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  1. Buglips had died by then...... OneBoot too!!
  2. It had a nice ring to it when I was looking for names. Plus, it fit the character. Eventually I'll post up everything I did for the Con.
  3. Pezler the Colorful was a mouseling bard in Banquet of the Damned. He did quite well in it tonight! The other forum member's name I used was Pingo the mouseling ranger. She got the kill shot on the big demon in House of the Midnight Violet. Also ran today! Also yes TPK in WBG, but by the player's hand.
  4. Sunday evening...... Oh & Buglips & the rest of the party (including OneBoot... ) went boom. No they went BIG BOOM! Think Overture of 1812 Boom! at the end of WBG! I can't wait to run it again!
  5. Even better: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/willy/latest/50013
  6. Woke up around 230 this morning. I got about 2 to 3 hrs of sleep. I'm already set for Con sleep schedule! At the airport now. Waiting till 720ish!
  7. I had that moment this morning when I packed almost everything into my checked suitcase & when I went to lift it up for testing the weight, it was heavy! Luckily I'm under the dreaded 50 pound line!
  8. Well I am bring foam tape, we could just tape the cookies to the badge??? Fun evening here in Boise tonight. I used Uber & Lyft for the first time. I'll use em again! Got dinner, walked around for a bit. Plus made it to the game store in the evening time!! First time I've done that. It was mostly card gaming going on but I did talk with someone a bit about gaming & got to check out the new Wizkids unpainted releases. I did see a few Reapers I thought about getting but then I thought, eh I'll be surrounded by Reaper! I can get em in Texas! Afterwards I just walked around in the area. Just nice to get out for a bit before all the craziness of the Con is upon me. Now, off to bed, early flight out or at least early check out from here! Thou as I came back & through the entrance, I noticed stairs to the 2nd floor. It was kinda of a trek to go from the front desk to my room when I checked in. I figured I'd just use those to save some time. My room was up those damn stairs & is the first door you see............. to quote a beer commercial "Dilly dilly!!!"
  9. Will be a nice one to see in person. Awesome effect!
  10. As noted I'm in the midst of ReaperCon trip. So no new posts from me till next Tuesday at least.
  11. Pretty sure it's just with a debit card. Cc there is nothing extra.
  12. Last time I used a debit card to check in @ HGI, I was hit with a $100 dollar deposit. Actually they called me after I checked in. They wanted cash, good thing I had a 100 dollar bill. Too bad I "didn't" want to use it that weekend thou.... IIRC, it was the HGI before this one, the one in Denton I believe. So maybe it's a different policy for this one (Lewisville).
  13. When Reaper used the Best Western on Teasley as the "official hotel of ReaperCon" I had the same room 2 years in a row. Reservation was made online each time. Just weird how it came out that way. I thought about checking in, but I'm splitting the room with someone, plus that person is paying (no credit card here, so I'd get hit with the deposit fee....ugh), so figured we'd just do it the ole-fashion way tomorrow! If anyone is renting a car from DFW tomorrow around 11 am & noon, I'll be sitting in a group of chairs near the Enterprise Rental place. I'll probably have my green with yellow numbers #8 Oregon Ducks jersey on or a olive t-shirt with a "Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog" graphic on it. Come on by & say hi if you'd like!!
  14. Good luck with your games this year. Anyone that hasn't sat in on one of ReaperWolf's games is missing out!! RW is a fantastic gamemaster & storyteller. You won't be disappointed!!
  15. At the overnight hotel! I had a nice lunch with my mom before she left for home. I was kinda worried about this room, but once I checked in & got into the room itself, those worries went away. Pretty nice accommodations. I've got one of those hand luggage scales & I weighed my bag before I left. Checked bag comes in around 45 to 49 lbs. Just barely made it!! Kinda worried about the return trip but allot of the weight will go once the Con is over, Heck 8 pounds is in melt. Plus I'll dump stuff once I don't need it anymore. Looking at the hotel website, I see the free airport shuttle only runs after 6 am, I'll need it before that so I'll just use Uber. I'm gonna give em a try here in about an hour. Gonna go grab a bite to eat for dinner & hit the game store & see what goes on, on a Tuesday night there. I wanna say board game night so who knows. Will return early, as I wanna get some sleep before the travel tomorrow thou! Can't wait to see everyone again & meet new faces!
  16. Love it! Love the work you did on Sophie's face especially, very nice!
  17. Wipes brow Wow, that extra work night really messed me up as far as packing. Of course had I tried to stick to my plan of getting things packed before the previous weekend, I wouldn't have a problem. I just gotta find spots for everything in the bags & such. Good thing when I got a new suitcase I picked up one of those hand/hook scales. Everything I took to Eugene last month was around 10 pounds (well 20 with the suitcase),& my melt bag is around 8 pounds (I weighed it, ) so at least I know how much I get to play with as far as weight & the airline. Will do a final print run for anything I need tomorrow morning, including my "Crap I need to take to ReaperCon" sheet. Going on 10 years now! Great way for me to make sure I bring what I need. Called my mom & told her to come later like at 1 pm. That'll give me plenty of time to get everything ready to go tomorrow, but for now, I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the evening!
  18. If you're coming to the Con this year PM me & I'll make up a name label for your badge. I'm doing it for myself & a couple other people. Might as well use up the entire label sheet/pack. Just a simple print at home on label paper that'll have your name & forum handle on it.
  19. Too bad the forum doesn't have the "Congrats" flash option like on Facebook for "Missmelons"!!!
  20. OK finalizing the list & I have a few problems in regards to names. I've got everyone that has PMed or posted in the thread, but if you want your real name, please get ahold of me ASAP. I'll print off the labels tomorrow for everyone. Who I need are the following: @Valthorn_Illian Thanks & see everyone at the Con!
  21. I'll be arriving Weds morning at or around 1130 am!
  22. VICTORY!!!* *Did up my foam trays for the game minis + a couple of Tailspinner "Show me my stuff" minis before measuring how many trays would fit in the GamesPlus bag & this is the results of that!!! Now on to maps & other game related stuff. Eventually I'll get to packing the clothes & such, cause you know clothes.......
  23. Day off today & then it's work Sunday & Monday then I'm off! I need to start the foam packing of minis + finish the 15mms.
  24. I did a contest mini 20 mins till deadline @ the Con. This was going back to the mini bins, finding the mini & weighing it for weight (minus off my melt slip). Sitting down & painting it up. Granted it was the squirrel familiar but it was more or less a test to see if I could get something into the Contest that year. My last contest entry, I started 4 days before I left for the Con (which is a day earlier then the Meat n Great).
  25. Hmm I wonder if I should go in & change the goblin ninja mini I'm using for Buglips' pregen now....