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  1. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    My entry at this year's Reapercon was the Tyrant that I made for Chibi Kingdom Death. The Tyrant is probably my favorite Kingdom Death character (at least so far). His construction was fairly complex, using a combination of quite a few parts from various different minis, but none of them were prominent enough to be a "base mini" for the conversion. While I was making him, I went back and forth on how to portray the markings on his head. On the official mini, they're sculpted in relief, and I've seen them painted as scars, tattoos or even gold inlay. I actually started sculpting them on my tyrant, until I decided that they'd look best as freehand tattoos across his head. Overall, I was quite pleased with how he turned out, and the judges at Reapercon gave him a gold award.
  2. odinsgrandson

    30014: The Grudge

    I was definitely expecting to see a pale Japanese ghost girl, but this is cool too.
  3. odinsgrandson

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    I think you got my point -although I've been moving around a bunch of different facets of the topic. You'd prefer that the content exists in some form, but you don't see much reason for it to have no hope for a reprint (I think the only exceptions I can come up with are licensed crossovers- where they might need to be limited releases in order to exist at all). Kind of like Kingdom Death's normal releases- they are sold through the online store, and could become available again AT ANY MOMENT (and apparently for only said moment). I honestly find it odd that I see people so entrenched on both sides (although the community here definitely prefers no exclusives). The argument that backers use in favor of exclusives is that they want to justify buying everything now- and that they think that having loads of exclusive content will drive up the funding (I am of the opinion that it doesn't drive up funding much, but some believe differently). Personally, I do find it a drag to get a game with exclusives and not feel like I can recommend it to my friends- because the exclusive stuff changes the experience too much. But I'm still not sure if games that start out with dozens of expansions can work at retail.
  4. odinsgrandson

    Willy Wonka

    Thanks. I had almost forgotten about this piece since we mailed it off. I had a fun time making it.
  5. odinsgrandson

    Studio McVey Elven Skirmisher

    Thanks. I had remembered that he was a Yannick Hannebo mini, but I couldn't remember Y'Sidyra. I probably still can't remember Y'Sidyra- I don't think it is very clear how one pronounces it.
  6. odinsgrandson

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Well, now there are CMON games that never went to Kickstarter (even ones with cool minis in them). But what about non-exclusive stuff that doesn't make it to retail? I get everything that people are saying if you view it in the context of a game where each player builds their own set to play against one another (CCG or Tabletop Miniatures game) but I feel like it is a different matter for a board game where everyone plays with the same set. It isn't a question of balance between the haves and have nots. At that point, the existence of more content somewhere else doesn't necessarily diminish the game on the shelves. If it is a question of whether these things should exist as exclusives or general releases, I'd always prefer that they be releases. But if the question is whether they should be exclusives or not exist at all, I have to choose the former. *by the way, I absolutely recommend non-Kickstarter Zombicide (especially Black Plague). It is a much better balanced and streamlined game in comparison to the KS version.
  7. odinsgrandson

    Studio McVey Elven Skirmisher

    I'm sorry that I forgot the name of this mini. Here is a miniature that I finished quite a while ago, but I never got around to posting him. He's from Studio McVey's stunning LE resin line (shame we haven't seen anything new from it for a while). I painted him up for an RPG, and I think he came out rather nicely. For most of my minis, I prefer to use a black undercoat, but I decided to try white on him instead, to see how I liked it. I discovered that I didn't like it at all. While the painting over the white isn't significantly different from painting over black, I found that it was more difficult to tell if my composition was working as I went- the bright white of the unfinished areas made it very hard to tell. Conversely, with a black undercoat, I can usually tell whether I've highlighted an area light enough and if my overall composition is working out. The advantage that you get from a white undercoat is that you can more easily see the detail on the mini before you paint it, but that's not something I struggle with. While some people claim that your colors will turn out brighter if you're painting over white or black (yes, I've heard this claimed about both) I find that if you're doing enough layers to get a solid base coat, there's no way to tell if you used white or black to start from.
  8. odinsgrandson

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    You have some good points from a customer standpoint. Exclusives that unbalance players aren't cool (I have a different attitude about them in board games than in tabletop wargames). But even with board games or video games, I honestly don't like exclusives because it means I can't recommend them to my friends. But Cthulhu Death May Die actually got me considering the economics of exclusives. I'm starting to see some sense to them. Right from the start of DMD, CMON were selling a 2 foot tall Cthulhu (R'lyeh Rising) as an exclusive option- and from the look of it, they didn't expect to sell anywhere close to the numbers that they actually sold. And I'm pretty sure that Cthulhu couldn't exist in a retail model. Because 2 foot tall minis just don't sell all that well. (Viszeralyn was limited to 200 castings- absurdly low, but still available for years). Combine that record, the price tag and shelf space, and I think you've got a recipe for a major retail flop. But on Kickstarter, they sold over four THOUSAND of them (and it is clear that they were expecting a few hundred). There's no way that would have happened in a retail model- and it would have been even worse after a Kickstarter. But what about other gaming exclusives? Well, I think a lot of those might not work well at retail as well. Retailers are trying to min-max their stock, and expansions never sell as well as the core game. When a kickstarter gets crazy huge, they usually go crazy with adding extra expansions. It makes sense to limit the retail version to a few items that will fit nicely on the shelf. Especially with a new game, without a proven sales record- because no retailer is going to dedicate a wall to a brand new game (although big online stores are another matter). I'm not sure that most retailers want all of those expansions- except when they're actually exclusive because they can mark the price up. But the question remains as to whether the existence of unavailable exclusives hurts game store sales.
  9. odinsgrandson

    Starcadia Quest by CMON kickstarter (final 24 hours)

    I think they've really improved their minis from previous AQ sets.
  10. odinsgrandson

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    I'm honestly not sure what my feelings on non-exclusives not going to retail are. I mean, on one hand, I feel a little bit of "You promised I could get it later!" But on the other hand, I can't really see it as dishonest. I mean, they clearly intended to go to retail, but failed. While I think that KS creators have every obligation to fulfill on everything they sell to backers, I don't think they are obligated to go to retail if it isn't financially feasible for them. Tell the whole story- a lot of us thought the KS Sophie was great, but then they said "Well, you can swap her for a Nethermaul, and nearly everyone ditched Sophie. Reaper isn't Anti-exclusives- but they are Anti-waste (so they won't have a plastic mold made that they're not intending to use a bunch).
  11. odinsgrandson

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    After following a lot of the discussions on the Starcadia Quest Kickstarter, I'm starting to become aware of some changes to how crowdfunding goes. While there has always been a concern that crowdfunding is not good to retail stores. This tends to be countered by ICv2's sales numbers (hobby retail sales continued to rise after Kickstarter hit). But I'm starting to wonder if there's a different dynamic going on here where retail releases might be damaging some crowdfunded projects. Here are a few examples: - A few of CMON's recent Kickstarter projects have unannounced exclusives in them. Massmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia had a lot of exclusive content (as all CMON projects do) as well as some non-exclusive expansions. But it seems like the non-exclusives got cancelled after the Kickstarter. Similar things seem to be happening with World of Smog: Rise of Moloch, and Arcadia Quest Riders. This has led a lot of people to wonder if any of the non-exclusive content for Starcadia or Cthulhu: Death May Die will actually be available at retail (as planned). CMON has been trying hard to appeal to retailers (they have a "pay later" system for retailers who want to get the KS exclusive version of their games). And they continue to release non-Kickstarted games. But I wonder if their Kickstarters are keeping some games away from the retail shelves. - Monolith did well on Kickstarter with their Conan game, but from what they've said, the retail release actually lost them money (because they couldn't sell the game at a profitable price point through distributors). This led to BATMAN being a Kickstarter Exclusive game. I mean, if you can't sell Batman at retail, you've got to be crazy. - Steamforged bent over backwards for retailers during their (very successful) Dark Souls campaign. Not only did they have retailer pledges and no KS exclusives, they also had some stretch goals for things that would only go to retail. Like, they won't take your pledge money for it, they were ONLY selling through retail. I wonder if that didn't go as well for them as I'd thought because their subsequent Resident Evil campaign had some exclusives, and it looks like the Horizon: Zero Dawn project doesn't even have the "retailers click here" link. - There are a few other companies that match the pattern, but might not constitute a trend. 7th Continent, Street Fighter, and HATE were completely exclusive campaigns for reasons that might not be related to retailers refusing to stock Kickstarted games. And Clearly some games can do really well on Kickstarter and do well at retail. And others just sell through their own online stores. Anyway- does anyone have thoughts on this? Mods- I wasn't completely sure if this post should be in this forum, as I am trying to discuss a trend across several Kickstarters, and not just a single one. Please move it if you think there's a better home for it.
  12. odinsgrandson

    Armorcast Titan

    Here's a very old Reaver Titan that I got to do recently. It was made by Armorcast way back in the day- and was essentially just an up-scaling of the old Epic scale titan from the time. That makes these old titans into a bit of a challenge. Just the size of the rivets and general lack of smaller details makes it hard for them to fit in with more current 40k minis. They can very easily end up looking like an old action figure more than a 40k mini. The trick I've learned is that having some small details added in the painting- especially with the battle damage- goes a long way to making them fit in with a force. http://www.gardenninja.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/titans-collossals-and-gargantuans/Invictus-Nova-1.jpg?i=1348178213&width=753&height=514[/img]
  13. odinsgrandson

    Some Ladies of Kingdom Death

    Here's a commission that I did a while ago- these are quite a lot of ladies of Kingdom Death. I think most of them were resins (except the Black Friday Ninja). Kingdom Death does some fantastic sculpting and the concepts are always really interesting. Oddly enough, this particular commission was only for female minis. While none of these were made to fit into the board game, most of them work just fine in that regard.
  14. odinsgrandson

    RC2018 rides thread

    I'm coming in at 3:30 pm (probably). I could split an Uber with you- or we could both wait longer and try to do a shuttle with a big group of us.
  15. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    Here are a couple more survivors- modeled after some of the various armor kit options. Also, my bow characters spend so much of their lives standing on giant stone faces that it just seemed right to include it.