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  1. Heroic Fantasy and Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu Setting Sourcebook Autarch, the folks behind Adventure Conqueror King, have a new Kickstarter to fund an alternative version of the rules focused on "heroic fantasy" where magic is subtle and likely more dangerous, like Robert E Howard and JRR Tolkein. Think more "secret cults of forbidden knowledge" and less "Wizard's Guild." Adventurer Conqueror King laid a mathematically accurate framework for building your character's domain (such as building a kingdom), as well as fun things like a coherent trade system, and "hijinks" for the rogueish characters. I've been very pleased with the book, and use it to supplement my old-school games. The Heroic Fantasy books looks like the rules, while the Barbarian Conquerors setting book is inspired by pulp worlds of Howard and Burroughs. Science-Fantasy and secrets man was not meant to know.
  2. My other story comes from years and years ago and is hidden just in case my definition of PG-13 has been warped by hanging around the wrong crowd.
  3. Oh yes. The company I work for gives out awards when we hit each 5 year employment anniversary. A previous manager was lax in giving out said award to one of his employees. The award was in his cubicle, but he hadn't officially given it out. Three months after the anniversary, the employee took the box, opened it up, and was complaining about how our manager was a lazy so-and-so for not doing anything with it. I picked up the award, hefted it and said "You know, I just happen to have an old brick in my truck that's the same weight as this . . . ." So I replaced the award with a brick. I even wrote on it "Congratulations on 15 years, (insert company name here)." We put the box back in Manager's cubicle and waited. For six more months. Yes, it took this guy nine months to give an award simply because he liked playing little mind games. Well, the shoe was on the other foot when he gave the award to the woman (who was in on the joke). She opened it up and said with a completely straight face "Oh, very funny." I don't think I've ever seen that guy turn that particular shade of cooked-lobster red. The woman was trying to keep from laughing, and ended up tearing up, which only added to the fun. She even managed to throw in "is this because I'm a woman?" The best part was that since I'm generally the straight-man, I was not suspected. The usual suspects got desperate phone calls about how that wasn't funny and where the heck is the award, and the honest denials of "I have no idea what you're talking about" only increased his frustration. We did eventually let him off the hook. I can only hope he learned his lesson.
  4. Soldiers' Angels.
  5. "We're gonna need a bigger boat." Larger bases are the answer. I have large prescription bottles, and I have a couple cheap wooden blocks and bases I picked up from Hobby Lobby/Michaels. Big stuff gets pinned, then I'll snip the pins off to remount the mini on the "real" base later. And the bigger boat reference has already been made. Dang.

    I continually find it amusing that some people complain incessantly about these delays when there are plenty of Kickstarters that never deliver. Reaper, while I can't guarantee I'll join in future Kickstarters, you've run the Bones ones very well, and I wouldn't hesitate to join again. I might ask for a Bonesium addition to my house, though. Seriously. The wife is starting to get worried about where I'm starting to put everything.
  7. While I have accounts elsewhere, I don't use them. And don't get me started on Facebook. I comment occasionally on Tenkar's Tavern and Creighton Broadhurst's blog (Raging Swan Press). Don't worry, Pingo. You're not the only one. I don't even own a SmartPhone. Simple, basic cellular service is just fine. I don't even text.
  8. Fishing is a strong likelihood this year. Both kids want to try it. Gardening, because my home-grown asparagus is out of this world. My tomatoes are a close second. My wife is taking the kiddos to Florida with her and I'm allowed to stay home. A week to myself . . . sleeping in . . . watching the movies I want . . . uninterrupted painting time . . . working with the chainsaw without worrying a kid is sneaking up behind me . . . . Nah, not looking forward to that at all.
  9. No Irish that I'm aware of. Funny thing about drawing. I came across the website of an old friend who'd deep into Celtic art. I realized I needed to practice knotwork designs. Probably won't post it, though. That would require a lot more organization than I can apply at the moment.
  10. My painting space is basically organized. I have drawers labeled more to remind myself to put things away in the right spot rather than "shoehorn it in here and I'll remember where I put it later." During the painting process, things get messier, but given I am very constrained on space, I have no choice but to maintain some semblance of order. My library is fairly well organized. Works by pulp authors go on one shelf, reference and fiction go on a separate shelf. Frog God Games gets their own shelf due to the huge number of books I own, while often-referenced game books go on a different shelf. Good-but-not-often-looked-at stuff gets another shelf. If I'm not using it, it likely gets packed away. My work are is a bit more chaotic, but that's usually because I'm working on several things at once and I don't have a place to put everything away correctly. Through all of this, however, runs a very strong strain of "Do Not Touch My Stuff." There was a personalized report I got from some outside testing agency once, to try and understand myself and my coworkers better. That was one of the lines in it. Despite what might look like chaos, I can tell when someone has moved my stuff around. It's actually pretty annoying when I have to teach new coworkers that this is one thing they should never do. This particular personality quirk makes having children extremely "interesting."
  11. Trying to follow a low-carb diet, so there are very few potatoes consumed these days. The last time was a couple weeks ago when I made beef stew. I mixed radishes with the potatoes, and you really couldn't tell the difference. Plus, it was Guiness Beef Stew, so I had to use the radishes to make up for the addition of Guiness. The red skins turn white when cooked, and as Morihalda said, they lose their heat when, um, heated. Back in the day, fried potatoes with onions were on my Sunday breakfast plate, alongside eggs and sausage.
  12. Warlord

    As others have indicated, it's a solid system. But, and this is a big but, there aren't players, and there's not effort to market the game to new players. The online army builder has been taken down, and with it my favorite faction (undead pirates are always cool). I'm not sure about convention support for the game. If someone were to ask, I'd point them towards Frostgrave or the fan-published skirmish game that is pseudo-supported by Mantic (makers of Kings of War) called "The Star-Struck City." It's a lot like Mordheim from what I can tell. You may also look at Dragon Rampant by Osprey. It's designed for larger armies than the skirmish battles of Warlord, but smaller than the all-out war of Kings of War. It's also completely setting-generic.
  13. The next time she teases you, you should respond as such: Yeah, sometimes I get bored with a miniature and need to move on. It's a rare and special miniature that keeps my attention until the end. You can thank me later.
  14. Lots of awesome with that mini.
  15. Yeah, "worth" is a highly subjective term. I have files to print out a cardstock dice tower, and I haven't done it. I have a friend who has an acrylic one, and I don't use it when we play. I don't find dice towers "worth it" but that doesn't mean they're not useful. Wyrmwood has a good business of, basically, bespoke items. They are beautiful, and I would love to have one gracing my game table. But they are not "worth it" to me. Neither is a new car; I get along just fine with used vehicles. It really depends on what you want out of it. Games have been played and dice have been rolled for centuries without dice towers. They are a luxury, so if you want to buy one, get one you want that fits within your budget.