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  1. Finally got around to watching "Secret Life of Pets" today. Funny show, but predictable. The bunny or the falcon was probably my favorite character.
  2. June Reaper order in just now: 02050: Tristan Loremistress $4.99 x150235: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady $7.99 x177242: Skeleton Warrior Sword (3) $5.99 x177249: Large Barrel Small Barrel $2.29 x114530: Darkspawn Standard Bearer $8.99 x109064: Brown Liner $3.29 x177248: Crates (Large and Small)(2) $2.79 x189030: Hellknight Order of the Nail $2.99 x109429: Rich Leather $3.29 x109424: Runic Purple $3.29 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Tristan Loremistress Most of that order will be for pieces & bits, & of course for ReaperCon. Hopefully I'm done buying tiny miniature cats now..........
  3. Since I work retail, I will say no to the office space. Thou I work graveyard & most of the time it's just me or a fellow co-worker I've known for well over 23+ years & myself in the store. I'll take that over a personal space any day.
  4. I don't think I have a favorite summer time food/drink but I will admit burgers & steaks do seem to taste better after smelling them cooking on the grill outside. Also I think cold water tastes allot better in the summer then the other months + I tend to drink it more, especially at work.
  5. So is that cat gonna be green & orange? (first thing I thought off when I seen the belts across the barb's chest.
  6. The Dragon's Demand A Pathfinder adventure covering levels 1st to 7th level Author • Mike Shel Publisher • Erik Mona Paizo CEO • Lisa Stevens Welcome to Belhaim!!! Map of Belhaim (The Wise Piper Inn is #4 on the map) The party began this trip in the city of Yanmass. A river town in the NE corner of Taldor. The party's employer was a man named Silas Gribb, a sleazy merchant but willing to pay the party 100 gold per person (thou after the goods were delivered) to help guard some barges hauling crates of questionable content. down the Verduran Fork to city of Cassomir. Upon arriving at Belhaim, the merchant was arrested for hualing contraband & he was hauled off by the sheriff & his most skilled deputies along with the cargo to Cassomir. They left about an hour or two after being arrested. After a short meeting with the authorities, the party proves itself innocent from the charges but are now pretty much homeless as adventurers go. A innkeeper by the name of Talia Orem, the young proprietor of the Wise Piper Inn takes pity on the party & allows you to stay at her inn for a few days. This allows the party to gets its bearings & to plan out their next move. There isn't much to go on thou, as Belhaim is as sleepy of a sleepy town goes. It's still evening of the day of the arrest & the party has assembled in the common room at Wise Piper Inn. Tonight's meal consists of bread with cheese & some honey. Watered down mead has also been provided. Feel free to talk amongst each other. There are a few other townsfolk, mostly farmers at the inn tonight as well.
  7. I'd say go ahead & try it. I see no difference in ink or flour. Move action to retrieve (thou depends on where the ink if being held) attack action to throw
  8. Ok Here is the updated first post for this one. Looking for 4 or 5 people for The Dragon's Demand play by post here on the forums. Characters will be generated using the following: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ Races: Core Book: All Advance Race Book: Aasimar, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Tengu, & Tiefling, Changeling, Grippli, Kitsune, Suli, Vanara Classes: Core Book, Advanced Player's, Advanced Class, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic & Occult Adventures Alignment: No evil alignments. CN ok. Gear: Ultimate Equipment Stats: Roll 4D6 drop your lowest Starting Gold: Average of class Starting HPs: Max + whatever your CON gives you. If there are any questions just post to here. thanks!
  9. The imp tries to move in the room but, Bregan & Mal are both aware where he is! You can make your attack, at normal invisibility condition modifiers. I will continue his actions after Bregan & Mal resolve theirs.
  10. Sunless Citadel (from Tales of the Yawning Portal) a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition play by post Author: Bruce Cordell Oakhurst, Kythorn (June) 13th (a week before the Summer Solstice) in the year of 1493 CR The town of Oakhurst lies about 3 hexes (whatever the scale is) NW of the ruins of Thundertree. The area surrounding the small town of only 900 people consists of dusty plains & very little vegetation. There are some tiny trees, sapling mainly here & there but nothing noteworthy. There are a range of hills to the north. These eventually turn into mountains & the most noteworthy peak, Mt Hotenow sits in the middle of them. Also near the town is a great forest that extends to the south & the north, the mysterious Neverwinter Wood. The party, begin it's journey is the city of Neverwinter. A small parchment tacked to a bulletin board saying "Adventures Wanted! Please inquiry at Ol Boar Inn in Oakhurst" You have traveled the New Road to get to the small town. You are at the outskirts of the town, where the road splits into two roads, You have arrived around noon, the heat of late spring season starting to rise. The buildings are in decent shape, most noteworthy is the Mayor's building & the General Store being the best kept of the town. You recognize the Ol Boar Inn, by the large, hanging wooden sign with a stylized boar on it: The townsfolk eye you but don't give you any troubles. You see the town consists mostly of humans, with a smattering of the other common races of the Realms. One catches your eye, a female gnome wearing a bright color robe with a pendent around her neck: She is at what appears to be a small temple. She sees you & offers a greeting "Welcome to Oakhurst. May Lathander's morning light shine upon you all in the morning."
  11. Those base pads are pretty easy to use as well. They were at ReaperCon last year & just watching them, knew heck even I could do it!!
  12. Around here, it's hot, hot, hot!!!! Temps will go over 105 for numerous, never ending days, even reach well over 110 some days. That is until we get a thunderstorm, then it usually start of a nasty wilfdfire burning in the mtns or dry grass, then it's back to hot, hot, hot crap again!!
  13. This reminds me of what I heard on iheartradio the other day: Poll results: 7% of US adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows........EGADS!!!
  14. Oh what the hey!! Where you live: Oregon If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive): Not at this time If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest): Since this will be my first, I think I'll let other more experienced people do this part. Looking forward to this.
  15. I just wanted to add, thanks for the ebay link, even with the slightly higher then usual shipping costs I did find some items I was needing. Your bookcase/books look great! Thou, that being said, you might wanna axe the ebay link as it's a commercial link, & those aren't allowed on here per Reaper forum rules. Also, have you tried Happy Seppuku base pads? http://www.happyseppuku.com/texturestamps.html They have a wide variety of patterns but this one might be what you need: (Tile 1/4" Square)
  16. I lost track of time when it came to all of my pbps I'm in, a couple of weeks ago due to a long work week for me. Co-worker went on vacation & for some reason I was given his schedule. His days off are at the beginning of the week. When he came back I reverted back to mine, which of course are towards the end of the week. I ended up working 8 days. Not the longest time frame but when my longest stretch is 4 days, just not use to it. Co-worker went on vacation again this week (so glad he is out of hours!!! but hey it's his vacation, use it however he feels like) but they kept the schedule the same (Yeah!!!). I was gonna get a post up yesterday, just never got to it. I'll have it up today. Bregan, did notice him so keep that in mind after I get the post up.
  17. It's funny, I use gel or foam inserts in my work boots & when I needed to replace a worn out pair I ended up using Ironman (like the watch, not super..) brand I got at Bi-Mart. You might have those up your way. I tried all kinds of brand, including Dr. Schols & the IM felt the best. Nice thing too, they don't wear out as fast + they are generally cheaper then most name brands. Around 7 bucks IIRC. Amazing what a boring night at work can do for gaming ideas. Figured out, how I can use the Reaper Hordelings in my RCon games!! I just need more!!
  18. Fion: You don't seem to recall anything in regards to these apples. If the party accept Garon's offer, he raises his arms & says "Wonderful! Thank you for your kindness. As stated, your room & board is free while you explore the Sunless Citadel." He goes behind the bar & returns with keys with a number tag on them for everone. He presents them to everyone. "Good luck with your expedition." he say & he takes his place behind the bar once more.
  19. The sculpt reminds me of either a DC Comics title, Warlord. Nice work
  20. Considering I should try & paint up some PC minis for my RCon games, I'll be following along!
  21. Jan 21st: National Squirrel Appreciation Day! Feb 2nd: Groundhog's Day
  22. Hmmmm do I go with a miniature/& or acc. order via the UK (original) or do I go with the US distributor of the UK products. Appears the US source is higher in price per each. There is the shipping costs & wait period with the overseas order...What to do....hmm
  23. Well I'd do the whole space stuff meets Pathfinder thing, ala Iron Gods AP. I may wait & hold out for the adventure that comes out in August & may swap em out. All depends on how much I'm involved with the other rpg prep work I'm doing. WBG is all done I'm just tweaking stuff here & there like I do every year. Thou the idea of doing a game session after the Con does sound like fun. Of course my voice was wrecked after last years worth of GMing.
  24. With ReaperCon a few months after the release of Paizo's Starfinder (August), is anyone thinking of running a demo? I'd like to, but my game schedule is full & probably wouldn't be till the after hours. Thou even then, I might be busy. Probably be the Free RPG Day module they are releasing. I mainly wanna see how it runs & such.
  25. Where you the only one that showed up? LOL