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  1. Wolfman174

    Missing In Action

    Mad Jack, I could kiss you! Mithril M36 Cardolanian Mercenary. I swear, my heart skipped a beat when I clicked the link and saw that image! Mine had the sword going the other way but, yeah, that's him. Wow. I'm having a moment here. I was slowly working my way through the Lost Minis Wiki, but the sheer number of minis was overwhelming. Hence, the post here. I actually found a site featuring a bunch of minis from the Mithril line and the style was undeniably familiar, but I didn't find Sargan - I mean, the Cardolanian Mercenary - where I was looking. Mad Jack was the winner this time, but I want to sincerely thank everyone who posted so promptly and also those who didn't post, but were on the case in private. My mini has been identified, now I just have to track him down. Woo hoo!!!
  2. Wolfman174

    Missing In Action

    I need help tracking down a miniature. I don't know it's name, the sculptor, the manufacturer or any other information that could be considered "useful". What I DO have is a vague description. The mini was a human male wearing studded armor. His right hand was holding a sword and came as a separate piece which had to be glued into place. I believe the figure was factory primed in a light gray. I had this mini in 1989 and he came in a blister pack by himself. I used him as a ranger, but I don't know if that's how he was marketed. The sculpt was incredibly realistic for the time (back then, many figures had hands as large as their heads and other proportion issues). This miniature represents some of the best years of my gaming life, and I would love to track him down and bring him home. I have scoured the Internet in vain, so I turn to this community for help.