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  1. Fulfilling

    I like T'raukzul quite a bit more than Ma'aldrakar*. Heresy, I know, but I can see myself both finishing and using big T much more often than M'a'l'd. * I hope you all have practice with glottal stops. I wonder if it says anything about the speech organs of dragons that they're so common in dragon names?
  2. If you want to sell the spell effect as not-water, in addition to or instead of the inside-out highlighting as recommended by BLZeebub, you might consider pushing the colors of the effect toward purple and the skirt more toward turquoise to get some hue separation*. I think that TGP's grayscale images are well worth thinking about, as well. And you might consider adding in something less saturated just to give the eye a rest and point the viewer more toward where you want to emphasize. I try to use a combination of hue, tone, and saturation contrasts to move the viewer's eye around. I find those really extreme hue combinations hard to deal with, too, but I think you're on your way to something very interesting. * Yes, yes, purple and teal.
  3. I played a fantasy boffer-LARP very seriously for years, so I had costumes for each of my characters. I played SCA less seriously and for fewer years, but I have garb for that, too (and occasionally went to ren fairs wearing it, like you do.) I tend not to be very interested in costume contests or hall costumes at cons, though.
  4. Glass beads are lower density than I would prefer. You might consider using either hematite beads (which are very non-reactive) or split shot (which is cheap and very dense). If you have a no-lead fetish, you'll want to avoid the split shot, though metallic lead has very low bioavailability. (Lead salts, as used in lead paint, are very different from metallic lead, just as metallic sodium is very different from sodium chloride.)
  5. Works best on babies. They move slowly, sleep lots, and they have smooth skin. The rough skin of old folks requires way too much Milliput to smooth out. What? "Vibrant" is largely a result of crisp edges, good contrast between highlights and shadows, and usually at least some parts of the figure painted with very saturated colors. Low-contrast and painted in grays and browns will be pretty much the opposite of "vibrant". It might help to remember that you're painting tiny details on slightly less tiny objects, so you need to pop the contrast hard. (Which is mostly what stage actors do so they can be seen from the cheap seats.)
  6. I host our regular Friday night Pathfinder/3.5 game, so by number of occasions and hours, I mostly host.
  7. Fulfilling

    I'm pretty sure there were more dwarves than elves in the available choices. Which is all kinds of wrong.
  8. Fulfilling

    Thanks. I didn't get a little bag.
  9. Fulfilling

    Finished my inventory. It looks like I have one figure with two left arms and no right and one figure swap in the Eastern Legends set. Uunfortunately, I really do want the missing figure (the female Kitsune), so I'll need to send a message at the end of fulfillment. I also seem to have a vulture on a headstone that doesn't match any of the images I see on the campaign (though it's possible I'm looking right past the image). All told, quite good accuracy.
  10. Fulfilling

    Update #75 has the links to the PDF rewards (from RPGNow).
  11. Fulfilling

    There is a fourth page for Winter 2017/Spring 2018. (I didn't check to see whether Nakos had scanned it.) On the bottom of that page, under "Coming Soon", you'll find Marthrangul and Goremaw (and a bunch of others).
  12. Fulfilling

    @ladystorm Is it safe to assume that: You would prefer any messages about missing or defective minis after the end of the main phase of fulfillment? The message should go to The message should include the Order ID (and Order #?), name, and address The message should reference minis by the number next to the image on the main campaign page In the event that there is a problem with a mini not shown there (Savage Avatars II, for instance), do your best? (Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.)
  13. Fulfilling

    Here's the update that shows the prototype version of Kyra and Lavarath. But Haldir's response is correct. The left arm goes across the front of Kyra's body (to the reins of Lavarath?) while the sword is attached with a small pin at her right hip.
  14. Fulfilling

    I'll try to get to that, but I want to do my inventory first, which will take ... a while.
  15. Fulfilling

    Unboxing update: No missing parts so far (Stoneskull and Graveyard expansions inventoried), including no missing parts from multi-part models. So packing QC is so far very good. Some of the figures have a lot of plasticizer. (To the point that my fingers feel a bit greasy after handling some of them.) You'll want to clean these very thoroughly and you might want to try leaching some of the plasticizer out with isopropyl alcohol (see this thread for more, including a disclaimer that Reaper has never suggested anything of the sort).