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  1. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Probably a good thing that evening. Well that & it was dark...........
  2. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Oddly I get about the same amount of sleep at RCon as I do at home. About 4 hours a night. Well that depends if the hotel unlocks their *$@(! doors to let me in......
  3. First time to reaper con!

    To add to Dilvish's excellent overview, the games are free to play (as are most of the events, minus classes & shopping of course). There will be sign ups posted online. Mainly these are to help you plan your Con schedule out. As one of the table GMs I tend to, unless a signed person shows up, to let you in. Also depending on the game, I tend to run my games in 4 hr blocks. Also the Con swag bag is one of the best bargains in the business. Depending on how they will structure ticket plans, if you can afford it get the top tier one. It pays for itself.
  4. ReaperCon 2018 Hotel Booking Link

    Which is odd with the date as the initial group it was for Weds to Tuesday.
  5. I can smell the foam now. Nice buys. Acquired today from my local card shop guy: NOLZUR'S Phase Spider Deep Cut (Pathfinder) Male dwarf sorcerer. (one has a sweeping wave of magic & the other has a lighting bolt) Deep Cut (generic) Swarm of Rats Braziers He did have a nice stock to pick from as well. No beholder, but I have one so I'm not looking for one. Also found out he can get them quick when ordering so that helps in the future.
  6. The blue crossbowman must have a INT of 4. Great job on all of them!
  7. Knarthex Experiments, and seeks advice...

    While not a expert, I think your ends need to be a little more cut up. Even with these at rest, you can still see the individual strips & such: They look pretty good thou.
  8. Pathfinder Version 2

    All I know at ReaperCon one year (might have been the last year at the factory), a local gaming club had a "Beat the dragon" challenge. It was a 4e encounter/adventure where the players faced a unbeatable dragon at the end. If you could beat it, you get a buttload of ReaperBucks (1000+ maybe) for the auction. All weekend long we had to hear this challenge. It wasn't until some group came in with home generated characters that finally put it out of it's misery. I (& many others) was so glad when that ended. It made me dislike 4e even more & I wasn't a 4e hater. I just got tired of hearing about the Mr Unbeatable.
  9. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    03541: Gerrin Goblinkicker, Dwarf Hero Gerrin always hated being the only dwarf to show up when you mention "goblin" at the store. Thou, deep down he was proud to be the only dwarf amongst the rabble. (Type "goblin" in the store & he is shows up)
  10. Aquired: Reaper order that I placed on Monday, like clockwork, showed up Friday. Ogres, ogres, everywhere!
  11. Farrow Valkyries

    Excellent work!!
  12. using airbrush primers as brush-on?

    Vallejo airbrush primers are made to sprayed or brushed on, so you should be good to go. Are you priming metal or Bones? Bones take a bit more vs metal so keep that in mind.
  13. Pathfinder Version 2

    As a player & purchaser of Pathfinder products I will not be buying into 2e. I'll probably get the main book but other then that I'll prob hold off. I've invested allot of money into dead tree & pdfs & I really don't want to do it again. When Pathfinder first came out I was psyched as I loved what Paizo was putting out with Dragon & Dungeon magazines (Savage Tide, probably one of my all time favorite campaigns) so I went all in when Pathfinder came out. Heck I even got the playtest stuff printed up & bound. Also I became a Charter Superscriber on their forum (ie bought everything). Eventually I had to cut back to just a couple things & then finally I went just with the Adventure Path book(s). About 3 or 4 months ago I stopped getting that. Since I have quite a collection of pdfs I'm in the initial stages of selling off the dead tree books. I guess I better get on that before 2e becomes the norm. I've invested quite a bit into Hero Lab as well. I think one of the reasons why I won't go 2e is D&D 5e has emerged as my favorite system to play right now & it shows in what games I run at ReaperCon now. We Be Goblins games are the only Pathfinder games I run & I'm not gonna update just to run 2e. I wish them luck & hopefully we as gamers aren't subject to anther round of "Edition Wars". Play what makes you happy!!
  14. I was gonna buy my missing bottle from GameKastle before I ended up getting a bottle at ReaperCon last year. They may still have some left.
  15. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    CMoN = Nope. Enough said for me!!