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  1. @pcktlnt box arrived this morning!!
  2. Wow! Mail showed up the earliest it's ever been!! 11 am this morning, normal time is around 3 to 4 in the afternoon. Only thing in the box was the Pcktlnt box of goodies!! I'll go try & get to it today, but I'm prepping up that kobold PC mini & matte spraying the others. Oddly Krylon matte spray goes glossy after awhile.. Nice & heavy the box is!
  3. haldir

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Week/night 2 of my Adventure League game at the game store tonight! Since I really didn't unpack from last week, at least I won't have to run like a chicken with it's head cut off before I leave tonight, which is a good thing. Gathering up actual PC minis. One player said he had a halfling mini but I'll bring one just in case he forgot. Goliath (03412: Uglunuk, Half Giant Warrior) & I'm debating on using a prepainted Pathfinder kobold or the new Dungeon Dweller one with the mace as the mini for the kobold player. Hoping we get at least 1 new player tonight. It'd help the party mostly but I wanna see this take off & grow each time we play. Need to re-draw the Cragmaw goblin cave complex but other then that, good to go!!
  4. Definitely need to up my pledge. Allot of great looking models upcoming!!
  5. haldir

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    Thought about putting in a small pledge, love the goblin for example, till I seen the shipping. Definitely not US friendly. I'll pass.....for now, love the sculpts on probably 90% of them thou.
  6. haldir

    Pathfinder Playtest Doomsday Dawn

    15+1 + 16 Rulebook states, it's Perception, unless is under certain circumstances like stealth. Like you've posted.
  7. Kinda disappointed myself as while not the main reason I bought into that expansion it was a major part of it. I will say there is a 3d file out there similar in looks that printed out is a larger hit. So I guess all isn't lost. Dinos look great thou!
  8. While I haven't used mine yet, I've played with enough to know that when I do it'll get the job done for me. One of the things I noticed is I don't get the messed up depth perception while wearing it. One thing I've always hated using magnifying devices was trying to aim the paintbrush & getting it right. I guess these have enough open space that it eliminates that. Bad thing is the 2 highest lens I can't use but on the plus side that probably means my vision is still going strong. :)
  9. Tamiya has a shade in their TS spray line that is similar to that color. (TS-92 Metallic orange) Suppose to represent the met orange shade in Toyota's color line: Acquired today: Curse of Strahd, D&D Beyond file. Even thou Death House is a free pdf, nice to add the book that started my love for 5e to my Beyond inventory. Going to run a special 2 Mondays before Halloween adventure for my AL group. Nice thing due to I ran the adventure a couple of years ago at RCon, really don't need to prep other then get better minis for some the more unique critters like the animated broom & door mimic!! Also acquired today: Due to that CoS/DH has been out for awhile, allot of goodies for it on dmsguild. Picked up a pdf that has a very detail narrative for each room in the DH adventure. It'll help set the mood of the adventure better.
  10. haldir

    Chaos Wars Wave 3 by Ral Partha

    Heh, allot of memories amongst those minis!!! Too bad there isn't a exclusive like the Julie Guthrie Vampiress like in the last one. I will admit, the color schemes on the Greater fairies, sparked some ideas for me.
  11. haldir

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    I re-labeled my Sky Steel as "ReaperBryan" Steel that year. Due to Bryan, said too. I think it was his color or he suggested. I made a label & everything.
  12. haldir

    What colors for hobgoblin skin?

    Pretty much how I do mine, they tend to be a shade of red with male leaders having the blue nose marking. Pathfinder's or at least 1e Path are grey. 5e's are a shade of orange, no blue marking:
  13. In for $25. Mainly for paint but if something comes up & such.
  14. haldir

    Fantasy Football starbowl II chaos dwarf team

    Wow, if your gonna step on a IP, step on them all!!!