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    Improving painting skills, Shooting clays, Football, and Reading Steven Erikson's Malazan series

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  1. 77145: Mummy Captain by Glitterwolf

    The base really grabbed my attention, I like the figure too!
  2. 02834 Deladrin, Assassin

    Any recommendations on colors for the high areas of the deep purple cloak?
  3. 60190, Skreed Gorewillow, half-orc alchemist

    Awesome work
  4. 02834 Deladrin, Assassin

    02834 Deladrin the Assassin. Shading deep purple is one a many challenges for me. Still working on the eyes and the face
  5. 77355 Count Lorenth

    Very good work!
  6. 06004 Men at Arms of Anhur

    Added a squad of spear men to the city watch. Took a couple more sessions then I planned because I couldn’t leave well enough alone with touch ups and fixing the touch ups I touched up..... I need to work on the eyes critiques and comments welcome.
  7. Grenadier 2005 The Fighting Men

    Memories indeed, I still have pieces of this set rattling around the bottom of a footlocker :). Very nice painting
  8. 01596 Joy Winter Fairy

  9. Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress

    Awesome. I may try my luck with this one!
  10. Phase Spider - Wizkids

    Like them both! Great work. What’s the name of the drow figure? Is that wizkids too?
  11. Kingdom of Death: Hand of the King.

    I want one now! Nice job!
  12. Yukio Koshimori - Bushido

    Wow, very nice
  13. 06023 Anhurian Swordsmen

    They are Santa's town guard, seems the only time of the year that i get to work on the militia
  14. 06023 Anhurian Swordsmen

    Adding to my table Top town militia. I think I forgot their pupils!