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  1. AND here is the tiled roof. I will add some texture when the clay is a little drier: Until whenever....
  2. Thanks for the reply, Wolf. I am happy you like the new stuff. The Troll is more like Brian Froud's version of a Troll than the more grotesque types we are used to from D&D & such. Photos of the Tower's roof are coming up.
  3. Deck the Grill with bows of holly...or whatever! I take it you have given up grilling for the season. The Christmas Scene does look WONDERFULLY MERRY. ..an imaginative idea, BEAUTIFULLY brought to life. VERY WELL DONE!
  4. Kingdom of Death: Hand of the King.

    He does look the part of The Villain...SPLENDID brushwork & a FINE selection of colors. VERY NICELY DONE!
  5. I had to look that one up. Critical Role & Pike were new to me. She might be a tad tall for a gnome. Your latest Avatar is cool, Sis. Thanks, Glitter. I think she works well with the Folklore Folk.
  6. From The Bottom Up, Part II

    I am delighted to be of assistance. The kind replies I receive to my posts are a major source of motivations for me. SO thank you for the kind reply, Bonnie Bailey. If you have any questions on how something is done, I would be happy to answer them. I'm looking forward to the finale also. I'm still debating on who will be mounted on the second base.
  7. The Troll Mage Babe got some color: This should give you an idea of how the finished piece will look: More later...personally, considering how unreliable I've become, I wouldn't count on it.
  8. From The Bottom Up, Part II

    The Female Troll Mage has finally started to get some paint: AND how she will look on the base: More later...perhaps.
  9. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Not so far, but I haven't given up on childhood yet. SO who knows what opportunities for regret will turn up?
  10. I started the clay work yesterday. Right now it has that Howard Johnson look, but the shingles (in clay) should change that...at least after they are painted: AND, early this morning my friend, Lazetta, sent me another inspiration mushroom photo: I have the Troll Mage started, & hopes for some progress on the Tower Photo Stage. SO more later...perhaps.
  11. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    They all look WONDERFUL, but the wings are SPECTACULAR. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  12. Karzoug, the Claimer

    I really like your choice of colors. That shade of green is gorgeous. Keep up the SPLENDID work...if so inclined.
  13. Crusader

    Having wandered through your W.I.P. thread on C.M.o.N's forum, I have some idea just how impressive this will be once you are done with the good Knight. Have FUN with the painting & such!
  14. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Coffee is my drink of choice. I take it pretty hot & black.
  15. Gandalf Mouse

    Your Wizardly Rodent is a WONDERFULLY painted creation that defies my attempts to find the proper words to describe him. VERY WELL DONE!