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  1. D&D/AD&D has it hands down. I played fairly regularly from '77 to '97. That's when the last of my hearing went south & I was no longer invited. Column, Line, & Square would be second, from '71 to '78. By '78 my work schedule was too horrendous to allow time to game; D&D was closer. After '97 I ceased to be a gamer as such, & became a painter/modeler for other Folks gaming. Now I just paint/model for the love of it all.
  2. The bases got some color today: The tentacle color is truer in this photo: There you go. We will be off to distant Bee Cave tomorrow, SO, until whenever.
  3. I've been working on The Project for some time now; inflicting various W.I.P. & finished photos on various & sundry Forums. Now your time has come. To start off, we'll take the Tour of Compo Heep's Mushroom Brew House & Bat Poop Farm coducted by Heep Himself. From a Distance: In the Caves: AND around the exterior: By the Bat Cave: Your kind commentary & critiques would be appreciated. Be warned though, a positive reaction will only encourage me to continue posting.
  4. malefactus

    Yet More Wyrdness

    The bases got some attention today: One of the benefits of W.I.P. photos is that I can see things I missed. I forgot to do the Big Alter Egos mushroom stems: Now done: The tentacles are truer to actual color in this photo: Until whenever.
  5. malefactus

    Yet More Wyrdness

    With my renewed interest in The Blight, I dug out Seamus & his Alter Egos from the Vault along with the Twisted Tortoise & Hare. The Tortoise will be with another Gang, but the Hare will be part of the Red Chapel Gang...a Living Impaired Urban Gang. Here they are along with some new W.I.P. bases as of early yesterday: By last night the bases had gotten more colorful: The sewer bas will probably be part of the Vermina Sisters' Rat Gang, but while I was working on it you may as well get a peek. I tried a new rust effect from FolkArt on the pipes: We will see what develops as the day wears on...probably.
  6. malefactus

    03873 Serena, Dreadmere Rogue w/ Basing

    She is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation. I love your metalwork in particular. VERY WELL DONE!
  7. malefactus

    Happy Birthday SisterMaryNapalm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SisterMaryNapalm! Enjoy YOUR VERY OWN SENSATIONAL Tuesday. PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY...Wednesday is a nothing day anyway!
  8. First I would have to find one. Then I'd have to convince Cap'n John to go...he is the one with the car.
  9. I placed an order with Reaper early this morning for some of The Twelve Day minis that Cap'n John wanted. AND I got the Reaper order I did on Friday for the Jason Benefit Dwarfs: 01406 Sophie, Succubus 72 mm 01621 Winter Elf X 2 this is one that C.J. wanted 01633 Johan Rumbleguts, Dwarf Hero X 2 we each get one 03308 Marise Greyshroud 03841 Graveflesh Servant 07012 Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor: C.J. already has three. We could do a synchronized attack squad. 14453 Elven Hunting Cat 60161 Ilnernik Sivanshin 60164 Vampire Hunter 60196 Mavaro, Iconic Occultist I got another stocking...Cap'n John got the first: HO HO HO!
  10. malefactus

    Yet More Wyrdness

    Thanks, aku-chan. I am happy you like it. I would have liked to have gotten more of the metal miniatures also. They had a certain charm that the plastics lack...the assembly was less bizarre as well. Thanks, Loim. I am glad you like them thus far.
  11. malefactus

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    She is a LOVELY AND VERY IMAGINATIVE creation. I would never have thought of your WONDERFUL color scheme. VERY WELL DONE!
  12. malefactus

    Yet More Wyrdness

    Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you like them; re, bases are my thing...among other things.
  13. As the day came to a screeching halt, the bases had gotten more colorful: I tried a new FolkArt two part rust effect on the sewer pipes: What develops today is anyone's guess...there are things Man was not meant to know!...just ask any woman.
  14. It seems I am always adding new colors to my treasure trove of paints. Remembering what fantastic new colors I have added is a problem...senility can be fun. The latest thing I have tried is the FolkArt two stage rust system...I rather like the effect:
  15. malefactus

    GW Necromunda Escher Ganger "Toast"

    You have a real flair for the Gangers. Toast is yet another BEAUTIFULLY painted & based gem. VERY WELL DONE! Once the Gang is complete, a Group Portrait is a must. They will be AMAZING all together.
  16. Seamus, his alter egos, & all his Living Impaired Ladies of the Evening are favorites with me also. I worked on the bases today. I am having a new surge of enthusiasm for the project in general & the Blight in particular. The Red Chapel Crew with some additions, like Seedy Johann Apfel & Associates, will figure in the plans. All that aside, I am looking forward to the finished pieces as well.Thanks for the reply, Rigel.
  17. malefactus

    77169 Flesh Golem

    You nailed the horrific paint job. The Deadite is SPLENDIDLY horrifying. VERY NICELY DONE!
  18. malefactus

    Wyrd's Arcane Effigies

    Thanks, Warlady. I am happy you like them creepy or cool.
  19. malefactus

    Wyrd's Arcane Effigies

    SO, when I started these two I figured they might be two of those miniatures that get started & left for a prolonged time. I was, happily, wrong. Being wrong is fairly normal. Being happy about it is a rarity. Be that as it may, I finished the two today. Here are the W.I.P. photos: The scrolls & the nice bright mushroom were painted up some time ago, AND press ganged for the pair. I finished up the old metal Effigy Wednesday evening: Today everything seemed to flow. The second just went from primed to done all by itself...seemingly: The finished pair: The plastic Effigy might never have been completed without the online assembly page on the Wyrd site. That aside, have a good night!
  20. ...it is always dark in The Blight or so I imagine it. The rest of the place is sun/moonlit depending on the hour. He is a horrifying hare though...glad you like him, robinh. I have hopes for the paint job.
  21. It was a less productive Wyrd sort of day of today. I started on some bases: Got Wyrd's Twisted Alternate Tortoise & the Hare started: AND dug out Seamus & his alter egos from the vault: Things are starting to stir in The Blight.
  22. malefactus

    Reaper Holiday Miniatures Party Celebration! (Open Thread)

    I did these Goblin & Mushroom Carolers a bunch of years ago, but, if you weren't here in '14, you missed their posting...probably a second one at that: MERRY CHRISTMAS! GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!
  23. malefactus

    Reaper Holiday Miniatures Party Celebration! (Open Thread)

    That is a WONDERFULLY merry crew, BEAUTIFULLY painted. The Goblins are an imaginative addition...they really fit their part. VERY WELL DONE!
  24. malefactus

    Wyrd's Arcane Effigies

    The black seemed to suit the Little Creep nicely. All the other colors spun off of that choice. I am happy you like him/her/it. Thanks for the reply, Glitter.
  25. Thanks, Glitter. Once I chose black everything else fell in place. I am glad you like it/him/her.