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  1. ...he is that; & an unique character at that. It is his grin that sold me on the miniature. Once painted he reminded me of Willy Nelson. I am glad you like him...as a Reptile Guy I thought you might like the tail. Thanks for the reply, Glitter.
  2. malefactus

    WOC40047, Grick

    A DELIGHTFULLY disturbing Horror, WONDERFULLY painted...love his beak. VERY NICELY DONE!
  3. malefactus

    77135 Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate - Bones

    Piracy just took on a new allure. The Pirate Babe is a LOVELY creation; BEAUTIFULLY painted in an interesting choice of colors; i.e., all the white would never have occurred to me, but it works SPLENDIDLY. VERY NICELY DONE!
  4. malefactus

    91006 Prarie Tick Queen - Bones

    He is, in his own creepy, disease ridden fashion, CHARMING...I love his non-buggy eyes. He is BEAUTIFULLY painted in an imaginative & attractive array of colors. VERY WELL DONE! You don't often see a Tick that has charming, beautifully, & attractive in his description.
  5. The Faerie Dragon is going to get some more normal mushrooms to fill out the base: AND The Shrew (Gringe) Master, Petruchio is now done: There you go until later...whenever that is.
  6. malefactus

    Mag's Minions

    I did up some mushrooms to fill out the Faerie Dragon's base. AND wrapped up Petruchio, The Shrew (Gringe) Commander. Seen here with the rest of Mags' Boys: ...by himself: Until whenever.
  7. ...I'm not sure what the sculptor had in mind. There is something of Saturday Night Fever about him. In the grouping, he may be trying to hide /blend in among the Mushrooms. Thanks for the kind reply, Cicciopiu. I'm looking forward to what I will come up with for a color scheme also. Right now I haven't a clue....that always makes it more exciting for me. Thanks, Glitter...glad you like them thus far.
  8. malefactus

    02756, Familiar Pack IV Imp

    He is a SPLENDID looking Little Devil with a WONDERFULLY evil grin, BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. Your colors, especially the skin shades, are LOVELY. VERY WELL DONE! I have developed over the years a real fondness for the Familiar miniatures. This one is a favorite.
  9. malefactus

    Grace Flynn (ShadowSea)

    She is a LOVELY Pirate Lass, BEAUTIFULLY painted & base...she is also very tempting when done up to this high a standard. VERY WELL DONE!
  10. malefactus

    Mag's Minions

    The Lads of Mags' Minions are coming along nicely. SO I felt it would be okay to add another piece into the mix. This is Ral Partha/Iron Wind's Fairy/Faerie Dragon with a couple of Mushroom Cronies. As the looked on Wednesday: Yesterday: AND today: I had hoped to get one of Grenadier's Oh-So-Silly Elf Dragons, but the Ral Partha is a reasonable alternative; AND silly enough to fit in with the rest of the nonsense.
  11. The Gringe Commander for Mags' Minions is coming along nicely. AND the Faerie Dragon is based up: Ral Partha's Dragon isn't quite as Oh-So-Silly as Grenadiers, but he is silly enough to fit in.
  12. malefactus

    DSM8111, Birman Cat Bard

    The Little Feline Bard is WONDERFULLY personable, & rather Germanic looking...I nearly bought a hat like his yesterday at the Kuckkuck's Nest in Fredricksburg. Your color choices & brushwork are OUTSTANDING. VERY WELL DONE!
  13. malefactus

    Wiz Kids Owl Bear

    That is a SPLENDID looking Feathered Horror; BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. VERY NICELY DONE! I have been painting fantasy stuff for a very long time & have yet to do an Owl Bear. I will have to correct that...eventually.
  14. Thanks, Dom. That is an idea that never occurred to me. I do love a lot of the miniatures that are part of the new board games. I don't play any of them, but, if I had an idea what they were about, making things for them would be fun.
  15. Cap'n John & I were off to faraway Fredricksburg today for brunch...we were gone most of the day. I did manage to base coat the Faerie Dragon & sculpted his two Mushroom Cronies: I may have reached new heights in silliness.