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  1. Bones Furniture Speedpaints

    I admire your work on the books in the bookshelves. I tried painting a Fat Dragon Games 3D one for ReaperCon & I just didn't have patience for 'em. Granted the way it was printed didn't help either. The books weren't aligned with the shelf, so they sat back into the shelf. Realistic, but a pain to paint up! Love the colors on the beds too!!
  2. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    When I was little, we had a cat (Jake btw) that if I would hum the Imperial March from Star Wars, he would fly like lighting & attack me! Must have been a Rebel scum supporter! He would growl on command at people when we brought him along for car rides. "Get em Jake, Get em!" ----cat growling----
  3. The Dragon's Demand

    The two of you determine the the green sludge is not what you think at first, green slime. As you poke around the slime & pull the stick back, you see it slowly starts to eat at the wood. The tip where it was submerged the longest with the slime seems to have been eaten away. The ledge, while very narrow, looks like it can be traversed. It'll probably take some slow & careful pacing but it can be done.
  4. https://www.command.com/3M/en_US/command/products/~/Command-Slate-Picture-Ledge?N=5924736+3292205080+3294529207&rt=rud Product page, no sales on that page. Hmmmm, up to 5 lbs. It would make for a nice project paint shelf. I may have to look for one now.
  5. First paint for daughter

    Definitely tell her to keep it. Tell her she'll wanna see how well she does later on. If she keeps up with the hobby, she'll be amazed at how well she has done. Fantastic start! (Besides Bones are cheap enough to go buy a new one!!)
  6. Pathfinder: The Dragon's Demand

    Ok here's the recap: The party was hired by a merchant, SIlas Gribb, to help him escort some freight down the river. The job would pay allot more then your average "1st-level" payout. Upon arriving into the town of Belhaim, things took a turn for the worst. The cargo was illegal goods, & the so called merchant was a petty thief & worst the party was thrown into jail. There was a warrant out for Gribb & he, along with the stolen good was escorted by the sheriff & a most of his men to the city of Cassomir. The party was able to convince the sheriff before he left that they had no part in the good other then excepting the escort job from Gribb. Problem with that was, the party was "dumped" into the town. Belhaim is a sleepy little town of about 380 to 390 people of various races, thou mostly human. It's situated at the Verduran Fork and Rogue Creek. The towns sits in the middle of the fork, various bridges cross the rivers. The town was founded by a dragonslayer & her party but as you've have so far found out, the rule has passed to a Canteclure where there was a uprising. The current ruler is a human woman named Baroness Origena Devy. She is backed up by her son Arnholde Devy, the future baron. As you were figured out what to do, a kinda young woman, named Talia Orem took pity on the party & offered you free room & board for a few days, enough for you to figure out your next move. As the party sat in the inn discussing this a large thunderous boom was heard nearby causing the ground to shake! Upon exiting the inn, the source of the sound could obviously be seen in the distance. A large dust cloud coming from a spot in east. Upon arriving, you come upon ruins of a old tower that had collapsed. Upon investigating, you discover a couple kobold corpses. As the local law enforcement consisted of a couple of country bumpkins, the Baroness offered the party, the sum of 500 gold for information on what caused the old tower to collapse. As you have learned, the old tower was a ruin called the Witch Tower from the Canteclure era of Belhaim. It was also the center of conflict with the town & a old wizard, Balthus Hunclay. He purchased a large lot of land, a manor house with a observatory sits to the west of the tower. He wanted to tear the tower down as it blocked his stargazing to the east. This brought him into conflict with the Baroness herself, as the tower had become a memorial to her late husband, Sir Arkold. He died inside the tower exploring it. The man was a natural klutz & tripped & fell backwards down the stairs. The wizard is not around, when the tower falls & answers at the door of his manor are met with empty promises. There is even a fried kobold corpse at his door, prompting the party to withhold trying to open the door to is manor. (Note: the party did not go this route, but I'm adding it in to make it easier on the story, later on) The Baroness would like you find any clues to his sudden disappearance, while exploring the basement of the collapsed tower. Getting to the basement was tricky, as the party had to go up a floor before descending into the ruins. There the party started in a barracks with a iron maiden. Searching the IM, you found a pair of silver daggers with notches on one side of the blade. Possibly they could be used as a key. After that a battle with some giant centipedes. As the party moved further into the dungeon, you come upon the cellblock & a particular cell with a reminder of the past. A ghost or haunt of some sort of one of the prisoners. The thing that stuck out from this encounter was this phrase "Good Baron Sarvo wills it!" The party was able to bypass the haunt by offering it food & water. Your not sure if destroyed it or caused it just to go away. Upon entering the cell, you find a secret door that leads to a contraption with a large lever with many gears & chains attached to them. A single chain leads from the room into the wall. Before you can activate the lever thou, you encounter a small lightning elemental. The party easily defeats this minor outsider. The party pulls the lever & the chain moves & a sound can be heard somewhere in the dungeon! Leaving the room, you make your way into what appears to be the main torture chamber, where you encounter it's primary resident, a raven, named Harzagopos. The raven turned out to be a nasty little imp in disguise. You find out that the imp's master had died in one of the torture chairs during a prisoner uprising many years ago (how rude!!). The party like most parties fight the imp due to one of you find the hidden door the leads out of this room! The little bugger was a tough fight, lasting many many months............ Upon victory thou, the party feels fully refreshed & feels the urge to continue! The party makes it a way down a passageway that follows the torture chamber. You've arrived at a new obstacle, a slim 7 inch wide ledge on one side of the passage & a trough of green sludge that fills up the rest!
  7. hmmmmmmm I've got time for next year's RCon..........very tempting!!
  8. Nice to see the pin vice has a new home!! The shape just never fit my hand right. The paint on the end was from a improvised spray paint stand moment.....I'll have what I took out up tomorrow. Kinda spaced that I took pics but left them on my phone.
  9. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    That's a hit.
  10. Just look at this way, one less month to worry about till the next one!!!
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Must be spreading as my wife said she'll be making chili for dinner tonight. Like eldamir, my minions don't like it either so more for my wife & me!!
  12. R.I.P. John Hillerman

    RIP Fine actor.
  13. I went ahead & just cancelled my hotel reservation for LVO. It was the only thing I went ahead & did something for LVO. I figured I'm hoping to maybe go the Oregon coast in the spring next year. I'll go to LVO someday just not next year. Have fun!
  14. Sunless Citadel 5e

    The party arrives at the general store. At first appearances, the store front looks well maintained & has a cheery appearance. As you open the door, a loud bell rings overhead, a few moments later a middle-aged woman with light brown hair pulled back in a bun greets the party. "Welcome to my store, Hucrele Mercantile. I am Kerowyn Hucrele & I am at your service." she says with a smile. The store appears well stocked & very clean. There appears to be no weapons or armors for sale thou.
  15. I think this would be a fun project. Definitely different.