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  1. Have fun all. I have to miss this month, but don't feel sad, I will be boardgaming for 4 days in Dallas. @Doug Sundseth, reminder to bring all of our swag bags from ReaperCon. Nate will take mine, and we will meetup hopefully after Thanksgiving.
  2. "The 'Bot Shop" Bombshell Miniatures Diorama

    What's the room made from?
  3. Backed. It has flying dwarves. Need I say more?
  4. Rivals : Masters of the Deep re-launch

    Wow, is this one actually fulfilling after 2 Kickstarters to produce one product?
  5. Interesting. Yeah, I am interested but more concerned at their low goal.
  6. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    October is kinda terrible for me. I have so many cons that happen in that timeframe/months--Reaper Con, BGG.Con, ASLOK, Mile Hi Con. But I am planning on RC next year.
  7. DVD Question

    I have them all, and they are all good, but they all get better as they go, so the Jess Rich one is best IMO and the worst is the first. The first is best for beginners though if that is what you are looking for.
  8. Randalf Streisand

    I went to paint group last night at Gryphon Games and Comics in Ft. Collins. I got a lot of work done on the leather, but my critique group still has lots to say on it, so we will need a live session together for a meeting of the minds. I THINK it is getting better, but at times, also, I hate it. I also de-saturated the skin, so it was so neon green (liked that, but this does better). Also, removed the brown from the ears (now really just a basecoat). Lots, and lots to do still.
  9. Happy Birthday Teddy Roosevelt

    Someone's salty this morning! Charrrrgggeeee!!!
  10. Paint Track Apps?

    I might be missing it, but after you create a set, and then a subset in that set, I see no way to re-name/edit that subset's name.
  11. Colorado Cons

    It is hard to believe what new ownership is doing to 30+ year old con. It is withering to nothing after being THE con in Colorado.
  12. Colorado Cons

    Not Nikki.
  13. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    Glad to see my bucks helped even when I wasn't there.