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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I, for one, would greatly appreciate it if people would keep political posts and responses to political posts in Beekeepers, where they belong.
  2. Mouse's Mouslings

    In addition to the other suggestions that people have given (all of which I've tried), Elmer's glue actually works very well for attaching metal miniatures to wood or cork. It will typically keep the figure in place until you're ready to remove it, even if you have to lay your holder down on its side between sessions (which poster tack and double-sided tape won't do reliably) and can be popped loose from the bottom of the figure when you're done painting without too much trouble. Just make sure to let it dry before you start painting the figure. I agree with @Guindyloo that your priming is probably too thin. I live in a climate where spray primers work very well pretty much year round, but if you're brush priming, you'll want at least one more coat. And note that paint is not primer, even though some people will try to convince you that it is. If it doesn't say "Primer" on the label, it's not a primer. (I suspect you already know this, but lurkers might need the information that you already have.)
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Yeah, I lived in Cheyenne and went to school at UW in Laramie. In addition to the "half a day to AZ", in another episode, it was about an hour to Montana. The books are basically set in Buffalo, so an hour to Montana is reasonable, but the TV show feels like it's supposed to be somewhere near Thermopolis or maybe Worland, which is a bit less reasonable. In none of those cases would it be less than a long day's drive to AZ, of course.
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    For me, one of the big ones is "Enhance the image", but basic physics errors, deep and fundamental lack of understanding of distances*, ... there are so many faults that even the slightest understanding of the world could prevent. * Example: In one episode of Longmire (a show I actually quite like), two characters drive from central Wyoming to northern Arizona in an afternoon. Nobody who has ever been to either place would suggest that would be possible.
  5. There are. In fact, Northstar sold two boats as a part of their Nickstarter, and I have one of them basically done now (still need to paint the rudder post, but otherwise....)
  6. Experience with SFG product

    I'll second @Sanael's recommendation to just use the good brushes. One of the things about good Kolinsky sables is that they're significantly more durable than cheap brushes. Mine have been lasting me several years (though I definitely don't paint as much as some.) And replacing them, while not exactly cheap, isn't really all that expensive, either. If you think about it, the SFG brushes are running about $7 ea. for a set of five. Which means that the set costs about as much as two Raphs, so they're not exactly disposable, either. If you use up two Raphs learning how to care for them (I don't think you will, but whatever), you will be in the same place as if you had bought the SFG pack, but with sure knowledge of how the Raphs actually work. And since all brush companies have slightly different brush performance, that's worth something by itself.
  7. Best Version of DnD?

    Hooray! Today is your lucky day! (If you start to enter anything in the "Find emoticons" box in the emoticons menu, more emoticons show up. At least this is true on Chrome.)
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I'm pretty sure a platypus is already a xenomorph. Or possibly a particularly incompetent attempt to create a spy that will blend in on this planet.
  9. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    As @Dai-Mongar noted, no vehicles in Rogue Stars. But the character design section is complex enough for most sorts of things you would want to create. Higher lethality for characters than I would prefer and experience is pretty slow, so I don't know that you would see anything like the character advancement you see in Frostgrave, for instance.
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Differences in spelling within England are unreliable at best*. Once you cross the oceans, they're not even really indicative. * Standardized spelling is quite a new thing in English. (I mean, not new in dog years, but you know.)
  11. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    Rogue Stars from Osprey. 3-5 characters per side, written by Andrea Sfiligoi (so mechanics somewhat related to Song of Blades and Heroes). Feels kind of like Traveller as a skirmish minis game. If you're interested in small-unit military games, where a vehicle or squad is the maneuver element, there are several other recent choices. (Depending on definitions, those could also qualify as "skirmish" games.)
  12. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    There's also a Climax in northern Minnesota. It's about 12 miles from Fertile, which is not too far from Twin Valley. Seems only fair.
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    In at least one movie I saw, the protagonist had a fairly typical semi-auto pistol and the bad guy gets the jump on him. He racks the slide, then drops the mag out of the pistol. I so wanted him to then shoot the bad guy, since the gun would have had one round up the pipe, but it was clear that nobody on that set who could comment had any clue about how firearms work. He just set the pistol down and kicked it away.