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  1. Green Stuff World/Ebay store order arrived yesterday! Very fast shipping this time around. Airbrush cleaning pot (very nice quality, frosted glass jar, metal extensions) Filters for above. It came with some so I won't be running pit anytime soon. 3 Scale75 paints. Kinda of a test pack as I've never have played with this brand. Also big purchase: I dropped my old carrier (Metro) & signed up T-Mobile. I ended up getting a Samsung S10 as well. When I went to swap simcards for my wife's phone it said unlockable via app, so I need to go up there today & see but she may be getting a new phone as well. Happy to be back with Samsung thou.
  2. haldir

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Got my notification today! Looking forward to these. I may have to show them off at the FLGS.
  3. Backed at stl file level. Pretty sweet designs.
  4. I know there are various minis of that idol. I know for sure Fat Dragon has something very similar. The gems could easily fit in the eyes. Acquired last night during Monday night Adventure League: FLGS owner went down to GAMA over the weekend & brought back swag!!! He showed off some various rpgs stuff, including Sirius dice sets (they are sets of 8 (2 d20s)) & also got a Nolzur's Beholder!! (He is gonna do something with it for the store). He ended up giving me this set of cards called Atmar's Cardography (Into the Fiery Pits). Each card is a various room/passage with a number on it. You can make a random dungeon with the cards in prepping & then use it later for a game. Pretty cool concept.
  5. haldir

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    Was it 4.0? My goof then. I saw his post & some reason thought 3.4. I was wondering why he would recommend a lower version. I blame the nasty head cold I've acquired over the weekend. (Teach me to go outside & to the movies wearing shorts I a nice pre-spring day...sigh)
  6. Correction: I made 3 orders. I totally spaced off a $50 dollar order I did after (ok a few month after) my initial order but hey that order had Treemoss in there!! I haven't answered the "what will I paint first" but I know I'll dig out "Dance of Death" & take it up to the FLGS. One of my 5e players is a dragon-fanatic & he got a kick out Mal'Dra'kar. As for painting.......... Most likely will just pull what I need if I need anything for games.
  7. I think she is going as Link in one of the Zelda games (who knows which one, I stopped at LofZ 2) this Saturday & then she is making some Pokemon/EeVee combo costume. I'll just be glad when we get the dining room table back.........
  8. haldir

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    3.6 Just don't use 3.5 if you're using a Ender 3. It's a messed up version. Thou Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon games recommends 3.4 for mini work.
  9. Izzy is a good friend so i have to add that one. I got the first one signed a couple of Rcons ago & much to my surprise, she sketched out a goblin in armor, along with the sig. This is so true with the Dreadmere expansion for me. Love the turtle, love the critter duo, but not enough at 50. Especially considering allot of that expansion has seen metal releases already. (human size minis)
  10. haldir

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    I haven't recieved mine yet. Good to hear they are coming thou.
  11. haldir

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    I do believe Cura is just a freeware program. It's up to around 3.6 or so.
  12. haldir

    Muller Skeletons

    Upcoming Dark Heaven skeletons. Releasing either this month or next.
  13. I did 2 orders. The initial pledge & then a final order right before ReaperCon last year. It would have spaced it out more but I procrastinated on my ordering. I did intend to place a order during RCon as I got to see the figures in person but nothing confirmed what I was debating on getting in said #3 order.
  14. haldir

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    I think I'm gonna drop out from the game. I just haven't properly posted in the game & with my 2 weekly games at FLGS I'm kinda getting gamed out a bit. I'm not in burnout but I don't want to head that way. Thanks for the op & good luck with the game!
  15. GO BUNNY!!! Received yesterday, the prepaints I listed a few days ago. Never fails around 4 days shipping time. AWESOME EBAYER!! My daughter also needed some items from Amazon for her cosplay for a upcoming small comic con held in town so of course I wasn't going to pass up the op to order something for myself: Reaper 1 inch bases (again one of those items I spaced off when ordering Reaper order earlier) Wago 221-412 LEVER-NUTS 2 Conductor Compact Connectors 10 PK: I'm gonna rewire the power connector on the Ender 3. I've seen pics & read some reports of this being a fire hazard. Tom T of Fat Dragon recommended these. Plus, prob the reason why I placed my order: 1st pair is from Sock it Too Me & the 2nd is Ooh Yeah!
  16. Reaper order I placed last week arrived this afternoon: 03942: Grixus, Goblin Wizard $6.99 x102310: St Tarkus, Dire-dead $6.99 x102008: Garath Hawkblade $4.99 x103861: Talnyth, Elf Barbarian $7.79 x103055: Giant Spiders(2) $10.99 x177480: Durok, Dwarf Ranger $2.99 x114465: Durin Dwarf Pathfinder Sgt $5.99 x1Your order has received 1x Reaper Bones Black Efreeti Scary thing is I've actually got primer (brush on too!!!) on a few of the figures & I did a weapon mod on 77480 (never have liked that axe!) as well!! My efreeti does have a slight bow in her base so she wobbles on the tabletop, but for the most part the pre-assembly is nicely done on her.
  17. Hmmm interesting observation last night regarding the BB Owlbear. I decided to use that one in a encounter last night. I use a Reaper "gun" case for transportation use on Weds. Anyways I really haven't done anything with that owlbear other then open the package, look it over & then just set it aside. During the battle I could see that for one thing, the material really shows up on the table. Thou, that does lead to why I'm posting, I noticed there is quite a bit of edge rubbing on the figure. I'm assuming it's from being in the foam & such. Thou, again the figure hasn't been in the case for me maybe a little over 1 week. I did get my efreeti today. Awesome figure thou the base is bowed so she has a bit of a waddle to her vs just laying flat on the table. Still I'd rather have that then having no boobs or stomach area.......... (Facebook Reaper group picture earlier today)
  18. Acquired & eaten for lunch, a foot long BLT sub at the local co-op. Very tasty lunch while out doing errands this morning. I also acquired at the FLGS last night Wizkids medium & large black bases. Love this size! I also picked up the barrel pack as well. I intended to use it during the Weds night 5e game but I never had to put them on the map.
  19. haldir

    Wolves and Dogs

    Reaper's wolf 3 pack in the Dark Heaven line up will fit 1 inch bases: 2830 Also if your needing a bunch & don't want to spend your paycheck on just wolf miniatures, Drivethrurpg . com has paper miniatures that work just fine. Look for animal paper miniatures & just look at the contents. Last night I just finished the main encounter for my Weds 5e game. It had 8 paper wolves & Nolzur's (or Deep Cuts) minis for the 2 main wolves.
  20. haldir

    77392 peryton -- a WIP by DKS

    Pear-ee-ton is how I pronounce it myself. Granted it prob be easier to say to myself then saying it out loud. Last Monday night I had a hard time saying "Maglubiyet" (D&D god of goblins & probably close personal friend of @buglips*the*goblin ). I've said it numerous times but when it counted I really flubbed it up for some reason. According to FR wiki it's "ma-GLUB-i-yet". I think I said, "Mag-LUB-yet" Awesome work so far DKS!! Love the subdued colors. Also fantastic work on the bones. I would have said those were the skeleton used in the Chronoscope figure "Mrs Pringle?" (ie the one with the anatomy display).
  21. haldir

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    It came up but yah the fire giant is female.
  22. haldir

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    We had a freak snowstorm earlier today, but the ground is way to warm for it to even accumulate. So we just had a rainstorm that was white coming down.
  23. haldir

    Titans of Legend

    I got my Grendel files today. Pretty smooth KS. I'm happy I backed!
  24. haldir

    New Previews!

    He was released at a ReaperCon (the western themed one, '14 perhaps?) but he was a resin mini. Other then that all I've seen him is in the preview section.