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  1. Well, I used to have a thread for this but it got cut-off due to age Anyway, I have been designing a world for 4e and 3.5 D&D editions. You can play it with either edition depending when you choose to set your campaign (kinda like most official campaign settings). I want feed back on how I am doing, please. Here is the website for my world (a work in progress).My world. If the link is broken, please tell me (I am on one of those cheap hotel computers at the moment and it wont let me go to freewebs).
  2. Chapien

    My D&D World (3.5 and 4e!)

    Anymore comments?
  3. Chapien

    My D&D World (3.5 and 4e!)

    Update. Now the elves have an entry of their own!
  4. Chapien

    My D&D World (3.5 and 4e!)

    More races are on the way, and yes I am writing about gnomes
  5. Chapien

    My D&D World (3.5 and 4e!)

    Well, I have been making a D&D campaign setting. Seeing as I play 3.5 and 4e (can't make up my mind...), I made the world both 4e and 3.5, the 3.5 events taking place in events before the 4e version. Here is a link to the site of my world. My World
  6. Chapien

    Pathfinder RPG

    I am using Adobe Reader. Works with all my other PDFs, but not this one. Says file cannot be found when I try to open it.
  7. Chapien

    Warhammer RPG (WFRP) vs. D&D

    Magic is indeed a very dangerous thing in WFRP. Magic can give you very bad curses (even kill you if the curse is bad enough) just by casting a spell. Also the common people HATE wizards, and may through stones. I believe this is a very useful tool for players not to use magic to often and not in public.
  8. Chapien

    Warhammer RPG (WFRP) vs. D&D

    Yes, WFRP can be used to convince players to avoid combat more. As for not using the Old World setting for WFRP, I am not sure if it would work that good as the game rules are built arouns the Old World.
  9. Chapien

    Warhammer RPG (WFRP) vs. D&D

    It acctually says that randomly generating classes and features is for begginers and for quicker play.
  10. Chapien

    Warhammer RPG (WFRP) vs. D&D

    Thanks for the advice! I probably will try both... any other suggestions?
  11. I have read the rules to both Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) and Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and have been wondering which would be better for me to play. WFRP does have a great setting, BUT you don't get to choose your class (randomly rolled). D&D leaves all the choices to you, BUT I do not like this new 4e. What do others think?
  12. Chapien


    True, your statement is true.
  13. Chapien


    If Varaug "the Great" isn't in Taltos yet (stupid dwarves!) then how come battles take place with him? Just another one of my weird Reven background questions
  14. Chapien

    WIP - CAV terrain of some sort

    The statue in the courtyard could be the statue of the founder.
  15. Chapien

    Second Heritage Dwarf

    It is pretty good, but the elf from your other heritage post looks the same size as the dwarf. Are elves in Heritage the size of dwarves?