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  1. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Strangely the ones the got refunded were at least 4 or 5 left in stock, when I placed this order (this is was on the 28th), so who knows. I have to admit after trimming off metal for the melt bag, the Enigma minis went into the bag. Details are nice but the way they were designed was more then I wanted to deal with. (not to mention, the female minis all belong on a basketball team. :lol:)
  2. Kalith, Mummy King

  3. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    As promised what I ordered: The Army Painter: Hobby Pliers TAP-TL5005 1 $2.00 The Army Painter: Hobby Drill Bits TAP-TL5012 1 $1.40 Secret Weapon Washes :: Cotton Candy Wash SW-W026 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Wargamer Brush - Monster TAP-BR7008 1 $1.20 The Army Painter: Wargamer Brush - Large Drybrush TAP-BR7010 1 $1.40 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Dragon Red TAP-WP1105 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Lava Orange TAP-WP1106 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Daemonic Yellow TAP-WP1107 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Army Green TAP-WP1110 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Greenskin TAP-WP1111 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Angel Green TAP-WP1112 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Electric Blue TAP-WP1113 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Ultramarine Blue TAP-WP1115 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Deep Blue TAP-WP1116 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Ash Grey TAP-WP1117 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Wolf Grey TAP-WP1119 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Monster Brown TAP-WP1120 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Desert Yellow TAP-WP1121 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Fur Brown TAP-WP1122 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Leather Brown TAP-WP1123 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Oak Brown TAP-WP1124 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Tanned Flesh TAP-WP1127 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Alien Purple TAP-WP1128 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Hydra Turquoise TAP-WP1141 1 $0.60 The Army Painter: Warpaint: Chaotic Red TAP-WP1142 1 $0.60 Rat Warrior SMM-28FM0023 1 $2.20 Elmore Masterworks - Avalyne The Lifegiver - Female Cleric with Mace DSM1142 1 $1.60 DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Harvey Masher - Human Warrior DSM4602 1 $2.00 DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Ash Firefeather - Female Elven Mage DSM4611 1 $2.00 DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Angelica - Female Half Elven Warrior with Sword DSM4613 1 $2.00 DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Yap - Kobold Warrior DSM4623 1 $2.00 DiTerlizzi Masterworks - Yup - Kobold Warrior DSM4624 1 $2.00 Female Witch/Hag DSM4640 1 $2.00 Ludwig Darkwhip - Thief with Whip DSM4645 1 $2.00 Hawk - Treasure Hunter (1) DSM6503 1 $3.00 2009 Holiday Tribute - Mrs. Claus and Schnauzers DSM7509 1 $3.00 Pudgy Tree Fairy Pack (6) DSM7619 1 $2.40 Visions in Fantasy - True Reflections - Fox diorama DSM7681 1 $5.00 Visions in Fantasy - "Zoe" Golden Retriever (1) DSM7804 1 $1.60 Visions in Fantasy - Guy of Gisborne - Hound Warrior DSM7988 1 $2.00 Visions in Fantasy - Chet - Field Squirrel Rogue DSM7995 1 $2.00 Visions in Fantasy - Will Scarlet The Red Squirrel DSM7982 1 $2.00 Visions in Fantasy - Bolo - Marmot Warrior DSM7996 1 $2.60 Hamster Ranger - Dual Wield (1) DSM8034 1 $2.00 Hedgehog Rogue with Dagger (1) DSM8040 1 $2.00 Raccoon Cleric with Mace and Shield DSM8055 1 $2.00 Rabbit Mage with Staff DSM8061 1 $2.00 Visions in Fantasy - Brutess, Pug Rogue DSM8080 1 $2.00 Visions in Fantasy - Harrek, Otter Cleric DSM8083 1 $2.00 Otter Knight with Sword and Shield DSM8087 1 $2.40 Otter Ranger with Bow DSM8089 1 $2.40 Polar Bear Warrior DSM8091 1 $4.00 Chipmunk Mage on Turtle Mount DSM8095 1 $2.60 Red Panda Mage DSM8097 1 $2.00 Astharon, Minotaur Lord ENM3042 1 $5.00 Trictalion, Beast of Olath ENM3045 1 $4.00 Fiama ENM3047 1 $2.60 Aslass, the Seer ENM3027 1 $2.60 Ïhllus, Dragon knight ENM3048 1 $3.00 Katherine Vinoq, Noble Adventurer ENM3018 1 $3.00 Also, I'd like to correct my statement on the "beat to hell", overall the blister look ok but getting them from some one like Miniature Market or Fantization or even Miniature Giant, they do look worn & have seen the shelf for quite a long time. Some of the Darksword do have some bends & significant wear on the edges. BTW, looking forward to using the "Cotton Candy" wash from Secret Weapon. (Apologies for the crappy picture, my phone's camera is not the greatest)
  4. All of my Fant. Orders have been pretty prompt so I really can't find you any feedback other then that. As for my oddball bit of knowledge, the Rock & I share the same birthday, other then a couple of years.
  5. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Order recieved today! Pictures coming soon. I had roughly 5 or 6 refunded minis. Mostly Enigma or their brand. They missed 1 refund. I'm not sure if 3 bucks is worth the hassle. Thou I added up 17.+ (or 20 the missed one, I can't recall if I added that missed one) with as my refund amount. Order was 117 without shipping, 123 with. What I a tally got charged was 117. So it appears I'm missing some cash. Sigh. No word in the 2nd order. Getting close to their deadline. Last thing, Enigma mini i though was missing a part but I found it after I dumped the box out. Also it just me or do the blisters look best up? Most of my order was Darksword & those look beat all to hell. They taped a couple of Army Painter brushes to back of a tool package. Glad they did as I'm sure they would have been damage in transit. Also their packaging needs help looked like things were just dumped in there & partially inflated airbags were stuck on top. Never again!
  6. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    Do you want me to make the same checks? Also I'm trying to see if I can spot anything that might indicate where the leaders might be. Basecamps that sorts thing.
  7. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Yah both of my orders have a sheep-ful of DS minis. Oh well, blisters are just blisters right?!
  8. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    I will help any I can. "Thou the longer we linger here, the more time these raiders, thugs, scum, have time to assault the temple." I mutter as I look upon the town, trying to get any kinda of bearing on the bandits.
  9. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    I know you just wanna re-enact the Death Star torture scene!! Apologies for myself not chiming in on rules discussions. I'm still learning the system but seeing the posts here help me understand the game more.
  10. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Ok, thanks! Just kinda preparing myself in case I have items like that (I shouldn't but heck you never know with these guys)
  11. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    What line are the ones with the #s on the blister? Love that eagle, It's one I almost pulled the trigger & had it in my cart on the 2nd order but dropped it right as I checked out.
  12. Looking at the Raptor contents I get a Bones Box Set feel for it. Acquired: Reaper order I placed at 350 in the morning on the 15th! Mostly Bones from that day's releases. Also got a sample paint. Some initial reactions: Temple Dragon Bones assembles allot easier then the metal one. The whole side of the statue with the dragon & trying to dry fit that into place to see how it looks is a PiTA. This one just inserts into the base. Nicely done, Reaper! Plant Dragon. The stems the leaves are one are soft & rubbery, kinda like cheap .50 cent rubber toys. Which is odd as the leaves are somewhat firm. Overall thou this Bones was the softest mini of all I got. Kinda reminds me Kaladrax's head in softness. Dire Bear: Awesome fur details. Love the size! Minotaur: Great details, especially for a Bones mini. I'm not crazy on his size thou. I get a medium mino is nice but I like my large. Behir: Fantastic looking mini. Lotsa parts! Not surprisingly the glue on the blister was the strongest of all minis I opened today. Gutrags: Very nice detail. I was worried some of the awesome burlap detail would be lost in the conversion, but it's there. I'll get the 2 lesser ones now. Rictus: Nice mini. He appears to be smaller then say your average DHL mini. I'm wondering if DD line will be smaller in scale??
  13. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I was part of that sale. It was a longer then normal for Paizo, thou Paizo does tend to ship slower then the norm, thou I'm comparing the distance from them to me here) but everything I order was there & it wasn't close to 2 month from the time I order to the time I got my items. As I said earlier in this debacle, with the amount of items they sold during that sale, inventory shouldn't have been that hard to do for them. Unless they took it before they packing up orders, which really would very stupid to do. On a happier note, I wasn't sure if I was to get the 1st order today or tomorrow, USPS tracking last had my items in Portland, so it's on track for delivery tomorrow. No word on the 2nd order.
  14. Ral Partha Rabbit Thumpers (photo heavy)

    You need Doom Bunny to lead them in their battle. Old Ral Partha (Imports I think) Nice work!!
  15. Post Apocalypse Rabbit Thunderbird

    Elmer's days are numbered!! Awesome conversion.