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  1. If something is written in purple here, you can be fairly certain it was intended as humorous. But, especially in this thread, there would have to be quite a lot more purple if it were all signaled in that way. Humor can be hard to communicate through text, which is why some people like to be pretty explicit in their signaling. But color is unreliable for that purpose, not least because of color deficiency in some people. I do what I can to communicate my meaning, but sometimes that fails; sorry if that happened in this case. FWIW, I don't get all the jokes either, but the culture here is generally pretty nice. So unless I'm quite sure that something is meant in a mean-spirited way, I try to take things in stride. Plus, I'm a pretty snarky person everywhere (not just here), so I'd be a bit churlish if I were to take offense easily.
  2. Not everybody uses that particular signal. Not all humor is sarcasm. But, as the smiley might indicate, it was intended as a joke. Sorry if that didn't come across.
  3. Is that like ... a date palm, or a coconut palm, or what?
  4. I really like how Pathfinder changed the Cleric. Burst healing makes the cleric even better at healing the group (extending the adventuring day) and can be really helpful in combat when things are going south. And the character still gets the chance to do fun stuff with spells or melee as well. Simultaneously, they dropped the cleric-kaiju down in power and raised the melee classes, so that the cleric is now at best a second-choice fighter. Much better balance.
  5. I probably should have linked this the first time, but XKCD did a really interesting study on sex and color names. The precis version can be found here:
  6. Pretty creeped out by leeches, but other than that, nothing I can think of.
  7. FWIW, I wouldn't use "orange" to describe typical citrine. Amber or yellow would be my first choices. The citrines I've seen don't have enough red to be called "orange". (Burnt Sienna is too brown for gem-quality citrines, but I could see it for some of the samples I've seen photos of.)
  8. Useful article. If tube paints are getting runny, membrane permeability is too high and fluid paints will get much more runny. If closing the palette when the outside temp is low causes problems with increased humidity, raising the outdoor temp will increase indoor humidity, not decrease it (assuming a constant indoor temp), even if the outdoor relative humidity drops. If I had any previous questions, I think they're answered. I might pick up some synthetic chamois, though.
  9. Looks like about $40US for a wet palette that's just slightly nicer than a ziplock box, paper towel, and baker's parchment. I like the idea of a leakproof palette in theory. But I don't believe that it won't leak if you carry it in a bag*, and you certainly can't carry it tilted with any paint in it anyway. * Unless it's both completely watertight and extremely rigid, any pressure on the sides (as in a bag when carried) will cause the container to flex in a way that will allow leaks. Note that this is opinion; I've never seen the real thing.
  10. Interesting copyright questions here. Note: not a lawyer, what follows should not be construed to be legal advice. If you rely upon it for anything, I will laugh and laugh if it's wrong. That said: In the US, the current term of copyright is ... complicated. Using moderately likely assumptions, I'd say the term of copyright in the book would be 70 years from the last creator's death (if it's considered to be a "joint work ... not created for hire") or 95 years from publication (if it's considered to be a "work for hire"). I'd say the latter would be the better guess, since the creation was likely a for-credit class or similar, and thus the copyright would vest in the school rather than the individual creators. Which means that the school might be able to authorize a reprint without consulting anyone else. But: the professional photos of the students (not the candids or student-shot club photos or whatever) are almost certainly covered by a licensing agreement with the photographer, since those headshot photographers almost invariably work on such agreements. If that agreement covered the original printing and subsequent reprints, there wouldn't be a problem, but that would be governed entirely by the terms of the licensing agreement, and who knows what those might be. The copyright on those photos would run separately from that of the book. A further complication would be that there might be some text or images not created by the staff as a part of their normal duties. It's likely that original publication of those contributions would have been covered only by assumptions by both sides ("implied license"). And who knows how a judge or jury might interpret that license at this remove. Those copyrights, if they apply, would run individually, to the life of the creators plus 70 years. The good news is that it's pretty likely that nobody other than the professional photographer would actually care, and his contributions might be licensed anyway. BTW, I consider this to be a fundamentally broken system of copyright that has strayed far from the original intent of the writers of the copyright clause, but that's about my understanding of the current state of the law.
  11. Funded

    Not a fedora, an inverted fedora with a ragged edge ("Jughead hat"). And brass knuckles, of course.
  12. In the physics department, you know that it wasn't a fashion statement. In the physics department, nothing is a fashion statement. (I was a denizen, myself. It's not that we didn't care about our looks, it's just that we cared about basically everything else more.)
  13. My experience, too. It was forgettable enough that I don't even remember whether there was a specific reason I stopped. I suspect that was the specific reason.
  14. D&D (all versions) might be the wrong system for those people. By default, it's a magic-driven game and if you try to force it into a low-magic game, it doesn't shine. GURPS, RuneQuest, Hero, Chivalry & Sorcery, Ars Magica, .... There are lots of games that do limited magic much better than D&D.
  15. Remember: Never eat anything bigger than your head. Unless you're a snake. (On the internet, nobody knows you're a snake; it's an important caveat.)