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  1. Your modifications are SPLENDID. The strange little truck is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation. VERY WELL DONE!
  2. A New Mushroom on the Block

    ...he? has possibilities; he has a suitably stunned look of disbelief. He reminded me that I still have the Tortoise & Hare fro Wyrd. The Hare will go well with the place. Now that you mention it, the resemblance is striking. Thanks for the reply, Jordan. I am glad you like it/him/her/whatever.
  3. Thanks again for the reply, Glitter. I am happy you like the Mushroom. ...an erstwhile Forum Fellow from Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum, made an Ogre Mariachi War Band. They were all armed with various large guitars that were wielded as weapons; one of them was armed with a piano. Thanks for the idea & the flowery response, Jay. Posting here would be much less interesting without your replies. I am delighted you like the Mushroom...I have four more in the dolly stage now & the Goblins are coming along.
  4. The Old Fathers Harvest WIP

    The bubbles in the tub could be an ominous portent. VERY COOL MINIS!
  5. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    She is LOVELY; WONDERFULLY painted in a BEAUTIFUL array of colors. As a basing nut I am fascinated by the way you did your base; it is unique & very well craft piece. VERY WELL DONE!
  6. Another new variety of Pinterest inspired Mushroom has been seen in the Woods: The Inspiration: AND the W.I.P.: There will be a variety of sizes with the same look to them eventually. Right now I am doing some work on the Dark Hold Goblin Guards. More later..possibly.
  7. A New Mushroom on the Block

    ...I was thinking of having a couple of feathers sticking out of his'her mouth. Thanks for the reply, Glitter. Is Totoro the bug fuzzy fellow in the movie poster? He is cool if he is. He would definitely be right up my alley. Thanks for the reply, Sister. Thanks for the reply, Loim...glad you like him/her/whatever. ...funny, that is just how I feel about it too. There is something exciting about starting a new piece/project. I hope you enjoy the process, Jay. Thanks for the reply! It has been fun so far & it seems like it will continue to be so. Thanks for the reply, Gargs. I hope you have fun viewing the progress. Thanks Arc. I do try to give my pieces unique personalities...I am happy you like it.
  8. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Neither. "Let me 'splain" ...Desi Arnaz "Okay. 'splain,"...Lucille Ball I used to game. When I gamed most of the miniatures I painted were for my gaming. Then, as I got better & money got scarcer, I painted for other Folk to game. I no longer game, AND I don't paint for other Folk's gaming habits, although most of my pieces are based so that they could be used in a game. I have never been a collector. Quite a bit of what I paint/model winds up in display cases, but this is mostly to avoid the ever present Texas dust (storm) & partly because it is painful having my stuff sitting in storage. SO I don't paint for display either. I paint for the joy of it all. I have loved toy soldiers/miniature for as long as I can remember. AND I paint for the narrative, story telling qualities of the stuff I make. In an effort to avoid dying with the most toys, I try to give away/find homes for my creations. This is my latest W.I.P. piece:
  9. A New Mushroom on the Block

    A few days ago I started a new type of Mushroom based on some Pinterest polymer clay pieces like this one: This one & his kin are quite a bit larger than the ones I make, but the detail is something to aspire to. Here is a step by step of my Mushroom in progress up to yesterday. This is the plumber's epoxy dolly: The Kneadotite (green stuff): I use the left over green stuff to make smaller versions of the Big Mushroom...you probably already notice that: There will be more of this type in varying sizes AND their bases coming along soon...or eventually.
  10. The original message does appear to be up a couple of posts, but I didn't see it either. The Forum has been acting strange of late; i.e. I don't get notification of replies anymore on any of my threads, AND it was down most of yesterday for me at least. All that aside, it does mean you get two likes, which is more appropriate considering the level of enthusiasm you generate. I am delighted you enjoyed the thingy AND took the time to compose such a wonderful response. I think receiving one of your flowery replies is more than enough of an award for anything I might create. Thanks once again for your reply, Jay.
  11. 50189: Abraham Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter

    He looks to be a FINE companion for your Huntress. There is a righteous determination about the Man. Your brushwork is OUTSTANDING once more. VERY WELL DONE!
  12. 60164: Female Vampire Hunter, Pathfinder

    After all the Lady Vampires, the Vampire Huntress' LOVELY healthy glow is quite a change. She is a BEAUTIFUL creation in your delightfully unique style. VERY WELL DONE!
  13. Porker and Library Owl - A Pair of Urkins

    OUTSTANDING! The two Steam Punk Fellows turned out even more WONDERFULLY than your W.I.P. thread promised; BEAUTIFULLY painted& based with a keen eye for details. VERY WELL DONE!
  14. Converted Void Viridian Strike Commando

    She is an OUTSTANDING conversion; AND SPLENDIDLY painted & based. VERY WELL DONE!
  15. Entrance to the Faerie Deeps

    ...I can identify. I have yet to finish anything that didn't give me ideas for a couple of other thingies. In this case the Entrance has me painting a few Guards that might be added to it. AND I have some ideas for new types of Mushrooms that will require new settings AND accompanying miniatures....AND the beat goes on, AND the beat goes on. Thanks for the kind response, Gargs. I am delighted you like it...have FUN with all your new projects! I am happy you feel that way about the Thingy. Thanks for the reply , Guildenstern...the morale boost is appreciated.