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  1. Thanks for the reply, Lord_Byron. I am happy you like the stuff. The tress are a combination of raffia covered floral wire (Naturally Wired) twisted around an internal core of insulation foam or simply around each other. the smaller branches are lighter, unwrapped floral wire. The tree shown in the foreground is coated with air drying clay (I used Das on the tree shown) & the bark texture is picked out before it cures. I coat the thinner branches & roots with hot glue that I tease while still soft for texture. I'll try to remember to take photos of the work in progress on the trunks to give you a better idea.
  2. I love watching your painting evolve. This Handsome Fellow is a SPLENDIDLY painted creation. He reminds me of James Steerforth from David Copperfield. His expressive face is WONDERFUL; AND your choice of colors is OUTSTANDING. VERY WELL DONE once more!
  3. The Girl is a natural. As good as they all are, each piece shows the potential of greater things to come. AND the freehand is LOVELY. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  4. I form the point on my brushes by pulling the bristles between my lips; there isn't any licking involved although I do get an occasional taste of may be beautiful but it tastes dreadful. I was going to say it hasn't done me any harm, but, all things considered, if the practice means you turn out like me, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I liked. For a couple of years I had a group of young people to whom I was showing the craft. Of the different things I demonstrated, the one that was universally picked up was the brush point forming lip technique...bad habits come naturally to humans of all ages.
  5. Your color choices are OUTSTANDING...there is something of an aura about the Stones. LOOKIN' GOOD!
  6. That is a SPLENDID LOOKING conversion. VERY NICELY DONE! Did you drill out the muzzles? If not, it is worth the effort.
  7. I love the Goblin version. I am a Goblin Fan though, SO my opinion is suspect.
  8. That is a BEAUTIFULLY crafted & painted creation. The door is particular nice & I love the broken away plaster revealing brickwork...I do that myself. VERY WELL DONE! Das is great stuff. I've used on a tree & it holds up splendidly.
  9. Thanks for the kind reply, Egg. I am happy you like them. The Old Knight reminded me of the Knights in Alice Through The Looking Glass. As such I figured he would work well in my setting.
  10. That looks like a splendid way of saving France.
  11. Thanks for the reply, X. I am glad you like them. I still have thousands waiting in the wings...this may be a De Mille style epic.
  12. Thanks, X. I am happy you like them. Are you home yet or still saving France?
  13. I got some work done on Photo Board #02: The Spooky Woods, which was supposed to be Board #03, but I'm still thinking about how I want The Blight Board to's now #03. Anyway, I have the shapes for the background trees in place & ready for some clay: ...with the fore ground possibilities: ...more later.