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  1. Live

    Finally, now I will be able to glaze.
  2. The paintroom has been a mess, so I haven't' done anything in a too long of a time, but luckily paint group this weekend got me to clean that room finally. Some work on the texture of the coat.
  3. Our turn-out of late has been phenomenal.
  4. I will be there. Hope to see you there John.
  5. Livestream? That's sounds pretty hip for our group.
  6. Delayed

    Yeah, I don't pay much attention other than to make sure there are updates. I was just shocked on this one as all their others have been pretty smooth. And I expected this one to be as it was just a expansion to an already released game, but it is clear that they had bigger plans for 2.0 than it was lead to believe. This was not ready at all for Kickstarter as the rules were not really in Alpha form. Frustrates me that they have my money, done 3 or so Kickstarters in-between (which I do understand they need to put out product) and there is still really not much of an end in sight. I wanted to back Relic Knights for the starter kit, but since SDE and Rail Raiders was sitting unpublished then, I wasn't going to hand them any more money till they fufilled that promise. I can't see me backing their projects after this. I am stupid. I bought the first SDE as a preorder at Gen Con, and I still have only played it once, and it wasn't even my copy.
  7. Delayed

    Still in. Frustrated, and now my last Soda Pop project.
  8. Windsor Wine Festival is that day, so I will be there instead of painting.
  9. That's some shiny black primer I must say.
  10. This is just for display right? If so, unless you are going for some kind of effect or just want it protected, there is no need to seal it.
  11. You painted something dirty. So proud of you. Sniff....
  12. Yeah, I need to actually arrive on time (why I though it only take 40 minutes to get there this time baffles me) this next time (assuming I can make it), and sit with the new folks. Granted, I sat at the table that had room this time.
  13. Phenomenal turnout this Saturday. At least 16 folks!
  14. Hope to see you all soon. Leaving in a bit for paint day!