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  1. Delayed

    Yes, although I have had good luck with Soda Pop before, it is clear now the Legends was not ready to go Kickstarter. They are still hashing out rules to this day.
  2. Yes, Happy birthday to the guy I used to paint with. :D
  3. Sadly, I will be missing this month. I will be there in June though.
  4. Did a bunch of lining on the beard last night, and added some jade into the bronze/copper for some weathering. He's very close to being done (or at least until I bring him to paint group, and then they will tell me all of the stuff I still have to do). Regardless, he will be put down for a bit of break I think. I have put in a lot of hours this week and last.
  5. If you are ever able to make it to Total Escape Games for the CMPA monthly meetup (coming up this weekend), we have some great resources that come about every month--some of them have taught at ReaperCon, so you do have "local" resources you could get part of the experience of the classes. We have Michael Proctor and Gene Van Horne here--not to mention numerous others.
  6. Starting to hit a bit of a wall on the bearding chatting with my normal paint buddies on progress. I have some ideas I will try tonight though.
  7. Thanks all. Working on the beard now. He's close. Very close. Which is good as I am wanting to move on. :D
  8. Thank Ian. Perhaps, it is time to step away from the fns and have someone else look at them. :D
  9. Yeah, mine runs continuously while painting, and will never shut off unless I up the pressure to far higher than I paint at.
  10. Pre-launch

    I said I wasn't going to, but I will--espeically since CMON has added a way to include retailers. I now can pledge with my FLGSs, and I get the KS, but I pay when it acutally comes out. I didn't do any add-ons last time, so I don't expect I will this time. Unless I am smarts and resist. And I am the opposite. The modern ones don't appeal to me at all.
  11. Thanks. I am glad someone likes the fins. I am not sure on them myself. Good to hear another opinion. I am getting to that point where I am not seeing as much. :D
  12. He's getting more done than not. Still some work to do of course (isn't there always), but I may need to either finish him soon or take a break. :D
  13. I would love to com to third Saturday, but that's iffy at this point. Tattoo, interesting idea I must say.
  14. And more work, and another night up too late working on him. Pushed purple into the shadows of the skin as suggested by a friend, and the worked on the beard a lot. The orange in some of these photos is gone as I don't want it to read orange, but it was a good what to get the red "pushed" up.
  15. Worked on the brass, eyes, and some darker shading last night. The brass does not photo as well, and I am not sure on it right now. I liked it a lot last night. Not so much this morning. Going to have to tone down some of the brown and some of the weathering needs to be beaten back into shape.