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  1. Scale 75 - Heros of Fallen Frontiers

    Nothing excites me too much, and I was tempted by the free mini (as it was designed to do), but I resisted. The hidden bust might get me to pledge, but right now there is nothing I really want.
  2. Reminder for paint meetup tomorrow: We'll be at HobbyTown: 9120 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80021
  3. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I will be there. :D
  4. 3rd Satruday is officially at Hobbytown this Saturday. 9120 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80021
  5. Not even tempted slightly. :D I like that.
  6. Well they bring in more than us as most folks I THINK don't buy much. I buy something from them each time, but I am not sure if everyone does.
  7. I am betting it is because we don't bring in enough money. Now if we gave them money per head that came in, they'd probably hold our spot.
  8. Update for February 17th meetup. Total Escape Games is full for two tournaments, and the following Saturday is the same. So we are going to move it either to Hobbytown on 88th (I think) where we have met before or Funtastic. More to come when we know more.
  9. Hellboy Boardgame kickstarter by Mantic

    Interested, but I have given a lot of money to Mantic, and never played any of those games, and their minis are fairly evil. Mold lines that are like permanent. They changed formula, and the newer ones seems better, but they are rough. I will have to be sold by the gameplay.
  10. Reminder. This Saturday is our monthly meetup at Total Escape Games. We start 10:30 and go to about 4:00 PM. I hope to see you there.
  11. Anyone know this guy?

    Paging @Heisler He is a fountain of mini knowledge.
  12. WIP: Dreamy Blue Lion Bust by Cyr

    Hopefully, you won't be crushed and killed by your creation.
  13. Randalf Streisand

    Well after a long break to get a better view of him after a miscommunication between my critique circle, I picked up again this weekend. I am tiring of the coat, but its almost there. Still a ton of work on him to do though.
  14. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Why does it matter how I feel about a Grimm Fairy Tale? I stated my reason. I don't want to play Hate because I throw people in an oven due to its being a game mechanism. It is valid.
  15. Adrian Smith's HATE

    You are not wrong, but the use of the term overs and people to me is just too close to an actual event that I don't want to support "playing" that feature where I cook a person. I can read it, but don't want to actively do it myself. Plus, the game itself looks fairly un-inspired.