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  1. is probably the background that hides the wings...or she's cast a spell upon you. Thanks for the reply, MKCS! I did a Dioxazine Purple glaze/wash over a Grape Juice highlighted with Lavender base for the dress (Americana colors). I am delighted you like the way it turned out.
  2. ...Once more into the breach, Dear Bugs. Once more up upon the walls with the Reptile dead!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, tiniest rhombus! Enjoy YOUR OWN GLORIOUS Monday. Well, do the best you can with what you're dealt...PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY ANYWAY!
  4. The Tall Deadite looks FANTASTIC, appropriately enough. That is a WONDERFUL conversion...I love the shield. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  5. It's good to hear from you, spencerjohn. Thanks for the reply! I've been keeping busy. I am happy you like what you've seen.
  6. It is my pleasure. You do some fine work. The very least you should expect from Fellow Miniature Folk is a word of encouragement & a bit of advice when appropriate.
  7. You do produce some TRULY AMAZING creations. These prove my point SPLENDIDLY. Your skillful brushwork & fine eye for colors backup a WONDERFUL imagination. VERY WELL DONE once more!
  8. Nice to meet you. I have been voting for your minis on C.M.o.N. for awhile in the vain hopes of boosting your scores to a level that reflects their quality...there are a hard core of miserable, so & sos that seem to get their jollys dumping low scores on good minis inhabiting that place. All that aside, you do some SPLENDID pieces in a FINE array of colors with consistently nice & often BEAUTIFUL bases. These are a some EXCELLENT examples of your work. VERY NICELY DONE! Post here more often & save your morale from the C.M.o.N. buffeting.
  9. C: none of the above, There is no reason why two herbivores occupying different areas would fight Senseless conflict is pretty much just limited to humans.
  10. does stick with you though. I think it's the toothy grin that conjured it up.
  11. Thank you for the kind reply, Pingo. Posting/sharing is my pleasure. Without the fora, my stuff would be unseen by anyone save myself. Those who view & comment make creating things a joy. I am delighted you like the Mushrooms & their setting. The scenery boards & the Folk that inhabit them are slowly coming together to produce a story, hopefully one worth hearing. The Flunky will be happy to hear you like him best. The Wizard & his Cap seem to get the most notice.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Wolf. I am happy you like the new stuff. As things are added the story possibilities & possibilities of stories grow. The settings & the characters almost demand to have their stories told. Few things that come in contact with my work table remain the same. The Faerie Sorceress is just another victim. I've noticed that I am starting to look more Gnome like also.
  13. ...I imagine her laugh is somewhere between Gracie Allen & Goldie Hawn; kind of a brainless giggle. That aside, thanks for the reply, X. I am happy you like The Girl.
  14. Thanks, X. I am glad you like her...especially the hair & face. The Girl didn't have much of a face details-wise; so most everything is painted on.