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  1. Probably some paint from a set that I bought because I wanted something else in that set. That would include some Armory paints that are ... hmm ... 30 years old at this point?
  2. "No special reason. When's the last time you read the rules on being swallowed whole?"
  3. I'll be wearing my purple Denvention III T-Shirt. And if I'm with my stuff, I'll be the guy with the brightest painting lights in the hall. By about an order of magnitude.
  4. Lightroom works really well for that, and for editing the photo's metadata, too. (As well as all the other editing stuff.) I'll note that if you're planning to use the watermark to protect your photo in some way, it won't help. Either the watermark will be trivially removable or the photo will be so damaged it will be difficult to look at. If it's only intended in the same way as signing a painting, of course, then it should work great. (I think that Lightroom Mobile has most of the same capabilities, but I don't really use the mobile version, so you I might have that all wrong.)
  5. Point up, point down, or horizontal, IME it makes no difference. What gets fluid in the ferrule is capillary action, and at the scales we're looking at, gravity is an insignificant force. Don't store them in water, don't bend the bristles while the brushes are stored, and clean the brushes regularly and you should be golden. Or perhaps Liquitex.
  6. Yeah, 17th level MU plus 22500 GP gets you a Bountiful demi-plane at 3X time rate, so you could support over a thousand people. The Lesser demi-plane isn't so cost effective, but at greater economies of scale provided by higher level casters, it starts to become cost effective. 22.5GP/person is a very reasonable price for sustenance forever.
  7. I have been that graphic designer. I apologize to everybody that I inflicted 6 pt. type on. Though in my defense, it was much more a "they're not paying us, but we want the information in the catalog. Make it cheap." This has been my life recently, though with photos rather than graphic design. If you're going to publish a photo at 900 x 900 px, looking at it full-screen on a large monitor isn't going to help your review. You will pick up many, many things that don't matter at all and probably miss most of the things that actually do matter. But at least you're well paid for your "expertise". I fairly strongly prefer lab-created gemstones. They're much cheaper, they're much less likely to have significant flaws, and they don't support gem cartels. Oh, and that dying thing, too. Sure, let's add it to the list.
  8. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I think I like it.
  9. Buglips, of course. That's not a bug, it's a feat.... Wait. They told me not to say that aloud. Nevermind.
  10. What size chuck would a woodchuck use if a woodchuck wanted to chuck wood? And would he use a bit and brace, an electric drill, a drill press, a lathe, or something else (If so, what?)
  11. We're checked in at the Fairfield. We were going to stop midway, but by the time we hit Amarillo, it was 2am, which seemed a silly time to get a hotel room. So we drove on through. Dallas-Ft. Worth at 0800 is not a fun place to drive, especially if you've never driven through before. Survived anyway, so there!! We don't have food tickets this year, so no Meat for us, but we'll try to get to the Greet thing anyway.
  12. Lethargy plus 18 y.o. forgetfulness plus DMV means that I won't finish my second entry before we hit the road. I don't think I'll have too much problem finishing it tomorrow night at the hotel or Thursday at the con, though. On the road when my wife gets home and we get the car packed. I wonder what I will have forgotten?
  13. Haven't watched Discovery (and I'm not going to pay CBS for it, either). Trending toward deeply dissatisfied with The Orville, too, as noted in another thread. What's next?
  14. I can tell you from experience* that the highlighting schemes shown in the video don't much match actual highlights on metal. They're closest to what you get if you light brushed aluminum or the like, where the surface has a satin sheen and scatters the reflection quite a lot, with a very large light source like a cloudy sky or a very large softbox. If you actually light polished metal with a small source like the sun, you get much smaller hot spots, including small highlights on flat edges, and you might not get any specular reflection on a flat surface at all. None of which is to say that you should be going for a truly realistic effect. Beauty and verisimilitude are typically much more important in a display piece, and the video is quite good at pointing out how to get a stylized NMM look that works pretty well. * Part of my job is product photography, and getting good-looking highlights on any sort of metallic surface takes quite a lot of work. This includes changing the size and shape of the specular light and moving it about until you get exactly what you're looking for. Which is the sort of thing that you couldn't expect a soldier in armor to do on the battlefield, of course.
  15. like the one in anchorman? Never could get more than about 15 minutes into that movie. So, "Maybe?" Japanese dogs say "Wan wan".