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  1. I never before noticed how much the stance and shape of a rabbit are like that of a penguin.
  2. I'd be really tempted to contact the local DA. That sounds like the very definition of anti-competitive trade practices. There used to be many distributors, but there was a big shakeout in that industry and now the choices are very limited, which gives more power to individual companies. But at some point, the difficulty of dealing with a recalcitrant distributor changes the balance of pain to the point that going direct-to-manufacturer makes more sense.
  3. It's my understanding that Reaper is happy to sell to stores at a price lower than a retail customer can get (I won't guess at the discount). They really do want to support the retailer, as they count on the exposure in stores to keep new people seeing their product. I believe they have a program where they will replace old stock with new that might sell better (which would make me ecstatic, were I retailer), and of course a store can order anything even if it's not in general distribution. I'm not sure who at Reaper would be the right contact, but @Reaperbryan or @ladystorm should be able to help you out.
  4. True enough as far as it goes. But I know that in many cases, distributors or stores have been specifically told by the manufacturer that product is available and have then gone on to tell their customers the opposite. Pretty much that. Distributors typically get a 60% discount (+/-) from retail, and sell to stores at around a 50% discount from retail. Distributors only want to put stock money into product that will turn quickly enough to justify the investment, and that might not include restock product, especially from smaller manufacturers. Stores would really rather not spend the effort to special order, especially from multiple sources, because it takes time and occasionally they get stuck with something that they might have a hard time selling when a customer doesn't pick up an order. The honest way to handle these problems is to be straightforward with their respective customers. Some stores do this, and I suppose some distributors might, too.
  5. Note to store owners: Lie to me and I'll stop buying from you at all. It only takes once.
  6. It's probably that you're in a Duck Vacuuming/Horse Farting demographic. Not that I'm saying anything about far eastern Canada; I'm just sayin'.
  7. Clarification, since @Heisler's reply can be read two ways: Part of the DHL line is available through distributors. But much of it is not published as available through distributors. Stores can get the stuff that is not published as available, but they have to actively seek it out. And of course, you can order direct from Reaper, get retail price, and probably get the figures faster than you can order them through the store. FWIW, sometimes stores are mistaken, sometimes distributors are mistaken and pass incorrect information on to stores, and sometimes stores or distributors lie because they don't want to deal with special orders. I can't count the number of times I've been told by a manufacturer that they had pallets of product in their warehouse while a distributor or store was telling customers "Oh, that's out of print." And people wonder why brick and mortar is in trouble.
  8. I read that question as something like, "If I were to paint one or more minis straight (without sculpting or other modification), could the addition of complex basing make the piece a reasonable entry in the Open category?" If that wasn't the intent of the original question, I'll claim it for myself.
  9. Saturday we'll be going to CMPA monthly paint group from 10:00 - 4:30. After that, my company is having an event at Elitch Gardens amusement park. (Actually, it starts in the morning, but I'm more interested in painting. ) Sunday will be calmer, I think, then Monday we drive up to Wyoming entirely too early to catch the eclipse.
  10. I think I'd like to get minis for C.J. Cherryh's SF universe: Merchanters, Kif, Hani, Hisa, .... The minis would be useful for any of the sorts of Traveller adventures that I'd like to run, and I don't think there's a lot of overlap with the sorts of things currently available.
  11. I rather liked Conan the Destroyer. Not because it was especially good, just because it was good (ish) relative to its competition. I mean, any movie with Arnold, Grace Jones, Kareem, and Mako was definitely going to be memorable, at least.
  12. Are there nametags? Because around here I can't really tell the difference. NTTAWWT. And I don't have a dog in that (militantly non-violent, of course) fight anyway.
  13. Since it looks like @TaleSpinner is busy, I'll offer one (sorry if this is a repeat; my participation has been sporadic over the years): August 17: If you could choose a single fictional property for a new miniatures line and didn't have to worry about licensing, what would you choose?
  14. Live

    That is interesting. On cities, I wonder whether part of that might be an artifact of many large US cities having much of the demographic most likely to buy into this sort of thing living in separately incorporated suburbs. I suspect Kickstarter reports by city name, not by MSA* name. Example of this effect: San Antonio is the 7th largest city and 24th largest metro area in the US. Even with that, though, seeing Austin in the top five is unexpected. * "Metropolitan Statistical Area"
  15. I think I was unclear. It's not happening now, but when it does happen, it's right across US-36 from my office. Sorry to be obscure.