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  1. Shipwreck Golem

    Hello everyone. Been awhile since my last post. Here’s the Shipwreck Golem from Reaper Miniatures. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe, this guy is such a creatively awesome piece. I wanted a freshly risen out the the ocean vibe so I add a bunch of moss and seaweed. Plus added a bunch of rust and other gunk. Such a fun mini in total but could also be disassembled and the parts used in diorama. Hope you like him. Thanks
  2. 01588: Ungorth, Cthon Summoner

    Love it!
  3. Ape-X

    Very nice job on the ape x.
  4. Reaper Bones Sphinx

    Very cool piece
  5. ZOE The Golden Ranger.

    Wow!!! So very awesome! Yes, Zoe was my faithful companion for many years and after her passing Jim Ludwig at Darksword miniatures offered to make a tribute piece for her. We live in the mountains of Colorado, Zoe loved the outdoors and we went on many backwoods adventures.. so jim and I thought that she would make a great ranger... so happy to see her painted! You did such a great job thanks!
  6. Reapercon MSP Open - Metal vs Bones

    Hello all. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. Many already know one of my roles at RCON for the last few years has been the ED (executive director) of the reaper MSP painting contest at RCON. Great question about Bones versus metal conversions. While Bones may be easier to cut up compared to metal I think the conversion of and of rejoining pieces is very similar (metal v Bones). Skill is required to bring the composition together regardless of medium. It really comes down to the end result of the piece and how the judges feel the piece meets the categories listed in the messages above. I would also also like to second what Kuro said. "Do the art you want to do".
  7. Babu, Baby Elephant #1410

    Love it1. GREAT use of colors to show off and add texture....
  8. 77279 Narthrax defends her kill

    Very cool piece. Love the color choices and the creative base!
  9. Nethyrmaul the Undying

    Very cool version! Show us more!
  10. The Rest of the Lycanthropes

    Very cool work!!!
  11. 01601: Reaper Silver Anniversary - Domur

    Thank you so much for the kind words!!
  12. Hello everyone. Well I am late posting this here as it's on FB and Ron posted pics earlier but here are some additional shots... and yes it's OSL. No LEDs (damn I wish I would have thought of that before....) Also posting up dome pics with a black background. Dhows of the OSL a little more I think... Big props go to Wren (Rhonda Bender) for her advice on the OSL.... she kept pushing me to go bigger... thanks!! Hope you like him.
  13. Gothic Chess Set with Warlord minis

    Very cool.
  14. ReaperCon 2015 Hall of Fame Dinner Miniature

    Fantastic work as always! Congrats on your first studio piece. I would expect you to do many more in the future.