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  1. There might be. I'm not sure how much time you need to make items & such. Pretty sure if we go to FoF, you'll have plenty of time there. Also I think SC 5e is roughly the same level advancement as the original. Which to be honest I kinda find odd with 5e fast level advancement, at least the beginning levels. We shall see. Characters Everyone's character looks great so far. Jack, that a custom background? If so I like it & don't see any overly powerful items in it. Ok start date. I put in a couple days off next week (so 4 days off). I normally start my pbp on Friday but this time around it'll probably be Thursday the 4th or even before that. Gotta go see Guardians with my son Friday so.
  2. Bregan Your vast knowledge in regards to stonework here shows that the door isn't locked, let alone even have a keyhole for a lock!
  3. Finally watched the Last Witch Hunter last night (yeah free HBO & Skin err Cinema previews). Decent film thou I can see why it didn't take off in the theater. Also ended up watching again, We are Soldiers. Back when Mel wasn't crazy. Still a good flick thou.
  4. I have no problems with you doing that. Ok with Mad Jack that brings us to 5 players. Adventure calls for 4 but I'll make it work. It'll give me a chance to up-scale the combats & such. As far as where this adventure will start, ToYP says to stick the Sunless Citadel adventure in the foothills NW of the ruins of Thundertree. The citadel plunged into the earth when Mount Hotenow erupted many years ago. So looking at this map I'd say it's under the wording of Neverwinter woods or so. Neverwinter Region map
  5. Mal Your quite sure the raven isn't telling the whole truth. It appears to be hiding something Bregan & Aear The two of you move to the door. The door is hidden quite well but with Bregan's skill you spot where it is. It appears to swing outward & into the passage/room beyond this one. One odd feature is, you can't find a keyhole or lock for that matter. Do you still search the table? With Bregan & Aear turned to the door, anyone watching the raven, sees it disappear from sight.
  6. That is the sheet I use for Daarcstar's pbp here. Good sheet. I think as long as you upload the final version it'll be readable with a PDF reader. Ok np with the background. I'll read what exactly it is & we can work with it.
  7. Correct +1 not +2. info for FR: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Forgotten_Realms Not that I will really get into the realms lore & such. It's more or less for racial stuff & other FR items that matter the most to players. I'm more of a Greyhawk & Mystara (Basic D&D) fan myself. Thou there are more online resources for FR. Yah I was thinking that was only for 1 type of terrain ie original favor terrain ability but a little more refined. I think I may scale that ability back like the original PH version. Granted it does become useless if all you do is play in swamps if you've chosen forest thou. As far as the spell-less version, hmm I could swore that one was it. Eh live & learn. One reason why I want to get a DMed 5e pbp game going before RC this year. I'll know more about game & such.
  8. The UA ranger I do believe is a spell-less ranger, takes it back closer to roots or like Aragorn. If you wanna look at it I can send you the link to the article. Variant Humans: I do use feats, so you'd be trading your +2 to everything for the feat & the +1s. I have no problem with that. Just look at the other races, they have bonuses & abilities that outweigh the standard human. Dwarves for example get Darkvision. Something that has come up in the 5e pbp game I'm in on here. Most of the party has Dv, except for the humans. That right there is equal to a feat to me. Might not be fancy bonuses in combat but hey I can see in the dark, you can't. @Dilvish the Deliverer I see UA has some new cantrips & 1st level spell for wizards. If you want go ahead & look in those too. I'll try & link up the UA articles I have on my Drive here if anyone needs em. For the most part I try to make my games SRD or whatever they are calling it these days. Pretty much I want you to be able to find the rules online if needed. One thing I do like about Pathfinder over 5e is most of their rules are available for viewing.
  9. Dang, those halfling farmers I can use! I may have to think about this one.
  10. Roll 4d6, drop your lowest, arraign them any way you want. Starting gold is either the average or pick a pack for your class. Also I do like to playtest the UA article stuff so if there is something in those articles, feel free to ask me if you can use it. @Gargs You gonna do PH or UA ranger?
  11. You gonna be the Oompah Lompah eh? Sure go ahead if you want to change it up
  12. Since I'm not one for dwarf wizards (yes call me old school in regards to that race-class combo) that one is the only thing I'd want for that one. I'm warming up the combo but I still kinda cringe seeing em together.
  13. Ah yes th Squatty P"ah"ty commercial. Loved this one! I'm hungry + need to get some copies done, so off to Panda Express I go
  14. I'd like timely replies but no I'm not wanting a post as soon as I get a response up. If SC goes well & the party wants to, I'd also like to move on to Forge of Fury as well, but we'll see how SC goes first. As far as the Goliath, I was thinking more of being enclosed & such, but seeing they are Medium size, that won't be a problem. I wasn't banning them of course. Aarakocra thou has flight at 1st level which is a big advantage. Thus, they aren't allowed. Firbolg is interesting thou as I've always known them to be large size creatures. I see 5e/Volo has them down to medium for PC use.
  15. Just thought of this one as well. If you want to go non-Reaper, look for Red Box Games. Scale is slightly smaller then Reaper but Tre Manor is uber when it comes all things Viking & such.