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  1. Going Agile

    Your figures are incredible
  2. 14461: Maladorn, Fire Demon

    A fire demon for my weekly game. Fun to paint
  3. 14461: Maladorn, Fire Demon

    To pass, or not to pass, that is the question..... I need to go back and orange wash or ink the base...I was going to a glowing effect at the bottom of the rocks. Thanks for your observation of the flaming whip. I may touch it up with a little more yellow as well. KC
  4. Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

    What a great figure, good job!
  5. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Wow! Incredible job. I have no critique for you because I am not even the same painting skill ball part. I am just impressed and enjoy the product and the effort
  6. its been a while since i have been on, I hope you are well and look forward to seeing your work again 

  7. 03828 Crusader Champion

    It’s a table top figure for our weekly game. The monochromatic nature of the armor was hard on the eyes and made me want to rush a little. Fun to paint. Slowly getting better brush control. Need more practice with layering and highlighting. Advice and comments welcome ... of course I notice a smudge on the back of the right foot as soon as I posted
  8. 03828 Crusader Champion

    Thanks, which armor wash?
  9. Ol' Ginny Greenteeth - the Sea Hag

    Very nice
  10. 14177 Onyx Chevalier. Table Top

    Did this knight for a friend to represent his paladin.
  11. 03214 Bloodmane Gnoll Champion

    Started this one years ago it seems. The campaign outpaced my time for painting, finished it tonight along with another, but felt like I hurried this one just to get it done.
  12. 60177 Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager

    This one was fun, still have basing and some touch-ups to do.
  13. ReaperCon 2017 Sophie and Friend

    Very nice!
  14. IMPFESTATION by Glitterwolf

    That’s fun! Unless you’re an imp... very fine job!
  15. First Commission (Tiamat)

  16. Adowyn 60181 Table top

    Wow, can’t believe that Its been four years since I last posted... finally found the time to complete a project, just wish my eyes worked as well as they used too..lol. I needed a figure for a kick-butt scout for our game.
  17. 77565 Kyphrixis, Bronze Dragon - Bones 3

    Very nice, love the colors
  18. Adowyn 60181 Table top

    I took the easier way out of the base since i was going for fall forest look and covered the bottom with flock from woodland scenics https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/ the camera catches stuff far better than my vision did, i need to do a better job thinning my paint and do better creating the "betty davis" eyes
  19. St. Patrick (02087: Brother Louis IV)

    Wow, great work MG! Inspiring to say the least!
  20. Kanaag, the Handsome Half-Orc from PaintMinion

    Very nice, great detail
  21. My first Bones Orc: Berserker 77059

    Nice and clean, I may have to give the orcs a shot now!
  22. Ultra Forge's Vrok

    Very good work!
  23. Cinder

    I painted Cinder in 2008 or 09, after sitting on the shelf collecting dust or having to be fixed due to broken ankles and wings from being transported and mishandled, I decided to base my favorite tabletop monster on a plaque. So, he has been retired and promoted to display case fodder. I got the plaque from Lowes, and made the floor and made the huge mound of gold from a how to posted on the forum by Rast D.
  24. Finished a group of figures today that have been in the queue for at least two years. I have been able to dedicate time to the hobby. I should have started with the squads first, and save the heroes and demons for after I regained some skill, but nevertheless they are done. Here is a group of lizard men that were intended to challenge my group a couple of years ago, they will be late to the party... Only 6 figs total, just shot two pics, well these are the best two shots of the bunch. Comments welcome