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  1. Geez, give us some notice next time. I didn't get a cake or anything.

    Makes sense. You don't want to end in the middle of GenCon because too many of your potential backers will be there and the last thing they'll be thinking about is a Kickstarter project in the middle of that chaos. And if Reaper had a significant presence there, you wouldn't want to try to run things either during the con or in the preparation period before the con. Might make sense to end the project after the con, because you might get significant word of mouth from attendees.
  3. There might be some value to using a nice, big spinner instead of dice. The anticipation among painters and audience as you watch the spinner slow down could be fun.
  4. I'm not going to try to predict one character in the Mirror Universe. This is mostly because I think the mirror universe might be the single silliest concept that TOS ever came up with. (This is a high bar, I know.) I don't have a problem with the concept of infinite universes, each splitting away at some decision point. It's an interesting conceit and can make for good stories. But splitting so that the development results in the same people in the same positions, but all the societal constructs switched around?* Sorry, that's just being lazy. And get off of my lawn. you wabbit stew, you! * We won't get into the whole "facial hair means evil" thing, since that seems pretty reasonable to me.
  5. Cantabrian Circle.
  6. Ah, but my version has the advantage of bypassing that pesky "brain" thing, so it should be even more efficient. For some value of "efficient".
  7. I recommend connecting 1/2" diameter tubes between your carotid arteries and femoral veins and running through a beer cooler. For warmer weather, just add dry ice. I don't see how this could possibly go wrong.
  8. There's another thread about them around, but I don't have time to look for it now. At any rate, my take there is unchanged: Broadly, Reaper has better sculpting and WizKids has better casting. The best WizKids figures are quite nice, but you really want to look at them, especially the faces, before buying them. There is also a very limited selection of WizKids figures right now.
  9. OK, that's what I thought. It looks like your camera is set for daylight and you're using incandescent or warm fluorescent bulbs, which is giving a strong yellow cast to the whole image. If you're not using auto white balance (or if the background isn't a neutral color), you'll need to make sure the white balance you choose matches your lights. Also, that very light background is, I think causing a bit of underexposure. With a rough and ready correction, the base skin tone works very well, I think. I agree with @robinh that you could use a bit more highlighting, though. you might try mixing in a bit of a warm white like Linen White with your skin tone highlight to lighten it a bit and use that to pick out some details. I'd probably add more shadow to some narrow bits of your yellow and maybe pop the highlights as well. Purple could definitely use more contrast. On the browns, I think you might want to try varying your browns a bit for different materials. Right now, the abdomen plate, staff, dagger sheath, and sandal straps look to be the same color. If you were to change the hue and tone a bit between the areas, I think it would read more interestingly. Some texture on the wood would help a bit as well. I agree that a simple device on the abdomen plate would work well. I'd be tempted to paint it in different brown tones so that it looks embossed rather than painted on. This has the advantage of making any small errors disappear more easily as well. If you do that, you'll have to paint in the shadows from the "embossing". On the lips, you'll normally want a different (lighter) color on the lower lip (often with a specular highlight that goes nearly to white) than on the upper lip because of the way that light hits them. Take a look at portrait or fashion photography and you'll usually see that. The jewelry is reading well, though I'd probably hit the high points with a lighter yellow metal color so that it is easier to see from ½ – 1m away. Biggest takeaway? Higher highlights, deeper shadows. Which you will hear over and over and over again, not because of your painting style, but because we all hear that over and over and over again. When painting minis, you're essentially painting stage makeup that needs to be seen from the back row of the balcony of the theater, so you need to exaggerate contrast the same way a stage actor does. Keep it up; good stuff.
  10. It's a bit hard for me to give any advice on this because of the image's white balance. Was your background white here?
  11. Deeply cool. I'd be happy to kick in on metal if that would help.
  12. I'm beginning to think that shock cooling the figures might be counterproductive. Annealing the plastic (allowing it to cool much more slowly) might result in internal stresses relaxing and the figures not going back to the bent position. (It's a standard practice in plastic molding and extrusion.) Allowing the figures to cool in the water should be enough if it's going to help. The problem, of course, is when the figure doesn't go to the right position by heating alone and needs to be secured in place during cooling. Be creative.
  13. No soup for you!
  14. No special problem in fiction (which would include RPGs), as long as a pronunciation can be reasonably inferred from the spelling and the word pronounced by real people. For kids, I think it does them no favors to use coined names or spellings. They will continually have to explain how the word is pronounced and spelled throughout their lives. That seems a high price for someone else to pay so that you can bask in the glow of your "creativity".
  15. Offcuts of dowels are my first suggestion. You can often get packages of dowels of varying diameters. I'd use a razor saw if you have one. Failing that, dead pens and markers might have the correct diameters. Again, chop off a narrow piece with a saw and then stack.