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  1. Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you like it. The Thingy gives one of the reasons swimming is not big in The Swamp.
  2. I've been working on The Project for some time now; inflicting various W.I.P. & finished photos on various & sundry Forums. Now your time has come. To start off, we'll take the Tour of Compo Heep's Mushroom Brew House & Bat Poop Farm coducted by Heep Himself. From a Distance: In the Caves: AND around the exterior: By the Bat Cave: Your kind commentary & critiques would be appreciated. Be warned though, a positive reaction will only encourage me to continue posting.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, robinh. There is a way to make the pics public. It is just a matter of figuring out how.
  4. .."whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouse, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos gets such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off - then I account it high time" make some more Mushrooms....Ismail & I approach the problem differently A few days ago, the symptoms began to appear. Now I that the end in is in sight, I'll post what I have been up to. These Fellow already had their blanks made. SO it was just a matter of adding beads & green stuffing : ... ...that wasn't enough to snap the black mood; three larger ones were needed. First the Blanks: ...then the eyes (beads), & arms...somewhat more eye & arms then usual: ...the marvels of Mushroom dentistry: ...Stage I Green Stuffing: ...with Leo "Legs-don't-fail-me-now" Sizechek for a size check: ...AND Stage II Green Stuffing, capping of the sculpts: . ...once I figure how they will be used, they will be painted...stay tuned.
  5. Yesterday I based up a Mushroom that had been painted awhile ago & added a Friend. Today i wrapped it up. SO here is the Mushroom: AND Friend: I also added a few cup style mushrooms to the basic group: Have a good evening!
  6. Thanks, Glitter. I am happy you like them. I added a few cup mushrooms to the basic horde: AND finished a new Mushroom & Friend. The Mushroom was painted awhile ago. I added the base yesterday, & wrapped it up today. The Mushroom: & Friend: ...have a good evening!
  7. The Mushroom Men are BEAUTIFUL miniatures, SPLENDIDLY painted. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  8. LOVE the fedora on the Little Whatever-it-is! You have YET ANOTHER BEAUTIFULLY crafted treasure trove. VERY WELL DONE!
  9. Thanks for the replies, Glitter & aku-chan. I think the pics may only be visible if you fave a Google account. I was hoping the Google Albums would be a liable alternative to Photo Bucket. C'est la vie, eh?!
  10. ...I'm not sure whether the "real" world can stand anymore, but my World can't get along without them. I am basing up a finished Mushroom of the sentient variety the I had painted awhile ago. Since I had a little extra green stuff from the base, I did a few more fairly normal mushroom; this time some cup whenever. THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT: CAN YOU SEE THE PHOTO BELOW?: Reason: I am putting this up from my Google Albums. There is some doubt as to whether the pics are only visible to me. A reply as to whether or not you can see it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I will keep my eyes open for when you post pics of your creation. Have FUN with it!
  12. I added some more mushrooms of fairly normal size to the basing stash: AND a couple more Faces: ...until whenever.
  13. Thanks for another morale boosting reply, Jay. I am happy you like the way things are developing. I have been amassing some of Dark Sword's DiTerlizzi minis. They have sent me bonus minis with each order including some of the anthropomorphic critters. Your work with the Furry Folk has been moving me to do something with the pieces...we have a mutual inspiration society going. Today I added YET MORE mushrooms of fairly normal size to the basing stash: AND a couple more faces: Have a good evening!
  14. I am assuming that using the Plush Beasty as Voodoo Doll & sticking pins in it isn't in the spirit of the question...right?
  15. Thanks, Dilvish. I am sure there are some good & patient folk around. Now if only the rules didn't put me to sleep....
  16. They are good looking miniatures. You are making a FINE start on them, but now I have the theme song from F Troop playing through my head.
  17. ...I LOVE Peter Pan. However, I doubt that Barrie would approve of my place...I could do a parody of him that would have the Old Scot whirling in his grave.
  18. The Desert Base is a thing of BEAUTY AND a WONDERFUL source of inspiration. The Vulture is a gem &, as I was pondering how I was going to do my, a fine example of my "inspiration" statement. OUTSTANDING WORK!
  19. I really did not know just how LOVELY the miniature was or could be when some one with as much talent as you turned their attention to the piece. VERY WELL DONE as always!
  20. ...that's a possible name for the place: The Never Wood or The Never Would Wood.
  21. I always look forward to the photos of the Con. The miniatures are gorgeous & I love seeing the forum folk I've come to care for. I would love to meet you all in person someday. Then there is the new Sophie to anticipate. Actually going to the Con would involve convincing Cap'n John to go...he is the one with the car. Then comes the question of what would I do there. The classes & group events are of limited interest to a deaf cochlear implant limits me to one on one conversations, preferably without much background noise. Games have the same draw back. I have had problems with gamers who can not be asked to repeat themselves; I don't react well to intolerance. Deaf people also don't chat well on hangouts assuming the hangout aren't text.
  22.'s good knowing that my stuff is improving the eating habits of beavers...for the most part. Thanks, for the kind reply, Jay. I tend to stare at things I like as well. I am glad you like the Trees. I hope you return refreshed to your miniature.
  23. Today the Trees got some base work done: Being in base mode, I replenished the stock of more normal mushroom types: The excess green stuff was just enough for a couple more Faces..waste not & all that stuff: AND that is a wrap on the day.
  24. Today the Trees' bases got some attention: With bases in mind, I restocked/made some more normal mushrooms: AND with the leftover green stuff some more faces : Another day comes to a screeching halt.