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  1. Saturday wasn't a lost day, just an unfocused one. This is how things stood at the end of the day: ...the Loyal Henchman & the Bots were left to their own to speak: ...meanwhile on the Spooky Woods Board, the background trees got their roots AND some groundwork was done: ...some Mushrooms were made for a base I will use with a miniature from Wyrd, Amo No Zako: ...this is Herself; I think Amo No Zako translates as Scary Lady: ...with left over green stuff some Faces were made....some regular mushrooms as well: ...that's how the day went. Not being focused can be fairly productive as well as just being fun.
  2. I've been working on The Project for some time now; inflicting various W.I.P. & finished photos on various & sundry Forums. Now your time has come. To start off, we'll take the Tour of Compo Heep's Mushroom Brew House & Bat Poop Farm coducted by Heep Himself. From a Distance: In the Caves: AND around the exterior: By the Bat Cave: Your kind commentary & critiques would be appreciated. Be warned though, a positive reaction will only encourage me to continue posting.
  3. That is COOL. The Warrior has a Post Apocalypse look to him that I find appealing....nice brushwork & choice of colors. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  4. Thanks for the reply, Lord_Byron. I am happy you like the stuff. The tress are a combination of raffia covered floral wire (Naturally Wired) twisted around an internal core of insulation foam or simply around each other. the smaller branches are lighter, unwrapped floral wire. The tree shown in the foreground is coated with air drying clay (I used Das on the tree shown) & the bark texture is picked out before it cures. I coat the thinner branches & roots with hot glue that I tease while still soft for texture. I'll try to remember to take photos of the work in progress on the trunks to give you a better idea.
  5. The Blight is a small, dark, crime ridden maze of narrow, twisted streets occupied by equally twisted denizens. Generally speaking it is not an attractive spot & draws no tourist trade to speak of. HOWEVER, it is surround by the ruins of a vast, seemingly endless city that is rumored to hold treasure troves of loot & magical gear...this does draw daring or desperate groups of reckless individuals seeking their fortune...sometimes seeking less savory things. All that aside, I had a few Lead Adventure Miniatures that I had gotten in trade for some painted pieces. With the possibility that I may get some more, I decided to paint what I had prior to the arrival of reinforcements. I started on these toward the middle of last week: This is the Group with their bases more or less painted: The Old Knight & his loyal Henchman (names forthcoming...& forthcoming is not their name): The Desperate Housewives: The Steam Bots: By Friday evening, the faces/skin tone was done along with the Bots lights: The Girls...the one on the right reminds me of my Aunt Emma aka Skeets: The Old Daring Guys: Rolling Thunder Cans: I'm now waiting for Tante (Aunt) Skeets to dry; then more photos...oh joy & rapture.
  6. I love watching your painting evolve. This Handsome Fellow is a SPLENDIDLY painted creation. He reminds me of James Steerforth from David Copperfield. His expressive face is WONDERFUL; AND your choice of colors is OUTSTANDING. VERY WELL DONE once more!
  7. The Girl is a natural. As good as they all are, each piece shows the potential of greater things to come. AND the freehand is LOVELY. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  8. I form the point on my brushes by pulling the bristles between my lips; there isn't any licking involved although I do get an occasional taste of may be beautiful but it tastes dreadful. I was going to say it hasn't done me any harm, but, all things considered, if the practice means you turn out like me, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I liked. For a couple of years I had a group of young people to whom I was showing the craft. Of the different things I demonstrated, the one that was universally picked up was the brush point forming lip technique...bad habits come naturally to humans of all ages.
  9. Your color choices are OUTSTANDING...there is something of an aura about the Stones. LOOKIN' GOOD!
  10. That is a SPLENDID LOOKING conversion. VERY NICELY DONE! Did you drill out the muzzles? If not, it is worth the effort.
  11. I love the Goblin version. I am a Goblin Fan though, SO my opinion is suspect.
  12. That is a BEAUTIFULLY crafted & painted creation. The door is particular nice & I love the broken away plaster revealing brickwork...I do that myself. VERY WELL DONE! Das is great stuff. I've used on a tree & it holds up splendidly.
  13. Thanks for the kind reply, Egg. I am happy you like them. The Old Knight reminded me of the Knights in Alice Through The Looking Glass. As such I figured he would work well in my setting.
  14. That looks like a splendid way of saving France.
  15. In her blog, Gardens of Hecate, Ana Polanscakj showed off her forest photo background piece. This was my inspiration for making a few background pieces of my own...seemed easier that using the boards I had. SO I did a Mushroom take off of her lovely piece as a test. This is the finished background piece: ...a closer look: ...The Thing in the puddle was a spin off of OneBoot's enthusiastic response to an idea: Since the board wasn't meant to be a stand alone piece, but merely a stage prop, I asked for volunteers to pose in the setting. Wilhelm Von Shakespeare & his loyal Herald were the first: ...then the Mushroom Adventuring Consortium: I learned a few things to do & not to do from the piece. It should be fun as is. The next one will be an Urban Blight Street scene...keep an eye out for it in a month or so...if so inclined.
  16. Thanks for the reply, X. I am glad you like them. I still have thousands waiting in the wings...this may be a De Mille style epic.
  17. Thanks, X. I am happy you like them. Are you home yet or still saving France?
  18. I got some work done on Photo Board #02: The Spooky Woods, which was supposed to be Board #03, but I'm still thinking about how I want The Blight Board to's now #03. Anyway, I have the shapes for the background trees in place & ready for some clay: ...with the fore ground possibilities: ...more later.
  19. Yesterday was lost to a trip to Bee Cave, but today I finished the Old Knight, Das Alte, seen here with his Henchman lurking in the wings: I took a few photos as a test for the mini & the scene on my W.I.P. Spooky Woods Photo Stage: ...there may be potential here, at least once the woodsy background is done.
  20. The Old Knight, Das Alte, is now done with his Henchman lurking in the wings: As a test for the miniature & the scene, I took a few photos of Das Alte in what will be the second photo stage; i.e., The Spook Woods: ...this may have potential. NOTE: I was told by one of the L.A.Fers that Der Alte was the correct expression. SO: :
  21. WONDERFUL! She is LOVELY, AND may very well be the most BEAUTIFUL piece I have seen you do. Your brushwork, basing & eye for color are all OUTSTANDING. SPLENDIDLY WELL DONE!
  22. Your version looks much more business like. The subtle colors look WONDERFUL with the red hair. She is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation...the pink bunny makes the base for me. VERY WELL DONE!
  23. When I was a working Guy, I never had the sort of job that had a personal area. So I'd have to say no. For the last fifteen or so years I've been working my craft as my exclusive "job" . My work spot it totally personalized. It is a interesting place, although I wouldn't go so far as calling it is just filled with lots of strange stuff.