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  1. While I do enjoy the painting AND the basing, it's the taking photos of the finished piece(s) that is my absolute favorite part of the process.
  2. It used to happen quite often. I'd stop by Men At Arms or Monkey Head, & spot an Oh-So-Cool was just as Oh-So-Cool the last time I spotted it & plucked down the bucks to get it. Shopping online I do this less often. Not really needing anything new ever helps a little also. With non-miniatures it never happens. I hate shopping; ergo, I know exactly what I want to get, I get it, & I am gone.
  3. I would say I rated a 10; re, I try to be slow to anger, & quick to forgive. I am quick to forgive, but I can still go off like a skyrocket. I'm still a W.I.P., SO there is a chance for improvement.
  4. That is a BEAUTIFUL creation/critter. Your brushwork & palette are WONDERFUL, but it is the base that I LOVE...I have a thing for bases. VERY WELL DONE!
  5. Thanks, Wolf. The faces didn't quite fit what I was trying for; SO I carefully removed them. They will show up again elsewhere.
  6. WELCOME ABOARD! I hope your stay is a LONG & MERRY affair. That is a BEAUTIFUL introduction AND a WONDERFULLY painted creation. It looks like a statue is coming to life...GREAT effect. VERY WELL DONE!
  7. I am at that stage & have been for quite some time where there is little difference between a weekday & a weekend day...other than the size of the Sunday paper. SO I do the same thing everyday; i.e., enjoy every moment of the day as best I can....come to think of it I did that before as well.
  9. ...I hope so. Thanks for the reply, X!
  10. Making the beasty has been & is fun, but I'm looking forward to the photos of the miniatures as well. Thanks for the reply, OneBoot. I am happy you like it...spooky faces & all.
  11. CONGRATULATIONS on an OUTSTANDING for-the-moment-finished scenic creation! VERY WELL DONE!
  12. This is as things stand at the moment. The first two faces in the gloom: ...the Twisted Mushrooms: ...with friend: ...other faces may appear later.
  13. Thanks, Wolf. I am happy you are enjoying the stuff. The two lower sets of eyes now have faces. I have six lanky, twisted Mushrooms ready for faces. These will fill out the ground in front of the towering Mushrooms.
  14. Thanks for the reply, Thumb. I like that idea. I can picture a chaotic scene a la The Muppet Show (the original one) with the cast & crew running madly about just behind the scenery. Some of the eyes will probably just be glowing eyes in the gloom, but some will have disembodied faces as well. I also have some new Mushrooms for the background: twisty ones with faces.
  15. Thanks, X. I am glad you like it thus far.