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  1. skippen

    Westfalia - The Dark Eye RPG Miniatures

    Some nice stuff in this KS. I ended up backing for at least 5. Maybe I will add on more later, but I really like a handful of them.
  2. skippen

    Pokemon Go

    Nothing shiny, and not nearly as much as others. But I couldn't get out for very long either.
  3. skippen

    All Minis Eve

    Good luck. Love the ambition. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, you will learn something. I would love to do this myself, but I know I won't be able to pull it off. :D
  4. skippen

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 - Victoriana

    That brown and purple work really well together. I might have to try that combination myself someday.
  5. skippen

    Kristof65's next ReaperCon diorama WIP

    And regardless of the why, any judge in a competition will tell you to make your bases as small as you can. Dioramas don't use "real world" space well. You could, almost, use half of that display board and get what you want across. Certainly you can cut of 1/4 of it, but I suspect it will work a lot better with 1/2 or a little bit less of that. In the end, it is up to what you want, but if you are looking to score well in competition, reducing the size will help a lot.
  6. skippen

    Kristof65's next ReaperCon diorama WIP

    I like the layout there, but I would cut the size of the base down. There is a lot of empty space. Make it tighter, smaller, and it will look a lot better.
  7. skippen

    Paint Track Apps?

    Any ETA on inks getting into the app?
  8. Reminder. CMPA meetup is tomorrow at 10:30 at Total Escape Games. Bring your 3-color mini if you participated in that challenge. See you Saturday!
  9. skippen

    Horizon Zero Dawn™ - The Board Game

    It makes more sense if you play the game in that they explain it to you, but yeah it is weird.
  10. skippen

    Horizon Zero Dawn™ - The Board Game

    Keep in mind that they still haven't fulfilled (fully or at all) the following projects: Dark Souls, Resident Evil, and God Tear. RE and God Tear haven't even started, and now they added another to their plate. Just a FYI. As to "just the minis." I understand what you mean, but I personally don't want to promote the behavior of a crappy, underdeveloped game for the sake of minis. The game needs work from what they have shown me, and they are banking on the minis. If it is described as a boardgame, the GAME should be the most important part.
  11. skippen

    Westfalia - The Dark Eye RPG Miniatures

    I find the your lack of dwarves....disturbing. :D I like some of these quite a bit though.
  12. skippen

    Horizon Zero Dawn™ - The Board Game

    I was in on this, but then watched the gameplay video. This is clearly about miniatures mainly. The gameplay is mediocre at best, and the interesting stetting plays no part in the game.
  13. Reminder that this Saturday is 3rd Saturday meetup at Total Escape Games at 10:30 to 4ish. Hope to see some of you there.
  14. Played Pax Renaissance x2, Root, and Azul this weekend. All are great. Also, Drop It! x2
  15. skippen

    Reaper MSP HD... washes?

    The HD yellow I have found great. Best yellow I have found for coverage so far.
  16. Reminder this Saturday is our monthly meetup at Total Escape Game at 10:30 to 4:00PMish. Hope to see yo all there.
  17. Picked up the first one this morning on Kindle as its free. :D
  18. skippen

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    Well, after using it a few times. It is terrible. The sponge holds water well, but it doesn't release enough for painting. I had high hopes for this, but I will use the case, but I will be replacing both the sponge and the paper (paper is still up for debate). Overall, not good.
  19. I saw this in person this weekend. It was very nice.
  20. skippen

    Super Dungeon Legends

    Yes, it won't help, but I really don't want to give them more money when I have already "donated" a large sum at this point, and, well, it seems they spent it but I didn't get what I expected out of it. I have done 3 KS with them, and this is the first I am having doubts with now. This one was always problematic as they weren't ready when it kickstarted, and they spent too long on the rules, and now costs have changed. I will hope, but to send them more money now is very unlikely.
  21. skippen

    Super Dungeon Legends

    Wow, just went to KS comments page. Much has changed since I last went there. What a mess. This was always a mess before as it wasn't ready to go when it went (rules-wise), and now, I have no idea if I will actually get it. They have been reliable every other time I have KS with them, but, well, wow, things have fallen.
  22. skippen

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    Yeah, can't say I am surprised. I knew it was a gamble, but we will see. At worse, I can cut down a sponge and I have a nice tray that is orange for travel. So not all lost.
  23. skippen

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    Got mine. I like the color and the size, but that's about it. The sponge doesn't hold or absorb enough water. The paper is ok at the start but doesn't let enough water in when first applied, and as you let it sit over night, it lets too much in making paint a watery mess the next day. Might still work as good travel pallete, but my Masterson's or paper towels are still better with parchment paper. I got it to see. I have seen.
  24. No need to bring paints you know. We have plenty to share.