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    Improving painting skills, Shooting clays, Football, and Reading Steven Erikson's Malazan series

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  1. Nial ap Morai

    77145: Mummy Captain by Glitterwolf

    The base really grabbed my attention, I like the figure too!
  2. Nial ap Morai

    02834 Deladrin, Assassin

    Any recommendations on colors for the high areas of the deep purple cloak?
  3. Nial ap Morai

    60190, Skreed Gorewillow, half-orc alchemist

    Awesome work
  4. Nial ap Morai

    02834 Deladrin, Assassin

    02834 Deladrin the Assassin. Shading deep purple is one a many challenges for me. Still working on the eyes and the face
  5. Nial ap Morai

    77355 Count Lorenth

    Very good work!
  6. Nial ap Morai

    06004 Men at Arms of Anhur

    Added a squad of spear men to the city watch. Took a couple more sessions then I planned because I couldn’t leave well enough alone with touch ups and fixing the touch ups I touched up..... I need to work on the eyes critiques and comments welcome.
  7. Nial ap Morai

    Grenadier 2005 The Fighting Men

    Memories indeed, I still have pieces of this set rattling around the bottom of a footlocker :). Very nice painting
  8. Nial ap Morai

    01596 Joy Winter Fairy

  9. Nial ap Morai

    Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress

    Awesome. I may try my luck with this one!
  10. Nial ap Morai

    Phase Spider - Wizkids

    Like them both! Great work. What’s the name of the drow figure? Is that wizkids too?
  11. Nial ap Morai

    Kingdom of Death: Hand of the King.

    I want one now! Nice job!
  12. Nial ap Morai

    Yukio Koshimori - Bushido

    Wow, very nice
  13. Nial ap Morai

    06023 Anhurian Swordsmen

    They are Santa's town guard, seems the only time of the year that i get to work on the militia
  14. Nial ap Morai

    06023 Anhurian Swordsmen

    Adding to my table Top town militia. I think I forgot their pupils!