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  1. Ah, but if you were a True Scotsman, you wouldn't call them "skirts". They would be "Skairrrts!"
  2. Good to see that she has a diving board on the bow.
  3. He's also No True Scotsman.
  4. That would be UbthreerNthreerd*. And he seems to be ... shudder ... civilizing. * Numbers under 10 are properly spelled out in text.
  5. Magic is my job. No, it means that they didn't aim. Sometimes cluster munitions are precisely the correct tool for the job.
  6. Live

    I'm running on a standard 3x3, with a mix of Mage Knight castle, Dwarven Forge dungeon and town, and Pegasus Gothic kits, plus some random bits from other places for most games. DF dungeon stuff works well by itself for underground scenarios. And if I had any of the castle stuff, that would probably be useful as well, but I skipped that project.
  7. I assume it was a dog biscuit. I mean it stands to reason.
  8. Canis Lupus Familiaris is just a sub-species of C. Lupus. I'm fine with putting any sort of C. Lupus into an apposite container. But if you'll point out your friends, I'll put them in last.
  9. I endeavor to constantly defy expectations.
  10. I always consider the well being of dogs before putting them in. There's not much point in putting defective dogs in containers.
  11. From a bag? Out of a tumbler?
  12. Live

    MDF and 1/4" plywood also work well for room sets. And to keep the pieces from moving, poster tack blobs are a decent choice (though they leave more residue in plywood than in either coroplast (the sign material) or MDF.
  13. Hmm, could be. "Bell" is Ctrl-G. "G" stands for Gargantuan, which many dragons are. Perhaps it's a dragon control device?
  14. I'd recommend two things: Razor saws don't break (unless you're really brutal) and make very flat cuts. I prefer them to jewelry saws for this sort of thing. Whatever saw you use, lubricate it with a light machine oil like 3-in-1. I would recommend not using WD40, as it's not primarily intended as a lubricant, but if it's what you have and you don't want to buy a better lubricant, it will certainly help.
  15. The good news is that 15 minute epoxy really is stronger than 5 minute epoxy. So you're being virtuous, not gullible. Yay!