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  1. In years past, the swag bag has been sold on the reaper.com webstore.
  2. September order in!! 74029: 1inch Hex Plastic Gaming Base (20) $5.99 x280029: Nine Suns Henchman $2.49 x309407: Lantern Yellow $3.29 x109443: Warrior Flesh $3.29 x109451: Dwarven Gold $3.29 x109424: Runic Purple $3.29 x109311: Stone Wash $3.29 x129849: HD Umber Brown $3.29 x129854: MSP HD Arctic Grey $3.29 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Diva the Blessed Really was only gonna buy Diva & the hex bases & the Nine Suns Henchmen, but after seeing the price, I'd at least get to $35 for the free shipping, even then that is like 2 or 3 bucks. I got to 35 & figured, ehhh drop Diva & just buy stuff up to 40 bucks. Ahhhh Reaper you are so addictive!!! As I don't need anything for Reaper, the order mostly was paints I didn't have. Hex bases will be asteroid stand-ins for the Starfinder game I'm gonna try & run on Sunday evening. 3D printed items came yesterday!! 3d guy threw in some extra items as well due to the delay in getting the items to me. No need to, but thankful nonetheless!!!
  3. Sweet! My 3d printer guy just shipped off the last couple of pieces I needed. He was delayed by other projects. With those 2 pieces, everything is in place. Now to just get em all painted up in time!
  4. I'll be your hard to find person/square again!! haldir/avt/Full Con
  5. I did that last year, got one the month of August & of course with my gall bladder deciding it really wanted some attention that month I choose to schedule it at a different month. While I rescheduled it for April this year I've yet to hear back from them. I don't mind really. I wouldn't make a good juror......
  6. Reminds me of the pig in the animated flick "Pets" Tattoos due to being a "test subject" for aspiring tattoo artists. For the We be Goblins pregens, at ReaperCon this year, I'm debating on changing out the druid's animal companion to a goat for some reason. As of right now, he is of the swamp archetype & he has a frog familiar (part of the archetype changes).
  7. One of the most ecognizable faces in Hollywood. Great actor. RIP.
  8. Funagain is on a corner, thou small it was well packed as far as selection. Oddly the D&D & Pathfinder games were in a bookcase leading to either, the backroom storage or a place they had other games. I didn't go back to look as it did look like the backroom. Nice thing for me also about AB is a store over from a well stocked mom & pop hobby store. Heck I'd be set with those 2 stores if I lived over in that area. The store inbetween the two is a used music/video game store (I ended up getting a Zelda poster for my daughter there) They have a website as well, I used google maps when I was over there.
  9. http://kck.st/2vPLQ8t Always have loved this style of mapping ever since Castle Ravenloft came out way back when. Looks interesting,
  10. Heh, got a email from Hotwire last night (% off certain hotels, etc etc), so I went looking for my overnight in Boise on the 17th next month. While I have a hotel all set to go, I ended up going to Expedia via Trivago a much nicer hotel then my current one for about 1 to 2 bucks more + hell free wifi. What hotel doesn't give you free wifi anymore?? So overall it'll be cheaper in the end. Gonna be weird taking anther 7+ days off in about a month but eh oh well!!
  11. That would be directed to the Chaos-kind...way too many "wolfs" runnin loose in this place!! Nice info, any river goblin pirates?
  12. Well, this guy could have been the CotW too yah know:
  13. Wolf will just shave his legs & beard & he'll fit in.....::D: Speaking of factions I need a new one for this year... Also RW, how are goblins & hobgoblins & bugbears in the 'mere? Also all the talk about the terrapin is starting to really sell the Dreadmere expansion for me...
  14. Pure is black black Dragon is black? black as well (I think it's been awhile since I used that one, mainly use Pure) Noir is I wanna say worn t-shirt black. Again, it's been awhile Nightmare is blue black EDIT: Isn't Coal black the green-black one? I might be thinking of the green-black color in the P3 line. Pretty much Pure or Dragon will cover yah.
  15. Yah the last time I got a paper check was due to my current bank buying out my old bank & I needed to switch over direct deposits. I'm painting for RC (well I will after I post here) but my pallets are all dirty, spaced off cleaning before leaving last week. So I went & bought new ones, while the others ones are soaking in the sink....lazy or just creative?