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  1. Keepers rules are listed on the league page, or at least I think they are. You can keep a player 2 years max, if he ends up on your roster the previous season.
  2. Where you seein this one at?
  3. With ReaperCon a few months after the release of Paizo's Starfinder (August), is anyone thinking of running a demo? I'd like to, but my game schedule is full & probably wouldn't be till the after hours. Thou even then, I might be busy. Probably be the Free RPG Day module they are releasing. I mainly wanna see how it runs & such.
  4. I've got the Core book coming, should be here next week sometime. I'm still wanting to GM a game Sunday night @ the HGI. I know that there is Society games ran by Raphael & the gang but I'd like get some first hand-GM experience & I have no free time during ReaperCon. Most likely I'll be running the Starfinder Society adventure: Into the Unknown. Also will be using the Society pregens. Adventure will not be a official Starfinder Society adventure (so it won't count for that). I just want to run a SF game & with all my other games I won't have time to properly prep a game. Looking forward to this one (if my voice holds up, last year it ragged & dry due to 4 days of rpg gaming! Same as this year.....)
  5. I try my best. ReaperCon is the only time I can sit behind a DM's screen with actual people staring back at me. One reason why my schedule is so loaded with me, gming rpgs.
  6. Totally know how yah feel. With the trip to Eugene OR coming up in 3 weeks, it feels like time is standing still. At least I've got 4 days off coming up next week (work is 3 days next week: YES!). My wife & I will stay in Eugene till Monday the 11th & then we'll start heading eastward but we'll stop over in Bend, OR & stay till Thursday & then it'll be home, with going back to work Saturday the 16th. I'm gonna try to bring items to paint but I doubt I'll get any painting done, so that's a week I won't be as productive as I normally am (which really isn't that much anyways.... ) After that it's wait for the 17th of October!! Thou I will admit the slowness of time is helping me with getting things done for the Con, at least
  7. The dice are only for people who don't bring any, so by all means please use your own. Every class & most of the 5e PC races are available. As this is Reaper & ReaperCon, I've also made the mouseling available as well. Depending on what game, certain races like Tabaxi or dragonborn for example are in the game. I've also decided to add in the artificer class from the Unearthed Arcana articles as well.
  8. If you need "live" pictures I can get em. Couple of them (different breeds) are visitors to our backyard the last few weeks.
  9. As the DM for S@S & the rest of the games at the Lockhart table, I've got everything you need for the game. You just need to show up. I'll have pregens & dice, pencils etc etc. Again, just show up & be ready to play the game. Setting is generic. About the only games with a setting I'm running are We Be Goblins (Golarion) & Banquet of the Damned (Forgotten Realms).
  10. Regular if you can call it that, cat-dragon. Chibis are nice but the mouselings aren't chibi. Heck I'd take this dragon over the cat-dragon thou: or this dragon:
  11. @Pezler the Polychromatic hmmm Hemp rope. That color might be useful for me! Acquired today! 3 prepainted minis. Sword & Shackles rat swarm (love this one), a Pathfinder farmer & "hidden" large figure. Even thou all 3 are in my games, the hidden one kinda gives away the surprise for those that are on here & are gonna be in my games. In the process: Ordered the 11 bottle set of Warpaint washes. I was gonna just get a pot of Strong quickwash with all the figures & items I'm painting but figured I think the colored washes would be better for me. Also ordered part 2 of my ReaperCon costume. Also these came on Monday. Oddly the same day I got my yellow Oregon Ducks "O" shirt. So close!! Seats are on the 10 yardline near the field, behind the home team (Yeah!) My wife hated that but since shes a Cornhuskers fan, ehhh she can live with it!!
  12. Got pretty much all the scenery pieces done for my games. Working on the monsters & NPCS now with a smattering of the PCs. Hope to work on the maps that I need to make. Ones that I need to mount to foamboard & such. As much as I'm enjoying painting at more regular pace, my lower back is taking a beating from it. I think I need to look into a different chair.
  13. Sorry for your losses as well. Take your time.
  14. Any idea when we'll be able to change our faction preference in the itinerary?
  15. I was with Cthon. Hell I'm not sure who I'd go with but it would be nice to not see that faction pop up every time I check the page out.
  16. It's a known glitch.
  17. The feeling you get after experimenting with colors!!
  18. Neutral setting using whatever rules ReaperWolf uses for Rcon that year. This year it's Castles & Crusades (I think).
  19. While I'd like for October to be here, I'm so behind in painting minis for my games. I'm pretty sure I'll have the primered "insert critter name here" attacks the primered "insert class name here" encounter sometime during the weekend. Oh well, it's fun just painting again.
  20. Always! Oh yah, Bones to metal attaches easily with just superglue.
  21. I can say roofers finished this afternoon sometime!! Hell I just let em finish the garage today as I was beat from work the night before & almost fell asleep after I fed the squirrels & our new visitors to the backyard. A couple of abandoned bunnies from next door found a gap in the fence & have been hanging around. I can't see just letting them starve. So we've been puting out some baby carrots, timothy hay & water for them. Cute little critters. The bossman of the roofing company wasn't with em so I couldn't hand over the payment anyways. They did a damn good job. Funny after being her almost 14 years how different it looks now. I decided to snag a scrap square piece so when we decide to either paint or get siding, choosing a color won't be as hard. Color is a beige/sand shade. Acquired today on the gaming front: Order from MiniatureGiant arrived 2009 ReaperCon Sophie "Artist costume". Good thing I'm not keeping them as a collectible as the way it was packaged the bubble was flattened. No worries I'm opening this one & snagging that easel! Still MG service is still top notch. Glad I decided to look on their site. Also got last month's & this month's Pathfinder Adventure Paths: Ironfang Invasion: Vault of the Onyx Citadel Ruins of Azlant: The Lost Outpost There was a problem with the card on file, thought I updated early last month & of course I went most of the month thinking that. While not getting Ironfang last month was kinda bad, getting Outpost early this month was a bonus, ha ha. Debating on getting the Starfinder Core Rules hardback. I'll probably just go with the pdf & get the dead tree off amazon. I haven't decided just yet.
  22. Got part of the my costume in the mail the other day. It'll be going back in the mail tomorrow. It was cheaply made & i didn't feel like keeping it. I guess Take 2 on this part!
  23. I did the opposite on a hobgoblin I thought I was going to use for ReaperCon, but I took the 3 pack of metal Reaper hobgoblins 3040: Hobgoblin by Jason Wiebe (the first one) I've never liked his sword & I thought I misplaced the shield. All 3 are the same & I put them in a place along with #3's arms in a small jewelry bag. Anyways, I thought hmmm maybe this guy's sword would look good. 89030: Hellknight Order of the Nail I chopped off the blade at the hilt & attached with just superglue. I ended up using the knight's shield as well. Of course after gluing said shield on, I found that bag...sigh. Still hob' looks allot better with the new sword now. Too bad Reaper put out those new hobgoblins in Bones 3 as I'm gonna just use those instead now. Nice conversion. One of the pics, looks like she should have a microphone in her hand & is singing to the masses (like a front row photo was taken, )
  24. Looking at my ticket & schedule I see I'm at the Lockhart table in the games area. The names are associated with horror & such like Cushing & Karloff (I had that table last year). Lockhart is a name I'm not familiar & I was curious on who this is. thanks!
  25. Smaller race undead like ghouls please!!