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  1. After 12 years of Reapercon, I feel like if I don't book a plane ticket, something is wrong with me. : Lol:
  2. March Reaper order acquired yesterday. As usual very fast shipping!!
  3. I was wondering if someone would put the two together Colors, for me I'm more natural or darker colors, especially for clothing. Browns, greens, blacks mainly. For the life of me trying blue or some other color gloves for example vs a black or brown pair is hard for me to overcome. I guess it's the way I see my fantasy worlds. I've always seen them as Dark Ages era.
  4. Interesting take on his skintone. Goes great with the design of the mini.
  5. How do we know of Thulsa Doom? Is he some maniac? Some cult leader? Nobleman? etc etc Seeing myself on the wanted poster I say out loud. " hmm they didn't get my eyes right....."
  6. With so many painting/gaming friends at Adepticon this weekend, I kinda wish I was there myself. Taking vacation right now. It may have to be added to the "to do soon" list. While waiting for the weather to clear up, I decided to start a new car model: Like most of the kits I've been doing lately, I've had the parts primered or in basic base coats for quite a long time. Good feeling to actually work on them. Well there is always Superman!!!
  7. Ok just did a google in regards to Vallejo. I came across this on the CMoN forums. Thread Starter is having issues with V primer thou on Cork. http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/showthread.php?53341
  8. Reminds of the return trip back to Boise. It seems with Delta or United there are 2 times for returns really early or really late. I won't do the late return due to my wife comes over & gets me, so I usually leave around 3 am from the hotel. I do see that AA has a flight that I leave DFW around 4 & get home around 7 (non-stop), hmmmm I may be interested in that one. Need to wait for SW to get dates for the return. Your post appears that they have arrived. EDIT: Yup!! Hmm about the same time as I usually get out 6 am
  9. Spaced off applying to the current question: Trying to get my hobby room cleaned up, but also trying to keep my current projects going on said table as well. Normally the table becomes the area where all the junk goes as I try to clean/organize. We shall see. I'd like to get the lawns mowed. Try to take advantage of having nice lush green colored grass right now would be nice. Thou with the green color comes the spring rains so I doubt I'll get a chance by Sunday. I'll try & get pics up on Sunday but alas I can't guarantee it.
  10. What kind of primer? I've had black primer crack on me before but that was on a plastic model vs a mini. (pretty sure that was due to what was on the plastic piece vs the actual paint. Also Reaper only uses like talcum powder to seperate the mini from the mold, unless they've changed that. I took the tour during ReaperCon but that was many years ago. How heavy was your priming? Sometimes that will do. Too much at one time will cause the paint to crack as it dries. As far as inspiration there is always the original artwork: Also note his face is a mask/paint
  11. That's a miss, but not by much. Bregan's turn, then cdorf to end the round.
  12. Yes that shot sails way left of the elemental. It bounces harmlessly off the wall behind it. Lightning Elemental The lightning elemental will descend into combat, as it does it produces a pair of arms from it's "body" It tries to strikes Mal with a fist! (makes it's fly check easily due to moving less then half it's move) (rolls a 22 or if you're devoid of anything metal on you, like armor, wielding a weapon, etc etc) then it's a 19. If that hits then it does 3 pts of slam damage & 3 pts of eletrical damage to you. Next up: Bregan or Col K. (whoever DEX is higher or whoever posts first)
  13. "Just point the way to the tunnel." I tell the mayor. I ask Escobert "Anything in that tunnel we need to be aware of? Is is just a tunnel from the keep to the outside or are there any other passages? Has there been anything encountered in the tunnel over the years?" I grab my gear & I'm ready to go whenever the party is. I will lead the way.
  14. While this isn't my best it's one I have a picture of. Oddly there is a story behind this one. Someone here said "Let do a Wormmeet at ReaperCon!" using the Bones Purple worm. Conversion with the worm were popular so having a large gathering of them would be neat to see. Well I brought this one down & it was only partially finished. It only was orange with the dots. Unforuntately only a few people brought one. No worries. It wasn't till next ReaperCon or more specifically, 3 days before I left for Boise/overnight. That is when I crudely sculpted the saddle & added the reins & of course the squirrel. It wasn't till I was ReaperCon that I decided since I was in Texas, he needed a hat. Off to the Boneyard to get the hat sprue. So I give you Maud' dib. As I was blank for a name, fellow forum member, Claudio Villa thought that was a good one It wasn't till I showed ReaperBryan that I decided to enter the darn thing in the Open category. As he laughed his butt off at it (which is why I made it) & told me "I HAD to!" It got a Bronze. That was more then I was expecting for this.

    You can also say since it's a 2nd party piece (aka Victoria miniatures) that it could be exempt from the rest of the line.