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  1. It's not about being correct, it's all about the romance and drama. Work with me here.
  2. 9 hours ago, EvilJames said: Rando? Madam alien, I am Eviljames, the First Number One, Chief Liaison to the Great Clown Council, and Hailer of Buglips, the Supreme Meme. Now, see, that's where a "That's so special. Bless your heart, cher*" would have worked perfectly. Listen to me and you'll go far. * See how I added that special La. touch there?
  3. E&M? Thermo? They'll do that.

    So, four creatures with two voices? Four creatures, at least two of which do impressions? Intriguing. If that's true, they've spent quite a bit of time on choreography. Well done!
  5. Well, since mercury isn't used for sizing anymore, any madness would constitute a preexisting condition. So, more Mad and a Hatter than Mad Hatter.
  6. And here I thought the approved Southern term was "Bless your heart!", followed by turning your back.

    Taste? There's a lot of stuff I'm not at all interested in buying: Kingdom Death anything, GW 40K figures (and others sculpted in that style), American Civil War figures (mostly), anything Lovecraftian, .... They don't make me happy when I think about painting them. I don't pretend that my tastes are universal, of course, nor do I think those products should not be produced.

    The reason for that sort of comment is fairly obvious, I think (though, as we will see, perhaps wrong). There is a perception that by including (thing I don't like) in a slot that I'm paying for, you have precluded (thing I like) from being in that slot. So, even if the price per (thing I like) is still low enough to make it a decent value proposition, it would be an even better value proposition if only you had not made the (inexplicable and obviously wrong) decision that you did. This isn't really affected if buying only (things I like) piecemeal would result in a higher per-piece cost (as may well be the case with batch deals like core sets. This neglects the possibility that audience diversity may increase overall sales and the economies of scale obtaining with the increased sales might result in sufficient reductions in prices to overcome paying for the (thing I don't want). Whether that actually happens is, of course, very fact driven and can vary wildly depending on what the (thing) is. And, of course, for many people things they don't want are obviously only minority interests, and therefore the economies will just as obviously not be realized. As I said, I don't find this attitude especially surprising, since I don't think most people understand (or perhaps just don't think about) production costs and economics in that way.
  9. I'm finding the overlap between the Revelation millennialists and the space alien millennialists to be kind of interesting. "The planet Nibiru, revealed by gray aliens, is coming to destroy the earth as foretold in Revelation" has the value of novelty (for me, at least) and perhaps ecumenicalism. I am not a number, not even an ordinal number. "We're number one" does have a charming incoherence* of its own. Though, "We're numbers one through 44, but we haven't decide who is which", while possibly more precise and truthful, doesn't quite roll off the tongue in the same way. * I really want that to be "incoherency". Oh for the language of the 18th century (as reported by 1776, anyway).
  10. If you go looking on YouTube for videos about eclipses, you find a remarkable number that seem entirely serious in tone but are otherwise indistinguishable from the broadest sort of parodies. You might be surprised to know that the end of the world is about 3½ weeks away. (Not to be confused with all the other ends of the world, for which the calculations were obviously incorrect.) ETA: Or maybe they're a conspiracy. It can be so hard to tell.

    I'm not a fan of chibi minis. I'd cheerfully go my entire life without ever noticing another one. But. My wife really likes to paint them. So, if you would be so good as to send my wife a note saying that it's OK for me to spend too much money on the project because she will get chibi models? KTHXBYE
  12. A few months. My wife is a member and goes often, I typically only go on one of her guest tickets at sporadic intervals. My goal is usually photography when I do go.
  13. Organometallics like Dimethylcadmium? Lowe doesn't actually discuss the color, but the smell is reported to be "characteristic". Which, besides the often horrific toxicity, seems to be something to expect from that class of chemicals.
  14. Saw much of it. Thought it had some clever lines. Didn't much care for it; 5 minutes of actual comedy crammed tightly into a 30 minute slot. Which is much my reaction to Monty Python.
  15. Art directors. I gave you what you asked for. I gave you what you changed your mind to. Both of those look pretty good, at least according to everyone else that has looked at them. Then I gave you my opinion about what you are thinking about changing your mind to. And what your boss wants, which is completely incompatible. Make a decision. At this point I don't even necessarily care which decision, but until I have a decision, I can't start. And until I start, I'm not getting any closer to that deadline that you say is important. Just sayin'.
  16. This. And all the forms of writing, music, and art that I like/don't like and other people don't like/like as well. If sparkly vampire my little ponies being ridden by Jar Jar Binks and Q playing polo make you happy, I'm glad you're happy. (Just don't try to make me watch that. ) Though a T-shirt ....
  17. I'm glad he's getting the care he needs and hope the problems are resolved quickly.
  18. I have people who do that for me. They store it for me in the supermarket.
  19. We call them "water features" in the US.
  20. Not now. I used to watch Iron Chef, but that was really more like a Let's Play than a cooking show. One of the useful things about Boy Scouts is that scouts learn to cook, sometimes with ... uncoordinated ingredients. At the end of a camping trip, "What can we make out of that stuff?" often becomes an important question.
  21. Nor did I, which resulted, after the usual sort of search chain, in finding this page: I'm sure that qualifies as something near knowledge of the alphabet for Cyradis, but interesting for me, and the images are quite nice.
  22. Pigment physics is interesting. As an example, for Titanium White to look white, the pigment grain size needs to be on the close order of 0.2 microns. Above or below that and you start to get color casts. Which rather addresses the "more expensive paints have finer pigment grinds" myth. Speaking of white powders.
  23. From here: Evidence from clinical studies of the efficacy of valerian in treating sleep disorders such as insomnia is inconclusive.
  24. Oh, heck no. (And your answer covered the issue fairly comprehensively.) While shirts do cause problems, with care the gray can still be easier to use than many other backgrounds. But if you have access to a smooth gray paper, cardstock, vinyl, or the like, it will probably work better than cloth.
  25. fulfilling

    @Beagle Since colonialists are nearly incapable of either subtlety or irony, I thought I might explain some editing jargon so that your load might be lightened in future: In the case where you might want to comment about a usage that you find offensive, the standard way is thus: "My favorite (sic) Beagle". Here, "sic" means, "Yes, I noticed that it's wrong, but that's what she said and it's not my fault." Now the correct response in the instant case would be, "My favorite (stet) Beagle", where "stet" means, "Yes, that's exactly what I wrote and what I intended to write, because it's correct." (Note that "you fool" is not actually necessary, as it can be inferred from context.) Happy to be of service.