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  1. As a kid, and now as a miniatures painter, I think I found Madurodam most interesting. Though the Euromast was very cool for a 10 year old as well.
  2. As a GM, I'd rather have figures that represent the NPCs, but I'm unlikely to ever have all the figures I need to represent every monster that ever shows up. So I'm perfectly willing to use proxies for nearly anything. "That Twinkie? That's a large Red Dragon. You kill it, you can eat it." So I'll buy figures that seem like they'd be fun to paint, but I don't really even try to buy all the monsters. As a PC, my incentive to buy and paint a single figure that represents my character is a bit higher. And anecdotal evidence from commission painter friends is that they paint quite a few more PC types than monsters. As a painter, I prefer painting humanoids to painting creatures. I find them more interesting and I'm more pleased when they turn out well. Plus, sculptors' visions of humanoids match my visions of humanoids more often than their versions of monsters match mine. The result for me is that I buy far more "people" than critters. YMMV.
  3. I have all the Demogorgons I will ever need. My expected need is zero, but I have more than that.
  4. My experience has been that if you keep the mini and rattle-can at reasonable temperatures, there's not much risk in stepping outside, spraying, then returning inside. I do this in the summer (the temp only rarely gets above 100 here, though) and in the winter (when it can easily be below 0) and haven't had any problems. With sealer, I would always recommend a quick test spray before hitting a painted mini, though. There's not much more frustrating than frosting a finished paint job. Note that brush-on sealer works quite well, too, so that's always an option. And if you're not sealing 50 figures at a time, it's only a little slower.
  5. If that's Colorado Springs, I could arrange for a game for you in Denver. (Palm Springs would be a bit harder. )
  6. Fulfilling

    I don't think Kythrixis would fit on a Large base, he/she is at least Huge. Comparing the figure to Huge figures from the D&D prepaints, he definitely fits in better with them than with Larges. I think you might be hard pressed to call him Gargantuan, though.
  7. Fulfilling

    When you last sold your house or car, did you get as much as you could? If so, does that make you a "shark"? If not, how is this different? Why? Is anyone forced to pay that price?
  8. Fulfilling

    If they can get it, more power to them. Silly people should have less money.
  9. Fulfilling

    Is that orange figure from one of the manufacturers approved for the melt table? Because I think it might weigh enough to get some pretty good trade-in value.
  10. Whoops. Fixed the attribution, thanks.
  11. Fulfilling

    Well, actually, that's "Tsojcanth" .... We all have our crosses to bear.
  12. Fulfilling

    I'm glad that people who like those small-brush, limited-time painting challenges have found something they like. But for me they're about as interesting as "How many people can you fit in a phone booth." (See also: Chibis, Kingdom Death, Warhammer 40K, ...) I'm sure most of the people who like those don't care much about Seven Years War Austrians, or 15mm Ancients, or whatever, so we're all good.
  13. Fulfilling

    I like T'raukzul quite a bit more than Ma'aldrakar*. Heresy, I know, but I can see myself both finishing and using big T much more often than M'a'l'd. * I hope you all have practice with glottal stops. I wonder if it says anything about the speech organs of dragons that they're so common in dragon names?
  14. If you want to sell the spell effect as not-water, in addition to or instead of the inside-out highlighting as recommended by BLZeebub, you might consider pushing the colors of the effect toward purple and the skirt more toward turquoise to get some hue separation*. I think that TGP Pegazus's grayscale images are well worth thinking about, as well. And you might consider adding in something less saturated just to give the eye a rest and point the viewer more toward where you want to emphasize. I try to use a combination of hue, tone, and saturation contrasts to move the viewer's eye around. I find those really extreme hue combinations hard to deal with, too, but I think you're on your way to something very interesting. * Yes, yes, purple and teal.
  15. I played a fantasy boffer-LARP very seriously for years, so I had costumes for each of my characters. I played SCA less seriously and for fewer years, but I have garb for that, too (and occasionally went to ren fairs wearing it, like you do.) I tend not to be very interested in costume contests or hall costumes at cons, though.