Minis for sale, I had to jump at the chance to make an Umaro. I only had to adjust the hair a little and it was perfect. For Mog, I started out with a Giri creep from the Super Dungeon Goro set (I ended up with lots of extra Giri after the Forgotten King Kickstarter. Anyway, here they are:
  4. Conversion for Odd PC- Bat-Man-Wolf

    Can you make it to Orem every Thursday at six?
  5. Conversion for Odd PC- Bat-Man-Wolf

    Sometimes, I am surprised by the conversions that I am willing to make for my RPG group. I mean, I used to just find a mini that fit the bill well enough (Reaper has such a big selection, after all). But more and more, I’ve been converting some of the craziest concepts that our players come up with. Here is a Warpborn Skinwalker Spy character. He uses the grappling gun to get around cities from rooftop to rooftop- earning him the title “Bat-Man-Wolf.”
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I think we've been contemplating what Reaper does when they don't have a Reaper Bryan. Now, I'm not saying that his "new job" isn't "terrific." Unless he stops posting here or attending Reapercon or something, 'cause then his new job totally sucks.
  7. Thunderbolt Mountain is closing its webstore on Dec 25

    Here's my set of fairy girls. The faces are absolutely brilliant. And here's that nativity that people are talking about (Tom only did Mary, Joseph and Jesus- the rest of the diorama is my work). I remember when I bought them that they weren't easy to find in the store- but I did find them.
  8. I just found out today that Thunderbolt Mountain (Tom Meier's miniatures line) is planning to close its webstore and stop taking orders on December 25th. This isn't to say that Tom is "going out of business." More likely, Thunderbolt Mountain doesn't sell as well as Tom's work outside of his own company (he is responsible for a lot of brilliant sculpts in the Dark Sword line, as well as other lines and many toys). He told me once that he really loves sculpting, but doesn't care so much for casting miniatures (which he does only for TBM). Part of me is really hoping that Jim Ludwig takes up the line and continues to produce them through Dark Sword. For context, Tom is the sculptor who discovered Green Stuff. He defined the Ral Partha line, and even worked for a stint at early days Games Workshop. He is responsible for many of the very best faces sculpted in green stuff, and his anatomy and detail is precise enough to make people think the photos of the greens must be of much larger minis. The Thunderbolt Mountain line includes some really dashing minis- my favorites are the Noraland Fairies, the Slug-Eat-Your-Face and the Bushwoolies.
  9. Super Kingdom Death Explore!- (Update Gorm)

    When creating a full Chibi Kingdom Death set, I found that a number of the larger Kingdom Death monsters already had large heads (or head like areas). In some cases, no actual modifications were needed to turn them into Chibi Kingdom Death creatures. When I'm creating chibi characters, I tend towards some of the more official color schemes. It helps the characters to be recognizable. However, with the unmodified monsters, it makes more sense to approach them with a brighter pallet (and go for chibi eyes). So, here is my Gorm- in strong purples. I painted the eyes similar to the way that I paint Chibi Zombie eyes. I also decided that the head stalk wasn't a great spot for a light source unless I wanted the mini to be mostly in darkness, so I opted for a second eye instead. Her's all ready to dismember cute little survivors.
  10. Super Kingdom Death Explore!- (Update Gorm)

    Thanks. That little diorama was the start of the whole thing. I'm glad that I realized that I wanted to keep the minis playable before I made it (I magnetized them in there). *one of the things I love about the game are those check boxes you fill whenever you lose a settlement. If enough of your people are killed off, you start off finding some of the remains of previous settlements. Oh, and the starting white lion gets fat.
  11. Tyranid Hive Fleet Chernabaug, Tabletop quality

    I cannot tell a lie- I put those butterflies onto that zoanthrope.
  12. Super Kingdom Death Explore!- (Update Gorm)

    This is my ‘conversion’ of Kingdom Death’s monster “the Hand” in chibi form. I put those quotation marks there because I'm not sure at what point I'm crossing a line between conversion and original sculpt. I started out with a Tanchyo Yajiri: I cut and reposed the legs, hollowed out the head to sculpt the brain and crown, and sculpted the helmet over the remains of the head. I was planning to use those ears for the crown, but it didn't work out, so they got removed completely. I also removed his arms and resculpted them completely. I sculpted the cape, and added the sword from another Kingdom Death mini. I was planning on keeping the breastplate, but in the end I cut it out and re-sculpted the whole thing. In the end, only a small portion of his pants and belt came from the original mini. I basically just had an elaborate armature underneath there. I entered him into Reapercon's Open competition, and he got a gold medal.
  13. Which Dragon's are the largest?

    The use of possessive in "Which Dragon's Are the Largest" makes me think that the dragons are all going to whip them out to measure. Sorry for the banal sidetrack. The largest of the dragons is definitely Ma'aldrakar- but there are a lot of other big 'uns. Ma'al would be colossal plus. The Pathfinder dragon is relatively small- quite a lot smaller than Kaladrax, Nethyrmaul, Narthrax or even Cinder. One thing that will give you a good idea about size is to go onto Reaper's store and have them list by price. With the exceptions of "Dragons Don't Share" the price of the dragon is directly proportional to its size.
  14. At Reapercon, I realized that a lot of people aren't aware of this trick, so I thought I'd share it here. When assembling a bones mini, you can get a perfectly seamless fit that has no need for gap filling. The way you do this is to boil some water, and stick the end of one of the pieces in. Then press it into the other one while it is still hot. I discovered this while assembling a Cinder where warping made it so that the wings and arms couldn't go on the mini at all. After boiling, they fit on perfectly- and there was no need to pull out green stuff. In one instance, this worked as a "dry fit" and in another, I dried the still warm end and glued them together while still warm. I've only done this a few times now, so I'd love to hear what other people's experiences are. But I'm really excited to never gap fill a bones mini again.
  15. Auron Chibi (Final Fantasy X)

    Ok, I’m a fan of the Final Fantasy series, and one of the things that I like to do is convert chibi minis into some of my favorite videogame characters. Naturally, one of my favorites is Auron from Final Fantasy X. He’s such a badass. I started out with the Goemon mini from Ninja All Stars (which is a fine mini in its own right). Everything that isn’t Goemon was made from green stuff. All together, I think he came out rather well.