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  1. Using benzine to harden Bones?

    Dialectal issue, I think. American English would use "gasoline" for that and doesn't really use "benzine" at all, assuming my research hasn't misled me. (British English would use "petrol".) At any rate, I read the initial post as "benzene" as well.
  2. Can I keep this from breaking?

    If you can drill accurately enough, @Pingo's suggestion is a good one. 0.020"/0.5mm brass rod works pretty well for pinning, IME. The problem that I see is that accurately hitting the center of the blade with a drill hole from the pommel is going to be quite tricky. (I've pinned many figures, and I don't know that I could manage it.) Your other choice is to clip the sword blade and drill the hand and blade separately.
  3. Happy Imperialism Day Beagle

    Happy Birthday! Even though you're imperialist scum, at least you picked an auspicious day. Perhaps you're redeemable.
  4. Happy Birthday Doug Sundseth !!!

    How will I know? Mom's cooking, so that's the way to bet. No, I share my birthday with you, you whippersnapper! Thank you all for the well-wishing.
  5. Using benzine to harden Bones?

    Wouldn't surprise me if it worked. But: Isopropyl is probably safer, though I can't say whether it works as well as benzene.
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Since we're talking nerve damage: For much of my life, I had no idea that lingual paresthesia was an uncommon side effect of routine dental work. You know how, before the local wears off, you can't feel part of your tongue? The novelty of that kind of wears off after the first month. (Took about 6 months to resolve.)
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Over the dry wash and through the hills, And over the plains and through the desert, And over the ridge and past the lake, And over the other ridge and down the canyon, ... To grandmother's (new) house we go. Hooray!
  8. Paint Track Apps?

    Runs on Lollipop on my Note 3, so I'd be really surprised if it didn't run on Marshmallow.
  9. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    Yeah. And you can add the tree rats and long-eared vandals to that list, too.
  10. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    32 (4 painting stands of 8 each) 15mm Later Swiss, I think. Better than average painting standard for 15mm tabletop troops, as I recall.
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Naturally not. Library of Congress cataloging is much more comprehensive. My oldest niece (my little sister's oldest child) has a son in grade school. Fortunately, I'm much too young to be a grandfather. Much. Too. Young.
  12. Twisted Films

    I watched that in a theater with a friend. I found it entertaining for all the wrong reasons, examples: The hero is thrown out a window, falls for at least two seconds (which would be at least 60'), smashes through a wooden door at the end of the fall, then gets up and runs onward, none the worse for wear. A group of enemies advances with swords upraised. Entirely predictably (by this point), the hero swings his sword and breaks all of theirs in midair. It's truly a stupid movie, but it was stupid in entertaining ways (for me, at least.)
  13. Best Version of DnD?

    For hobgoblins defending a fortress, let's assume a guard force of 40, 4 squads of 6 privates, 2 corporals, and one sergeant, a captain and his lieutenant, a sorcerer, and some sort of medic/cleric. I'd have one squad on watch and one as a rapid reaction squad. The on-watch squad would have a corporal and 2 privates on watch at the main gate, a private at the sally port, a corporal and 3 privates on the wall watching the (well-cleared) approaches to the fort, and the sergeant wandering about looking for slackers or doing paperwork. The rapid-reaction force would be stationed in the gatehouse between the outer and inner bailey, in armor with weapons nearby, and probably working on gear maintenance or other chores. Of the remaining two squads, one would be asleep and the other off duty but awake. At any given time, probably 3 of the officers/casters would be awake on a similar duty cycle. If a significant force is seen approaching, the rapid reaction squad would be brought forward to the point of greatest thread, and the off-duty squads would be alerted to don their armor and be ready to fight. They would take over the defense of the inner bailey while the rapid-reaction squad aided the defense of the outer bailey. There would likely be minor alarms and possibly traps in the cleared area outside the walls. The sally port would be heavily alarmed and probably trapped in addition to the on-watch private. The main gate would be closed and the portcullis down unless the garrison was expecting someone. In the latter case, the garrison would probably be on alert (and grumbling about long duty, of course.) I would expect wall guards to have some combination of light ballistae and bows or crossbows while on watch in addition to their melee weapons. And there might well be heavier siege equipment in the inner bailey, available to respond to besiegers.