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  1. Soviet Babes are much more appealing than their male comrades...MUCH. GREAT WORK!
  2. I think the bubbles add to the primordial effect. You could tell folks that you planned it that way. It does look WONDERFUL!
  3. ...that is G.W's spin on things. It's not the way of things in my world. Glad you like the stuff, Glitter.
  4. Fun is what I am in it for. I am happy you like the way the Goblins are turning out, Wolf. Thanks for the reply.
  5. The Faerie Goblins got some color: AND I did some bases for the current batch of Mushrooms: I played around with The Rhino's armor, but progress is minimal: Not the most productive of weeks, but it was fun.
  6. malefactus

    New Mushrooms on the Block

    It doesn't feel like I accomplished all that much this week, but the Faerie Goblins are progressing: AND some bases for the Mushrooms are ready for paint & the aforementioned Mushrooms: More later.."later" being some indeterminate time in the future.
  7. malefactus

    Getting To Know You July

    Wallet, change, a lighter (I quit smoking a few years ago, but I like to be prepared for a relapse), a little flash light, a cylinder with ibuprofen & baby aspirin for headaches & the heart,, mints (as a cover for the relapse), AND a little bag full of little rubber bands for binding up balsa strips & paint brushes that I might have occasion to purchase. There used to be a set of keys as well, but now I have a spare car key on the chain that sets of the alarm when in my pocket. ERGO, they have been banished to a clip thingy that attaches to a belt loop.
  8. malefactus

    Getting To Know You July

    I hate them all equally. The satisfaction of completing some vile, but necessary task is like whacking yourself over the head with some blunt object; i.e., it is wonderful when it is stops.
  9. malefactus

    Winter Wolf (In White) - 77437

    You have a real flair for the lupine Folk. Fur, teeth, & eyes are WONDERFUL; plus you made the most of the base. VERY WELL DONE!
  10. malefactus

    Obsidian Crypt - 77637 (Photo heavy)

    The Crypt is WONDERFULLY overgrown; SPLENDID work with the flock & static grass. It is also a BEAUTIFULLY painted creation. VERY WELL DONE!
  11. malefactus

    July goal- reclaiming my hobby space

    OUTSTANDING! That does look SPLENDID. I LOVE all the display cabinetry. It couldn't happen to a more deserving Guy!
  12. malefactus

    Grenadier Frost Giantess

    She is LOVELY, a BEAUTIFULLY painted creation. VERY WELL DONE!
  13. malefactus

    ENnie voting is open

    I have cast my ballot also...alea iacta est, but I didn't have to cross the Rubicon; ergo my feet aren't wet. Voting always gives me a warm feeling of doing the right thing...it's another sign of idiocy.
  14. malefactus

    Painting foul up

    Before I started using Simple Green, I used to use Parson's Ammonia...any ammonia will do. With a little toothbrush scrub, it worked quite well at removing paint.
  15. My pleasure...I really like sending stuff & you are a favorite. I have a couple hundred Night Goblins left unassembled; SO you are helping me cut into the surplus. I will be sending another package to Canada along with the one I'll be sending you...may be one to Belgium as well. Being nuts is a prerequisite for creativity...I think.