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  1. No. If I get to the point where I am unable to go into a physical store and shop for my own food, then I need to move to an assisted living facility.

    Re: Paint and Take at Gen Con . . . . The Paint and Take is run by the Miniature Hobby Events group. There are several participating sponsors. Reaper has kindly supplied Bones miniatures, but several other companies also provide support, such as Darksword Miniatures, Impact Miniatures, and Ninja Division. Last year saw some Infinity miniatures, as well as Iron Wind Metals. It is not a "Reaper Minis" activity. It is run by volunteers, many of which are miniatures enthusiasts. It's a socially-acceptable way to engage in your addiction, encourage others to adopt your addiction, and totally ignore the fact that you are addicted to the best hobby there is.
  3. I am reminded of a woman who was very upset that an acquaintance of mine called out her name . . .. "La-a?" "Is La-a here?" That's not my name. "I'm sorry, the name I have is spelled L A dash A." (insulted voice) Right, the dash isn't silent. Also, my wife works as a nurse in labor/delivery. Sometimes women arrive who haven't decided on a name yet. So during their stay, there is lots of medical talk going around between docs and nurses, and there have been cases of women choosing a name based on various medical terms they've heard. "Chlamydia," for instance, has been attempted to be choses as a beautiful name for a girl. I named my boys good Irish/Scot names, because the popular names today seem to be taken from a Holmesian D&D name generator.
  4. It depends. Does the game present itself as a rules set that doesn't need the fluff to operate? Kings of War, for example, doesn't need the fluff. I can create a decent game by using the existing rules to create almost any army I want. So my undead/vampire army has a contingent of humans who are the human-serfs of their vampire lords. I can use a regiment of them and get a small unit of gargoyles that plays well with what I have for my Warlord Necropolis army (at least, I think those are the units, as I don't have the books in front of me). So adding lots of fluff there hinders my enjoyment of the game. Luckily, Mantic doesn't push the fluff as much as GW does. Warhammer, though, was annoying to me because it was harder for me to distance the army from the fluff. Warhammer 40K works with the fluff. Frostgrave has, in my opinion, the best balance, in that it's completely in the background. You don't need it to enjoy the game (I don't want to remake my terrain to winter-and-ice themes, so I don't worry about it). But the snippets of fiction included in the book provide a great atmosphere for a magic-heavy wargame (I love the idea of icicle-mosquitoes!). Dungeons & Dragons is a perfectly fine game without fluff. The Forgotten Realms annoyed me, because the world was deemed as important as the characters' decisions. It never seemed like a backdrop as much as it should.. As an example, the "White Box" rules have been adopted for a WW2 game as well as a science fiction game, where the rules are tweaked to reflect a different world-premise, but fluff isn't necessary for the game to function. The Warmachine RPG (which I haven't played) would probably fall under "it's perfectly fine" because you need the world fluff to understand why there are giant stompy robots and mech-wizards.
  5. No. I can't quite classify it as Steampunk, as I require Steampunk to have Victorian-era trappings. It is still fantasy, despite the presence of steam-powered stuff.
  6. I've got a hoe from Rogue Hoe. Sharp, tough, with an extra-long handle.
  7. Again, I am not an official answerer, but I don't know how a title plaque would be considered part of the "painting." It never occurred to me that one would have to do it oneself in order to qualify the miniature for competition. After all, I didn't mix pigment with the binder to make my own paint. I know I have seen title plaques that have been crafted, and I'm sure not everyone has the ability to etch a metal plate. Again, not an official answer, so probably not as much help. But I can't imagine where anyone would care if the title plate is made by the painter or not. It's not part of the judging.
  8. I am not an official answerer, but there have been plenty of dioramas at past Gen Cons with titles on the display base
  9. The house? No. The yard? Probably. I took down three trees last weekend, and get to clean up the debris now. About 5 more trees to go. I'd be working on it this weekend if I weren't going to Chicago for the Model Expo. I am actually pretty good at noticing hazards around the house. My employer has started a program that kinda keeps the questions in the front of our minds, so we've become trained to notice those little things that could become bigger issues. Like stuff on the floor. I can't stand it, so I'm always picking up things in the kitchen. The kids' play areas are a different story, but the kitchen is rather dangerous because of the confluence of sharp objects, pointy corners, potentially slick floors, and lots of activity.
  10. At first I thought "what the blazes is bbc ode?" Images of sonnets to Red Dwarf and Top Gear came to mind. But no, I don't know nuthin' 'bout no computer code. Well, very little. Buttons are much nicer, and someone went through all the trouble to create them, so it seems a shame not to use them.
  11. I'm going to go with phaser. I can use a phaser to shoot an animal for supper, and I don't have to be all sneaky. Seriously, can you imagine a Jedi in a survival scenario? "The Force is strong here." Dude, it's been like three days. I'm hungry. "You must let go of your physical desires and become one with that which is all around you." My physical desire is for pizza, and I don't have the little whachamajiggers in my blood. Help me catch a squirrel or I won't share my dinner. "Very well. I sense a creature over here - oh, he ran off." Yes, they do that when you start tromping through the woods. What exactly did you learn while you were at the Jedi Academy? "Mental fortitude, history, wuxia, and ballroom dance." Great. We're going to die out here and you can do a foxtrot. Get a fox over here so I can shoot him. Maybe if we can get a whole family I can fashion some sort of coat and not freeze once the triple suns set on this godforsaken world.
  12. I'd say you're off to a good start. I, too, have recently purchased an airbrush. My first model (a dragon) was primed and zenithal highlighted with the airbrush, and then the wings were colored and highlighted. It is definitely takes a bit to understand and control the process. But practice makes perfect. And I'm digging the Mashaaf color scheme. I like the Spawn color scheme too, but I can see the airbrush transition better with Mashaaf. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I'm a chemist. It drives me absolutely batty.
  14. I have a cubicle which I personalize to a far greater extent than others in my work area (or, really, anywhere else in the company). Behind my monitor I have some Dilbert cartoons, a screenshot from Army of Darkness ("This is my BOOMSTICK!"), and an inspirational poster made for myself. To my right is my whiteboard and coat rack. To my left are postcards from places I've been, a couple more comic strips, a "Warning: Zombies Ahead" sign. Behind me is where I keep pictures of my kids, more comic strips, some smart-elf bumper stickers, as well as my cabinet. On the top of the cabinet are paper-craft buildings, and a few miniatures in a clear plastic case. Ringing the upper walls of my cube are paper-craft buildings. I've got a Harley Quinn coffee cup, as well as a Voltron coffee cup (when did Voltron start playing an electric guitar?), and a metal model of an F-14 (VF-84 - the Jolly Rogers). I've also got a 2-player boardgame (Carcasonne: The Castle) just in case I need it. It is very possible I've gone overboard.
  15. I celebrate H.P. Lovecraft's birthday, as it falls coincidentally close to my own. Robert Howard's birthday is usually overlooked due to the proximity of other major holidays, but I try to tip a glass to the man in January. Other than that, nope.