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  1. May 25th anv order in today! 77088: Townsfolk: Grandmother $2.49 x177261: Bat Demon $2.99 x160139: Aravashniel, Elf Wizard $7.29 x150052: Professor Laura Pringle $6.99 x177306: Translucent Slimes (2) $4.99 x177308: Boar Demon $8.49 x177335: Hordlings (3) $2.99 x177299: Female Antipaladin $2.99 x174036: 2" Round Plastic RPG Base (10) $4.99 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Eli Quicknight Kinda feel a little guilty ordering during the Bones 3 fulfillment but Reaper is a company & companies do like to make money. Other then a few odds & ends stuff this order will fulfill my RCon games needs. What am I gonna order next month!?!?! Also did a couple ebay auctions as I wanted to try out 4Grounds products: C16-C17 Strong Box Cart Double Wood Bed & finally Bentwood Rocking Chair Also appears that my Bones 3 shipment will arrive on the 31st of this month! So there is hope it beats out Paizo this month!!
  2. I saw SW around the time it came out. Seen it on a local, tiny theater in Parma, Idaho. Thou, most likely a month or so later as Parma wasn't high on anyone's list then & isn't now either. My mom & my grandmother went with me. I instantly fell in love with it. My grandmother on the other hand was asleep even before you first see Vader!! My love for SW took a serious hit when the pre-equals came out. The last couple movies have helped restore that love but I'm still not sure it's as it was back when the original trilogy came out.
  3. Sadly none right now. Frostgrave, Star Wars Imperial Assault are two I'd like to try someday.
  4. It should Zero is widely known in the scale modeling community. If it wasn't soooo damn expensive to ship to the US I'd try it out myself. Thou, I wanna say Gravity Colors here in the US (Florida I think) carries them, they just re-brand them. If not they sure look similar. (Note: I did have the bike post up if anyone saw but looking at more info, Hayden didn't ride that one that year. I had my racers mixed up. So I just cancelled the order. I placed it with my local hobby shop, so no biggee there. This is Hayden's 2006 ride, same sponsor just a slightly different color scheme. )
  5. Yah swarms in general are just nasty, whether it's Pathfinder of 5e. I've taken out 2 goblin parties with a swarm at the end of We Be Goblins. I did see a potential typo as it mentions the end boss likes to summon dogs to help her in her write up, but in her spell list she has summon swarm. Either way gonna dial it down this year & just use Animal Summoning 1 (dog). Her + her familiar + the dog should still be a good end game encounter.
  6. One of these years I'll make it up to Seattle for PCon, but for now I'll just say "Everyone going have a great time & a safe trip to & from the Con!!"
  7. Fulfilling

    Just got home from work, or at least got on the net after I got home from work. Very nice surprise in the mailbox today! At 8:10 AM this morning my order got a label!! Thank you Reaper, thank you Bryan, Cher & everyone else involved in the shipping process. Now the race can officially begin. My bet would be on the Reaper/UPS order over the Paizo/UPS/USPS order. We shall see!! Not that heavy at only 13.9 lbs. Hmmmm.
  8. Should have a post up tomorrow morning. Gotta love a inventory crew that appears to use their foot to count product on shelves........ It was a long night last night for me. What was scheduled 5 hours ended up being close to 8.
  9. Fulfilling

    Probably depends on what mood he is in before or after reading Kickstarter comments
  10. Fulfilling

    As am I! With some saying they were in October earlier, I'm thinking mine will probably be out in the first hour or two, Weds morning!
  11. I totally agree with this. If not St Louie then Preds. Thou if the Sens can dig themselves out of the hole they are in, I'd like to see them take it. You know, the whole Canada & hockey thing. No shipping notice today which is ok. It'll probably come tomorrow with the eager beavers churning along at Reaper.
  12. Fulfilling

    Which means my order is coming up soon. Locked in around the 20 of October. There is still hope that Bones 3 beats out Paizo Adventure Path book this month!!
  13. My favorite Bond, not to mention the one that I grew up with. RIP, Sir Roger Moore
  14. Most likely will be taking the family to see the new Pirates movie this Friday or maybe Sunday. Who knows.