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  1. Live

    Well, that makes perfect sense. Since I gave the one side, here's the flip side argument. It isn't like it is the duty of Cephalorfair or any other game maker to prop up the FLGS business model when they have a different one working for them. I'm all in favor of supporting an LGS if you're getting something in return for your support (playspace, good service or whatever). But I'm honestly against the attitude that I owe someone something just because he has a store in my town.
  2. Live

    That's true. Some of the retailers are really irked by the reprint Kickstarter for Gloomhaven- especially since the game looked like it would become a shining example of a game that worked well in Kickstarter and at Retail (no exclusives, the gameplay was so well liked by fans that word and demand spread quickly).
  3. Honestly, I'd always love to see more mouslings. One set I'd really like to see is the zombie mouslings in bones. That would allow me to play Mousling Zombicide (it would be glorious). Mousling Gloomhaven could work too, I suppose.
  4. My wife told me that it is her favorite of the toppers I've made. I suppose she's not alone in that, since another couple requested one. Here they are. I'll probably need to make one to keep sometime, maybe for our anniversary (we decided that Cortana was a good enough name for our daughter, after all).
  5. It's ok, you can stand up.
  6. At the moment, I've got some non-Reaper huge minis on the table, but I don't have any proper Reaper huge minis this time. I haven't sat out a year before, so I might just end up entering the non-Reaper category this year.
  7. I really love making minis for our RPG group- and here is a party for one of our campaigns. The group consisted of three trollkin and a farrow (who might have been a trollkin in a previous life- or maybe the next one). Only the first one has no conversion elements. The one with the fell blades was a Fell Caller with Doomreaver levels. Overall, I feel that this was one of our poorer intelligence parties- it was kind of a surprise that they ever got much done.
  8. All puns go to hell. Just fyi.
  9. I've been meaning to have a look at these in person. In particular, there were a few of the Pathfinder sculpts where I took a gander at them and thought "Ah, that'd be nice to paint, but there's no way those details will cast in PVC." But I still hope that it does cast well.
  10. I'm always glad when a client sends some Arena Rex minis my way- the game has a wonderful set of sculpts. Here are the two strangest monsters from their lineup- the chimeric Proximo and the emaciated Wendigo. The only trouble I have with these pictures is that the gloss doesn't show up (it works on bloodied areas- the practically undead Wendigo has a few areas that should look shiny).
  11. When I first started out making cake toppers, my first few clients had concepts that were all about the zombies. But since then, the wedding cake toppers have moved to where they express all sorts of unique geek themes. Here are a few of the other monsters I've created for cake toppers to fight (and the brides and grooms that do battle with them).
  12. Thanks. Harlequins exist primarily as an excuse to paint garish patterns on minis. They are a sub faction of space elves (eldar) in Warhammer 40,000.
  13. Here's the start of a Harlequin force that I painted up for a client just a little while ago. This is the third full army of Harlequins I've painted, and each has had a very distinct and different color scheme concept. I really love doing Harlequin characters- the patterns are a lot of fun. For this particular group, I kept the color pallet under fairly tight on each of them in particular- so the whole group doesn't get too crazy.
  14. By the way- I don't know for sure with either of these couples, but I do know that some of my clients cosplay for their weddings. One dude sent me photos of himself in huge steam armor. Way better than a tux.
  15. I've made quite a few different cake toppers for some of the videogame fans out there. A lot of them prefer to feature the bride and groom holding videogame controllers or such, but sometimes we go a bit further. Here are a few cake toppers featuring elven bride and grooms that I've really come to enjoy. As with all the cake toppers I've made, these are completely custom built and customizable- the couple chose the poses and all the details.