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  1. AND in The Woods: There you have him...right before he makes his escape back to The Blight.
  2. ...the photos prompted me to go back & do a little touch up on the Leprechauns eyes, cheeks & teeth. He looks a bit more handsome as a result. He still looks like he has been hitting the bottle, but he is better looking doing it.
  3. I wrapped up the Leprechaun & Owl yesterday. They are part of S. White's Consortium: AND the four Fellows I started together. They go their separate ways from here: Until whenever...
  4. malefactus

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    To sail the South Seas.
  5. malefactus

    03462: Goblin Warriors

    What a merry looking Crew of SPLENDIDLY painted Psycho Hooligans. VERY NICELY DONE!
  6. malefactus

    Secret Sophie minis for Fealron

    That is a WONDERFUL haul, a treasure trove of BEAUTIFULLY painted creations. Fealron is a lucky Forumite. VERY WELL DONE!
  7. malefactus

    Giant Centipede ( Toob Animal) by Glitterwolf

    There are few things quite as creepy as a centipede. That one maxes out on the creepiness Scale, as well as being BEAUTIFULLY painted. VERY WELL DONE!
  8. ...I figure the Demon Rum is actually some sort of Mushroom brew that might involve the Devil's Cap Mushrooms. I am glad you like it. When I get the right stage setting, I will do some photos of Fast Flo's Crew with the Kegs. Thanks for the reply, Glitter.
  9. The Dwarf & his barrels complete the Barrels down at Fast Flo's group: That got the Wiffenpoofs' song going through my head.
  10. malefactus

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    YES! Most definitely YES!
  11. malefactus

    03892 - Dark Dwarf Striker

    Like his Brethren The Warrior of Somewhat Less Height turned out SPLENDIDLY. Each of the three has a distinct personality along with an EXCELLENT paint job. VERY NICELY DONE!
  12. malefactus

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    BRAVA, GIRL! You have my admiration for the courage you displayed AND placing yourself above mere possessions. VERY WELL DONE! It was around this time of the year. The Year was 1963. I was fifteen going on sixteen. An erstwhile friend had gotten a miniature war games book by Joe Morschauser for Christmas. He, my friend that is, wasn't interested. I borrowed & kept The Book. I need miniatures though. J.M. used Britain's Ltd. SO I got my Dad to drive me to Lee's Hobby Store. They had a selection of Britain's & other minis. The tall, skinny college Guy behind the counter was painting a Imrie Risly Napoleonic piece, & half heartedly listened to me as I started my tale. When I mention the magic words "war game", his head came up like an infield fly. That was my to-be-friend, Dick Ford. He lent me a buck for a box of Britain's & explained they had to be converted & painted. That was how I got into painting/converting.
  13. malefactus

    The Psycho Chicken of The Woods

    I am glad you got the fun part out of the post, Warlady. AND the vote of confidence on the Chicken look is appreciated. Thanks for the reply!
  14. malefactus

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    I sat the first Star Wars, which for some reason or other they called Part IV or something, in a theater in Port Jefferson Station. I enjoyed the first viewing; it lost its charm with the second...I'm not a fan. The theater was converted into a Block Busters subsequently. I saw the next two somewhere or other.. The rest I avoided. There are SO many movies I love, but my favorite is Inherit The Wind; the original version with Spenser Tracy, Fredric March, & Gene Kelly. English Literature & Anthropology...one in each.